Magus' Child Chapter 5

By FlashFyre5

It was a long trip back to his forge, and along the way, Melchior’s spirit began to instruct him on the specifics of weaponsmithing..Lectral listened intently. By the time he arrived at the forge, he was finally ready. Bringing the forge to heat was a laborous task, but Lectral welcomed it. The voice of the smith told him how to make the sword, and so he did. He worked and worked and worked, never eating, never sleeping, for years upon years. For him, the days blended into months, the months into years, the years into decades, and the decades into centuries, with never a break in between. Finally, after centuries of work, the sword was ready, and Melchior had left the Souljar for his well deserved afterlife. It was magnificent; six glorious feet long, etched with the most powerful enchantments, and altogether beautiful, except for one thing: there was no blade, only a groove where it should have been.

“Now comes the finishing touch,” said Lectral as he pulled a vial filled with a silvery liquid from his pocket. It was unique, Lectral had exactly one shot at doing this right. Unstoppering the vial, he poured it into the groove on the sword, and where it touched the metal, it froze. Lectral began the workings of a spell that would activate the stuff. If it worked, a blade would be formed that would slice through anything; if he failed, his body, and the sword, would be annihilated in a massive explosion that would shake the world. Finishing the spell, he stood back to watch the effects.

A silvery glow descended upon the sword, and the blade grew; it was a success. But, it didn’t stop there: in a straight row with the rubies, two sapphires, emeralds, crystals, and onyxes were formed along the length of the blade, while the blade itself took on a shine that looked like gold one minute, silver the next, and so on. Picking it up, Lectral noticed something etched into the precious rocks. It said: I am the instrument of my master’s revenge, I am the bane of all dragons: my touch will kill any that dare defy me, I can create and destroy, I am the greatest work of magic that this world has ever or will ever know, I hold the life, death, and rebirth of all beings within my hands, I am the weapon of God, put into mortal hands, I am the ultimate weapon, I am Ragnaroc!

The ornate scabbard for the sword had been sitting ready for a decade, Lectral estimated, so he grabbed it, sheathed Ragnaroc, and went outside. It was a bright fall day, for the leaves on the ancient oaks next to his forge were going brown. He was ready for the dragons. His plan, which had spanned millennia, was complete, and a total success; the sword was perfect, his magic was at it’s peak, and his grief would give him the edge in battle. But, if his enemies were not here, it was all for nothing.

“Damn, what year is it?” Lectral swore.

“It is the year 1999. Tomorrow, Lavos will rise, and your friends, if you can still call them that, will kill him.” Said a voice.

“Who are you!” Lectral shouted & spun about, looking for the speaker.

“It is I, the sword Ragnaroc. I speak with the power of magic.” Said the voice.

“Weird..Oh well, when will the dragons come?”

“In about 40 years. Come, let us travel to meet a friend of mine.”

And with that, the two vanished, and the carefully maintained forge crumbled to dust.

“What the...Oh..” mumbled Lectral, realizing that they had been transported to the End of Time.

“Ahh, Spekkio, so called master of war, it is good to see you again.” Taunted the sword.

“You idiotic hunk of metal, how the Hell did you get here? I thought that you had been destroyed.” Said an angry Spekkio from behind him.

“I was, but now I’m back and much more powerful, thanks to this fine lad on whose belt I sit.” Replied the sword.

“Good. Follow me, we have business to conduct.” Spekkio said, turning and squeezing through the doorway, for the first time ever. Lectral followed him into the main room, and stopped short at the sight of all of the companions, save Magus and Robo.

“Come.” Said the Guru, ”There is much to do, and you are the key to our plans.”

“Huh?” said Lectral, confused.

“You see,” said Lucca, “while you went about your plan, we cooked up one ourselves, one that requires your rather remarkable sword.”

“How did you know about my plans?!?!” Lectral replied hotly, not knowing how much he sounded like Magus.

“The Guru can see into all times. He saw what you were doing, called us here, and we made a plan of our own.” Said Crono “And it is nearly complete.”

“So what’s your plan?”

“Well, first of all, we recalibrate the laser emitters in the Epoch’s wings to run off of the quantity of raw, unharnessed energy...” Lucca began.

“What??” said Crono & Lectral at the same time.

“It’s really pretty simple,” Marle explained “we mess around with the Epoch’s systems so that they suck up the magic that the Ragnaroc radiates and use it to fire really powerful lasers at the dragons from a long way away. Lucca can run a shield off of the magic too.”

“Oh, I get it. Cool!” said Crono.

“One second here.” Piped up Ragnaroc from Lectral’s belt “I’ve got a better idea. You are basing this stuff on info about me before I got smashed, right?”

“Yep.” Said Lucca, while Ayla and Frog stood in the background looking confused.

“Well, I’m a lot better now. I can send the magic you need while Lectral here uses me. No big.” Said the sword smugly.

“Really? Let’s go!” said Marle.

“Right! Me and Crono and Frog will go in on the ground, while you girls stay in the Epoch. Yes, you too, Ayla, they need you for a last line of defense.” Ordered Lectral.

“In thy caseth, then, as thou sayeth, ‘Let’s get a move on!’” said a grinning Frog, to which everybody got a good laugh. The girls then left for the Epoch, and Gaspar opned a temporary portal for the others to use.

“Lets go!” said Crono, jumping into the portal. Lectral jumped in next, with his sword drawn, ready to fight. Frog followed suit.


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