Magus' Child Chapter 6

The Assault

By FlashFyre5

The Guru’s portal dropped them right below where the Epoch appeared. There were ten dragons of various colors within easy sight. Seeing the companions, they turned and charged.

“Here they come!” Hollered Lectral, casting a few defensive spells as the Epoch’s magic powered lasers fired repeatedly, taking a few dragons down and hurting another before they were at point blank range. Seeing this, Lucca wisely raised the shields. The dragons raged against the indestructible shields, but to no avail.

“Ready?” asked Crono, on the ground.

“Yeah.” Lectral replied quietly. Finally! His chance at vengeance was now; If he died in battle, then so be it!!

“Dark Storm!!!” the three shouted as one. Lectral created a black, poisonous cloud, while Crono and Frog leapt up in a modified X-Slash. A dragon fell to their fury, but a claw swept out of nowhere and ran Frog through, hitting Crono. The two fell to the ground in a heap. Crono got shakily to his legs, but Frog just lay there.

“I can save his life!” said the sword, healing the gash, but Frog didn’t get up. “Damn, that’s the best I can do.”

“Shall we?” asked Crono.

“Not much of a choice.” Replied Lectral.

“INFINITE LIGHTNING!!!” The two shouted. Infinite Lightning was their best attack, a Dual Tech combining Lumina and Lectral’s ultimate magic, Infinity. A black hole opened, sucking the dragons toward it, while powerful lasers sliced their delicate wings to ribbons, making them helpless to resist the pull of the black hole. Only one emerged, and his wings were still intact.

“I will come back with my brethren! You will die, we will take our child, and we will destroy that accursed sword Ragnaroc once and for all!!!!” Shouted the dragon, as he teleported away.

“Frog!” Marle cried, leaping from the Epoch.

“I have done what I can,” said Ragnaroc “he’ll live, but he must recover naturally, now.”

“OK.” Marle sniffed, as she carried Frog into the Epoch.

“Get ready,” Said Lectral, “he’ll be back with reinforcements. That means trouble. BIG trouble.”

Walking off by himself before the battle that would surely decide the course of the companions lives, Lectral sat under an ash tree, and said quietly “Father, how I wish I could talk with you just once more.”

“Who?” asked Ragnaroc, lying unsheathed by his side.

“Oh, my adoptive father, Magus.”

“No problemo!” said the sword glibly, as it took on a dark glow.

“What are you..” trailed off Lectral, as a portal formed in the air, with the ageless face of his mentor, adoptive father, and best friend, Magus, in the middle. “Father! “he cried out desperately, sure that Magus would return to oblivion in a second.

“No need to shout, I’m right here.” Said the mage with a laugh. “So, what do you want to talk about?”

“I’m sorry, father, its my fault that you died. It was my ward against Ice that failed! I killed you. Please forgive me!” the hardened man said with a sob.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, Lectral. Certainly, my sins have ensured me a less comfortable afterlife than many, but I am more than happy. If you hadn’t come into my life, I would’ve just went on killing innocents for no reason. You reminded me of my youth, and I swore that you would not suffer the same fate as myself. In doing so, I redeemed myself from damnation. Also, I am finally at rest, for, at long last, I have found my beloved sister Schala.” Lectral, remembering Magus’s wonderful stories of his sister and his father’s attempts at finding her, he could feel only joy at this news.

“I’m glad that you finally found her.” Lectral replied, and the view retracted to show Schala as well as Magus. Seeing her, Lectral knew that all of the stories of her beauty were justified.

“So, is there anything else you want to talk about?” inquired the mage.

“Have you been watching my struggles.” asked Lectral

“Nothing holds my attention more permanently, Lec.” He said, using the pet name that Magus had always called him.

“Then, answer me this: Do we have any chance of winning the next battle against the dragons?” at this, Magus’s face became troubled.

“You do, but not in the way you imagine. We must go now, for you must ready yourself for the coming battle.”

“No! You mustn’t.”

“Sorry to break up the party, but here they come!” called the sword loudly, dissolving the portal. Lectral grabbed the sword, and charged to his friends, who were preparing for battle hurriedly, with a new determination in his silvery eyes, and a smile on his face; the first, he noted, in over five hundred years.

As the Epoch lifted off, he could already see the spots of color and metallic sparkling that foretold the coming of dragons. The Epoch, possessing powerful targeting systems, began to fire salvo after salvo into the draconic ranks. Though a few fell, it seemed that five more rushed to fill in for each that fell. And then, too soon, a bolt of powerful magic slammed into the Epoch, shearing a wing off. Another swiftly followed, blowing the great machine into shrapnel.

“INFINITE LIGHTNING!” Crono and Lectral shouted, thinking to give themselves an advantage. Incredibly, their magic was reflected back at them! Though Lectral swiftly closed the black hole, Crono could not gain control of Lumina, and he suffered great gashes all across his body. He died swiftly, and all Lectral could think as a hundred pairs of draconic eyes turned to him, was “They’re dead. They’re all dead! And I’m next...”


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