The Bastard Son Chapter 1

By Foeciusfoe

Daybreak. The sun catches the hilly horizon of Toran at just the right angle to instill a sense of awe in the lonely traveler. The midnight dew glistnening across the hills, illuminated by the sun, shone as if a sea of diamonds among a green canopy. Jowy smiles at the sight. He has seen a lot of things during his short life, but he still has to be amazed at the small beauties of life. Its times like this that make him think of little Pilika. She must be almost 12 now. "How could I face her and Jillia now." He thought.

Continuing his march toward the capital city of Gregminister, Jowy puts the thoughts out of his mind. It's best not to dwell on things in the past. Perhaps someday he would return to his wife and "daughter"…but today was not that day.

As he continued his trek towards the capital, he began to wonder how things could have been different. If he had worked with Janus, instead of against him, Jowston may have averted the war. Thousands of lives would have been saved. If only he could have…

"AHHHHH!!!" Jowy's thoughts are interrupted by the sudden outburst of a woman's scream nearby. Jowy unbuttoned the sheath on his blade and took off towards the source of the noise. The horrified scream echoing in his ears, Jowy ran like a bat out of hell. Rushing through a field of tall grass, he eventually came to a clearing, and the source of the disturbance.

In the clearing stood six mountain bandits, most likely from Mt. Seifu, and in their midst stood a woman who was deathly panicking. In her arms she held a crying young boy, most likely her little brother, she seems a bit young to have a son. In any case both were in imminent danger. Each Bandit wore a sword on their hip, and seemed anxious to use them. Jowy gritted his teeth. There is nothing more disgusting than picking on women or children to him.

The ringleader of the Bandits laughed as his men left the girl and her brother nowhere to run. Cracking his knuckles, he menacingly advanced on the cowering woman. "The trip to Lenankamp is rather dangerous, little girl." He smiled. "Lots of bad people out there. I think your daddy was a fool to send you alone."

"Who said She was alone." Jowy said as he emerged from the tall grass. He drew his blade from its sheath, and sneered at the Brigand leader.

The leader scoffed and laughed at Jowy. "What is this? Your little Boyfriend?" He asked the girl mockingly. "You should tell him to get out of here before he pokes himself with that sword."

"Please help us!" The girl pleaded. The shrill cry screeched through Jowy's ears, stirring up horrible memories of days long past. He remembered the scream of the orphans of Ryube when Luca Blight burned it to the ground. He remembered the horrific wale of the people of Muse as they were sacrificed to the Beast rune. Most of all, he remembered the shrieks of terror from poor little Pilika as the demon Prince stood over her with his blade in hand. Jowy would do anything to ensure that no more victims like Pilika would be made.

"Let them go." Jowy said sternly. "You don't want this exchange to go bad."

The thieves all laughed. The Brigand leader signaled one of his own, and he snatched the two children. Holding the boy, he passed the girl to leader himself. The brigand gazed down at the girl, as she flailed in his grasp. He maneuvered her arm behind her back, and placed his dagger to her throat. The Brigand Leader smiled, and leered over at Jowy. "It just went bad, didn't it?"


Chapter 2

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