Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 1

By Foeciusfoe


All is calm in the new capital. The streets are quiet, as are the halls of Bervenia castle. On this day, the King of Ivalice, Delita Hyral, is meeting with representatives for the Hokuten, the Nanten, and several of the rural forces.

As the summit begins, the king is absent. The room is abuzz with rumors of his whereabouts. Suddenly, the doors fling open. In the doorway stand 2 men. Delita walks in as calmly as he walks anywhere, and takes his seat at the end of the table. Flanking him stands a large black man, towering over all in the room. Wearing the regal seal, of captain, this man captivates the crowd, as he stands beside his king.

"Gentleman," Delita began, "let us begin our meeting. Would anyone venture to guess why they have been summoned?"

A commotion befell the crowd. Silas Marter, of the Hokuten was the first to speak. "Are we here to address the sudden rash of terrorist activity in the west?

Delita smiled. "Let me assure you, that after this meeting The terrorists will be mercilessly dealt with."

"Is this about the disappearance of the queen?" Rugal pierce, of the Nanten knights, questioned.

Once again a devilish smile overcame Delita's face. "Lets just say, that the queen's disappearance is under investigation." He could sense the mocking tone of the comment, but ignored it.

Orin falkas, of the Lesalia knights questioned, "Is this about Ramza's alleged 'Return to Ivalice'?"

The smile quickly faded from Delita's face. "Ramza Is not a threat to anything now. But enough about the past, on to why I gathered you here. Gentleman, allow me to introduce my new second in command. He is the former Commander of the Knights of the Blue Flame. Exiled to the southern continent of elbolgia, he has since returned to this country at my request. Gentlemen, meet Donovan Benson."

A sudden Murmur filled the crowd. Donovan Benson was a widely recognized and highly renowned warrior. Short of T.G.Cid, no other has equaled his might in personal combat. And his Knights of the Blue Flame have never been defeated, regardless of enemy numbers, or difficult terrain. He was exiled by High Priest Funeral for his violent tactics, and has since been rumored to be dead. However....

"Mr. Benson will now be leading this countries armed forces. But before he can begin, he needs your assistance..."

"Assistance?" Orin asked. "What kind of assistance?"

An evil smile formed across Delita's face once more. "I'm glad you asked, sir Falkas. You see, Mr. Benson has a few comrades incarcerated in each of your territories. As your king, I grant these men full pardons, and expect them released immediately."

An uneasy murmur once again filled the room. Silas, gazed up at Delita, "Exactly, who are these 'comrades in chains'?"

A new, wider grin formed upon Delita's face as he slid a piece of parchment to the gentlemen seated at the table. At a glimpse of this list, an outcry of disbelief eclipsed the room. Rugal pierce gawked in disbelief at the names on the list. "My god..." he started, "the...the men on this list..their.."

"They are My newly appointed imperial captains." Delita interrupted. "I expect that you would treat them as royal ambassadors. For soon they will be ruling in your stead."

The room suddenly silenced. Orin Falkas was the first to speak. "I should have expected this from the likes of you. You killed the queen in an attempt at the throne, and now you attempt to kill us for our lands!"

Rugal stood to face Delita as well. "Foolish child, your powers may be formidable, but you are far outnumbered, and have no chance against all of us."

Delita smiled once again. "My my," he spoke. "Violence. How typical of you nobles. I'm not bad with a sword but...I have a prior engagement."

The nobles sneered at Delita's arrogance. Rugal stepped up to block Delita's exit. "What makes you think you'll leave this room alive?"

Delita chuckled. "My dear friend, we have guests." he said, alluding to Donavan. "You wouldn't want to make the wrong impression, now would you? Mr. Benson, would you kindly show this man how a gentleman handles a threat."

Within Five minutes, the battle was over. As Delita and Donavan exited the room, a guard ran to there side. "Sir, we heard a struggle, is everything all right?"

That familiar smile eclipsed Delita's face, "I believe so. Would you mind calling for a cleanup crew. I so hate Blood stains on the good tablecloth."

"Ye..yes sir." As the guard ran nervously down the hall, Delita returned his attention to his newfound comrade. "I assume you will go retrieve your friends, Mr. Benson."

Donavan nodded. "Sir," he spoke. "Most of those ambassadors had children. Three of them are of warrior age. Does this not present a potential problem."

"My good man, I wouldn't have released your friends if I didn't believe them strong enough to best a few miserable whelps."

"These children have been specially trained, sir. These are no mere knights. Isn't it an unnecessary risk, allowing them to live?"

"Donavan my friend...." Delita said placing his hand on Donavans shoulder "You worry too much."


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