Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 2

By Foeciusfoe

Igros Dungeon

"Sir Benson," a guard asked wearily. "I know this man was your friend, but sir.....for lack of a better term, the man is insane! Every cell mate he has had, has died within a week."

Donavan raised his hand to silence the man. "A strong soldier does not wish for companionship. I taught this man his trade my self. I assure you he is not insane."

The two men rounded a corner to an ironclad cell. "This is where your friend is being held." the guard said as he opened the door. Donavan moved slowly into the room. On the far wall stood a man shackled to a wall. His arms, legs, and face restrained by bulky metal.

"Remove them." Donavan said.

The guard hastily fumbled through his key's. Selecting one key, the guard quickly inserted it into the face shackles, turned it, and removed the imprisoning mask. A smile formed across Donavan's lips.

"Wake up, Duvall. your deliverance is at hand. You are free."

Inside Igros Castle

"That's it Salman, Focus." a man shouted.

Salman stood in the middle of the training square, gripping his Flame saber, he focused intently on the end of the mystical blade.

Salman's teacher stared in amazement as the blade began to crackle with energy. Within an elapsed second, only flames remained.

"That's is Salman, Now release the energy!"

Salman took a deep breath, and gripped his blade tightly. "Powerful light, signal Armageddon...FLAMING CINDERS!"

Salman's teacher gazed in awe as.....Nothing happened. "Dammit!" Salman yelled. "What the hell went wrong, I set it up perfectly. Why cant I ever complete that damn attack!"

Salman's teacher patted him on the back. "Don't worry, Salman. You have mastered all of the other skills of the Rage knight, in time Flaming Cinders will come to you. You just have to relax and continue practicing."

"But, master Rosh,...."

Before he could finish his sentence, a crowd began forming at the opposite end of the court. A mass of people had huddled around the local stage. It was usually used for executions, but several of the Palace guards were now posted at every corner. Something was happening. Something important.

Salman ran up to a local villager and asked him what was happening. "Some royal messenger has come to Igros with a decree from King Delita." "bah, 'King'." Salman thought. He would die before he recognized such a knave as king. But he couldn't help wondering what the cause of this assembly was. Why was a messenger coming, and not his father, the regent of Igros?

Salman glanced to the stage. At the center stood a large black man. His royal blue cape blowing in the wind, his sword hanging to his side, and his stone face as serious as a heart attack. "People of Igros," he spoke, "Your regent, Silas Marter, is a traitor to this great country."

The crowd stood aghast. Their own leader, a common rouge, a treacherous backstabber who attempted to succeed the throne. Salman knew it was lie. His father had long been suspicious of Delita's Treacherous tongue. Never the less, he listened intently.

"During a recent Peace conference, Silas Marter, attempted to assassinate our king, Delita Hyral. He was dealt with accordingly, and his family has been stripped of its rank. I Donavan Benson, as the new Military commander of this country, have appointed his successor."

The crowd murmured with angst. They had lived with a traitor as ruler, and only now, after an assassination attempt did they learn of his ways. Salman, glared coldly at the man ascending the staircase. He recognized the new "Regent" of Igros city. Duvall Roberts. A Psychotic. A madman responsible for the deaths of hundreds. It is said that for every victim, he added a new tattoo to his body. Judging from the markings covering what bit of flesh could be seen, this man was not to be taken lightly.

Duvall approached the podium and overlooked his new territory. "People of Igros, as the new leader of the Hokuten, I vow to bring this city into a new golden age. Working with king Delita Hyral, I will establish a treaty with the remaining territories, finally ending this conflict that is tearing apart our country."

The crowd cheered as these words echoed through the streets. All but one. Salman searched the crowd. All of Igros had been turned against his father. His servants, his followers, even Salman's teacher, an old friend of Silas Marter was cheering the new regent. All this after but a few words. What has happened to loyalty in this new age?

Salman quickly made his way through the crowd. If this madman had any brains, he would find and kill Salman before he had the chance to learn the truth. Of course Salman was no fool either. In the midst of the celebration, he knew the guards would be lax.

After Dark, he rushed through the gates, and exited Igros. Driven from his home by a mad man. This had to be someone's plan, and he had a pretty good idea of who...

"Delita.." he mumbled to himself, "I will avenge my father."


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