Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 3

By Foeciusfoe

A week Later, Limberry asylum.

"Sir Donavon, is this truly a wise decision?" a sheepish guard asked. "This man..he...He's.."

"He's a soldier, and the new regent of this land, so watch what you say about this man." Donavan interrupted.

Rounding the corner and coming to a halt, Donavon peered into a cell. In it stood a man in cloaked in chains. Chained to a wall in his cell, his large frame seamed imprisoned by steal shackles, yet he still appeared as menacing as ever. Gazing up from his gloom, the mans jaw dropped.

"Commander Donavan?" he spoke.

"Hello, Crawford." Donavan replied. "Its about time you saw your new kingdom."

"Kingdom?" Crawford asked.

"My friend, a new day has dawned, and a new ally has arisen. We will finally have revenge on this land."



"Come on Farland! You can do it."

The young man Stared into space. Focusing on the horizon looming beyond the hills. He could feel the energy surging through his arms. His lance glowing with power, he could feel the energy rise.

"That's it Farland, Now release it!" his teacher shouted.

Farland took a deep breath. "Rising strength, pierce the shadows of evil, HOLY LIGHT!"

His Lance began to surge with energy. It was overwhelming. The strength this new skill had was unimaginable. Fearing he'd loose control Farland dropped his lance, but it was far too late. A tremendous blast shot from the blade into the ground, sending the lance, and Farland, flying through the air. He was airborne a good 30 feet before he hit the ground.

"My god Farland!" his teacher shouted as he ran towards him. "Are you all right?"

Farland sat up and rubbed his aching head. "Yes sir, I'm fine, I think I just over did it."

"Farland you have great power within you, but you have to learn control before you can hope to use it in battle. The power will always overwhelm you if you cant harness it."

Farland sighed, "Your right, Master. As always."

Farlands teacher reached back and pulled his long hair into a pony tail. "Farland, you are a powerful young man, but I'm afraid you will never fulfill your potential if you do not learn from your mistakes."

"Your right sir." Farland agreed again.

"Stop calling me sir," his teacher spoke, " I thought I told you last time, my name is Mustadio."

"I'm sorry master Mustadio. I will certainly try harder."

Mustadio Shook his head with a smile. "Farland, you remind me so much of him its not even funny."

Farland tilted his head in confusion. "Him, sir?"

"My god I forgot, that I hadn't told you." Mustadio said.

"Told me what, sir?"

"You have heard of Ramza Beoulve, haven't you?" he asked.

"Ramza Beoulve? Isn't he the heretic that murdered high priest Funeral, and attempted raise the evil Lucavi? But he was killed by the shrine knights, led by the king, 5 years ago at the end of the war."

"History is not always accurate, Farland. Ramza was a hero that led 12 warriors against the forces of Lucavi, and was proclaimed a heretic by the shrine knights. He was no monster as history dictates. Those are lies perpetrated by one he once called friend."

"You mean to say..."

"In order to further his political ambitions, Delita made it seem as if he had saved the world. In reality, Delita only gained power through murder and betrayal. It was Ramza and his followers who truly saved this land. Delita simply exploited it."

"So you yourself were a follower of Ramza, master?" Farland spoke.

"He was my best friend, Farland. And much like you, he had great power which he couldn't control. I'm no T.G. cid, but I think I could help you learn your class."

Farland looked perplexed again. "Cidolfus Orlandu? What does he have to do with this?"

Mustadio chuckled. "I had forgotten just how little history properly recorded. T.G. Cid was the greatest warrior that ever lived. He joined our quest, and taught Ramza to control his power. Upon our victory in the Airship Graveyard, he disappeared never to be seen again."

"Airship graveyard?" Farland asked again.

Sighing, Mustadio gazed to his apprentice. "Farland....Why don't I start from the beginning."


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