Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 4

By Foeciusfoe

Lesalia Prison

Donavan strolled casually down the prison halls. The final man he has come to free was essential to his plans. Apollus Maxim was the most dangerous man in the territories...well accept for Donavan, that is.

Donavan strolled to the cell area. There were no actual cells in Lesalia prison, rather a dank room where 30 to 40 prisoners were kept until their release or execution.

Donavan stepped in and surveyed the cell, gazing over the faces in the room for any familiar faces. "I am looking for Apollus Maxim. Where is he." The crowd of inmates parted, revealing a lone man in the back. His menacing stance befit the man's character. As he approached Donavan, the inmates continued to back away from him. Each step, dispersing the crowd that much further from the man walking to the front.

Donavan stared down at the man before him. "It has bein a long time Apollus."

Apollus did not gaze up. "Donavan, why have you come? You would not search me out unless you needed me."

"You know me to well. But come with me, we will speak in private."



Liam Falkas strolled the streets searching for shelter. Since the day he learned his father was a traitor, his family had lost its rank, and he was to be hunted by the same guards sworn to protect him, he hadnt been the same. Forced to wander the streets at night, so as not to be spotted, he was forced to subsist on the trash from local homes.

"This is the night.." he thought to himself, "Tonight I escape Lesalia!" He had been planning for days, and finally he had it worked out. At midnight, his manservant, Hunter, would blow up the south gate, and while the guards rushed it, he would flee through the north. It was almost perfect.

Perched near the north gate, he lay in wait. Midnight was readily approaching, and he had to make every second count. Gazing up at the clock tower he stoop prepared. "11:59." he thought to himself, "I have to make my move soon." As the bell struck 12, Liam tensed up, and prepared for....nothing. No explosion, all was calm.

"What happened?" Liam thought.

"Don't move, kid." a voice from behind stated. Liam turned to see the imperial guard surrounding him, weapons poised for attack.

Panicked, he raised his hands in defeat. "One question, how did you find me?"

The captain chuckled, "Heh, that old man told us. He came in yesterday and warned us of your treachery."

Anger eclipsed Liam's mood. "Hunter!" he thought, "I will seek revenge you deceiving bastard!"

"Come on kid, give it up." said one of the guards. Liam began walking forward, arms raised in surrender.

Suddenly Liam jumped back, unsheathing his rune blade, and without a moments hesitation showed his skills as a Maul knight. "FOREBODING SKIES, DIVIDE AND CONQUER, SHATTERSHOT!"

Within an elapsed second the sky was filled with crystallized energy tearing asunder the supple bodies of the imperial guards, ripping flesh and bone, destroying all in its path. The guards had no chance, as their lifeless bodies crashed to the ground.

Seeing this as his opportunity for escape, Liam bolted for the gates of the city. Liam looked back as he ran, guards were gaining on him, he really had to move. Liam was halfway to the gate, before it closed.

"Shit!" Liam thought as he stared at the now shut gate, and at the guards rushing towards him. Once again unsheathing his rune blade, He prepared for the worst.

Just as the guards came within striking distance, a new voice rang out an incantation. "SOUL OF VIOLENCE SET THE SKY ABLAZE! INFERNO!"

Liam jumped back, and watched as Flames enveloped the very guards attacking him. Their burning bodies writhing in pain, and those still alive vainly attempting to extinguish the blaze.

Liam turned to face his savior, to his surprise stood a man no older than he, another child possessing the forgotten skills? Impossible, unless...

"Thank you for saving m...."

"We haven't the time for thanks, we must hurry." the man said as he burned a hole in the gate, for them to escape.

As the two fled the city Liam looked to the man beside him, "I would say thank you, but I don't know your name."

"I am Salman Marter, now shut up and run!"


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