Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 5

By Foeciusfoe

Bervenia, a month from the incident at

Another meeting has been called, this time of Delita's five new generals. All sat at their respective seats. Quite an unruly group.

All were there. Duvall Roberts, a psychotic madman, and regent of Igros. Crawford Burim, a contestable murderer, and Nanten commander. Apollus Maxim, new lord of Lesalia, and intense warrior. As always, Donavan was there, yet conspicuous by his absence was Dellita. Crawford was becoming impatient. "Where is this boy? He summoned us here, he should have been here long ago!"

"Patience my friend," Donavan assured him, "Delita will be here when the time is right."

"You would do well to learn from your friend Mr. Burim." Delita said as he enterred the room. "A little patience never hurt anyone.

Crawford stood up, "Child, if it weren't for my patience you'd be dead where you stand!"

"Idle threats from one who has been incarcerated for the bast 20 years. Tell me, how is your family doing, Mr. Burim?"

Crawford's face grew red with anger. Clenching his fist he charged Delita, but was cut short by the blade at his throat. Stopping mere centimeters from his throat, Donavan stood poised to defend his king.

"Crawford you are a fine soldier, but I will kill you if I must." Donavan said.

Crawford regained his composure, and took his seat once more.

"Thank you, Sir Donavan. Now that we are all civil, Down to business." Delita said with a smile. "Who can guess why I have free'd you all?" Delita gazed at the group, none of which knew what he wanted of them.

Delita started up again "Well, then. You four are the most renowned and feared warriors in this territory. In fact, outside of T.G. Cid, I would venture to say no one stands a chance against you. However I did not gather you merely because you are strong, I had an ulterior motive I must admit."

Duvall spoke up, "What kind of ulterior motive?"

Delita smiled devilishly. "I'm so very glad you asked. But before I mention the true reason for your renewed status, there is a history lesson involved. 5 years ago, a war ended. Though I was not the one who ended it, I indeed was the victor. After one swift move I became the sole monarch of this country, and thus I gained the ability to release you all. However, my plans could easily have been foiled a certain group of men, or should I say 2 groups of men."

"Two groups, sir?" Donavan asked.

"There was the annoyance brought on by my onetime friend Ramza Beoulve. Their Power was surprising, but they have since gone their separate ways. They are no longer a threat."

"And who would the second be?" Apollus asked, joining the conversation.

"At the time of my ascension to power, I worked with a group of men known as the shrine knights. These men, though powerful, would still have easily fallen to Ramza's might...that is if they hadnt planned ahead."

"Planned ahead? If Ramza's power was so great, what could have possibly put them on a par with this band of warriors?" Crawford asked.

Delita reached under the table, and pulled out a large sack. Delita tossed it into the center of the table. "The men who originally owned these were to foolish to see their true potential, but I believe I have unlocked their secret."

Apollus grabbed the bag, and spilled its contents onto the tables surface.

Instantly Duvall's eyes lighted up. "Ar...Are those..."

Delita smiled again. "Gentlemen, have you ever seen a holy stone?"


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