Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 6

By Foeciusfoe


Thuft Thuft, the sound of the Chocobo's talons clenching bits of dirt, and uprooting them with each step fills the empty plain. The two men on the chocobo's rush through them as if they knew where they were going. Indeed the note said to meat someone a few miles inward, but how could they be sure that they were in the right place.

The two cloaked figures, came to a stop, when they noticed a fire a few meters away. As they approached the blaze, an uneasy feeling overcame them. Within a flashed second the chocobos threw their mounts, and galloped of, sans rider. The two men stood up, staring at the chocobos.

"Damn." one of the riders said. "How the hell did he get Boco to listen to him?"

Suddenly, three more figures appeared in the distance. All on mounts. Galloping towards the strangers.

"Prepare yourself, Farland." Mustadio said, "They may be the Hokuten troop we passed a few hours back."

Farland grabbed his spear, and prepared for the oncoming assault. Mustadio likewise, pulled, two pistols from his cloak, and prepared to silence his attackers.

As the riders approached, the lead stopped in front of them. A beautiful female knight, flanked on both sides by male knights, she spoke to them. "Which one of you is Farland Pierce?"

Farland lowered his spear, and stepped forward. "I am. And Who are you?" he asked.

"I am lady Clarice. My lord, wishes to speak with you, you may ride with me." she replied.

Liam looked perplexed. "Your lord?"

Quickly becoming impatient, Clarice quipped "Look, you are not essential to our plan, and a Hokuten patrol will be here in little over 10 minutes. You can either come with us, or be taken by them."

Liam did not like his choices. "Well..what of my friend here?"

"You are who we came here to get, we cannot take him."

In the distance the whistle of the Hokuten patrol could be heard. Liam looked back up at Clarice, "If he doesn't go, I don't go."

"Dammit....." she paused for a moment. "Fine! Parrel, he rides with you," she shouted to one of the knights, "Farland, you ride with me."

The Two men quickly mounted and ran off. Within minutes they had cleared the grasslands into the hills. Hours upon hours rolled by as the group rode through thr empty countryside. Whenever Farland attempted a question, his words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Fastly approaching a deep canyon, farland realized they were close. Amazed by his surroundings he almost missed clarice speak.

"We're hear" Clarice said. As she dismounted and enterred a cave within the side of the canyon. Likewise, Farland and Mustadio hurried inside. As they passed through the cavernous outcove, they came to a center room. Inside stood 7 men and women, all of which were seemingly ready for battle. Inside the main room, two men sat on crates, looking over a map. Clarice walked to them and whispered something in ones ear. He quickly turned around, as did the other man, and both approached Farland.

"So, you are Farland Pierce?" one of them asked.

Farland looked strangely at the man in front of him. He couldn't be a year over 18, yet he was these peoples leader? "Yes, I'm Farland. Might I ask who you people are, and what were doing here?"

The two men looked to each other, than back at Farland. "I am Liam Falkas." said the man beside him. "I am Salman Marter." said the leader.

Feeling left out Mustadio stretched out his hand in friendship. "My name is Mustadio, I am Farlands teacher."

Instantly Salman's jaw dropped. "Do you mean to tell me that your the same Mustadio that traveled with Ramza Beoulve to defeat Lucavi?"

Mustadio looked strangely at the man before him. "How do you know that?"

"My uncle Olan told me." Salman replied.

"Olan was your uncle? My god, what a small country."

Salman Smiled as he whispered something to Liam, soon Liam was smiling as well. This made Mustadio a bit uneasy. "Say, uh Salman was it?" he asked. "What exactly are you all doing here?"

"I'm glad you asked, sir. The men and women you see gathered here are all either children, or friends of men who were murdered by Delita Hyral at a so called Peace conference. These men were replaced by criminals, from each of the individual areas. Now we seek revenge for their murders."

Mustadio rubbed his chin, thinking to himself. "Well then I can see why you sought out Farland here, but what you plan to accomplish is insane." he started. "No one in their right mind would go up against Delita's army, its just suicide."

Salman looked up at Mustadio. "Everyday we grow in strength in numbers. We do not plan to engage the Ivalin armies, but we believe that through concentrated acts of aggression, we can change the country."

"Your insane if you believe that such a small force may affect the entire world." Mustadio said.

"Why not," Salman started, "Ramza did it."

Mustadio choked, realizing his hypocrisy. this kid knew what he was talking about. "You seem very determined." Mustadio said pausing. "Young men with determination can bring about great change. I'm with you until the end."

"Excellent." Salman said with a smile. Indeed it was a victory recruiting a great hero such as Mustadio.

"So what exactly do you call this collection of radicals, Salman?"

"There was really only one name fitting enough. The Death Corps."


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