Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 7

By Foeciusfoe


Another peaceful country night. The crickets are chirping, the blades of grass gently rustle with the night breeze, as the moon reflects of the dew. Within the cabin, the owners sleep quietly. Unaware of what looms ahead.

As the lord and lady of the manor sleep, several figures emerge from the saw grass, shrouded in secrecy, they move closer and closer to the house. A thief among them, picks the lock to the small cabin, and they slowly enter. Carefully moving up the stairs, the brigands, inch ever closer to their target.

As the final brigand clears the stairs, the leader moves towards a door. It is the entrance to the master bedroom. The leader looks back to his troops. He faintly whispers, “Their asleep. Quickly, move!”

They slowly enter the room, approaching the large bed, ever quietly. They look upon the bed, as they move closer. The leader smiles to himself, as he thinks “ All too easy.”

Suddenly their is movement on the bed. All the brigands tense up and ready their weapons. They stare as a lone figure on the bed roles over grasping at an empty bedside.

A sudden realization befalls the leader of the brigands. “Wait...if the woman is here....than where is Beo...”

In an instant the door had shut, and standing in its path was the legendary hunter...

“BEOWULF!” the leader yelled, as his men attempted to draw their swords. Beowulf charged at the unprepared men, for unarmed as he was, he could easily best these fools. Driving a fierce elbow to the face of the thief, he quickly grabbed the mans mythril knife, and drove it through him.

A squire rushed him from behind, his sword drawn, Blue murder in his eyes, ready to strike down the hunter. Beowulf raised his palm, driving it into the skull of brigand, silencing the squire for good. A third thief raced after Beowulf, vainly hoping to best him where the other thieves had failed. Beowulf merely sidestepped the man, and grabbed the thieve by the hair, driving him head first into the wall.

The leader of the brigands now stood alone. Panicking he reached into the bed, and plucked the sleeping woman from her slumber. Quickly positioning himself behind her, he raised his knife to her throat. “Don’t move!” he yelled.

Beowulf raised his arms in surrender. The brigand leader, began to laugh nervously. “That’s right. Your going to do exactly what I say. Or your pretty little bride here will...”

The thief was interrupted by Beowulf’s chuckle. He smiled as the thief panickingly pointed the knife towards him. “What the hell is so funny!” he nervously asked.

Beowulf smiled. “You moved the knife.” At that instant, the seemingly sleeping woman, sprung to life, headbutting the thief from behind. Staggering back, the thief lost his grip, and Reis ran from his arms. Beowulf charged the captain, first knocking the blade from his hand, then grabbing the man by the shoulder. Using his momentum, Beowulf quickly grasped the captain, and tossed him over the outside banister, sending the thief to an untimely end at the foot of the stairs.

Relieved, Beowulf embraces his wife. “I guess this means we’ll have to move again.” He jokingly whispers to her. She smiles, laughing gently.

“Bravo.” a voice echoes through the empty cabin. Beowulf, turns suddenly, placing his bride safely behind him. He turns to see a lone figure standing in the doorway of his bedroom. “You are as good as the legends say, Beowulf.” the stranger again spoke.

Beowulf stood prepared to defend. “Flattery will get you nowhere friend. Now why don’t you tell me who you are, and why you sent these men after me.”

The Stranger scoffed, and slowly enterred the bedroom. His gruff, scratchy voice again spoke. “These men were merely sent as a test. I never doubted that you would be victorious against them, they were merely a showcase for your skills.” The stranger stepped forth, coming into the light a bit. Beowulf did not recognize the man at first, but the face did seem familiar. His dark gray hair, falling over his closed eyes. “You are an impressive warrior Beowulf.” the man spoke again. “It is a shame that I must kill you now.”

Beowulf smiled at the mans arrogance. He gazed back at his shivering wife. For even as powerful as Reis was, she was still frightened to death. The smile upon Beowulf’s face quickly dissipated. Turning back to the confident stranger, he spoke. “I have no quarrel with you, but if we must fight, allow my wife to leave.”

“Of course, I have no intention of killing a woman who is no threat.”

Beowulf chuckled a bit inside. “If he only knew” he thought to himself. Beowulf quickly grabbed Reis and embraced her. Reis, leaning against his chest, spoke in a gentle whisper. “Come back to me.” she said. Beowulf gently kissed her, and smiled. “Of course.” he whispered back.

Reis walked carefully past the stranger and left the cabin. Beowulf felt a sigh of relief. Now that she was out of danger, he could fight this man uninhibited. Beowulf loosened up and stretched a bit, preparing for the upcoming battle. He cracked his knuckles, speaking aloud. “Well Apollus, you sure picked the wrong man to pick a fight with.”

Apollus smiled. “I’m impressed, Beowulf. How is it that you know my name?”

“I was in Lesalia when you claimed the regency. That is irrelevant anyway, You cannot hope to match my power. This fight is a mistake.”

“Human,” Apollus spoke as he opened his glowing yellow eyes, “You have no idea how right you are.”


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