Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 8

By Foeciusfoe


The silence of the calm summer night is shattered by the screams of a girl running for her life. Her cries cut short, by her occasional panicked breath. She couldn’t help but wonder who the hell the man chasing her was.

A stranger had come knocking at the door that night. Rafa slept quietly, as she saw her brother go to the door. When he opened it, a mountain of a man stood in the doorway, his massive body taking up the entire door frame.

With but a move Malak was down. The beast never even raised his sword. He had killed her brother, and now he was after her. Running panicked through the forest, Rafa could only think of the beast chasing her, and how she could possibly escape him.

Rafa tripped over a branch, and fell tumbling behind a tree. She tried to stand, but her leg was too badly twisted. Fearing the man might see her, she quickly hid behind a tree. Suddenly there was a grip around her hood and she was raised against the tree. Her body, flung mercilessly to face her pursuer. Crawford smiled as he held her at the tree. Her tears seemed to excite him.

“Please...please don’t kill me..” Rafa cried. Crawford snickered, his eyes now emitting a green glow. “Human, I leave no loose ends.” he spouted. Crawford raised his free hand, he reeled back preparing to silence the pest.

The tears blinding her eyes. She looked away praying for some divine intervention. She prepared for the worst. She prepared for the blow that would undoubtedly crush her skull against the thick tree. An attack which.......never came.

Rafa opened her eyes to see Crawford’s hand shaking, as he struggled to keep his arm still. he dropped Rafa and continued, tensely holding back his fist. “Run Girl! I cannot hold the beast much longer!” He yelled, his eyes no longer glowing.

Rafa did not understand, but felt it necessary to take his advice. Rafa hobbled away, shutting out the pain of her sprained ankle. She rushed away as Crawford stood in place. His eyes again eclipsed by the green glow.

He stood up gazed at Rafa running away. “Vessel, you will pay for this.” he spoke. Calmly, he walked away, not chasing his prize. “Velius shall not be denied again.”



It is a late night. However, the torches remain lit in the great castle. King Delita has personally come to speak to Duvall. On the surface he comes to check up on his regent’s mission, however. the meeting serves an ulterior motive...

Delita enters the war room of the Hokuten lair, with a smile on his face. Indeed, he is never seen without his aura of confidence about him. Duvall Is just as calm. Though the man never smiles, it is obvious the man has the same sense of arrogance.

“So how goes your mission.” Delita asks.

“It is done.” Duvall begins. “ The ones known as Rad and Lavian are dead.”

Delita smiles. “Excellent. I should have known you would leave no survivors. Your associates seem to be hesitant on a few of the targets.”

“My comrades have a strange sense of honor that I do not share. Neither Crawford, nor Apollus can stomach the death of women or children.”

“Yes,” Delita began, “It appears they haven’t fully taken yet. You and Donavan seem to be coming along nicely, though.”

“Donavan is a soldier who can adapt.” Duvalls eye’s began to glow a harsh red. “However, I have had experience before.”

Delita’s smile, widened into a devilish grin. “This I know Zauriel. Indeed, you and Apollus were the first vessels I had chosen as hosts.” Duvall’s eyes crooked just a bit, but before he could say anything, Delita raised his hand. “All answers will be revealed in due time, Zauriel. The inclusion of Apollus was destined, that is all you need to know”

Duvall contemplated for a second. His red eyes, gradually fading to a white. “So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your studious presence. The Death Corps?”

Delita scoffed. “Death corps? hah. I dealt with the true death corps, these are mere children. No I’m in the area for an important meeting.”

Duvall was now confused. “Donavan is in the area as well, who are you meeting that requires the presence of the both of you?”

Delita chuckled a bit. “Why don’t I just say that I’m expecting an old friend.”


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