Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 11

By Foeciusfoe

Death Corps Meeting hall

The tension in the room is thick. The meeting between the disenfranchised Captain of the Knights ofthe Blue Flame, Gent Benson, and the leader of the Death Corps, Salman Martyr,is fast underway. The revelation that RamzaBeoulve will be arriving in the country is a much needed morale booster for thefledgling revolution.

This information would mean more to the soldiers of theDeath Corps, if they were aware of what was being said behind closeddoors. Outside the meeting hall thetension is even thicker. Farland, Liam,and Clarice are huddled around the door, anxiously awaiting theconclusion.

Liam turned and kicked a nearby crate, toppling it onto itsside. “I’m second in command!” Heshouted. “Why am I not included in thismeeting?!”

Parrel emerged from the stables, brushing the dirt from thereigns, off of his gloves. “My Brotherhas his reasons.” He said. “You woulddo well to listen to your commanding officer.”

Liam scoffed a bit. Parrel was little more than a bodyguard for Clarice, who was he to talkto him like that.

“So says the old soldier, eh?” Mustadio said as he enteredthe hallway.

Parrel turned to face Mustadio, cracking a slightsmile. “Back off, Grandpa.” He saidjokingly. “We wouldn’t want you gettingcranky.”

Mustadio smiled and shook Parrel’s hand. “I’m only two years older than you, punk.”

Parrel returned the smile. “Act it.” Parrel turned over tocatch Farland rolling his eyes. “Howis she?” Parrel asked, referring to the injured Rafa, recuperating in themedical facilities not far away.

Mustadio paused for a moment. “Stubborn.” He took amoment to compose himself. “How goesthe meeting?”

“That’s what we’d like to know.” Liam interjected. “They’ve been in there for oven an hournow.”

Farland looked up from his corner. “What do you think, master?” he asked. “Do you think we can trust this Gent person?”

Mustadio folded his arms. “Its hard to say. On one hand,this seems like it could easily be an elaborate trap. Yet the Potential of recruiting a figurehead such as RamzaBeoulve, may be enough to stir up those loyal to the Beoulve family name.”

Clarice looked up towards him. “So you’re saying, that the mere presence of this ‘Ramza’ person,will be enough to sway the few Hokuten, loyal enough to remember him? Such a minute force is still vastly inferiorto and sort of Hyral force.”

“A pebble may make only a small ripple at first buteventually it will be a wave.” Salman said as he exited the meeting hall. He quickly moved to Clarice’s side, wrappinghis arm around her waist.

Gent soon entered the hall behind him. His Kiyomori, clanking against the armoredplate covering his back as he stepped though the archway, Gent Gazed up towardsSalman. “Don’t forget your role.” Hesaid coldly.

Salman turned away from his love for a second to glare backat Gent. “I will see you on thedocks. Just remember your life is justas much at risk as ours.”

Liam watched as gent exited the hall and entered thestables. Turning back towards Salman,his goal became clear. “What happenedin there? As second in command I demandto know what the hell has been going on in…”

Salman raised his hand to silence the chattering Liam. “Tomorrow night we make our attack on theMandalia docks.” He said addressing the five of them. “Twelve of us will be going, each of us will be separated intogroups of four.”

Salman paused to stare over the faces of his comrades. Not a trace of fear in their eyes, exactlyas they should be. “Team one willattack the forces head on then retreat, to draw the enemy away. Clarice, Parrel …You will lead this team.”

Parrel nodded to his brother. “The second team will be the long range attack team. Mustadio and Liam will lead this group. Choose our two finest snipers to accompanyyou”

Mustadio nodded, as did Liam. “I will lead the final team.”

“So I am with you then?” Farland sheepishly asked.

“No,” Salman said, “You will remain here and guard theheadquarters.”

Farland folded his arms and pouted a bit. “Like I’m a damn Kid!??” he thought tohimself.

Salman gazed over the eyes of his comrades. “This night can make or break the movement.”He stated. “There is no room forerror.”


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