Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 15

By Foeciusfoe


The Night sky is torn asunder by the thunderous sound of the boathouse exploding. The entire countryside illuminated by scorching red flames spreading through air. From their Vantage point, all Clarice and Parrel’s team can see is the thick cloud of venomous smoke emanating from the crater where the Boathouse used to be.

Tears streaming down both sides of her face, Clarice watches in horror as flaming remnants of the boathouse fall, and spread their red flames across the wharf. She can’t even form words for the situation.

Parrel Grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her violently. “Clarice!! Come to your senses! We need to Find Salman and the others and get out of here!”

“Bu….but Liam….and Mustadio….”

“They can take care of themselves! We need to get out of here while we can!”

“I’m Afraid that escape is a luxury, you can no longer afford.” A voice echoed from behind them.

Parrel and Clarice turned in horror, to find themselves face to face with a mountain of a man standing between them and the open fields of escape. His Shoulders shrouded in a heavy blue cape. His body covered almost entirely in armor, and his Save the Queen Blade hanging delicately in his right hand.

“You need not weep for your fallen comrades, my dear.” He spoke. “You will join them soon enough. My name is Donovan Benson. Now make peace with whatever god you embrace, for you will see him soon enough.”


“Are you such a coward that you would not face me like a man?” Gent sneered at the man in front of him

Sajah smiled. “You challenge me to a fair fight?” Sajah placed the stone deep within his tunic again. “I am always happy to honor such a foolish request”

Now Gent smiled. “What a moron. He clearly has no idea what he’s up against.” He thought to himself. “Now all I have to do is get the stone away from him.”

Sajah raised his rune blade and rushed towards Gent. Gent easily sidestepped the maneuver and maneuvered his blade in front of him to catch the back swing of Sajah’s rage.

Again Sajah lunged blindly at the superior warrior, and Gent again easily sidestepped the fool. Gent quickly grabbed the hood of Sajah, and pulled it back, crashing the man to the ground.

Gent took his Kiyomori and swiped it across Sajah’s abdomen,scraping away a thin layer of his chest plate, and catching the side buckle, tearing it from the armor. Sajah stands and throws off his chest plate.

Gent smiles as he sees the small yellow stone bounce to the side and clunk against a crate.

“How dare you make a fool of me!” Sajah screams.

Gent laughs. “You didn’t need any held from me, Lieutenant.”

Sajah Sneers. “You wont be laughing when I send you to HELL!”

Sajah rushes at Gent in a fury, swinging his blade violently, as Gent easily evades the blows before landing a knee in Sajah’s gut, driving him to all fours. A quick kick to the face, and Sajah was lying on his back. Quickly kicking the blade from Sajah’s hand, Gent then swings his kiyomori back over his shoulder, and Lands the edge deep within the gut of the former Lieutenant.

Gent eased down on the blade driving it slowly into Sajah’s stomach.

“Give Lucavi my Regards.” Gent said as he twisted the blade ever so sharply. As Sajah coughed up his last spurt of blood,Gent quickly removed the blade, and dropped to his knees. He quickly folded his hands over the hilt of his blade muttered a silent prayer for forgiveness.

He then stood up and grabbed the holy stone lying on the side. “What a fool.” He thought. “ Had he transformed I wouldn’t have stood a chance.” Then as he stared at the stone, a sudden realization came to him…

“Father…Salman needs to get his people out of here…”


Salman Rides across the docks searching for his lost love. He had sent the rest of his troop back to the rendezvous point. Now alone, he races his chocobo across the dock searching for the whereabouts of Clarice.

As he strode across, he noticed someone lying among the flaming debris. He quickly rushed overto the body lying motionless among the wreckage of the boathouse. He quickly dismounted and rolled the body over to reveal his identity.

“Winters.” He whispered to himself. One of the snipers that he had assigned to accompany Liam and Mustadio. He was only 15 years old. Salman gritted his teeth and squeezed the lifeless body of his fallen comrade. “Don’t worry my friend…Delita will pay a thousand times over for your sacrifice. I swear it.”

Salman shook any emotion off before it came out and laid Winters’ body down gently on the docks. Salman stood and was about to leave, until he heard a faint groaning. He turned to see a second body among the rubble, covered in wreckage. Salman Rushed to his side, and knelt beside it, slowly pulling the wreckage off of this man.

Salman’s eyes widened. It was Mustadio. Somehow he had managed to survive the explosion. He quickly reached under Mustadio and began to lift him out of the rubble. “Come on, Mustadio were surrounded, and we need to get out of here.”

“STASIS SWORD!” a voice emanates from behind. In an instant, Salman’s body is encased in a freezing energy attack. His very nerves frozen solid, as his limp body falls unconscious before Mustadio with a loud thunk.


Mustadio regains some degree of consciousness. The left side of his face covered in soot, he attempts to focus out of his right eye. Someone is speaking in the background but he cant quite make it out. Through the haze in his eyes he can make out a figure moving towards him and stopping at the mass in front of him.

“I know you can withstand more than that my impudent friend.” A voice beckoned. “Take this one away.”

Mustadio attempted to shake his vision clear, but he couldn’t lift his arms to clear his eyes. He watched as two more figures came and drug away whoever lay beside him. He turned his head upward to see if he could recognize the figure. No such luck, at this distance, the man’s face was still a blur. Suddenly the figure looked down and noticed Mustadio’s mangled body.

“Well, well, what have we here?” the voice began again. “A familiar face?” The man crouched down next to Mustadio. “What a small world. You’re one of the last people I expected to see here. But hey I suppose sometimes surprises workout.”

Mustadio recognized the voice now. He flinched what little bit he could. “Delita…” he managed to utter.

Delita smiled down upon Mustadio. “Come now, you seem surprised. Is it so strange to think that I could orchestrate this whole scheme to trap your little protégés, in their feeble attempt to overthrow me?"

Delita moved in and whispered in Mustadio’s ear. “I’ve beaten better . But you’re in good hands now, Mustadio. Any friend of Ramza is a friend of mine.”

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