Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 16

By Foeciusfoe

Death Corps HQ

Farland is trying to remain calm. He knows that the Hokuten have the canyon entrance to the HQ surrounded. He has already barricaded the entrance, and has gathered the soldiers in the Stables, now his only objective was to try and get the remaining members through the secret tunnel hidden amidst the hay. Fortunately enough, Salman had taken out all of the chocobos for the mission, so he didn’t have to worry about releasing them.

Farland grabbed a large portion of hay, and moved it over to the left revealing a narrow tunnel. Farland crouched beside the tunnel and gazed down the end. “Okay I’ve got 25 people to get through this tunnel quickly, before the door gives and we’re all dead.” He thought to himself.”

“Rand!” he shouted.

The knight quickly ran to Farland’s side. “Yes, sir.”

“I want you to take point, and lead the rest of us through the tunnel.”

“But sir,” he began, “shouldn’t you be….”

“I am staying here and fending off any imperials that get through that door! Now I suggest you shut the hell up, and get through that tunnel!”

Rand Quickly saluted Farland, and got on all fours to crawl down the tunnel. One by one, Farland ordered people through the tunnel. “Ms.Rafa, you’re next.”

“I’m staying to help you.” She said.

“No. You’re injured. You’re getting in that tunnel and leaving, right now.”

“Like hell I am!” she argued. “Your gonna need more than just that lance to keep out those Hokuten troops out there.” She stepped up into his face, pointing her finger into his chest. “You’re going to need my help getting these kids out of here.”

Farland smiled. She was tough. Now he understood what Mustadio saw in her. He closed his eyes breathed a deep breath and sighed. “Your right.” He said. “I am going to need your help, and may I say I’m sorry in advance.”

“…Your sorry about what?”

Farland sighed lightly, closed his eyes and said a quiet prayer to himself. Ever so quickly he reeled back and struck Rafa in stomach, knocking her unconscious. He caught her and delicately laid her on the ground. “Once again, I’m sorry, Rafa.” He signaled to one of the remaining members of the troop to come near. “Please carry her through. If she wakes up, tell her she blacked out.”

“Yes, sir.” The soldier said as he lowered her into the tunnel. Farland could hear the sound of the Hokuten Banging down the barricade.

“Hurry up, everyone. It wont take them long to get through, and once they do were all in serious trouble.”


Captain Hendycks’ men rear back the battering ram for another attempt. The door would give way soon enough, and then the action would begin. Yet captain Hendrycks is not excited of the prospect of the upcoming battle. He sees no honor in the attack on children, revolutionaries against an admittedly corrupt monarchy. Had his loyalties not lied with the city of Igros, and the Hokuten he may have been inclined to join himself.

CRASH!! The sound of the barricaded door falling to the relentless power of the Battering ram echoed through the night.

“Alright men, proceed with caution.” Hendrycks spoke up. “We don’t know how many are in there or what sort of traps may be hidden within.”

As Hendrycks and his men entered the head quarters, a dark figure watched from the hill top. Duvall’s lips curled into an evil smile. He turned and called to his second in command. “Call the Black mages to the front line.”

“Sir?” the soldier asked a bit confused. “Ca-captain Hendrycks is still down there.”

“The captain knows of the plan.” Duvall assured the man. “I want the enemy’s base in flames within fifteen minutes.”


“Two left to go.” Farland thought as the last few soldiers were piling into escape tunnel. CRASH! In the distance he can here the door to the hideout falling to the superior might of the enemy’s battering ram. “Quickly!” he said rushing another soldier into the tunnel.

Farland could here foot steps rushing towards them. He knew that the Hokuten were almost at his door, and he had to get everyone out. He quickly grabbed the last remaining member and threw them down the tunnel. Just as he did, He caught glimpse of a soldier running around the corner. Farland Stepped between the soldier and the Escape tunnel, drew his lance and his shield, and prepared for battle. He glanced over to the soldier’s shoulder to view his crest. A captain. This man was not to be taken lightly.

“In here men, they’re escaping!” He shouted.

“You're not getting anywhere near this tunnel.” Farland Shouted.

The captain drew his rune blade from its sheath. “Is that so.”

“I’ve got friends in that tunnel, and I’d gladly give my life to keep you from them.”

The rest of the Hokuten soldiers arrived, but the captain stopped them from advancing. “I’m surprised that one so young has already gained a warrior’s spirit.” The captain said. He motioned for his soldiers to stand down. “I respect your bravery,but as a soldier of the Hokuten I’m afraid that I can’t let you stand in our way. What is your name, son.”

“Farland Pierce.” Farland remained in his battle stance. He was a bit suspicious- and rightfully so. In this day, who pays so much attention to honor?

The captain moved forward and lowered his sword for a moment. “My name is Captain Jarren Hendrycks, and in the name of the city of Igros, I’m afraid we must do battle.”

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