Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 17

By Foeciusfoe

Mandalia docks

"THUNK!!" The sound of Parrel's body smacking against the crates on the far side of the docks, echoes in Donovan's ears. A smile crosses his lips as he sees the stubborn man Gaze up, and rise to his feet. Donovan chuckled a bit, as he caught a quick gaze at Clarice from the corner of his eye. She remained motionless paralyzed with concern or fear…it didn't matter to him, soon she would be as dead as the fools who had already faced him this night.

"You stay the hell away from her!" Parrel Shouted, as he picked up his fallen blade.

Donavan returned his attentions to Parrel. "Such a show of emotion." Donavan laughed. "I suppose your birthright is not the only thing you share with your brother."

Parrel sneered. Enraged, he grabbed his sword and charged the man towering above him. He drug his sword behind him, and swung the blade violently overhead, bringing it crashing down towards Donavan.

Almost miraculously, Donavan reached up and grabbed Parrel's wrist, stopping the blade merely inches from Donavan's face. Parrel leaned in on his blade, attempting to slide it through the grip of the evil general. Donovan just smiled.

Parrel flinched, and threw his free hand into a devastating punch catching Donavan's face and knocking the man back. Donavan released his grip and staggered backward. When Donavan moved his hand from his face, his smile was gone. His eyes beginning to emit an odd orange glow, as he wiped the small trickle of blood from his lower lip.

"Okay." Donavan began. "You've had your fun." Donavan again unsheathed his 'Save the Queen' sword. "Delita wanted prisoners, but exterminate one rat, and you still have the litter."

Parrel clenched his blade and leaned back, preparing for his defense. "Enough talk, make your move!"

Donavan smiled, and moved his blade behind him. "Oh I will my friend. First, however, Ill give you a little test."

Parrel tensed up and raised his blade to his eye level. "What kind of test?"

Donavan smiled and turned to face Clarice. "A test of speed."

With that, Donovan Lunged towards Clarice. His arm behind him dragging his blade, preparing to strike, Donavan charges the paralyzed Clarice. Parrel instinctively moved to knock Donavan clear of Clarice. He charges towards Donavan, his blade lifted above his head, as he intends to cut him off before he can even reach Clarice. Yet Donavan switches his positioning, moving his foot before his body, halting his motion just inches before Clarice.

Clarice shakes in fear as the mountain known as Donavan smiles down upon her, before leaping towards Parrel. Donavan lifted his blade, and drove it deep into Parrel's chest.

"PARREL!!!!!!!!!!!" Clarice shouted in horror. Both men's momentum allowed the blade to easily pass through flesh and bone.

Donavan leaned in close, and began whispering in Parrel's ear. "You failed." Lifting his left hand from the hilt of his sword and moving it to Parrel's chest, Donavan slid him off the end of the blade. Then placing a finger on either side of his blade, Donavan slid down to the edge of his sword, scraping chunks of flesh and blood from the sword itself. Parrel's body falls limply upon the wooden docks.

All Clarice can do is stare in horror. The dark night illuminated only by the raging flames behind Donavan's massive body. "No…" she whimpered.

Donavan turned to face Clarice, her heavy breathing accentuating the fear already gripping her face. He smiled as he moved casually towards her. "And now, my dear…"

"WINDS OF CHANGE, COARSE WITH POWER, WHIRLWIND STRIKE!" A voice echoed from the far end of the docks. Within a second, a large gust of wind energy surrounded Donavan and sent him flying into stacks of nearby crates.

Clarice Turned up to see Gent, his Kiyomori in his left hand, and a limp body hanging on his right. "Hurry, Girl!" He shouted. "My father is not so easily subdued, we must escape now."

"Gent?" She muttered to herself. "…What about Salman!?!" She shouted back to him.

"There is no time, we have to…." Gent Paused a moment, and hurled the body he had been carrying at her, knocking her over.

"SHOCKWAVE!" Donavan's voice echoes, as his energy attack is released. Gent Raises his arms in protection yet is sent crashing into the far crates. Clarice move's the body covering her just a bit, enough to recognize it as Liam. He is badly hurt, but still alive.

Clarice pretends to be unconscious as she notices Donavan emerge and chase after his son. Gent stands amidst the wreckage, but is instantly knocked down by the hilt of Donavan's sword crashing into the back of his skull. Donavan brought his boot up, and kicked Gent in the shoulder. Gent turns and faces his father, his chest rising and falling, as he tries to regain his composure.

"How dare you." Donavan began. "After All I've done to make you what you are today, YOU BETRAY ME TO THESE FOOLS!?!"

"Your Not my Father!" Gent spat back. "My father would never take orders from a demon like Delita! My father would never allow himself to become a murder tool again! My Father would never give his spirit to Lucavi!!"

"Then your Father was a fool." Donavan spoke up. "This stone is Power, the power to rule! None shall stand against me! Not even my ungrateful whelp of a son!"

"SHATTERSHOT!!" a voice shouted. A series of energy bullets blasted into the supple back of Donavan, sending him again crashing into the crates opposite Gent. Gent sat up to see Clarice holding Liam up. His blade resting in his now limp hand, Liam's eyes were covered in debris so much so that Clarice had guided his attack.

Donavan, stood up violently, hurling debris everywhere. His eyes now glowing fully orange, his power began to emanate from his body. "ENOUGH!" a demonic voice erupted from his body. "If it is death you seek, Hashmalun is more than happy to oblige!!"

Suddenly another body emerged from the debris, and jumped onto Donavan's back. Wrapping his arms around Donavan's neck like a vice, Parrel held on for dear life. Parrel saw Gent rising from his position and called out to him. "GRAB THE OTHERS AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!"

"Poetic sentiments Human. Yet one with so few breaths left, shouldn't waste them!" Donavan shouted. Parrel ignored, Donovan's taunts, and tightened his grip. Donovan, began swinging his arms violently, attempting to shake him from his massive shoulders.

Parrel Fought to stay on Donavan's back, and hold his sword with his other hand. He began inaudibly mumbling to himself.

From across the dock Clarice recognized the chant. It was a last ditch effort that all rage knights used for times when their was No escape. The attack created an enormous explosion engulfing everything within 15 feet of the focus point…including the caster themselves. "PARREL, NO!"

Donavan Turned to shake the almost lifeless body on his back, but it was too late, only three words remained in his incantation…


Chapter 18

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