My Fellow Dragnierians II Prologue

Bleu and Leef's Bogus Journey

By Fred Delles

All characters (Ryu, Rei, Teepo, various Suikoden characters, FF7, FF8, etc.) are property of their respective owners (Capcom, Konami, Square, etc.) Other characters, like Leefa, and Hix Wyndia (Ryu and Nina's son) are original, and more or less from my imagination. Oh yeah, I named Young Master McDohl (from Suikoden 1) "Luke". So… let's go!



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Ryu, Rei, and Teepo


Ryu, Rei, and Teepo





My Fellow Dragnierians II



Prologue: Bleu and Leef's Bogus Journey

It was yet another glorious day at the Ryu & Nina University at Dragnier. Five hundred most excellent years have passed since the fall of Myria and the Dragon and angel's marriage and the birth of their many children. The fountain, which one would call the eighth wonder of the world, flowed crystal-clear water from the marble statues of Ryu's Myrmidon transformation and Nina's winged, jewel-encrusted staff. The school's alma mater was engraved in a bronze plaque on the south end of the fountain's edge, showing all what is there to come with destiny.

Not too far from the water fountain lay the Bateson Lecture Hall, where many people were heading off to their daily lectures with the Dragnier professors. The circular atrium could house over two hundred students, plus the center where the lecturer would teach the daily lessons, and the three other doorways to places unknown.


Not too long after everyone took his or her seat in the hi-tech class room, there were hisses and steam blasts coming out of one room, while a familiar red-tailed, red-haired Indigo named Leefa opened the door and scanned the classroom.

Leefa slithered in the circular room as the entire group in the building came to attention. She moved toward the podium, ready to give her daily spiel to the not-so-eager class.

"Greetings," she announced.

"Station," the students replied, in unison.

Leefa drew out a book from the center podium. "Today, we will be continuing our studies on the three destined cycles, and to help with this lecture, we have some of our special guests!"

The red-tailed Indigo pressed a button. A door reading "Time Warp Device Special 12" opened, and a black-haired, middle-aged man with a thick, short black beard walked in the room.

"Say hello to an old friend, Alan Parsons," Leefa said, pointing at the progressive rock musician.

"Hello," Alan said, nonchalantly.

A second person, an average guy with early twentieth-century clothing, also entered the lecture hall.

"And this here is a mortal god of the Earth Planet Dragons, J. R. R. Tolkien!" Leefa stated, as the fantasy author waved to the crowd.

A third person, a black-haired woman with almost pale white skin and black, gothic-looking armor, entered the room with a cold gaze.

"This here is a warrior of the ancient ones on Earth, and a true warrior princess, just like Nina! Our third speaker is Xena, Warrior Princess!"

The crowd cheered and gave their greetings as Xena smiled. She walked up and joined Tolkien and Parsons in small talk.

"And finally, we have a very special guest. Meet the trouncer of the destined cycles, the damsel of destruction, the master of disaster, the one and only…"

Leefa extended her hand toward the fourth guest. "…Bleu!"

"Damn I thought it would be a SPECIAL guest!" one of the students said.

"Shaddup!" Bleu yelled. "I'm the special guest, and there is NOTHING you could do about it!"

"Enough," Leefa stated. She signaled Bleu to join the other three, and then continued her lecture.

"Okay," Leefa said. "Can't imagine the world without her. Anyway, tomorrow we'll have the guest speakers Red and Red XIII. Thursday will be the field trip to North by Northwest Window, and remember, DO NOT SEND YOUR BREATH OF FIRE FANFICS TO RPGAMER!"

Leefa asserted her point again. "Repeat! D-"

KA-BOOM! The front door of the Bateson Lecture Hall blew up as several soldiers charged in. From their armor, the soldiers resembled Galbadians. The dozens of students ducked under desks and chairs as the soldiers surrounded the place.

"A would-be shooting at a college, of all places!? How could anyone make jokes like this!?" Bleu commented.

"At least it's a hostage crisis and not a massacre," Leefa replied.

The two then noticed a very familiar face enter inside building. She was a tallish woman, with a black dress and otherwise, a gothic look. Almost, if not already, a witch.

"Ultimecia?" Bleu gaped. "I thought… you were dead!"

"Same with Aeris, Teepo, and Alys!" Ultimecia replied. "Just, as the average person said 500 years ago, 'just a mere rumor this side of the X-Box!'"

"Ha! Except that that it ended up groundbreaking and made Microsoft the new master of all video gaming in the 21st century!" Bleu replied. "Too bad Squall and Rinoa killed you BEFORE that epic event…"

"Don't play history with me!" Ultimecia raved. "I will go back to the turning point in time… the third destined cycle five hundred years ago… granting all the Dragons death beyond death! And I surely am not being facetiously redundant!"

"You can't do that…" Leefa ridiculed. "Time has told."

"Yeah… but I can change it," the black-haired witch-sorceress replied. "And I'm really gonna show that the world is Square!"

"The world is an oblate spheroid and controlled by the Dragon God Ladon," Leefa rectified.

"Think again!" Ultimecia gloated. "With the aid of my… secret weapons!" With a snap of her fingers, two figures walked inside the atrium via the blown-away entryway. One was a thin, but muscular young man with a white shirt, black pants, and long black hair bound to a ponytail. The other was a brown-haired, almost pale-skinned young woman wearing a black-and-white dress-like uniform reaching several inches below her waist, plus brown tights, and white boots.

"Meet… Fei Fong Wong and Elhaym Van Houten!" Ultimecia bellowed.

"I've seen 'em before! Philosophy is at Chiba Hall on the other side of campus," Leefa stated.

"I don't have time for your trite talk," Ultimecia stated. She then turned toward Fei and Elly. "And… you know our mission, right?"

"Uh, of course, ma'am," Fei answered. "We take our two gears, Weltall and Vierge, back in time, and kill off Ryu, Rei, and Teepo!"

"Then we take out the rest of the Dragons!" Elly added.

"And then, when that is done, the planet's goddess, Myria, will attempt to re-claim the world, and with the help of potential allies, we take her out, too!"

"What potential allies!?" Bleu demanded.

"Oh, we'll find 'em all," Fei said. "There's Vector. Solaris, and Tycoon. Midgar, and Shinra. There are literally hundreds of worlds and countries that want to take down the planet we all are standing on. And let me-"

"Enough!" Ultimecia walked up to the "Time Warp Device Special 12" door. "We're off to make history! And… you are the ones who ARE history!"

"Hmph. You always forget the destined cycles!" Leefa spat.

"There won't be ANY destined cycles once we're finished!" Fei shouted. He and Elly walked up into the door. "And I guess we'll be seeing you again in the future!"

"You mean the past," Bleu commented. "Right, Leefa?" She quickly noticed that Leefa wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Leefa was behind one of the desks, with a student's Dragon Sword and some rope. After Fei and Elly entered the door to the time portal, the red-tailed Indigo tied the rope to the hilt of the sword, and with all her strength, tossed it right through the door.

When the time portal began to whir, hum, and emit red-colored light, the rope started to tug along with Leefa in tow, like a fish pulled out of water by a fishing rod.

Ultimecia was surprised at the odd event. "FIRE!"

As Leefa was dragged across the atrium by the time warp vortex, the various Galbadians started firing at the red-tailed Indigo. Their shots all whizzed by Leefa, barely missing her as she was sucked right into the vortex along with Fei and Elly.

Ultimecia was exasperated at Leefa's great escape. "Grrrrrrr…"



Four score and eighteen years, plus four centuries ago… (a.k.a. 498 years ago)…



Outside the coffee shop of the crossroads, almost a month after Ryu and Nina's excellent adventure (and bogus journey) finding out about the Dragons, a blast of lightning materialized in the nearby forest. Out came Fei and Elly.

The two inspected their surroundings. After a quick check, Elly whipped out her five-foot-tall staff, and pressed a hidden button.

Ultimecia's voice emitted from the staff, making the staff more like a two-way time radio. "You are in the past four hundred and ninety-eight years ago. Is that right?"

"Yes, ma'am," Fei answered. "Just a month after Ryu and Nina defeated the Goddess and returned home!"

"Is Leefa with you?"

Fei quickly surveyed the scene. There was only the coffee shop, a waitress, and the few nighttime regulars. "She's gone!"

"Then she is lost in the timestream forever!" Ultimecia forcefully stated…

"What now?" Elly asked.

"We're the ministers of propaganda, right?" Fei replied. "We're gonna do some damage."


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