The Coming Storm Part 1

By Gasper S. Keltner

Dramatis personae (Cast of characters)

Chrono Trigger

Crono: The hero of Chrono Trigger. Age 19; born in Truce, Guardia around 983 AD, he became a hero at the age of 17, along with six other friends. To rid their world of Lavos, they traveled through time with the use of the Gate Key, and the Epoch, a time machine with wings.

Marle: Daughter of the King of Guardia of 1000 AD, she despises royalty. Age 19; after sneaking out of the castle, she met Crono, and started their adventure though time. Main love interest of Crono.

Lucca: Inventor and childhood friend of Crono. Age 19; the inventor of the group, she also had a part in the start of their adventures. Knowledgeable with machines, and pseudo owner of the Epoch.

Robo: Robot created prior to the Lavos incident, and reactivated by Lucca in 2300 AD. First robot to have emotions.

Frog: From 600 AD, was transformed by Magus from human to amphibian around 590 AD. Wields the ancient sword Masamune.

Magus: From 12,000BC and prince of the Floating Kingdom of Zeal, he was warped through time as a child, and grew up in and around 600 AD. In search of his lost sister Schala.

Ayla: From the prehistoric era, is not seen in this story.

Lavos: A giant alien bent on destroying the world by sucking its life, and evolving to the highest form of life. Uses and Outer Armor resembling a porcupine, an enter battle suit, and it's evolved form.

Guardia: Setting of Chrono Trigger.

Final Fantasy II

Cecil: Age 29, new king of Baron, and a former Dark Paladin. Know a Paladin of Light.

Rosa: Age 28, Cecil's wife, a white wizard adept in the use of the bow.

Kain: Age 29, from a warrior cast called the Dragoon's. Is on a quest to reclaim lost honor after being brainwashed into hurting his friends.

Cid: Age 30, inventor, and creator of the Airship, a form of boat with propellers and engines.

Zeromus: The living embodiment of Hatred. Summoned by a man named Zemus.

Baron: Kingdom of which Cecil, Rosa, Cid, and Kain are from.


Eyes peered out from the cliffs above the Hero's Tomb. The yearly pilgrimage had ended, but something had drawn him to the peaks of Mt. Choaras. Drawing Masamune, he felt the clouds forming over his head. Frog stood there and frowned. He knew it would eventually happen, but not this soon. His cape blew in the wind as he looked at the trees started to shake from their ancient roots. Not now, they're not ready. He sheathed Masamune, hoping it would not be used.


He stood at North Cape, his cape flowing in the wind. His eyes did not deceive him. He saw the clouds, the lightning, and the rain. Soon, the villagers would run and cower in fear. It's not that I don't care, Magus thought, but no one is ready. I must seek help.

"The storm begins, but, will we survive?" He asked himself. "Schala, if you can hear me, be ready, we will need everyone's help. Magic, exchange this World for the…" he thought about who of his friends might help. He smiled. "The middle ages." The Time gate opened, and he stepped in. Just as it had appeared, it was gone from human eyes. North Cape was quiet once more, but was forever changed. In a small mound, the visitor buried a chest, containing a note.



Lucca slammed the lock of the chest with her melee Wonder mallet. Made from the remnants of the Sunstone, it had become one of her favorite tools. The lock broke free, falling to the ground. Weeks ago, she had found it in the attic of her house. Some left over keepsake of a lost era. She didn't tell Crono, and only had Marle with her. Marle just looked at the chest, eyes wide with curiosity

"So, what do you think is in here?" Marle asked, as Lucca looked at the box. Lucca tried pulling the lid open, but it wouldn't budge. Marle thought for a minute then took here pendent off. She pressed it against the lid. A flash followed, and the chest slowly opened. Lucca looked inside, and found a yellowed sheet of paper. Judging from the crudeness of the material, she figured whoever made this paper, had limited resources. She looked at the writing, and gasped. Marle kept her mouth shut, figuring it was best not to talk, but then resisted the urge.

"What does it say?"

"It's old, that's for sure. Its…its…texture is harsh. I don't think this was made in this century, or anyone, before AD that is." Lucca stared at the script one more time. Marle huffed, then spoke again.

"But what does it SAY?" Lucca knew she was getting impatient.

"If you would shut up for a second, I could concentrate." Minutes passed and Lucca read the paper five more times. Marle just sat down and looked at the rabbits hopping around the yard. Lucca looked down at her, then gasped once more. "It's Zealian. From Magus!" Marle's mouth dropped open. Lucca started reading.


To the finder of this letter.

I Janus, have embarked on a journey to stop a force, even I, might fear. If you found this, deliver it promptly to a young woman named Lucca, living on the island south of Truce. Lucca, if you are reading this, you will need to gather your two friends, and join Glenn and I in the middle ages. It is imperative that you join us. We are facing a terror, much greater then Lavos. Please come to my castle as soon as you arrive. Please bury this letter in the same place as you read it. In addition, make sure to enter a journal log in the Guardia National Archives, for Robo. We will need him too.


Magus of New Zeal.

11,998 BC


Lucca stopped reading, and put the letter back in the chest. She ran to the tool shed, and grabbed a shovel. Running back, she started digging.

"Marle, get to Crono's and wake him up. We leave in the hour." Marle nodded and started towards the bridge. Lucca closed the lid to the box, after putting in a letter to Robo, along with Magus' note. The chest was shoved into the hole, and buried in five minutes. By that time, Marle had returned to Taban's Island, with Crono in tow.

"Lucca, what's going on?" Lucca sighed.

"Crono, did you bring your sword?'

"Yah, but, what's going on…"

Lucca interrupted him. "Marle, go back to the castle and make the log entry, and get your equipment. Crono, get your armor. Meet back here in ten minutes. We've got trouble…" It was Crono's turn to sigh.

"But Lucca, what's going on?"


Frog started his packing his provisions, when he heard the familiar noise. He turned, unsheathing his sword. A caped figure appeared and spoke.

"It's been a long time frog…" Frog sheathed his weapon and turned continuing his task.

"Aye Magus, but what of you, hast thou found thy sister?"

"No, but I think you know why I am here…" Frog finished, and pulled the pack to his shoulder.

"Yes, the storm, like the legend said. The legend, I presume was sent by you." Magus stared at him, then collapsed his scythe.

"It is not a legend Frog, but a prophecy. I knew it would return. I had to let you know somehow. Now, are we done with the small talk? We do have a long trek a head of us. Are you ready?"

"Yes." Frog nodded, or what seemed like a nod to Magus. The wizard started to chant, summoning a portal. Frog watched the scene unfold, and walked in. Magus followed, and the portal closed. The peak was silent.


The clouds gathered around the Arris Dome. Robo had felt little change. The world was better then the one he remembered. Green grass and fields of wheat surrounded the many domes of the world. The Day of Lavos had never happened. Robots never rebelled against their masters, and Robo was content. When he had arrived to the new future, he figured he would dissipate. However, he had also been right. The Future had a place for him. He was now director of Truce Dome. A newly constructed glass bubble had replaced the aging palace. Truce Dome had become the new museum of Old Guardia. On this particular day, Robo sat and researched his memory banks for new data. His travels through time had had an added effect, creating a time bubble around him. He retained any original programming, but also monitored changes through the Time Continuum. He received the information, and processed it into his micro-processing units. He sat up, and exited his office. Finding himself outside the dome in a matter of minutes, he proceeded to Lucca's isle. He looked at the spot that held the treasure. Using an new tactic much like his Uzzi punch, he dug at the ground. Minutes later, he lifted the chest out of the hole and opened it. Two pieces of paper rested within. He scanned them with his sensors, and beeped. He sat the box down, and filled the hole. Picking the chest up once more, he ran back to Truce Dome. Slowing down, he approached his office, and hit a button on the intercom unit.

“Edward?” Crackles and static popped at him, then his assistant answered.

“Yes sir Prometheus, what can I do for you.”

“I need the Time Band taken out of the vault, could you please inform Proto Dome of this, and send it here as soon as possible.”

“Yes sir, right away sir. Edward out.” Robo intiated his intuition processors, and began the emotion program he had developed. Please hurry Edward.


“Prepare for landing. I don’t know how well this will work. We haven’t used this in a while.” For the first time in his life, Crono thought he had heard uncertainty in Lucca’s voice. Marle had filled him in on the event that took place over a half hour ago, and Crono knew that he wouldn’t be sleeping well for a while.

“Lucca, dear, don’t worry, if anything happens, I’m sure you and Robo can fix it.” Marle exclaimed in her happy voice.

I hope nothing goes wrong. “Prepare for Time insertion.” Please hold Epoch… Epoch broke through the time barrier, and the three found themselves in a mist filled world, over Ozzie’s old fortress. Heading west, they approached Magus’ Castle. Even in the daylight, it had seemed an eerie place to be. Now, they were being invited, unlike the last time. Crono’s stomach flipped as they landed the silver craft. The wings folded in, and Lucca started shutting it down. Marle and Crono jumped out, and headed toward the cargo bay. They opened the hatch, and grabbed their respective items. Lucca joined them a moment later. Strapping on his armor, it started its magical transformation into nothingness, thus making it invisible to all. The same happened in Marle and Lucca’s Prism Dress’.

“Be prepared for anything, we don’t know if anything is still here.”

“Trust me Crono, if I’m right, we’ll be seeing a frog soon.” Lucca answered back. They exited the woods, and stood before Magus’ castle, much like they did two years ago. With her hand on her Crossbow’s holster, she broke formation and approached the door. Opening it, they entered the main gate.

“You shouldn’t be so cautious, my intentions are noble.” A new voice said. The three jumped in fear, then turned and looked at Magus, standing behind them. “I see you found my note. Welcome to my humble abode.”

“Magus, don’t you ever scare me like that Marle said, walking up to him. She gave him a hug, with which he did return to a certain extent. Crono walked towards the two and stretched his hand.

“Magus…” Magus gripped the outstretched hand.

“It has been sometime, has it not. I hope you and your mother are well.” He said greeting the spikey haired teen.

“We are, have you found…” Crono stopped mid-sentence, seeing that Magus had moved on to Lucca.

“Lucca, it…it is good to see you. I hope the chest did not prove difficult?” Magus said, putting his hand on her shoulder. She gave him a quick hug. “Now, if you will allow me to be the gracious host, I will transport us to the rooms where we are meeting. Gle…Frog is already here, and so is another.” With a snap of his gloved hand, the four disappeared.


Edward brought in the heavy, lead case, that held the now thirteen hundred year old bracelet. Robo, dismissed his assistant, thanking him for his services. Before Edward left, he helped Robo with the fitting of Robo’s Terra Arm.

“Oh, and Edward, I’ll be out for a few days, please take care of the things you need to, and take a paid vacation, on me. Thank you for your help.”

“Thank you sir, I won’t let you down.”

“I want to know details of your leave. Slack off, you have earned it.” Robo finally dismissed him. He opened the lead case, and pulled out Lucca’s Time Bracelet. Strapping it on, he routed it to his arms neural-link up. Inputting the proper codes, he selected his destination. With a flash, he was gone.

Blue swirls of light came from Truce Canyon as Robo appeared. He looked at hi internal chronometer, and beeped. If only I had a mouth to smile with, he thought. Checking his coordinates, he quickly descended the trails of the canyon, and started his journey towards the Magic Cave. Hours later, he arrived at his destination. Hoping the best once more, he entered the cave. Finding no one or thing around, he continued to the stairs leading out. Climbing them, he exited the cave and stood in front of Magus’ Castle. Outside the door, he saw two caped figures.

“Magus, it is nice to see you.” Magus stared at the gold robot, and sighed a breath of relief.

“Yes, Prometheus, it is.” Magus said as warmly as he could make it.

“Robo, it is a pleasure to see you again. I hopeth you are well.” Frog said, looking at his friend from afar. Robo stepped towards the amphibian. Giving him a nod, and a handshake.

“Yes Sir Glenn, I am honored to see a knight like you again.” Frog looked at him, and flinched.

“Tis no use for words like those.” The two started in conversation, until Magus interrupted.

“I hate to intrude on you two simpletons, but we have a job to do, shall we enter.” As if on cue, the huge double doors swung open. The three entered.


“What we are about to face will not be easy.” Magus stated as the group assembled. “If we are not ready, this world as we know it will cease to exist.” Magus sat in his chair, hoping his words had the effect he hoped for. Crono peered at him with a perplexed look.

“What exactly are we going up against.” Frog looked over at him and croaked.

“That we are not sure of, but it is possible we will not be going home for some time.” Marle groaned, and put her head down on the table.

“You are all welcome to stay, but in the next few days, we will need to be on our own guard. If even one of us falters, then we will surely lose.” Magus said gloomily.

“Why isn’t Ayla here?” Marle asked.

“I have talked to her, and she is preoccupied. This is our fight, and they cannot spare her.” Robo said.

“It is of no consquence. She would not be able to help anyway. Now, what I am about to say you will not like to hear. If any of you chooses to back out, I will not blame you.” Magus let his head hang, hooping they would brace themselves for the impact of his news. Marle took hold of Crono’s hand while Frog gripped the table. Robo was processing the various actions, and Lucca fidgeted. Magus lifted his head and began. "This power that I have sensed is far stronger then any of us. Even more powerful then Lavos." He said the words, and saw their reaction.

"How do we defeat him?" Crono said.

"We will need to travel to another time. One Epoch might be capable of performing. With my magic, I can transport Frog and I. Robo can reconfigure his band, but you three will need to work on Epoch. I will set the date; we leave to two days from now…" Lucca’s eyes went wide, she sighed and put her hand to her head. "Problem?" Magus asked her.

"Yes," she said snidely, "you expect me to do the impossible Magus! And in two days. It took weeks to make the new ramp, and I still can’t get it in."

"Lucca, I will help you. I have visited with Belthesar, and he has given me the plans for Epoch. We will have it done in no time." Only three people were left in the room after the meeting. Crono and Marle set out for Truce, hoping to write notes for the themselves and Lucca, while Frog accompanied them. Magus started his preparations, while Lucca and Robo started work.


"Do you think Lucca and Robo can do it?" Marle asked as she got ready for bed. Crono smiled and nodded his head up and down.

"Don’t you DARE!" She said laughing at him.

"Just kidding. Yea, I know they can. I mean, Lucca’s a genius, and Robo knows what he’s doing. I just hope we can stop this thing in time." He said, getting up from his chair. Earlier, they had notified their loved ones of the events surrounding their disappearance. Now, with only one-day way, both Marle and Crono were worried.

"What if something goes wrong? I can’t live without you Crono…" Her eyes teared up a little. Crono waked over to her and gave a bear hug.

"Nothing will ever come between us Marle, not even this time. You know it, and I know it. It’s late. We had better get to sleep." He said, kissing her forehead. He then started towards the door, when Marle spoke again.

"Crono, will you stay here tonight? Please…" He nodded and headed back towards the chair. Marle got in bed, and he tucked the sheets around her. Resisting the urge to join here, he fell back into the chair, and closed his eyes. Five minutes later, they were both asleep.


Frog stared at the Masamune. It’s glow shined dully in the room. He wasn’t quite sure if Magus’ intentions were true, but he knew that this was the time to put aside his anger. He relaxed, and let his guard down slowly. His eyes darted around the room, looking in the corners, waiting to slay invisible demons. There were none, but this worried Frog. It was true he had reconciled with Magus, but part of him would never forgive him.


Frog’s eyes opened wider then ever at the mention of his name.

"Who be it that I speak to?"

Don’t trust him Glenn

"Trust who?" He asked in the darkness.

You will never win, give up and spare your life.

"NO!" Frog leapt toward the Masamune, and grabbed hold of the hilt. Raising it, the light of the Dreamstone pulsated. "You will not win demon." The light lit the room completely, revealing nothing. Suddenly, his head was hit with millions of voices. "You will die" "Not even Cyrus can help you" "You’re a marshmallow Glenn" Frog put his hands up to his head, and held them there, trying to cover his ears. It didn’t work. Dropping the sword, Frog’s light faded. The voices came on full force. He felt the room turning.

"NO! I WILL NOT GIVETH IN!" he screamed. From the corner of his large oval eyes, he spotted a deep purple man standing above him.

"THEN YOU WILL SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS EBLAN!" The man pointed at him, and Frog fell back. A light formed on the tip of the dark one’s finger. Frog was pinned to the ground. He reached for his sword, but it was inches further then he could stretch. He was trapped.


Magus stirred, then opened his eyes. You. He felt the presence of one more tainted then even he had once been. Jumping out of bed, he grabbed the small foot long pole. Clicking a button, it snapped out to reveal the DoomSickle. He hovered out of his room and down the hall towards the frog’s abode. He tried the doorknob, but found it locked. Summoning his magic, he Dark bombed it. Flying in, he raised his scythe. Frog started to fail under the constant barrage of magic. Magus’ hand glowed black, and summoned a mist. Dark Mist rammed Frog’s assailant head on, causing him to be smashed against the wall. A sharp snap was heard and the body slid to the ground. Frog gasped, then tried to get up. Magus offered his hand. Both men stood there, hoping nothing else would happen. The body stirred, and rose from the ground. Frog leapt to Masamune and prepared for the next round. Magus' glove took on a dark glow. The corpse laughed.

"Tell your master, that we will not be intimidated by parlor tricks!" Magus yelled.

"The Great One will take over this world." The corpse said, shattering the window with its arm. "Not even the great king of Baron will destroy us!" It jumped. Magus hovered to window as the monster entered a yellow time gate. Frog sat down on his bed.

"Why did you doeth that Magus?"

"Because Sir Froggy, you are more useful to me alive then dead. In addition, I do not appreciate intruders in my home. Please sleep, I will not carry you tomorrow." Magus clicked his staff, and it folded up. Exiting the room, he shut the door behind him. Frog lay down in bed and closed his large eyes. What was that all about, Magus couldth slayed me, but didn't?

Magus stood outside his old throne room. Here he had plotted with his mystic generals for world domination. Now, it was empty, save for the four large holes in the floor. Little did they know who could've cared less? His objective was Lavos, and he had fulfilled it. Now, only he was left. Where are you Schala? And what of this 'Baron'. He decided it was high time to retire. He left the throne room with a chuckle.


Pulling an all nighter, Robo and Lucca finished early the next day. With Robo's bracelet hooked up to the Epoch, he reprogrammed the computer. They were putting the finishing touches on the new engine when they saw the commotion from Frog's room. Dismissing it, Lucca accidentally fell asleep more then once. Robo just let her, knowing they had a full day. Two hours later, she was up and working again. By sunrise, they had completed the trans-warp engine. Now, it was all a matter of loading the cargo. Magus was rested by the next morning, that he transported some provisions for their breakfast. Each ate silently, except Robo, who started his charge mode. With help from Crono, they would convert lightning into energy for the automaton. They were ready. As they met, they found each other saying good-bye to one another. Magus found this most odd, considering he never really cared about the others till now.

"I've made a tracking device." Lucca announced before they left. She gave one to each of the group, minus Robo. "If we are separated, Epoch, or Robo will track each other done."

"I hope this works. Is everyone ready?" Crono asked, assuming the leadership of the group once more. Magus quietly nodded.

"We are ready. See you all on the other side…" Magus walked towards the clearing. Frog nodded and followed.

"Robo, are you sure this won't short circuit yourself?" Marle asked.

"No, I think all will work out Princess."

"Robo, its Marle." She said playfully. The robot beeped and began his warp sequence.


The dome closed over the Epoch. Lucca had finished her pre-flight checklist. Crono sat at the steering yoke. Lucca finally confirmed a perfect systems start. Crono slowly rose the Epoch and got ready for warp.

"Everyone ready?" He made sure to check one last time. He looked out to see how the other three were doing. With a brilliant flash, Magus and Frog disappeared. Robo followed suit. Crono looked out toward the horizon and prayed the Entity was with them. Pulling the yoke back, and pushing the accelerator down, the Epoch sped off. As they neared Guardia Castle, they saw Leene waving, wishing them good luck. Marle waved back.

"Initiating dimensional key." Lucca yelled to Crono. He nodded his head, and a yellow gate opened. The Epoch sped in, leaving 600 AD alone once more.



2 NB (New Baron)

Cecil looked to the night sky. The shooting stars made him wish. It had been two years since Baron was rebuilt. After the battle on the Lunar Moon with Zeromus, aptly named The Crystal War, he had ascended the throne as King of Baron. The new world was better. Even if there were still occasional attacks from wondering monsters, they had not had any new threats. Rosa, Queen of Baron approached her husband. He saw her and walked towards the edge of the balcony.

"You're thinking of Kain, aren't you?" She said.

"Yes, I wonder if he is okay." Cecil said, wishing his other childhood friend could be here. Following the war, Kain struck off on his own, hoping to reclaim his lost honor. Every once in a great while, they would receive some word from him. The last they heard, he was in the Underworld, a guest to the Dwarves. Hoping he would return was all Cecil could do for now. They stared at the night sky, and saw a flash. Both Rosa and Cecil covered their eyes. A roaring was heard in the distance, and suddenly stopped. Overhead, was a large silver craft, none of which the two had ever seen.

"Rosa, it is best we get inside. If they are hostile, we could both die."

"But Cecil…" The white wizard Queen tried for rebuttal but lost. Entering their chambers, she pulled out her bow and a quiver of arrows. Just in case. "Cecil, do you want your sword?" she said, lifting it form its wall brackets. He took it and strode out the doors. Servants were scrambling, hoping to find a place to hide. The Captain of the Guard of Baron met him at the stairs.

"Sir, what do you want us to do. I can have the Excel and Malden up in ten minutes." Cecil held his hand up.

"That's not necessary. I'll investigate." Cecil dismissed the Captain.

"Cecil, Wait." A scruffy, but athletic man ran to his side. "I can help."

"Alright Cid, you're with me." The man took out a large mallet.

"I'm coming too. As Queen I'm expected."

"Rosa, no…" It was Cecil's turn to argue.

"Cecil, we might need her. Just in case." The three made their way to the gates of the castle, and had them opened. The silver craft hovered over the ground, then slowly descended. Cecil held the hilt of his sword, hoping for a peaceful confrontation. The craft landed, and Cid could barely make out the letters on the side. Epoch.

The dome opened, revealing three young people. One, a man, with fire like hair. A girl, looking like royalty, and another girl with purple hair and glasses. Cecil, Rosa and Cid stared at them for a minute, and then one of the visitors stepped forward.

"Hello." The boy with red hair said, holding out his hand. "I'm Crono, could you tell us where we are?" Cecil stepped forward and took the boys hand.

"Welcome to Baron, I am King Cecil. It is nice to meet you…"



Part 2

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