The Coming Storm Part 2

The Ordeal

By Gasper S. Keltner

Dramatis Personae, Continued

Final Fantasy II

Rydia: Age 22, One of the last callers alive, she currently resides in The Land of Summoned Monsters. A user of Black Magic, she is an emissary between the two worlds, above and below the ground.

Minor Characters

Balder: A naga who's wares are world renowned. Has the head of a man, and the body of a large snake. Lives in the land of Summoned Monsters.

Zaran: Little is known about the man that now makes his home in the Tower of Zot. A great sorcerer, he is the cause of Crono and his friends separation, upon entering Baron. Also, gains power from a mysterious force.




2 NB (new Baron)

Land of Summoned Monsters

Frog opened his oval-like eyes to a new sight. Magus was gone. Curse that wizard. He looked at his side, and luckily, the Masamune was still there. Unsheathing it, he saw the light of the Dreamstone shining brightly. Scanning the room, he saw massive quantities of books. He walked to the door and out the building. Looking around, he found an odd site. He started walking for what seemed like hours. He reached a market place, and stepped up to one of the booths. A strange robbed person looked up and spoke.

"Are you going to buy something, or what?" Came the raspy, gravely voice. Frog noticed he was somewhat slim, but put that in the back of his mind. Looking at the seller's wares, he was confused.

"Tis what do you sell, good man?" The seller looked at Frog and laughed. Pulling of his hood, Frog stood aghast. He stared at the face of a man, but looked further, revealing a snake-like body. Frog rose his sword, and backed away. "Tis not a fight I look for." The man-snake also rose, reveling his height of seven feet. Frog sheathed his sword quick, and summoned his first Water spell. A giant bubble emerged from his hand, and shot out at the snake. The snake coiled, and took the brunt of the blow. It counterattacked, but Frog moved fast enough to dodge the bite. He unsheathed Masamune, and leapt into the air. The snake saw the jump and slithered out of the way. The battle raged for ten minutes, but no victor was in sight. It was obvious to Frog the snake knew magic.

"It is clear neither of us will win." The man-snake said, Frog just shrugged.

"Tis true, I will let up if you. You have fought well." Frog bowed to the snake. The snake lowered its head in a sign of respect. "What are you?"

"I am a naga, you can call me Balder. Tell me, what is your name?" Balder asked.

"Mine name is Frog, but you may call me Glenn. I come from Guardia, could thou tellst me where this is?" Frog said, sheathing his sword once more. The naga went to his cloak, and slithered back into it. He turned and spoke.

"You are in The Land of Summoned Monsters, Glenn. Tell me, where is Guardia?"

"But where am I?" The naga turned, and found a map. Picking it up with his small hand, he unrolled it and set it on the table, opposite his wares. Frog stepped closer and croaked. "What is this? Where hast Magus sent me?!?" Balder looked at him and thought for a moment. He then had a revelation.

"I know of someone who can help you. She is my master, so I shall lead you to her. If you will allow me to close my shop, then I shall lead you to her." Frog nodded, and Balder packed up. Five minutes later, they set off towards Balder's Master's house. "So, you walk like a human, but you are a frog, what happened to you?" He asked.

"A friend turnethed me into this form twelve years ago. At the time, he had killed my true friend, and turned me into what you see." Frog looked at his hands, and lowered his head minutely.

"Hm. Some friend. Tell me, is this friend that evil?"

"He was, but after realizing mine revenge was petty, he joined my group. We have…an uneasy alliance." Balder shook his head in understanding. They continued walking, and Frog was amazed at the numbers of monsters he saw. Some as small as Green Imps, some larger then Spekkio in his Masa and Mune form. The walked and conversed until they found themselves at a large castle. Frog stopped in mid-sentence, and stood in awe. "Balder, who be your Master?" Balder looked at him and smiled.

"You will see. We should go to my majesties throne room first, she will help us also." Frog followed.


New Mist

In a small storage shed in New Mist, Robo reactivated his sensors. Scanning the area, he found a small populace of people. Finding himself in the shed, he thought it better to stay here until night. He kept his sensors on, but shut down some systems, like weapons and movement. This way, he would keep his power consumption low, but also be able to reactivate on a moment's notice.


Night fell in New Mist when Robo started his geo-location tracker of Lucca. Finding his friend was less then forty miles away, he calculated that it would take more then the night to reach her, under good conditions. Initiating his movement program, he stood up, and shook the hay off of himself. Checking all systems, he noticed that Magus and Frog were separated. Opening the door to the shed, he scanned for life. The town, spare a few late night barflies were awake. The cost was clear and Robo started his long journey out of New Mist.


Mt. Ordeals

Magus awoke. Checking to see if his items were not stolen, he got up. The ground was hard, and he could tell he had been unconscious for a couple hours. One thing was missing. The frog! He pulled out his sickle and clicked the button, revealing a large scythe.

"Frog!" He yelled, "Frog, where have you gone." Magus stood there, looking for any sign of his green comrade. Checking the area for footprints, he found none. Suddenly, a small rock tumbled down the side of the mountain. Magus concentrated on a fire spell when he was knocked to the ground. His sickle flew out of his hands, and sliced into a tree. His assailant waited for Magus to rise. Holding a spear, he was dressed in dark green armor with a blue helmet. Magus rose, and started chanting. He released a Dark Bomb at the man, who dodged it by mere inches. The man jumped again, almost flying in the air. Magus literally flew to the tree his scythe was stuck in. Grabbing it, he looked up, to see where the man was. The man landed in front of Magus, and twirled his spear.

"Who are you, the one that attacks me…" Magus said, raising his glove in preparation for another spell. The assailant lowered his spear, and got out of his fighting stance. Magus stopped his summoning.

"I was about to ask you the same question." He said sullen-like. His armor clanked softly as he sat down on a large rock. Magus folded his weapon, and concealed it in his robe. "I am Kain, Captain of the Dragoons of Baron. And who are you?" Magus turned and looked at the scenery that was below him.

"I am Magus, of New Zeal. Tell me, where am I. And have you seen a frog, that is the size of a man?"

"No, I haven't, and you wizard are on Mt. Ordeals. What do you mean where are you. I certainly would remember if I were on this mountain. Where are you from?" Magus turned towards the Dragoon, and smiled.

"From another time and place. Let us proceed. I need to find my friends. Will you accompany me?"

"No, I have other business. I am on a journey, and must reach the summit. The temple awits me. Only then, will I help you." Kain stood up, and started walking up the trail. Magus stood there, confused.

"So be it. Kain, wait, I will join you."


The two journeyed until nightfall, when they found a small cave. Kain found a dead tree and cut it down. Magus summoned a small fire, and the two sat there.

"Why do you climb this mountain." Magus asked, taking out some travel rations.

"Like I said, I must climb to reach the pillars. Two years ago, I was taken under the control of an alien named Zemus. I hurt two very close friends, and have since, never forgiven myself. Cecil once came here to purge his sins. I will purge mine also." Kain continued to explain about the Crystal War, as it was called, and the other events, including Cecil and Rosa. "So what brings you here? Where are you really from?" Magus slowly breathed, and gathered his thoughts.

"It is a long story, of no consequence."

"We have time Magus, explain yourself…"

"Alright, over fifteen years ago, I was sent to a different time…" Magus told of the floating Kingdom of Zeal, his mother's downfall to Lavos, Lavos itself, the Mystic War, and his meeting with Crono and Marle. "Two days ago, Frog was attacked by a large purple individual, much like…what was his name?"

"Zemus." Kain said angrily.

"Yes, this thing spoke of a place called Eblan. I researched it, and realized that I could track him. He is here, in this dimension. We, minus the cave-girl, traveled here, for he is the problem with our current situation. Apparently I was separated from Frog, and ended up here." Kain nodded.

"Eblan is a country of this world. I know the ruler. After we are done here, we shall travel there. It will be long-"

Magus interrupted, "I will use magic, it will take no more then a second. That is, if you can visualize what it looks like.

When it was time to turn in, Kain unrolled his sleeping mat, while Magus rested against the cave wall, cloak over his lower face They took turns taking watch, while the fire died down. The next morning, Magus awoke to find Kain cooking some meat from a goat he had caught and killed. Magus stepped forward and brought out a small bottle from a hidden pocket. They two, drank a small amount of rum, and ate roasted meat. They later destroyed camp, and preceded, with small difficulty to the summit. Reaching the plateau, Magus rested, in awe at the large temple that stood before him. Kain brought out another of his spears. Taking it, he threw it against the wall of the cliff. It struck the wall, and fell to the ground. Stepping up to it, he traced a doorway with his hand. Stepping back, he looked at Magus.

"If I do not return, follow this map, and you will be to a town called Baron. Tell Cecil that I thank him for his friendship and of the events that happened here…"

"I will do nothing of the sort, you shall win, if anyone can be forgiven, then you too, Kain, will be." Magus nodded, and the door suddenly opened. Kain and Magus peered in, and saw a large room full of mirrors and crystal. The light shone brightly, and Magus covered his eyes, letting them adjust. Kain took of his helmet, and knelt at what looked like an altar.

"Rise, Kain of the Dragoons." A bodiless voice said. "You are here to purge you past sins." Magus raised an eyebrow, wondering what was happening.

"Yes, please test me." Kain said with confidence.

"I must warn you if you fail, then you will only have one more chance to change yourself." The voice said. Kain absorbed what the voice said, and nodded.

"I accept your challenge."

"Then so be it, let us proceed…"


Magus thought about saying something, but was too stunned to speak. Looking at the mirror in front of him, he saw a small child, dressed in purple. His cheek felt a drop of water slowly glide down. It was him; this is what he had become. The small child stared back at him. Magus dropped to his knees, feeling the child's pull.

"Janus, why?" The child said.

"I...I...what was I too do. Only Ozzie would take me in!" He said, feeling tears on his face more frequently. "What have I done. All this power, but still a child."


Baron Castle

Crono looked up from his dinner. Their second day in Baron had been eventful. With everyone looking at the three as they traveled about the town, on a tour, it was like what he had experienced after killing Lavos. Cecil was giving them the grand tour. Though interesting to see things were like this back home, he saw difference. They had yet to discover electricity of any sort, but still had things that flew in the sky. It was like the Middle Ages, only in a different dimension. The tour ended back at Guardia castle, where they were treated to a ride in an Airship. Enterprise, Cecil's private ship rose into the air, and they saw the whole castle. Smaller, but wider then Guardia's castle, he saw the countryside for miles in all directions. Lucca had run off with Cid, and Marle was speaking with Rosa. Cecil made final arrangements with the captain, then headed towards Crono.

"So what do you think?" The king asked.

"Your highness-" Crono started

"Just Cecil, I hate formalities."

"Well, Cecil, this is definitely better then Epoch, much more spacious."

"Thank you, I pride myself on this ship. The best in the fleet. So, you fought off an alien named Lavos, right?"

"Yup, I hear you took out one yourself." Cecil smiled and shook his head slightly. "How'd you do it?"

"Well, after finding out I had a brother, we faced a man named Zemus, a tall purple man. He changed his form, and became Zeromus, a build up of all the hate in this world, multiplied thousands of times. For two hours we fought him, and finally, I delivered the last blow, right to the face. It exploded, and we found ourselves on the moon once more. After that, I was chosen to be king. How about you?"

"Your normal space parasite that sucked on the life of our planet, becoming the ultimate in evolution. Marle, my friend Frog, and I joined together and struck the deathblow. If not for them, we would have never been able to kill it. In essence, we saved our worlds future." Cecil laughed.

"Doesn't sound to normal."

"It gets routine. The cool thing was traveling through time." Cecil stopped listening to him, and pointed towards the forest below.

"What is that?" Crono looked down, seeing a bright glow, then dark blue lasers flying all over.

"Lucca! Marle!" He yelled. "Cecil, can you land this thing, if I'm right, that's Robo!" Cecil nodded and headed for the bridge.

"Captain, put it into hover, and descend one thousand feet!" He then ran back down to the deck, and shouted more orders. "Lower the ladders, and prepare for a fight." Lucca and Marle ran up to Crono, while Cid and Rosa joined Cecil.

"What's going on Crono! Hey isn't that Robo…omigosh! We have to land." Marle said screaming.

"Crono, get to the ladder, you can climb down and help your friend." Crono saw what Cecil was yelling about and jumped over the railing. Grabbing the rope-like material, he climbed the rest of the way down, and jumped the last five feet. Sure enough, it was Robo. Surrounding him were five men with swords. Crono drew the Rainbow, his best sword and ran over to Robo.

"What are you doing here?" He said to the gold robot.

"I was traveling to where you were when I ran into-" A mercenary attacked but was punched in the jaw by Robo. The man staggered then fell to the ground, dead. The other four were stunned, and ran off. Crono sheathed his sword as Lucca and Cid down.

"Robo, are you okay!" Lucca yelled, hugging him. Cid stood awestruck. Walking around, he examined Robo thoroughly.

"Enterprise will land about half a mile away in the clearing. Is everything okay here." Cid said.

"Yeah, just need to do a check up on him, wanna help?" Lucca asked. Cid almost jumped out of his skin.


They had returned to Baron Castle, where the cook had made another special dinner for the newcomers. Sitting in the dining room, Robo sat at the end of the table, letting himself rest and recharge.

"Rosa, your cook makes excellent food, how can you stand it!" Marle asked.

"Well, it takes some getting used to…" Crono watched as the two talked about the royal life. It bored Crono, so he just twirled his fork. Cid, Robo, and Lucca talked about the inventions they had perfected in their respective worlds.

"Well, what do you think." Cecil asked. Crono just looked at him and smiled.

"That's the second time you asked that today."

"I sense something is troubling boy, that's why. Care to explain?" Crono put his fork down.

"I'm worried. This guy who attacked us said something about an Eblan."

"I know of an Eblan, that's Edge's Kingdom. He helped us late in the war. What did he say about it?" Crono gulped trying to remember details.

"Um, he said Eblan was going to have the same fate that he wanted to give Frog. I hope Eblan's okay?" He said. Cecil called for the maids and had them clear the table.

"I'll tell you what, why don't we take your ship and talk to Edge, he might know what's going on. Agreed?"

"Sure. How about tomorrow?"

"Perfect, while you are here, you may stay as long as you need." Cecil extended his hand.

"King Cecil, you have a deal." Crono shook it.

"Besides, you can teach me a few moves of yours." Crono just smiled.


Land of Summoned Monsters

Frog stood in the throne room of the castle, waiting with Balder. From what he was told by the naga, Queen Asura would lend them help, somehow. As the queen entered the room, Frog was not surprised that she had three faces and six arms. Frog just bowed when he thought was appropriate. Balder slid forward and bowed once more.

"My Queen, it honors me to see you once more." Asura smiled.

"Balder, it has been ages, tell me, who is your friend?" Frog stepped forward and croaked accidentally, then spoke.

"Queen Asura, My name is Frog, and I have come seeking help. I am not of this world, and I need to find Baron. For that is what the purple man said could not defeat him."

"Frog, I will help, this purple man sounds much like an enemy of our world. I will send for my ambassador Rydia." Asura pointed at her imp server, who immediately ran out of the room. Minutes later, a young woman with green hair entered the room.

"What is your pleasure my Queen." She said bowing.

"Stand dear Rydia, I have a mission for you. This individual, Frog," Asura pointed at Frog. "is in need of help. Will you take him to see King Cecil of Baron?" Rydia smiled.

"Yes your majesty, it would be an honor."

"You may call on all of my servants, at your will. Please leave at your convenience. You are all dismissed." The Queen of the Monsters said, letting them leave. Rydia took Frog to the hallway, giving Asura time to talk to Balder.

"Can he be trusted?" She asked the naga.

"Yes, he can, he has proven it to me already."

"I heard that you had a scuffle. It was a standstill."

"Yes my liege." Asura thought for a minute.

"Balder, make yourself available to him when he needs you. From the looks of it, we might all be in trouble."


After collecting their things, and talking to Balder and Asura once more. Frog and Rydia set out for the upper world. Using Rydia's Levitate spell, they ran across little to no conflict on their way up. Talk was strained, as both Frog and Rydia were not sure about each other. Before reaching the Dwarves Kingdom, they set up camp in a small cave. Starting a fire, Rydia made preparations to eat. Frog just sat against the wall, sharpening and cleaning Masamune.

"So, what's Guardia like." Frog looked up, and stared at her.

"Well, tis much warmer, and a lot lighter. Not as much underground cavern liketh this." Rydia smiled and laughed briefly.

"This is nothing, wait till you see the upper world, much nicer."

"So thou is a caller, what is this occupation?" Rydia took a breath and began to explain.

"When I was born, I came into the world as one of many callers that lived in Mist. Unfortunately, when Cecil and Kain visited one day, a firebomb went off, leveling and burning the town. Previously, they accidentally killed my mother, by defeating her dragon. It guarded the tunnel between Baron and Mist. Anyway, I was the last surviving caller, when Kain ran off, not of his will of coarse. Cecil protected me, and I joined him. At that time, I never knew I would travel the world and grow up in a few short weeks. See, I was thrown overboard when King Leviathan attacked our ship. He swallowed me, and I was sent to the Land of Summoned Monsters. Time differs there, so I grew older then I would out there. Anyway, a caller's basic defense is magic, but we also have the special ability to call monsters to help us in time of need, with one drawback. If the monster is killed, then we die as well." Frog nodded sadly.

"Madam Rydia, I shall not let harm come to you. Masamune hath not failed me yet."

"That is good to know Frog." She said.

"Well, tis be best to turn in for the night. We hath a long day ahead of us." Frog stood up, and took out his bed mat, and prepared to rest. Rydia thought for a moment then spoke again.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" Frog turned around and shook his head. "How did you turn into a frog, were you always like this?"

"No, when I was sixteen or seventeen, mine friend, Cyrus the knight, and I fought a man named Magus. Cyrus was killed, and I was spared. But Ozzie, Magus' bloated general thought it wouldst be of humor to turn me into a frog. I hath remained this way for since then. For twelve years though, I have been the loyal protector of Queen Leene. I hath failed my task once, but tis will never happen again."

"Oh, I'm sorry…" Rydia uttered softly.

"Do not give more thought lass, I hath learned to appreciate mine new form." Frog waited for a response, but only heard light breathing, for Rydia was asleep. "Goodnight, dear Rydia." Frog whispered, closing his eyes.


Mt. Ordeals

Kain stood up, and pulled out his spear, not knowing what to expect. Instantly, the lights on the room got brighter. He found himself staring at three people trapped in the large mirror on the western side of the room, opposite the awestruck Magus. One was he, while the other two were his good friends Rosa and Cecil. The three images stepped out of the mirror that held them, and drew their weapons. Kain saw his clone jump at Rosa, bringing down his old Dragoon spear into her chest. It stabbed with a sickening thud, going through the woman's chest and heart, killing her instantly. Cecil brought his Crystal Sword up and lunged for the clone's neck. The clone blocked and jumped. Hitting his apex of the jump he brought the spear down full force on Cecil. Kain could only let his jaw drop. Cecil can't take a blow like that. Kain gripped his spear tightly, and lunged at the clone. Knocking Cecil out of the clone's path, Kain threw his weapon, striking through the green armor, through the tanned flesh, and into the clone's stomach. The Dragoon walked over to the fallen body, and looked into its sightless eyes. Pulling out the spear, he slowly made his way to where Cecil was kneeling. Rosa's body was laid flat on the ground, the wound past it's pumping of blood. Cecil rose and held his sword tighter.

"You did this..." He said, the fire growing within him. Kain looked down, and saw his dead friend.

"I don't blame you if you want to kill me." Kain knelt down to his knees and took of his helmet. Magus watched in horror as the man in white armor began the execution.

"Kain, NO!" Magus concentrated and released a Dark Bomb, which exploded five feet from the wizard. It was clear no one would interfere. For the second time in his life, he felt powerless to help. The paladin Cecil looked at the fallen Dragoon. Kain awaited his execution, knowing he deserved it. Instead, Cecil offered his hand. Kain looked into his friend's eyes, knowing he was forgiven. Rosa's body disappeared, as did Kain's clone. Kain took the paladin's hand, and got up. It promptly vanished, leaving the two men alone in the temple.

"You have been forgiven, I know my son has forgiven you also." The bodiless voice said. Kain looked at his image in the mirror, amazed that his reflection had changed. His conscience felt lighter. "You have lived your life by the code of honor. Uphold this code, for it will help you in the coming days."

"Spirit, why the charade." Magus said in the corner of the room.

"You of all people should know this wizard. Even if you are far from your home, I have seen you." The voice said. Magus' eyes grew wide in knowledge. In the front of the room the Alter started glowing. "Dragoon, take this." A crystal spear appeared. "Let this be a symbol of your forgiveness and your trial. Take good care of it, and it will take care of you. Neglect it, and neglect your teachings here. So have I spoken." The light faded and Kain saw the spear. Picking it up, he hefted it.

"Light, tis a good weapon." He said, looking at it closely. The light grew around the altar once more, and Magus saw a sight beyond his comprehension. There Schala, Magus lost sister sat. Magus felt a small wetness in his eye. Stepping forward, she smiled.

"Janus, it has been years. Let it be known that I am of good health. I have watched you, along with the Guardian of this temple."

"Schala…Where are you…" He stuttered.

"You won't find me for a while, but know that I am waiting for our reunion. Please be careful brother, for this evil is beyond the likes you will ever see."

"Schala, please stay here." Magus felt his heart for the first time in years.

"I must go, but please know I am watching. I love you Janus, please be safe my dear brother." Schala faded and the room was quite, save for the low hum on the alter. Magus looked at it, and saw a white, foot long pole. He clicked the button and found a deadly looking sickle at the end of it.

"Thank you Schala…" He lowered his head, in solemn gratitude and respect. "Some day Schala, soon…" he laid his old scythe on the alter, and turned to leave. The scythe's black light faded, disintegrating into nothingness. Kain walked up to Magus, and put his hand on the wizard's shoulder.

"Let us leave, for we have both accomplished our task. To Eblan." The two men turned and walked out of the temple. The slab closed behind them.

"Envision where this Eblan is, and we will appear there." Magus said, in deep concentration. Kain closed his eyes.

"Is this good?" Magus nodded to himself then spoke the words. ""Nuega, ziena,

ziebr, zom. Now the chosen time has come. Exchange this place for…Eblan." The two disappeared. Mt. Ordeals was once again silent,, save for the two spirits looking down on Kain and Magus.


Tower of Zot

A man in purple robes stood on the antechamber of the top of the tower. His appearance was striking, but also haunting to anyone who saw him. Looking over at his orb in the center of the room, he took stock of the newest circumstance in his battle for domination.

"So Kain is a Dragoon Paladin. I never thought it possible." The man felt a presence behind him. Black, yet familiar. It spoke to him.

"This will not hamper my plans. If they decide it is their 'right' to join the battle, then they shall die."

"I would not overestimate them, especially the new ones. My spell scattered them, but they have found allies. I need more power…" The black entity rumbled, shaking the floor.

"I have given you too much, yet you have repeatedly failed me!"

"Master, I have not tested them. Remember who summoned you. Now give me the power!" He yelled back. The entity rumbled again, then shrugged and dissipated.

"You have three counts, you have used one, I suggest Zaran, that you use the other two carefully." The entity said, and the room was silent. Zaran felt the power flowing through him.

"Now, who shall die first." He said, looking in his orb. "Someone weak…" He saw a frog and a young woman. "Yes…" He chanted, and mist surrounded a spot three feet away from him. "Char`thon, come!" The mist turned red, and a small, furry badger appeared. It walked up to Zaran, and smiled.

"What is your bidding, my master?" it said.

"Kill the frog and girl, and bring me their heads." The badger chuckled, and left in a puff of smoke.


Aboard The Epoch, Outside Castle Baron; 12 hours later

Epoch skimmed the tree line of Baron forest. Cecil was thoroughly enjoying himself. Looping up, Crono brought her level with the clearing by the castle. Landing the silver craft, Crono opened the dome. Letting the ladder down, Cecil climbed out, while Crono did a quick post-flight check.

"Crono, that was amazing, how did you come upon this again?" Finishing up, Crono descended the ladder.

"From a friend, in our world's future. It's one of a kind, since it was reported dismantled by Robo."

"Well, I am quite impressed. I do say, I wish we had your technology." Cecil said in mock jealousy. "Come, we should prepare for our trip. Do you think Epoch can keep up with Enterprise?"

"I think Epoch could fly circles around the piece." Cecil gave a menacing look and motioned at Crono's sword. The youth saw the challenge.

"Let's see how good you are." Cecil drew his sword in a quick motion. Bringing it to bear, Crono blocked the blow by drawing his Rainbow quickly. Cecil backpedaled while Crono struck back. Blocking the blow, Cecil saw the young man jump, falling on him, and striking close to five times. Cecil blocked all but one, resulting in a small gash across his shoulder. He healed himself, and threw his sword at Crono. The sword skimmed Crono's arm, leaving a cut in his clothing. Crono retaliated using a low level lightning spell. Cecil dodged it by less then a foot. Sheathing his sword, Crono followed suit.

"Excellent training, how'd you learn magic?" Cecil shrugged.

"I was a knight, and along the way, picked up a few low level spells." The two headed back to the castle.


"Cid, you have that wrench?" Lucca asked, under the steering wheel. Cid walked over to her, and shrugged.

"Thought you had 'Luc'." She looked on her tool belt, and found what she was looking for. Tightening the last bolt, she crawled out from under the steering wheel. Cid offered a hand to help her up, but too late, she got up on her own.

"Thanks anyway. With the improvements on the Falcon, she'll keep up with Epoch." Cid smiled.

"Excellent." Marle said, walking up the plank to the airship. Robo followed.

"Sensor tell me, that this airship is operational. It will hit one-hundred twenty point five kilometers an hour. Almost as fast as Epoch, but acceptable." He said.

"Thanks Robo." Lucca said bluntly. Marle smirked. Robo just nodded and continued his scan. "We should get ready, Cecil said we would be leaving within the hour."

"Actually, we are ready now." Said the voice of the king of Baron followed by Rosa and Crono.

"Cecil, I'm glad your here. We just boost the engines of the Falcon to match the Epoch, if we time it right, we can get to Eblan in two hours." Cid exclaimed.

"Good, I want to get there as fast as possible. Crono, do you mind if I ride in Epoch with you?"

"No problem, but we only have room for three. Sorry."

"Then let's be off, we don't have much time." Cecil. They all nodded, and went to their respective flying machines.




An Underground Cave

"Rydia, tis time to wake-up." Frog spoke softly, trying to wake the sleeping young woman. She moaned, then turned away from him.

"It's to early to get up." She mumbled.

"Rydia, please waketh, we need to travel."

"Alright...I'm up." She said, sitting up. Looking around, she found herself in the same small cave they had decided to camp in. The fire was smoldering, and Frog was tending to the application of his armor. Rydia looked to see were her whip was. Grabbing it, she put it on her belt loop. She then continued by rolling up her sleeping mat. Minutes later, the two left the camp towards the dwarven castle. Arriving in under an hour, they were transported by underground airship to the opening between the two levels in the earth. They thanked the dwarves, and set off towards Eblan.


"Would thy know how much farther?" Frog asked around noon.

"I would believe it is over this mountain, but I can't be too sure-"

"Hold, do you hear something?" Frog said, interrupting Rydia.

"Yeah, a rustling?" She put her finger up to her mouth. "You go that way, I'll take the right, if you see anything, yell."

"Aye." Frog whispered, walking away silently. Rydia slowly crouched, preparing a call spell. The rustling grew louder, and a small badger crawled out of the bushes. She looked at the small furry creature with interest. It scampered over to where she sat, and started nuzzling her knee. She smiled and petted it. The badger looked at her, then barred it's fangs. It leapt for her shoulder, and bit. She screamed in pain, and hit the badger with all her might. It fell five feet away, but recoiled quickly. It stared at her, and Rydia thought she heard a chuckle come from it's mouth. She stared in horror as it started growing. The head took on the shape of a dog with horns, it's body became humanoid. Rydia screamed as it rose it's arm, revealing four, long, sharp claws. But the most surprising thing that scared her was it's voice, that of a low growl.

"Now you die at the hands of Char`thon..." It's arm came down on her.


Frog slowly crept through the forest, trying to hear anything resembling the rustling he heard before. Slowly drawing Masamune, he sat in the quietness of the forest, and waited. The sword pulsed with the light of Dreamstone, and the interest of the two beings that resided within. Suddenly, a scream rang out through out the forest. Frog jumped, and in his form of running leapt to where the noise originated from. Leaping over dead trees, he saw a huge beast standing over Rydia. Taking another leap, he landed then used his amphibian legs to jump into the air. Fifteen feet from the ground, he brought his sword up, pointing the tip downward, and started his descent. With precision accuracy, he brought the Masamune down into the demons back. It's cry scared the birds, causing great rushing about the trees, as birds rose to the air. Frog extracted his sword, and jumped of the beast. Rydia retreated to the back of the clearing, as Frog sparred with the Char`thon.

"Cease and desist, and thou might liveth to fight again." He said, raising his sword. The demon uprooted a tree and swung it at Frog. Unable to jump in time, Frog took the blow, and was batted into an ancient Sycamore. Rydia took her chance and called her ally. The sky grew dark, and a titan arose to rival the beast. Char`thon let out a battle cry and charged at the titan. It merely side-stepped the demon, and hit the ground. A large crack opened up under the demon, revealing a molten pit of lava. The titan then saluted Rydia, and vanished. Char`thon fell a few feet before gaining his leverage and clambering up. Frog took his chance and summoned his best spell. A giant frog flew down on the demon, causing Char`thon to loose his grip. The demon tried grabbing at the side of the crevasse wall, but to no avail.

"NOOOOO!" It dropped into the lava and a blood-curdling scream rang out. It died, leaving no trace of its self. Frog stared in awe as the crevasse closed, and the forest was silent once more. Rydia struggled for air, having almost no energy left. She looked at the bi-pedular amphibian across form here, also hurt.

"How'd you do that." she said, huffing.

"It only works when thy is wounded badly."

"We were lucky, who ever is after us spared no energy in our death."

"`Tis true lass...`tis true." Frog slowly recited a few words, healing himself, then Rydia. They gathered themselves, after resting for an hour, and made their way slowly towards Eblan.


Tower of Zot

Zaran looked aghast, watching a giant frog landing on his favorite servant.

"NO!" He screamed in rage, as it plunged into the lava. He saw the frog and the girl resting, then healing themselves.

"ZARAN! YOU HAVE FAILED ME FOR THE LAST TIME!" A voice said, cracking the silence after Zaran's own yell. A dark swirling mass appeared, and two eyes opened, revealing a dark blood red pupil. It approached the sorcerer, and raised Zaran of his feet.

"Master, I'm sorry, it wasn't my fault, I didn't expect power like that from the frog."

"I should kill you, but, I will not. I need you still." Zaran laughed

"I'm the one who summoned you, and I will destroy you. I have followed you for long enough. Now I am the master." He said, shooting a red flame at the dark mass. It laughed, and rose Zaran off the floor again. Zaran felt his breath leaving him. His lungs felt like they were literally being crushed. He tried to struggle when he felt his heart burst. Zaran's lifeless head was dropped to the ground. The mass shook the foundation of the tower with it's laughter. The mass gathered itself, and changed to a mist. It slowly made it's way towards Zarans body and slowly entered the dead sorcerer. It rose, and looked at his newly acquired hands.

"Now Cecil and Crono, revenge is mine..."


Here ends Part 2 of The Coming Storm. Next episode, the parties find each other, and the Ultimate evil is set loose upon them. It's gonna get ugly.....


Part 3

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