The Coming Storm Part 3

The Storm Clouds Gather...

By Gasper S. Keltner

Dramatis Personae, Continued

Chrono Trigger

Schala: Age 20, From the ancient Kingdom of Zeal, she is Magus' older sister. Thought lost, she still watches over her brother, waiting to find him.

Gaspar: The Guru of Time, he was sent to the End of Time by Lavos, where he now greets lost time-travelers, and keeps the place looking very early 20th century British. Usually found sleeping in the main platform.

Spekkio: The Master of War. To those who are strong, he appears strong, and vice versa for the weak. Gives the ability of Magic after testing their soul for one of the four types of magic. Loves to fight, and sometimes will admit that he has lost.

Final Fantasy 2

Edge: Age 25, A ninja and king of Eblan. Knows many spells, and uses the blades Masamune and Murasame. Last surviving member of his family, he is sworn to defend his honor and country. Has feelings for Rydia.

FuSoYa: Age ??, From a race of 'homeless aliens', living on the planets former second moon. Skilled in all magic, he guards the Lunarian race as they sleep. Very old, very bald, and very hairy.

Golbez: Thought to be the main enemy of the world, it turned out that he was brain-washed by Zemus, in a corrupt plan to destroy the planet. Also revealed to be Cecil's brother, he is chosen to sleep with the Lunarians.


Eblan, 2 N.B.

Edge sat on his throne, bored as ever. After hearing that his kingdom was running smoothly from his Minister of Defense, he next heard from the Minister of Internal Affairs. Edge just thought to himself, and actually started noticing that the room could hold a small army, or at least three Bahamuts. His ears only picked up when he heard his royal title.

"... and so sire, the next order of business is your heirs-" Edge jumped down and grabbed the man by the throat.

"How many times have I said that the subject is my business." He squeezed minutely tighter. The ministers face turned a deep shade of red.

"...countless... Sire...I beg forgiveness...ach..." Edge let go, and returned to his throne.

"I will choose my bride, when she comes. Just worry about the kingdom for now." He eyed the group of elderly men. "You are dismissed." The group shuffled out of the room. "Oh, Chamberlain, might I have a word with you?" A small man turned and walked towards Edge.

"Yes King Edge?" Edge got up and walked over to his confidant.

"Why do I have to put up with those fools, it's as if they want me gone. What is going on in my kingdom Fenire?" The small man put his hand to his chin and thought.

"Sire, there has been rioting in some of the council meetings. People are crying for


"Then send more food, you know this country is for the people."

"Yes sir, but, it disappears. Wheat, flour, sugar, meat, everything is given out, but it doesn't get to the people!" Edge sat back down.

"What is our food supply at anyway?" Fenire looked up at the king and mumbled. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Twenty percent below normal."

"And the Treasury, for taxes?" He asked, getting angrier.

"Well sir, with everyone who paid, we now are forty percent over our predictions, plus, we own land all over, the peasants were vacated, all in all the year has been good." Edge drew his large sword, Murasame, and pointed it at Fenire.

"How did this happen, was it the ministers?"

"Y-yes sir, I am sorry, I was not awar--"

"Not aware! You are in charge of the treasury, this is WRONG! How could you let this happen!" Fenire tried backing away, but was unsuccessful, for Edge extended the sword to his throat. "Fenire, your first duty is to give back that profit, find the food that I assume you have hoarded, and officially resign. I want yours, and the ministries resignations within the day. Next you will be arrested, and banished.."

"But sire--!"

"NO, if you have killed people, by the fiends, I will hunt each one of you down. Now get on to your job." Fenire ran out, but was knocked away from the door by a guard, running at top speed. Edge sheathed his sword, and sat back on his throne.

"Sire, sir..." The guard said huffing and puffing, "There are two men causing a disturbance in the main hall."


"Well sir, they just appeared, as if by magic, and they request to see you, would you like me to lock them away?"

"No, let them enter. I grant audience to all my people."

"I have a feeling, they are not Eblanians."

"Let them in." Edge sat there as the two men entered. One dressed in green armor, with several spears on his back. The other had long purple hair, a purple cloak and dark armor.

"Good Morning, King Edge." The man in green said, bowing before the king. The other one just nodded his head.

"Kain, is that you? It is! Guard, send word that these two will have full access to the castle." He took Kain's hand and vigorously shook it, then continued with looking at the stranger with purple hair. "You are looking good Dragoon, though you still travel in strange company." The man stepped forward, and spoke in soft, dignified voice.

"I am simply called Magus, of Zeal." Magus stepped back.

"Well, it is nice to meet you," Edge pulled Kain over to the side of the throne, "Where did you dig up this guy."

"Mount Ordeals--'

"I was going to let you know, if you asked me directly." Magus said, overhearing the two converse, and interrupting Kain.

"Well then, what can I do for you. I hope all is well." Magus looked at him and thought, then spoke.

"King Edge, we come as a warning, a hope that your kingdom will not meet a fate worse then death."


Two Miles from Eblan Castle

"Rydia, ist thou aright?" Frog asked, seeing Rydia fall behind for the fifth time that day. The two were fatigued by there journey. Facing the demon had not helped them, as Frog was constantly casting simple cure spells to keep their wounds closed. Blood had soaked in Rydia's hair, after a group of minotaur had attacked them earlier. They both fought valiantly, but ended up running. Now, less then and thirty minutes from Castle Eblan, Rydia was about to give up.

"I can't do it, go on without me." Frog walked over to where she had slumped down and concentrated. Using the last of his power, he casted a cure spell. He slumped down, and rested next to her.

"We must go on..." The amphibian last remembered, before falling unconscious.


Franz was tired. With the mysterious food disappearances in Eblan, his family had resorted to hunting. He had already gotten a deer, but he wanted more, to help store for the winter. Franz's hunt took him deep into the forest, where he had followed a boar. Nice and plump, it would serve for tomorrow's meal. He cursed the king for the dwindling food supply when he heard the rustle in the bushes, and hid behind a tall sycamore. Taking out his spear, he hoisted it over his shoulder, and prepared to kill whatever came out. The bush rustled a little more, and a young woman stepped out, nearly falling. Her clothes were torn, and her face was dirty. He dropped the weapon and ran to her. Taking his canteen, he pulled off the cap, and put it to her lips. She tasted the water, and drank for a while. Franz helped her up, and set her over by a tree.

"Lady, what are you doing out here!" Her head hurt, but she finally answered.


"Hold on lady." She fell into unconsciousness. He picked her up, and hoisted her over his shoulder. Leaving the spear, he walked the mile to his house. Setting her in his bed, he heard her mumble about the frog and decided to look for it. Retracing his steps, he went past the bush, and further, till he saw a dark shape. The fire, which she had apparently built to keep away predators, was smoldering. He saw the frog's body and stood there for a moment. Seeing it would be a bit heavier then the girl, he picked up the glowing sword, sheathed it in the frog's sheath, and once again hoisted a body over his shoulder. Boy this is getting to be repetitive. He thought, walking back to his small home.


Rydia woke first, and looked to her surroundings. A woman was stirring a black cauldron, and a small boy was playing with a wooden sword. The boy stopped and yelled to his mother.

"Wa...where am I?" She said felling a migraine come on.

"Momma, the green lady's up!"

"Oh, dear." She said, bringing over another wet rag for Rydia's forehead. "You've go to learn to be more careful out there. With the rise of monsters in Eblan, it's just not safe for you and your friend out in the wilderness."

"Oh no! Frog, is he okay?" Franz entered and smiled.

"I see you're up, yeah, the frog's okay, but you both need to let up on your weight."


The Lunarian Moon

FuSoYa slowly stuttered in his sleep, feeling a presence that greatly overwhelmed him. After finding space for his nephew Golbez to sleep, he went to his sanctuary, and muttered a spell. The moon rumbled, as the deep bowls of the heavenly body shuttered in movement. The Lunarian Moon slowly drifted away from the planet's gravitational pull, and went along its own course, hurtling into deep space. Now he sat on his throne in the Crystal Palace dozing in and out of sleep, waiting for his race to wake up. His dreams were filled with dread, as he suddenly awoke, finding himself alone.

"Now what sort of trouble could they be in." He sat up grabbing his cane, and walked towards the crystal room. Walking through the door, he walked up to the Crystal of Water. Touching it, he felt the warm glow come over his body.

You have summoned me master?

"Yes, I wish to know what transpires on the earth we once orbited."

It will take some time, but I will tell you that even Master Bahamut feels the evil flowing from inside this moon. He will be joining us shortly...

"But how, all of the Lunarians sleep?" He rubbed his chin under the massive beard he had long forgotten to tend to. The crystal was silent, then vibrated once more.

I have grave news. Another Lunarian has awoke, and is now dead. Like Zemus, his hatred has given way to evil...

"No...not another...Zeromus..." FuSoYa's hand went to his forehead, and for a moment, he felt weak. Steadying himself on his cane, he asked the crystal his next question. "Is there anyway to assist them, the heroes of the planet?"

Others from another plane have come to help them. They are strong, but you must contact KlaDu for help, he will be able to aid you.

"But we lost him so many years will we ever find him?" The crystal was silent, then spoke again.

KlaDu was hurtled through time and space after attempting to stop Zemus, he is now much older, and can be found at the point of least resistance in the time stream...

"Thank you crystal, can you also convey a messege?'

Yes master...

"Tell Cecil to wish again, only the Whale can help them now."

As you--- The moon shuttered as if hit by an large meteor.

"Is there a problem?"

No, but time is short...Yes, the other crystals are in agreement...we must return to the planet.

"Yet we have traveled for years! Surely there is not enough power, we will be trapped in the planet's orbit forever." He said, hoping not to hinder the crystals thoughts.

It is the only way to save them. It will take but a moment to return, but first you must awaken KluYa's son to help. The Planet's Crystals cry for help, we must answer.

"Then we will return, and I have much work to do." FuSoYa released the crystal, and walked away towards the throne room. There was much to be done...



"It's a long story." Rydia said, putting her hands to her head, messaging her temples. "How far are we from Castle Eblan?" Franz looked at her and sneered.

"Less then a quarter of a mile. But our "ruthless" savior, King Edge, has taken our money, and won't feed the poor."

"So unlike Edge. Let me talk to him and I'll have everything straightened out." Rydia tried to get out of the bed she lay in. Franz walked to her, and offered a hand. She got up, and ached with every step. If she only knew cure spells, she told herself. Frog was just waking, with Franz's father, Gavin, looking over him. He croaked softly, and accepted the drink Gavin gave him. Rydia walked over to his bed and sat on the side.

"I'll just go check on the rest of your stuff, you will be wanting to leave soon." He wandered away to the other side of the room.

"How are you Glenn?" His mouth expanded in a small croak.

"I hath been better, how far are we?" He pulled off some of the blankets on top of his small body. Sitting up, he looked around the room, spotting his sword.

"Not too far, we can get there in five minutes." Frog looked at her, then answered.

"Then let us be off, tis our best chance, I have a feeling mine 'friend' is there."


Thanking Franz's family for their help and hospitality, the two departed, walking towards the tall, renovated castle. Reaching it, the guards were asleep, showing Eblan was not ready for anything like a major skirmish. Entering the main hall, they were stopped by the royal guard.

"Who goes?"

"Rydia, Ambassador of the Land of Summoned Monsters, and Sir Frog, of Guardia's Cursed Woods." The guard gave them a once-over, then shrugged.

"Better then the last two that came by, boy, that was one strange guy. You haven't seen anything till ya seen him. Purple hair, sheesh." Frog clicked his fingers.

"Tis Magus, it must be him."

"Where is the king anyway?" Rydia said, asking the guard.

"The last I saw them, they were going to the dining hall."

"Thank you, sir." Frog said, lifting his hat.

"No problem." The guard said, walking off to another corridor. Rydia led the way to the dining hall, where they found the ninja, the Dragoon, and the Zealian prince.

"My, my, you are late Sir Froggy, I would have expected you much sooner..." Magus said, noticing the duo, then chuckling to himself. Edge and Kain looked up from the conversation, and stood in awe.

"RYDIA!" Edge said, jumping from his chair, and hugging the woman.

"Edge, it's good to see you too, but lighten up on the hug, I do want to live!" She said returning it. Kain got up from his chair, and joined the two.

"And Kain, where have you been!" She walked over to him, giving him a hug also.

"Good evening Rydia, it is good to see you also." His voice carried the hint of emotion that was much unlike his normal attitude.

"I heard you were with the dwarves, why didn't you visit?" She asked.

"It would have been to hard to face you after the Moon. I am sorry, I was even urged by them to see you."

"Don't worry, at least you're here, and from what Frog mentioned, we need everyone." She said, as the three headed over to the table.

"I'm glad we're here, we are expecting Cecil within the hour. What would you like, I do have some Mysidian Wine, Vintage, if anyone is interested." Rydia and Magus both nodded in agreement, hoping to take the edge off of the last two days. Frog abstained, hoping for some water, and Kain just sat there content with nothing.

Edge had returned five minutes later with two bottles of the Mysidian Perion. Grabbing four chalices, just in case Kain did want to join in the toast, he set a bottle in front of the two wizards, and then took a bottle himself. A servant brought out a carafe of water and a small grail for Frog. Popping the cork, Magus poured for himself and Rydia, while Frog poured his own. Not used to the company Edge, on the other hand, took a gulp from the bottle before realizing Kain had decided to join. The five talked of each other's past, their respective adventures, and their worlds. Soon, the hour passed and the whirl of Airship blades fell upon the castle. A sharp snap was heard also as an unknown, silver colored, craft landed in the courtyard. Edge snapped to attention, and stopped all conversation.

"I feel we have more visitors. If you will excuse me for a moment." He said, excusing himself from his guests. He had just stepped out of the room when the trumpet's blared. A group of soldiers stood at attention as the king of Baron and his two guests walked toward the dining chambers. To his right was a tall, red-haired boy, looking about the age of nineteen of twenty with a blue vest and orangeish-yellow bandanna. To his left strode a girl about the same age, in a white suit, with shoulder straps and pseudo-harem pants. Edge thought to himself that she was as beautiful, if not more then Rydia. Both were armed, and when passing some of the sunlight shining through a window, a shimmering chestplate or dress were seen. Edge walked up to the paladin and bowed.

"King Cecil, it is a pleasure." The king bowed back then walked, sternly, up to his friend. With a move to his sword, his actions were that of an attacking guard. Edge stood his ground. The two stood there, as the air was thick of hostility. Cecil dropped his act, and gave his friend a hug.

"Edge it is great to see you, how have you been?" Crono eased a little, thankful a fight didn't ensue.

"I've had better days, and yourself?"

"Fine, fine. I hear you've had your share of visitors. Mind if I introduce mine first?" Cecil said, a large smile on his face.

"By all means, but did I hear an airsh-"

"A bit hen-pecked there boy." Edge watched as four more people entered. The girl in glasses and unsurprisingly short purple hair, and the large man in what looked like gold armor, were newcomers, but was happy to see two others he knew.

"Only when you're around Old Man." Cid took Edge's outstretched hand and shook it vigorously. He then moved to his next guest. "And Queen Rosa, you are looking more lovely then when I first met you." Rosa gave her friend a hug then stepped back, rejoining Cecil.

"It is so good to see you Edge, how have you been. I've been so worried lately."

"I'm fine, other then the fact that my Heads of State have ruined my country, fattened themselves up, and stolen from the people, I've had a good day." Edge walked to his next guest, the kid with the wild red hair. He knew the boys name, and he was already envious of his ties to the blond. "I believe that I am at a lost, with the many visitors, and strange ones at that, you must be the one named Crono, if I'm right?" Crono looked at him and extended his arm.

"And you are Edge, it is nice to meet you your highness." Crono bowed his head.

"Please, the pleasure is mine. And who have we here." He said walking up to, then bowing to Marle. "Hello, I'm King Edge of Eblan. And who might this lovely, no, truly beautiful woman be." He took her hand and kissed it. Marle giggled for a moment, then took her hand back.

"Marle." Edge stood up and bowed. Crono couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Well hello Marle, you are more then welcome here in the castle. My only wish is that it was in the clouds, for the earth should not deserve such beauty to walk upon it. And tell me, how did you come to this place."

"I brought her here you moron" Crono mumbled.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" Edge said, turning to Crono.

"Huh, oh, me? Nope." Don't try it buddy! Crono said, and thought. Marle giggled again, then Edge moved on to the girl in the tan and green clothing, also wearing a prism-sort of dress.

"And you are the infamous Lucca, if I'm not mistaken."

"Why yes, I'm here...she...her...oh dear..." Her face flushed with bright red on her cheeks.

"And what are you." He said, nonchalantly asking Robo.

"My name is R66-Y, but you may call me Robo." Something in the robot's database said that this arrogant ruler was not impressed.

"I see. Well, since you introduced me to your friends..." Crono saw he was still looking at Marle. " it is my turn." He led his guest into the large and spacious dining hall, then began introducing each group of people to each group of people. "Crono and friends, I would like you to meet my dear friends Rydia and Kain, they have traveled her with a person from your plane, and have had some interesting stories."


Rydia looked and saw Crono. By the master Bahamut, who is that guy, he's handsome. She thought, almost speaking out loud. Crono walked over to Kain and shook hands. He then walked over to Rydia and bowed formally.

"Hi, I'm Crono. It is nice to meet you..." He forgot her name.

"Rydar...I'm sorry, it's Rydia, please have a seat." She offered her chair, and started asking him questions. My oh my, he is a find, wonder if he's seeing one of those girls?

" then I bumped into Marle, which I didn't know was the kings daughter..." He continued talking, while she sat and gazed at his fiery red hair. "...and have finally realized that Marle and I are destined to be together..." Rydia heard the words and felt her hopes crumble. Damn it...


After meeting Crono and his group, Kain had walked over to where Cecil stood.

"Cecil..." He said bowing.

"Kain! I...I can't believe it, where have you been?" Cecil hugged his childhood friend, Rosa followed suit. Cid had also greeted Kain, then walked over to where Lucca and Robo were. Kain finished his embrace with Rosa then led the two over to where he was sitting.

"Well, I received the invitation to your wedding, but by then my guilt over what I did to you was overwhelming. I left for Mt. Ordeals, then went to the underground for a while. About a two months ago, I had made my final atonement with the dwarves, when I decided to climb Mt. Ordeals again. Like you, I wanted redemption."

"Did you find it?" Rosa interjected.

"Yes and no. Unlike you Cecil, I did not lose my armor, but gained a new weapon. If you might remember, during our fight with Zeromus, Edge had to throw the Holy Spear. It hurt him immensely, but in the end, it helped." Kain pulled his spear close to let Cecil and Rosa examine it. "This was given to me. Though it has not been tested, I feel the power coursing through it. But it is different. The power of good inhabits it. Now, It is like your crystal sword. It will harm evil, and remain true till I die." Cecil's hand went to his chin stroking the small beard he had developed.

"But why did you not change...I wonder. Kain, you may not realize this, but the light is-" Cecil tried to speak but was interrupted by his host. Edge had at sat down at the head of the table and began to speak.

"Well people, I hate to break up this most blessed occasion, but I believe we must get down to business. So if you will all be seated, we will begin." Both groups took their seats, intermingled among each other. Edge continued, "From what I've been told, this person of royalty, Magus, is the foremost expert on the events. You now have the floor." Magus stood and bowed his head, as the eyes of everyone were upon him.

"I am sorry for any of you being here, but this was the best consideration. I thank you all for coming. From what I know of my world, and from my early education, I have discovered that both of our worlds have gone through a major global crisis; with you Golbez and Zemus, and our world's Lavos. We have been lucky, but what is about to happen will test us all to our physical and emotional limits. Any of you, who wishes to turn back now, may do so. But know this, those who stay will be in for fight that will rival the beginning of our universes. Any deserters may leave." Magus waited, but no bites. He moved on.

"Our world's are very much different, but also alike. I first learned of this plain three years ago, when I decided not only to take over Guardia. I visited this plane once and met the purple man you call Zemus. I learned from him, and he from me. But I also learned that you cannot kill such a man. His will was stronger then mine, though I had a more sensible goal."

"I can agree with that." Cid mumbled under his breath. Edge punched him in the arm.


"Zemus had one weakness, but also a strength. He made disciples. I became one, then returned. I was defeated, but I used my hatred differently. I met Zaran around the time he was inducted into training. I will tell you this, he is as evil as, if not worse then, I was. I was evil, but I atoned. I don't see him doing that. Another reason why I left, was the true induction to hatred. Zemus chose Zaran as an heir. Zaran accepted the mantle, and fought me. I lost, but not before learning what my opponent was. After that, Zaran's skin went purple, and became a conduit of hatred. Since Zemus' defeat, Zaran began plotting, and storing. Mistake me not, he has power. And it will take us all to defeat him.

"It would be my suggestion that everyone get some sleep, if we wish to put up a fight, I want to be well rested. Edge, if I may be shown to my quarters." Edge waved his hand and one of the guards walked over to Magus.

"This way sir." The two walked out. Edge also got up.

"I'm sorry for my departure, but I must rest also, it has been a tiring day. Talk to a guard, and they will show you to your rooms. I'm just glad we made the castle bigger." Edge walked out. All but Frog and Kain left, who swapped stories and battle maneuvers.


"I find it rather hard to believe that this guy will be tougher. I mean we did kill Lavos, and that was a breeze." Marle said as she tied a bow into her hair, to keep it manageable. Lucca sat on her bed cleaning her glasses. The luck of the two having the same room disturbed Lucca, for she found the princess sometimes too talkative. But then again, she did owe Marle a lot, and Marle had the same debt.

"I'm just glad everyone is back together, I don't think we could of found them without Cecil and Rosa's help. Their technology is primitive, but how did they manage a floating airship. I could of built one."

"Yeah right!" Marle giggled. "Lucca, there's three beds, and two of us, who's the-" Marle was interrupted as Rydia walked in.

"I'm sorry, did I interrupt anything?" She asked innocently. Slowly walking over to her bed. Marle noticed she had the grace of a princess, along with the finesse of an acrobat.

"N-no, we just wondered." Lucca coughed, and Marle corrected herself. "Sorry, I was just wondering..." Rydia walked to the wide window and out onto the balcony.

"Crono loves you, doesn't he." She said out loud. Marle was taken back by that comment and joined the green-haired woman.

"I guess so, but, lately...I don't know. Crono is Crono. I still try to sort my feeling out, but yes, he does. I just don't know if I could ever return as much as he gives out that is." Rydia sighed and then walked back in. "Rydia, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

"It's nothing you did. But somehow, the men you travel with are much more innocent then the ones I do. I mean, Edge is too arrogant, and Cecil is married. Edward, who's not here, is like a brother to me; and well, just Kain. What is with Magus anyway." She said, moving towards her bed. She sat, and took off her boots, the ones that matched her hair, and put them next to the night table. Lucca was already fast asleep, almost to the point of snoring. Marle shrugged on that comment, and jumped on her bed.

"I've tried to figure that out myself, but then again, it stems back to his trauma with Schala."

"Who's Schala?" Marle knew by that comment the story was needing to be told.

"Well, back about 13,002 years ago, in my time, Magus was a child; which is hard to believe. Anyway, we met a boy named Janus, and his sister, Schala. Both were being neglected by their mother, Zeal, who was absorbing Lavos energy. She treated them like idiots, especially Schala. Schala was used to power the Mammon Machine to absorb power from Lavos to Zeal. After a while, Schala wised up and rebelled. Janus was sucked into a portal along with our three friends, the Gurus. We found them at the bottom of the ocean, but by then it was too late. Magus was already there, disguised as a prophet. He tried to stop Lavos from taking over Schala, but failed, after we fought. That was when I thought we would die. But Crono...he...saved us. He died." Marle sniffled for a minute, then to let Rydia try and ask a question.

"But, Crono is alive, how?"

"I'll get to that. After Crono died, the palace under the sea crumbled, and Schala used the last of her pendant's energy to save us."

"Like the one you wear."

"Almost exactly. We found Magus brooding over Schala and Janus, offering us a fight. Frog stepped forward, but declined. I don't remember his exact words, but he said that it wouldn't bring back his friends Magus and others have killed. He helped us bring back Crono and helped kill Lavos."

"So Magus feels responsible for Schala's death?" Rydia answered, laying in bed, listening to Marle.

"Somehow yes, he says he failed her, but I think she would be proud of him now."

"What about Janus?" Marle thought best no to tell her. Magus would be mad if she did.

"He's around, but we don't know anymore."

"And Schala?"

"Who knows?" Marle got under her covers and closed her eyes.

"Thanks Marle."

"Yeah...." Rydia found herself alone again. She's lucky...


"Sir Frog, you have much more honor then I could ever attain. That, and you probably jump higher." Kain said, lamenting.

"I doubth it, Sir Kain, thou is more worldly, plus thou is much better fighter." Frog took a sip from his cup. It was well into the night when they both retired. Frog left Kain in the dinning hall, at his own request, and went to bed. Kain sat there for while, slowly sipping the last of his mulled Mysidian Vintage.

I controlled you before, you are STILL mine...

Kain looked around the room. "I've been forgiven, give it up." He said silently.

I see the contempt in your eyes, why not kill Cecil, and takeover Baron. Have Rosa to your self. By the underworld, kill them all, you know they would kill you in a second. I can give you power Kain, join me. The voice continued. Kain beat his fists against the table and stood up, yelling.





Magus felt it. He had since he was brought here. He looked out into the sky, and silently wished.

"For once in my life, I wish I was with you Schala." Taking off his cloak, he laid it on his bed. Staring back out the window, he suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder. Slowly, he realized it was a hand. He plotted his course of action, and quickly turned and grabbed the hand; much like Flea had taught him. Schala stood there, smiling.

"Good evening Janus." She stood in a ethereal state, in more of a spirit form. A green outline remotely followed the contours of her body.

" are looking well."

"Cut the charade brother, I'm here to warn you."

"Last time I saw you...well..."

"Janus, you have so much to learn...will you ever?" Magus turned his back to her.

"Why, I can do this alone. I don't need them."

"Then I raised my brother to be a fool. I will leave you alone, but know this, Eblan will fall, and you are all here, so who is in the Land of Guardia."

"What did you say?" He said, slowly realizing that his oafish friends had forgotten a important detail. "Schala," he said turning around to face her, "I'm sorry, I've..." She disappeared. "Damn the fates. But I must let someone know..." He slowly contemplated...


Tower of Zot

The black mass entered it's new vessel, and breathed life into Zaran once more. Getting realigned with Zaran's body took less time then usual, and the mass was surprised.

"I will say this Zaran, you had some use, some. But in the end you would have submitted to me any way. Now is the time." He snapped his fingers, and his generals appeared. "Eblan's time has ended, we will attack and kill them all less time then it took to kill the colony of Lunarians on Lunor Beta." The creatures nodded in agreement, and disappeared. His troops were ready, now was the time...


The End of Time

Gaspar stood, sleepily, next to his lamppost. Looking into the vast stretch of the time streams, he saw his friends battles with Lavos, with Nikades, with Lao; mixed with his memories of when the Weapons attacked Zeal. But the one thing on his mind now was the ripple in the time stream. Earlier, that is, if time was relevant and the End of Time, he saw his protected stream fluctuate. This scared him, for the only time when it ever did this was during an Lavos-class event. It had done enough damage the first time, but a second time was very serious. Gaspar, aware that he was the only one besides Spekkio with this power, thought about sending him to 1000 AD to tell Crono to be on his guard. His thoughts were rudely interrupted though when a bright flash with a loud thunder. Before him stood an old, stooped man, with a beard that had not been kept in decades. He slowly walked over to Gaspar and chuckled.

"Well, well, well...I thought I would never see you again." Gaspar lifted his bowler-like hat, and nodded.

"The same with you FuSoYa, how goes your guard?"

"Very well thank you, though Zemus gave us some trouble a few years back. And yours?" Gaspar knew Zemus had to be dead then, for penalty of treason and channeling emotions would be instant corruption and death.

"Well, we had a time-ripping shelled creature that feed of the planet's life and DNA. He was defeated, but boy, was his landing a doozie. Ripped up the stream pretty bad, and I have a feeling that it's about to happen one more time." FuSoYa slowly shook his head.

"Well, that's what I'm here about. I need your help. Zaran, Zemus' apprentice, has surfaced. I thought he died. Not since Zeromus' first appearance at the end of Iom, the homeworld, have I been so scared. Zaran's after our heroes, and especially after KluYa's son, and the son of time itself."

"KluYa's son..." Gaspar rubbed his short beard. Then, he yelled for his other friend. "Spekkio!" A red nu walked out and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Spekkio, the Master of War, who are you?" Gaspar rapped Spekkio over the head with his cane.

"Learn some manners nu, this is the greatest sorcerer of all time and planes, next to Magus. Meet FuSoYa." Spekkio held his hand out.

"Hi." Upon touching FuSoYa's hand, Spekkio jumped back, aghast. "Ah yes, you are the one who wields shadow and light, well, I bet you could teach me a thing or two."

"I probably could, but there is no time for that." He replied matter-of-factly.

"Well," Gaspar said, interrupting the two, "if no one objects..." Gaspar suddenly fell back, almost toppling over.

"Are you all right Gaspar?" Spekkio offered his hand. Gaspar refused, and put a hand to his forehead.

"Oh no..." He whispered.

"What?" FuSoYa's attention was caught, then he also started to feel it.

"It's worse, they are both back..." A groan was heard.

"I need you to help KlaDu, both planet's need you. I will help the heroes, but you must help. I'm too old to do this myself." FuSoYa looked at the old man with pleading eyes.

"I will, and what of him." Both Gaspar and Spekkio looked at each other, then to the person standing in the corner of the room.

"Thinking about it, he probably should go instead of you FuSoYa, he's just as strong, in both body and soul. Yet he has not been tested. Maybe we should go instead."

"No, both of you stay. When they come looking, give them this." FuSoYa said, holding out his hand. Gaspar reached out, and looked at what the old Lunarian gave him. A small crystal was in the palm of his hand. Gaspar then reached into his pocket, and took out a small, egg-like object, and grounded the two objects together. He felt the heat of a fire spell form in his hands, as the two devices merged.

"Uncle, are you coming." A voice was heard. A man clad in white armor walked out, and bowed. "Please excuse me, but time is growing short, we must return to our vigil on the moon."

"My nephew, you will not be going back with me, you will wait here. Gaspar meet KluYa's other son, Golbez."



Crono's sleep had been disturbed, but now more then ever. He never told anyone, not even Magus, about what happened after he was killed by Lavos. A light shone at the end of the white hot beam that had melted him. The split second that it hit him, the massive force sent him into a small coma. Dreams whirled around his head, but he knew this was real.

"Son..." Crono turned, and heard the noise from the light.


"It is me son, but you don't have time." A lone figure stepped out, dressed in white armor.

"Dad, where have you been? Why'd you leave mom? Why'd you leave me?" Crono had not remembered his father, and always wondered. When the conversation came up with his mother, she would switch the topic immediately. At school, the kids would make fun of him, like Lucca about her mom. Adults refrained from talking to him, calling him a bastard behind his back.

"Son, you must go back. Lavos MUST to be stopped. I don't have much time, but know that I love you and I am proud, and will be always be. We will meet again, and I may seem young, but like KlaDu said, time is irrelevant when you can master it." The light faded and the armored knight vanished.

"No!!" But it was too late. Crono woke up on Death Peak, with Marle kneeling at his feet; Frog brushing what Crono thought was a forehead, and Magus, waiting for the group to leave. Now, two years later, he felt that he would be closer to meeting his father then ever before. Though he was sharing a room with Frog and Kain, because of building limitations, he was content as both had not comeback from the informal war council they had had four hours ago. He said good night to all, and again "tucked" Marle in after a long kiss.

He rose out of bed, sweet on his brow, and no one else in the room. But then, he was glad he had woken up when he heard the scream...


Marle had been sleeping for a while when she felt a hot breath on her neck. She tried pushing it away, and found a wet, slimy object instead. She opened her eyes, and screamed.


Robo was once more in sleep mode, yet for some reason, kept his input microphones, or what Lucca referred to as ears, on. He heard a faint scream and sprang up. Searching his database, he figured Marle was in trouble by both the decibel of the cry, and the voiceprint. Quickly, he ran to Cid's bedside, and woke the mechanic up.

"What is it now." He said in a husky voice.

"We are under attack." Cid jumped out of bed, surprisingly still with most of his clothes on. Gripping his large war hammer, he burst through the door and encountered a dozen imps. He swung, hitting three at once. Robo, rushed three more, using a tackle. Plowing through, he emitted his lasers to cut down two more. Cid swung again, this time hitting the leader. The imps, seeing their leader gone, ran.

"They're a distraction, come on." Cid yelled, running at two zombies, smashing them with his hammer. Robo started his tackle only to find an Arachne, a women with the body of a large spider blocking his way. He beeped, and uttered a groan. Cid heard it, thinking it the understatement of the year.

"I have a bad feeling about this!" Robo charged.


Edge was sound asleep, dreaming of him and Rydia, when he heard a scream, and a crashing. Grabbing his two blades, he opened the door, swords blazing. Right away, he saw Frog cutting down a large gargoyle. Edge joined attacking the two lizards to the right of Cecil's room. Cecil was already fully dressed, and slashing through the enemy.

"We don't have enough room. This couldn't happen in a better place." Edge said.

"Moot point. They're heading to the dining hall." Cecil said, stabbing at a balloon type creature. It deflated luckily, for an explosion would damage them all. It was all the distraction a skeleton needed, when it came from behind and pierced Edge's arm. "Damn you!" Edge went berserk. With one thought on his mind, he went through the regiment of skeletons. Why does this always happen to my castle.

"Great." Cecil muttered under his breath.


Inside the suite, Rosa had already found a broken window. Drawing her bow, she strung an arrow. She fired, then quickly strung another. A rain of arrows filled the air, but to no avail, as more and more creature poured into the castle.

"Rosa!" she heard her husband yell from outside, and started chanting her only offensive spell. The last word of 'White' was on the tip of her tongue when she ran out to find two large ogre's running down the hall. She uttered the word, and what looked like white balls flew out of her hands and into the two attackers. They collected, penetrating the ogres thick skins, and exploded. Flesh and bone flew all over, then disintegrated. She saw Frog jumping and slashing at several of the dark armored warriors. His blade flashed, as if separate lifeforms where fighting along with him. Rosa stood in the back lines when she heard a voice yell. Rosa ducked.


Rydia launched out of bed and summoned Shiva to her aid. An ice storm raged across the room. The three women were not hurt, but the growling shadow snake was frozen solid. Lucca clicked the safety off her gun and fired. The frozen creature shattered into little pieces. Marle by then was loading an arrow into Valkyrie, he crossbow. Shiva saw the situation was under control, and left. Rydia then grabbed her whip and ran out into the hall. Lucca squeezed out behind, covering her backside, and immediately shot at the large ice monster, resembling a canine of sorts. More were coming, and at the end of the hall, Rydia saw Rosa casting defensive magic. Cecil and Frog were also there, fighting off the hordes of monsters. She had an idea.

"Lucca, would be so kind as to defend my back and front for a moment." She asked. Lucca grunted, pounding another ice hound with fire from the Wondershot.

"Don't be so formal." She yelled back. Marle was outside, shooting more arrows at the demons running towards them. Rydia chanted for five seconds then yelled.

"DUCK AND COVER!" A fiery creature emerged from no where. The long horns curled, and it's mouth drooled. It knew what to do. Rydia landed hard on the ground as Jinn, the master of fire raced through the hallway, melting the ice hounds. It reversed, and hit the demons head on. It wasn't enough to kill, but they were in pretty bad shape. Lucca crawled over to Marle, plan in mind.

"They seem to like fire, but can they take the heat AND the cold." Marle's eyes lit up.

"Let's." Both women stood and rose in the air. One summoned a supernova-like flare, the other an arctic glacier. Antipode had been unleashed, and the demons roasted in the fires of an inferno, and the chill of the polar caps. Marle and Lucca landed, finding there opponents beat.

"I'm impressed." Rydia said, casting Virus, sucking the life out of a centaur, when Crono came out of his room, cleaving it in half with a bright rainbow flash. Crono ran to the three, and they formed a rampaging force, trying to reach the rest of their comrades.

"I see you didn't need my help that much." He said, wiping the blood from his sword.

"The more the merrier." Lucca retorted.

"How's everyone else." He said, slashing at another shadow snake.

"Frog's helping Cecil and Rosa, the others are unaccounted for." Rydia threw fire at an oncoming imp.

"If this keeps up, we'll have to retreat, you up for a diversion Crono?" As if on cue, three ogres stormed in. Crono looked Marle in the eyes and smiled.

"I'll be back." He lunged towards the ogres, getting a confuse action off on one of the three. Cut to ribbons, it fell. Crono landed, and ran.

"Wait! Crono!" Marle yelled, fearing for him.

"I'll get him. Meet in the throne room, that's where Edge'll go for a last resort." Rydia ran after Crono, raining lightning on the other two monsters. Lucca looked at Marle, then started running toward where Cid and Robo were sleeping. Marle followed.


"Cid, this is getting us nowhere, we must retreat." Robo Uzzi Punched at another of the continuing onslaught of imps. Cid still charged forward. Obtaining cuts throughout the last ten minutes of battle, Cid was starting to lose steam. His hammer blows were less and less powerful. Robo charged his heal beam and shot at the mechanic. Cid felt the strength and adrenaline flow, and charged. With a mechanical eyepiece, he saw a sandworm rise through the stone floor. Analyzing it, he yelled over to Robo.

"Use a laser, high power, in fact, lightning hurts it bad." Robo jumped through and was close enough to the giant worm. Charging his auxiliary battery, he tapped into it, and overloaded. Lighting crackled through the air, and the worm fell over, dead. Cid ran up to Robo, with twenty imps behind him.

"Get to the throne room, it's the only other way out!" They ran.


"Cecil, we can't take much more, I'm losing power." Rosa yelled, sending her last cure spell towards Frog. Cecil ran to her. Throwing his sword over her head, he hit one more dark warrior. "Frog, we gotta get outta here." Frog parried the blow of a horseman, and killed it. Leaping over the growing piles of bodies he wiped his sword clean, out of respect for it.

"I concur my liege, but where to?" Suddenly, Crono came running down the hall. Rydia followed, along with a minotaur rampaging and destroying everything in sight.

"C'mon!" Rydia threw an ether over to Rosa, who popped the cork and drank. Her energy returned, and launched White at the beast. It phased it, yet the thing kept coming. The five ran, with Crono in the rear. They reached the dinning finding piles of dead creatures. Kain landed from a jump finding there was nothing else around him, except comrades.

"Bout time you got here, I had a nice workout." He said, sheathing his spear on his back.

"I know what you mean. You know Edge will be pretty angry with the mess. You hurt?" Cecil asked.

"No, just a headache from getting jumped by a zombie. Hit pretty hard, broke a few fingers, but I'll live." Rosa walked over and took hold of his hand. Instantly it healed. Kain made his hand into a fist, and punched at the air. Crono looked around, and felt something wrong.

"DUCK!" Right then, a dark mist flew out and hit the rising worm behind them. A blur flew past, and Magus hacked at the creature, shredding it with each slash. Its deathcries filled the hall. He jumped back, and took a breath. Magus brought a rag out from one of the many hidden pockets, wiping the blood of the scythe.

"Again, it's about time you got here. I thought the Dragoon and I would finish the job before you simpletons got here." On that rare occasion, Magus smiled a bit. Crono's anger rose.

"We would have been here sooner, but we had problems of our own, you're not the only one fighting." Crono sneered at him, returning the compliment.

"Well, in any case," Magus continued, "I hear the whole party ends at a throne. Since I have no idea where I'm going, why don't you lead King Cecil." He bowed to Cecil, both out of mocking and respect for the warrior king. Cecil just led the seven, where they found and fought another contingent of ice hounds, along with some ogres. The battle turned as fatigue set in on the group. They retreated, meeting everyone in the throne room. Edge was bloodied, with half his clothes torn and blood soaked. Still berserk, he hacked and slashed. Lucca and Marle shot Antipode, arrows, and fireballs at the oncoming gargoyles. Robo had grabbed a hold of Cid's legs and swung him at the imps, who died at every pass. They knew they were outnumbered, but fought for survival.

The monsters thinned out, and backed off after a half an hour of fighting. A rumbling was heard, while Rosa, Frog and Marle tried to heal to the best of their abilities. The others prepared themselves. The rafters shook as a beast entered the chamber from under the room. Raising twenty-feet tall, it had the a large wingspan with three foot knives for teeth, Wyvern roared. And a voice spoke inside each of the heroes heads.

I hope you have been enjoying my little game. I'm surprised you lasted this long, but the fun ends here. You may either surrender your souls and powers, or die, and be tormented for eternity. It's your choice, and here is the decision maker. I leave you in his care. Just cry in anguish for help, and maybe I will hear your pleas. But not likely.

The voice stopped, and Edge started.

"Go to Hell Zeromus, you've destroyed my castle, my lands, and now, you try for my friends! YAAAHHHH!" He lunged at the dragon, only to be swatted by it's tail. Edge flew into the wall and landed. Crono and Frog nodded and X-striked him. Their swords bounced off it's tough hide. They retreated back a little. Rydia started her summoning, but was silenced by a mute spell. Rosa launched White to no avail. "Crono, HELP!" Marle was hit, her shoulder impaled by one of the Wyvern's claws. Crono and a small group stood on one side, while Cecil and the rest stood their ground on the right. Cecil yelled to Crono.

"It's no use, we can't do it. Get out of her, get Rosa and Rydia and anyone else, I don't care, just as many people as you can. Take care of my queen." Cecil yelled one more battle cry and threw himself into the onslaught of the Wyvern. Rosa saw the last ditch effort of her husband, and cried out.

"CECIL! NO!" Finally stabbing through, he cut as much as he could. Wyvern threw him off. With Cecil in his Crystal Armor, nothing could harm him, for the dense crystal came from an ancient race of beings. Like a fireball from Lucca's gun, he was hurled into one of the weakened pillars of the throne room. The roof shook, losing it's support.

"Magus, do it NOW! Try to get Marle!" Crono yelled Magus casted his spell, and six were gone. The roof collapsed, as both Crono and Rosa saw their loved ones smashed by tons of stone and wood.


Tower of Zot

"YES!" Zeromus laughed, watching the unfolding event. The paladin was the catalyst. Zeromus took his eyes off the crystal ball, and laughed. Undoing his spell of sight, he laughed. His revenge was complete. Wyvern, return, the universe is mine!


The Ruins of Eblan Castle, The Courtyard

"Crono, what hath transpired." Frog asked as they rematerialized in the courtyard. Bodies of Eblanians had been slaughtered, the land had been razed. The castle collapsed, losing its towers. Crono felt his heart was being ripped out from his chest. He had left friends, and there was nothing he could do. He'd failed. Monsters flew out of the collapsing building, looking for new prey.

"I don't know Frog, but it's safe to say Magus could have gotten more out then us six!" Crono said, hoping Marle was somehow alive. He could see Rosa hoped the same thing. Magus took a breath, and rose his gloved hand.

"If you have a problem with how I work, then I will send you back into that place, where you will die. I did the best I could." He slowly said.

"Yeah, and maybe if you had a heart you would have saved everyone." Crono retorted. Magus' glove took on a black glow.

"IF you wish to start a battle, then you will die here and now." Crono unsheathed his sword, raising it to fighting position.

"Well worth to get rid of you, you backstabbing jack@$$, then you could join Schala." Magus leapt toward Crono, and they crossed steel. Rosa couldn't stand anymore.

"I'M TIRED OF THIS BICKERING!" Her mind started reeling. "This will not bring back any of them. Crono, I lost someone too, we all did, and Magus did the best he could. He saved who he could."

"That is correct." Stated Magus, but before his next word, Rosa turned on him.

"And YOU, you need to learn that this is a team effort, and there is no I in team. Get it straight, I would kill you, but I wouldn't care to sink to your level. Whatever you came with, it ends HERE!" Rosa slowly walked towards Kain.

"Then I suggest the spoiled little boy put away his little toy." Crono's mind told him to kill Magus, but that wouldn't help, and he hated to admit it, but they needed him.

"We need to get out of here. Any ideas?" He growled at the Zealian.

"I believe that Crono can take two with him, and we'll meet at the End of Time. Guardia is unprotected. I have a feeling that we have more then one threat to deal with." Said Magus, softly. Rydia's faced turned a flustered red as she lashed out.

"And what about us, what about our world?"

"It will be safe, I know." Suddenly, they saw Wyvern rise from the ruins of the castle. "Run Crono, you and Rydia and Kain. I will take care of the rest."

"Don't think this ends here wizard, I've beaten you before..."

"Don't undermine me when I am trying to save you Crono, you will regret it." Magus then chanted and the other three were gone.

"Damn you Magus!" Crono and the rest ran towards the Epoch and strapped in. Wyvern was overhead, and circling. Starting cold, he lifted the silver craft off the ground, and skimmed the tree line. By Lavos' blackened shell you will pay Zeromus, Crono thought, pushing the craft to the limit, trying to outrun Wyvern. It inhaled, and shot it's breath at the small time machine. But by then it was gone...


End of Time

Gaspar saw what transpired, and sniffled. Golbez had been receiving the last bit of training from Spekkio when it was time to send him.

"When you get there, find Cecil, he is protected, but they are all hurting."

"As you wish KlaDu." He bowed to Gaspar while sheathing his sword. "Spekkio, whenever you're ready." The Master of War rose his hands, and chanted. An odd wind blew, and swept Golbez up. Magic transported him to Eblan. The End of Time was silent for a moment when a large snapping sound was heard. Gaspar looked to the Epoch's dock, and saw Crono with two new visitors. To his right, he saw Magus walk down the steps from the Gate room. The six met in the middle.

"Well, I see you are here, and you brought new friends."

"We lost half of the original group." Crono said, sounding defeated.

"We need your help Guru." Magus spoke softly.

"I see, well, I guess it's time to let you in on current events, but first introduce your friends to Spekkio." Crono looked perplexed, then shrugged. Rosa, Rydia, and Kain followed Crono into the back room. They emerged five minutes later, finding Magus and Frog conversing with Gaspar.

"Well, your highness," He said addressing Rosa, "I am sorry to hear of your conflict, but your help is needed."

"How am to function when my husband is dead, under a demolished castle." Rosa replied defiantly. Gaspar lifted his hat.

"You will see him again, but now we must concern ourselves in other places. Your magic will work here, but summoning is a little harder. In any case, I must tell you what has transpired." Crono walked over to the fence opposite Gaspar, and sat down. Frog followed suit. Gaspar continued. "Our worst fears have been realized." Magus turned, his eyes widened. "Lavos IS still alive..." Magus sighed.

"The Storm is upon us..."


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