The Coming Storm Interlude 1

Chaos in Eblan

By Gasper S. Keltner

2 N.B. (New Baron)

Eblan's Royal Castle was in ruins. Wyvern had made sure of this. The huge beast looked back and with a snout full of teeth, it smiled. Zeromus would be happy. Landing in the middle of the village, it brought its breath weapon into motion, burning anything that moved and anything that did not. Several minutes passed, and Wyvern laughed, as each time a mortal came out, he or she was reduced to ash.


"Father!!" Franz watched as the giant beast had craned its neck down, and made a meal out of the man. Quickly seeing the family to the underground entrance, Franz looked out the window once more, and felt a cold shiver. No one close to him had ever been taken away from him. The Crystal War had not taken any of his family, but in one fell swoop, his father was gone. Notions of running out to help put out the fires played in his head, but he Franz thought again, knowing it was pure suicide for anyone who tried. Quickly grabbing the katana that hung on the wall, he ran to the entrance, and closed the door behind him. Seconds later, the roof caved in above him.


Asura, Queen of the Summoned Monsters looked on in horror. Shortly after the war, she had been given one of the Dark Crystals. Bonding with it, she now looked up to ground, where chaos reigned. Wyvern, Leviathan's second cousin, twice removed, was destroying the human's city in short order. In this day and age she needed to be strong, yet the trade relations between the upper and lower worlds had as of now deteriorated. All of her strength left her when she saw the castle collapse. This was not the fitting end for the Paladin who had opened their eyes two short years ago. She watched as the strange frog and Rydia were led safely away, but what of the others? For the first time in from what she could remember, Asura, Queen of the Summoned Monsters and consort to Leviathan, wept.


Zeromus felt glee. His servant had done well, and half of the heroes from the previous war were dead. His new husk's hand was shaking with nervousness. The glee was an addicting chemical. He had felt it on the Lunarian Moon, several times in fact. But this glee was stronger, this glee was his retribution for his defeat at the hands of the insignificant flea and his four friends. This was his victory.

He watched as the others fled in fear, and he laughed. The damndable White Witch, the traitorous Dragoon, and the last Summoner were lost to him, but a feeling kept Zeromus in his good mood. He would close their access to this world, he would send them a monster so powerful, that it would rip through Time and Space. He knew one of his minions was destroyed earlier, but this one, he thought, "This one will be so much more fun. He will destroy them…and they will suffer. And I shall bathe in their blood…"

Interlude 2

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