The Loss Part 1


By Gasper S. Keltner

1003 AD

Chrono woke up with a throbbing headache, missing the end of his dream by mere seconds. It was the usual dream that came to him nowadays. He and Marle, vacationing in a small cottage for a few weeks, trying to get away from their responsibilities as heroes. Though it had been at least three years since that terrible day inside the Lavos' shell, they had survived with more memories then any of the seven would ever want in their lifetimes. Time had past, but he still couldn't shake the feeling that something was still missing from his life. Chrono jumped out of bed, and got dressed in the usual blue suit of his. He loved the clothes; they just felt comfortable to him. His Mother would always try to get him from dressing in them, but he always found a way to slip out of the conversation. Finally dressed he did a few toe touches and fed his cat. Walking down the stairs, Chrono heard his Mother yell.

"Chrono, please bring your dirty clothes down, it's going to be a nice day out for laundry and I want to get it down before the holiday." She said, doing her work downstairs.

"OK, Mother." Chrono thought about this coming holiday, and closed his eyes, how long had it been since they had said good-bye to the group. He hadn't heard from Robo obviously, and Frog, had sent a few letters to Marle through Leene. Magus, to Chrono's knowledge, was searching for Schala in the ruins of the Ocean Palace, and he was sure that Ayla was living happily with Kino. "Mother, after my chores are done, can I go to Lucca's?" He asked pleadingly, as he walked down the stairs with a basket of dirty clothes.

"Right after breakfast, oh, and don't forget, the King wants to talk to you later this afternoon." Chrono's Mother said, putting a plate in front of him filled with eggs and bacon. He sat down and started to eat. The door suddenly jittered and Chrono jumped. His Mother opened it, and in walked Marle with Lucca. Marle started to open her mouth and Chrono's heart skipped a beat. But right before she could spit out a word, Lucca butted in.

"Chrono, we have to talk to you for a second, can we go up to your room?" Chrono looked from his Mother to Marle and then sighed as he left his breakfast to the cat that jumped up to lap the milk out of his cup.

"That's fine you get down from there right this instant, or I'll..." her words trailed off as the three went upstairs. Chrono went over to the drapes, pulled them open and let the sun in. Marle picked up a few books off the chair and put them on the desk as she sat down. Lucca just stood, and Chrono sat on his unmade bed.

"So what is the big deal with interrupting my breakfast? You know that I love bacon and eggs, Lucca." Chrono said thinking of Marle and him alone in his room and...

"CHRONO, listen to me!!" Marle exclaimed, frustrated at his daydreaming. "Chrono, something is wrong with Frog, he's having some trouble and we need your help."

"So are we going to be taking the Epoch to save the day? I knew this was going to be a weird day when I woke up." He said falling back on his bed, his head hitting the pillows.

"Well, you can't say you won't be bored. I mean we have been looking for something to do, and this is Frog we are talking about here." Lucca spoke articulating each syllable as she always had done.

"One problem, it's gonna take us a while to get everyone back together, the Epoch only holds three people. And the Gate Key won't work because the gates closed when Lavos was destroyed." Chrono said, hoping that would persuade them to pick up their friends. Marle started to speak when Lucca cut her off.

"I can go get them and drop you off at The End of Time. Then we can talk to Gasper about the gates." Chrono silently cheered, he was winning the conversation. "I can take you guys there after I get Robo and Magus."

"That would be great Lucca, how about we get our equipment around, and we can meet you at the castle in an hour." Marle said, trying to get a word in edgewise. "This will be so much fun. I can't wait to see Ayla again! I'll go get ready, Chrono, meet me at my room in about forty-five minutes. See ya." She said skipping down stairs and out the door, much to Chrono's Mother's content. She never got why the Princess Nadia was so happy acting like a normal person. Meanwhile upstairs, Lucca was conferring with Chrono what she needed from her house.

"I need my Wondershot, and the Sight Scope, and my vest. Is that ok, thanks Chrono, I'll tell my Dad that you are coming." She said getting ready to leave.

" Uh, Lucca, can't you just get that stuff from your house when you go there, I mean, that is where the Epoch is." He said, confused by Lucca's insistence to go to her house.

"Sorry Chrono, I didn't think of that. Just come by, my Dad wants to talk to you." Lucca said, waving goodbye to him from the stairs. "Oh, and bring the Rainbow." Lucca found her way out the door, and Chrono fell back on his bed, thinking how he was going to explain this to his Mother.


2303 AD

Robo was content; he had his feelings, his friends, and a different future to live. When he first returned, he was startled to find himself in a marketplace full of humans and now three years later he was there again. They looked at him in amazement and wonder, then they all cheered him as he walked down the street. Robo, being from a different timeline, didn't know how to take all the noise his sensors were picking up. He gratefully thanked everyone and went on his way. He found a weird glowing ball that at first his sensors had registered as a gate, but when he read the sign that it would take him to Geno Dome, he lowered his guard. He stepped in cautiously and found himself traveling across the world faster then he had ever gone before. He arrived at the front door to the dome and saw a group of humans walking into the once non-human factory. He proceeded further and stepped through the doors to the main entrance. He found a reception area and walked up to the strange looking robot that was the secretary and asked to see Mother Brain. The strange robot looked at him and then called for someone. Suddenly, he saw Doan come out, dressed in nice 24th century clothes.

"Robo, it is so nice to see you, when I came back, they sent me here, you and I are important now, I'll take you to Mother." Doan said leading the way. All around him, humans and robots were interacting peacefully. The workers looked up from their job and cheered for him. Again he said thank you and proceeded to Mother's room. Doan left him and Robo looked up to see a large computer screen. It flicked on, and a holo-projecter flashed on. Mother looked at him and smiled.

"Prometheus, it is nice that you are able to visit with me again, let me say it is truly an honor to meet with you. I would like to confer with you on a certain subject that might be of interest to you." She spoke concisely.

"Please Mother, tell me, is it about Chrono and my friends?" Robo asked plaintively. He had wanted to stay, mostly because of Lucca, but he and she knew they shouldn't because of the time stream.

"It is, I am afraid. There is a force at work that is trying to destroy the heroes. If we do not act quickly, our future will not exist like it is now."

"What am I to do. I have no way of contacting my friends, and the Time Gates have long since disappeared." He said.

"We have been able to recover the Gate Key from the Museum of Heroes. Now all you need to go there and speak to your friends." Mother then started to fade, "Robo, you...need to do thi... or, you will..not..exist long, the changes are hurry..." Mother Brain lost all image and shutoff leaving Robo to wonder. He ran out of the room and saw that human workers were disappearing and robots were becoming more and more apparent. He ran to the gate and teleported to the Proto Dome. He quickly turned around to see the Museum of Heroes exhibit. He shattered the glass and grabbed the Gate Key. Suddenly, two Proto 3's came out of their storage holds. Robo activated the Gate Key and was sent hurtling through time.

Back at the Geno Dome, any of the surviving humans were thrown on a conveyor belt and sent though a machine. They came out as sealed jars of energy. A disturbing laugh was heard all throughout the dome and a computer switched on. Dalton stood alone at the controls, and he laughed even harder. One R-6 Series robot and one human came forward and two gates appeared. The R-6 went through one and the human through the other. Then he spoke, "Get the Dalton Aero-Imperial II warmed up, we're going hunting."


11,997 BC

Magus had had all he could take of moronic impressions he got from the former Enlightened Ones. Not only were they useless, they couldn't do a thing on their own. He was ready to yell at his servant for the fifth time that day, when he heard a familiar sound. It started in the distance, about twelve miles away. It then got louder, and suddenly, a large silvery object filled the air outside the newly constructed castle of Guardia. He stepped away from his servant and stared out the window. Various townspeople stepped out of their houses too, looking at the large silver object that sat in front of the gates. It was the Epoch, sure enough, but why had it come now, when he was so close to finding Schala. Magus quickly hurried to the front gates and saw a familiar figure jump out of the cockpit. She had purple hair and glasses with an antenna attached to them. She carried a small silver object on her hip and a backpack on her shoulders. Magus walked up to the individual and stared at her for a minute. She has grown up, very lovely, indeed, he thought, no Janus, you must not show feeling, you will look weak. He decided he would speak first.

"Miss Lucca, so lovely to see you once more, I trust everyone, or thing is fine." He gave a smile, "Won't you come in, were we can talk in private." He said glaring at the crowd of onlookers, who dispersed immediately.

"I'm afraid not Magus, we need to get to Gasper ASAP before it's too late." an exasperated Lucca said.

"As you wish, let me grab some things before we leave, may I offer you some refreshment? And maybe a little information?" Magus said walking towards the gates with her. She was seated in the outer hall, while he went to his closet. Pulling out his scythe, he grabbed a silver colored ring, and then his purple cape.

"What did you mean when you said information Magus?" She said watching his feet under the closet door.

"I know that you all will be interested to know this bit, but it comes at a price." He said matter-of-factly.

"I can only guess you want help finding Schala, and we said we would help you, just give us the word." Lucca sighed, it had always been Schala, he was so obsessed, and she was surprised he didn't go insane. Magus looked up and gazed at her right in the eyes. Easy Janus, don't try to push her away. Why do you even kid yourself, do you think you will ever find a mate?

"Bah..." He said under his breath. Lucca looked up at him, and he got the last of his gear around. "do lead the way, dear Lucca." They exited the castle, and passed the guardhouse, where the ignorant servant stood. Magus looked at him and spoke softly. "You have the responsibility, make sure you don't slip, or I'll torture you in ways you can't even imagine."

"Y…yes s…s…ir." The servant quivered by the sight of Magus, knowing full well what could happen to him if he didn't do the job that he was given. Magus boarded the Epoch and while Lucca put his gear into the hold. She then got in and took off towards the future.


1003 AD

Chrono had just knocked on the door when Taban swung it open.

"Ah ha, Chrono, just in time, I have something to give you." Taban said as the boy entered the room. Nothing had really changed to the house after the adventure, other then the great fortune that Lucca's mother had. During their adventure, Lucca traveled back accidentally to help her mother. Now Lara could walk, but liked to sit up in the bedroom, staring out the window. Today though, she was in the kitchen cooking lunch. Chrono sat down and Taban came out with three backpacks. From the sound of them, they held bottles and metal. Chrono had a feeling that they were in for a tough time.

"Chrono, I made these just in case that you might have to adventure in time once more. Each pack is made of a high-grade fabric, woven in with bits of the Sun Stone. The bottles inside are Mega Elixers for your journey, plus I have taken the Revive formula and made it even more powerful. Not only will you come back to life, but it will also boost the drinkers key characteristic. Say for example, you drank it, you would then be stronger for about ten minutes. I figure it will really help when you are in a jam." Chrono could tell Taban had more then out done himself this time.

"What are these little circle things?" Chrono asked inquisitively.

"Barriers, only in smaller form. Easy to swallow and extra long lasting."

"Thanks Taban, these'll come in handy, how do we repay you?"

"Get Lucca to have some fun. That's all." Taban said with a smile.

"I will, oh, what time is it?"

"It's a quarter to." Chrono saw the time and grabbed the three packs, all were lightweight, and easy to carry. "Thanks again Taban, sorry I gotta run." He ran out the door, leaving Lucca's father in the dust yelling. "Be careful, and come back in one piece."


Chrono ran all the way to the palace. He got through the woods easily, knowing where the main place for monsters was. He got to the door and entered, Marle had just reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Are you ready?" He said, peering at the crossbow on her back, and earrings she wore. One was silver, and one was gold, this gave her almost unlimited magic energy. "Here, take one of these," he handed her a pack, "This outta help."

"Lucca should be coming any minute." And if almost on cue, the Epoch slipped into their time period. It landed and Lucca opened the dome.

"Hurry get in!" She yelled, trying to get their attention.

"Hi Lucca, come on out, we gotta a little time." Marle said looking up at her.

"GET IN!!!" She yelled and got them in. "I'll explain on the way. We've got big trouble…" Chrono got up the ramp and strapped in, and Marle was running, when she fell with a scream. Chrono starred back, seeing Marle fall, and a shadow drew back into the woods. Chrono saw what hit Marle, the arrow plunged deep into her back, and he screamed.



EPILOUGE to The Lose

The End of Time

Chrono sat with his back against the lamppost at the End Of Time, he knew that something was not going right after Gasper came out shaking his head then went back in, seeing the circumstances of what happened to the living. Robo, Frog, and Ayla had been in Sprekkio's room for the past hour, trying to help. Lucca stood next to him, as Magus leaned opposite against the wall from Chrono. Both knew they could do nothing, and even if they tried, Chrono wouldn't talk. He just sat there, his face in his hands. Lucca was probably the most astonished about his condition, because in all her life, she had never seen him cry. True she had lost Chrono after the first battle with Lavos, which they climbed Death's Peak to save him. But she knew that Marle meant a lot to him.

"Chrono, can you hear me? I know this is hard, but Marle will come out fine. She's a survivor." Lucca said in a comforting voice.

Magus just gave him the usual stare. True, he hadn't known them all that well when he joined them, but he did understand the meaning of lose. You can't let this bother you so much Janus, it's just the girl, he thought, but you fought with her and the three of you killed Lavos Core together. His other side then kicked in. Little Janus, always relying on others, now you lost a friend, serves you right!!! Did he really think this of the girl. He tried never to show any feeling, but now, he wasn't sure if he could hold it in. A small tear started to form in his eye. Was he capable of crying? How could this be, he had learned from Ozzie himself that you shouldn't cry, even if you are hurt. Now he just simply stood there, trying to find the words to comfort this boy. "Chrono, she was a good sorceress, even better then I may ever try to be. I know how it feels, and…" Chrono looked up and fumed.

"What did you say?" He started to get up, and Magus tried to continue.

"When I was warped to Ozzie's camp, I missed Schala, I tried to cope, and I found that holding it just doesn't…" Magus couldn't finish because Chrono was now in his face, fuming, one hand grabbing Magus' collar, and a fist in the air.

"You don't know how I feel, and you never will." Anger had seized Chrono, and he was ready to punch.

"Take your hand off me, or you'll see death through a black hole." Magus yellow glove turned a dark blue color.

"IF BOTH OF YOU WILL STOP YOUR PETTY ARGUMENT, I have some news." Gasper said, coming out with a sad Ayla, a disappointed Frog, and Robo, carrying a body. Sprekkio, in the form of a Nu, shut the door behind them, and stood next to Lucca. Robo set the body down on the cobblestone courtyard, and Gasper spoke, "I want you all to know that everyone has done the best to his or her effort to help Marle, and we all know she would have done the same for any of us. Mortality is sometimes something we all have to face. Whenever Marle was not on the mission, she was here with me, and we had many a talk about death. We all knew the risks of being who we are now. In the course of History, this is a tragic event, it has thrown the Time Stream into chaos." Gasper was about to continue when Chrono interrupted.

"Gasper, what about Marle?" He was hopping that this was all a joke and Marle would come bouncing out, as happy as ever. "Is…is…. s...she….a…live?" There was a silence for a minute, but it seemed like and eternity, even to Gasper. Finally Ayla broke the silence.

"Marle strong. Ayla, Robo, Frog try help. Marle not strong enough then. Marle no strong now." Ayla fell back and hugged Sprekkio, who could only return it.

"Chrono, we hath tried hard, but thou canst do it. Mistress Nad…I mean Marle ist gone." Chrono stood there and cried. "We're sorry Chrono, Marle is dead." For the second time that day, Chrono screamed in anguish….




Authors note: I hoped you like this first installment of what will truly be a story that will shed light on these characters inner thoughts and feelings. This is my first FanFic, and I need to say some thank you's.

Icy Brian, for whose Webpage would never have given me the idea for this story.

Dark Magus and Krazy Sam, who helped through there FanFic to express how to create this story.

Thanks to all.

All characters, places and things in this story are not mine, for they are SquareSoft's creation, and I use them only to help build. I give them the due Credit they deserve. Chrono Trigger; copyright 1995, SquareSoft

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