The Loss Part 2


By Gasper S. Keltner

End of Time

Ayla had just gotten up for a drink, while everyone else slept at the End of Time. It had been a rough day for them all. She stared out into the black expanse that surrounded this place outside of the time stream. She remembered putting little Zala to bed, and hearing the noise of time ripping open a gate. She ran out of the large hut and saw a silver ship land in the front ground where the clan meetings used to be held. Snow had started to fall that night, and it was not new to Ayla. She had been to the future, and seen what happened to her village; snow and ice had replaced it. Lucca had grabbed her arm and led her up the ramp to the Epoch. Now, after several hours after working on Marle's ravaged body, she could only stand and think. She felt sorry for the young princess, knowing that she did all she could do. They had developed a kinship over there past adventure, plus the fact that they were related. Now, Ayla had felt she had lost her daughter. Listening in the darkness, she heard footsteps. A hand touched her shoulder and she reacted to it quickly. She grabbed the hand of the assailant and flipped him up and over her. She reached down and grabbed the collar and pulled him up.

"Crono, why try to hurt Ayla?" She said picking him up and dusting him off. He just stood there and stared out at what she was looking at before.

"I wasn't." Crono's monotone voice replied. His face had been drained of all color, and his evening was spent alone, sitting in the left-hand corner of the room crying. He had never lost anyone in his life. Marle was his life, now, he was only half there. Ayla looked at him and shook her head. "Ayla, why'd this have to happen today? Why did this happen to her... she... she never hurt anyone." He looked out again, and wept. Ayla quietly left him, figuring it would be the best thing to do.


"Someone is alive... and they want revenge." Magus said in Spekkio's room. The group, minus Crono, woke up the next morning to find Crono still awake, only by the Bucket. After a small, but delightful breakfast made by Spekkio, they decided it was high time to confer. Most of Magus' audience was stunned, while Robo, finding a new emotion sat and analyzed it.

"But who, or what is responsible for the time change?" Frog questioned. "If Sir Robo is correct, how do we correct this problem?"

"We shall find out all in due time, my dear froggy, but I want to know how he opened the gates." Magus answered cynically. "Guru, have you an answer?"

"I just might Janus, but you must give me time to look into the time stream." Gasper spoke in his usual accent. "I think it is time that we investigate for ourselves. Since we have lost a member, and Crono is not at all fit to travel, therefore, he shall stay here with me. Spekkio, I was wondering..."

"Gasper, are you asking me, the Master of War to go out and adventure, I thought you would never ask." Spekkio sat up in his chair, which he made himself, and hurried excitedly towards the small nook he kept his items of war at. Gasper just stared and looked at him.

"Now, our next speaker is Lucca. If you would please step up." Gasper sat down in Lucca's chair as she made her way up to the head of the table.

"I have come up with an invention to help up with our quest. Since the gates have reopened, I made one Gate Key. With that addition, we should all be able in one way or another, travel through time."

"Who take Epoch?" Ayla asked, scratching her back.

"Magus and I will, since the only way to protect us is the Royal Pendent for sure, I will need to get some Dreamstone. Magus has a supply and with the help of Melchoir, I should be able to make enough for all of us." Magus heart suddenly started beating faster. What is wrong with me? He thought, Why is this happening, is it fate that I am with her? He dismissed it and rejoined the real world. Robo was speaking now.

" I have come to the conclusion that with Marle gone, the future dies with her, unless we can go back in time."

"Robo, I have an idea." Everyone looked to the doorway and saw Crono standing there. "We need to go to Belthasar and get a Chrono Trigger, it is the only way to save her."

"Crono, I don't think that's possible, the only one was used to bring you back." Lucca answered. Crono's head suddenly fell, and he ran out.

"Not entirely true, I know there is still one out there, but I must warn you, it will not be easy to get. I created it and placed it in my home on Zeal. But I am afraid that you used that Egg. Our only hope is the Nu in 2300, that is if he is still there." Gasper said.

Lucca looked at the table full of travelers. "Well, since we all have our assignments, I think we should leave. Ayla and Spekkio, can you go to the present and get our supplies. If you could, that would free up Frog and Robo for the next part."

"What will this next part involve Lucca?" Robo replied.

"We need you to go back to the future and find out if Belthasar is still around. If he is, we need a new Chrono Trigger. If not, see if there is any information that can help us with bringing Marle back." Lucca looked around and saw that Magus stared at her. "Well, um...we all know what to do, let's go." They all stood up and looked at each other, knowing this might be their last moment being among the living. Gasper looked at them, but could not see anything beyond the present time stream. How strange, it's almost as if someone or something is blocking the stream. He thought, I must examine it.

Lucca and Magus went to the jump point for the Epoch and left quickly for 11,997 BC while the other four headed to their respective gates.


Crono looked away and headed towards other end of the Main room. He peeked to see if anyone was coming, and with no one in sight, looked under the sheet over the pale face of his only love in life. He stood there for a few minutes when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"She will always be with you Crono, and you will never forget her." Crono turned away after pulling the sheet over her face and looked at Gasper.

"How...she was one in a million. You said it yourself, it was destiny."

"Trust me, I know things will happen." As Gasper finished his sentence a flash of light took them both by surprise. The Epoch had returned. Crono looked up and froze. A person he had never seen before stood at the landing and smiled.

"So, this is where the rats have been hiding." The stranger said looking in awe.

"Who are you," said Crono, "and what do you want?"

"Old Man, I thought you were gone for good. What do we have to do to get rid of you once and for all. Guards!" the stranger yelled, and two robots walked in. They both looked like Robo, but had been modified several times. "Take these two and destroy them. This is now the new execution site for the Kingdom of Dalton!!!"

"Yeah, and I'm a roly. You tried to kill my friends three years ago, and now you have the nerve to come here. This really makes me mad." Crono jumped and pulled out his sword. One of the R-series let his fist fly and punched Crono back down. He landed with a thud and Gasper picked him up.

"Dalton, leave the boy alone, he has not harmed you!" Gasper yelled. Dalton merely laughed and waved his hand. Instantaneously, two giant fireballs lit the room, they circled above the head of Dalton and were let loose. Crono was up in enough time to enact a force field of lightning around the two. The fireballs disintegrated but were backed up by five more. Crono's new spell wouldn't last long, and Crono hadn't the time to come up with Luminare. He quickly created another field and Gasper yelled at him.

"Boy, run for the gates, it's our only chance!!"

"What about Marle!!"

"We'll come back, we must save the living before the dead, I'm sorry." They were up the stairs when the first shield lost its power. The balls of fire hit the second wall full force, plus the R-series robots were using a power surge against it. The second wall would collapse soon, and they would not live long if they stayed around. Gasper ran for the first gate and pulled Crono in. Crono looked at the shrouded body of Marle and yelled. He summoned his magic and shot a Luminare at the robots. Both took defensive positions and rode it through. Dalton saw the body and covered it.

"If you want your friend back, you will give me what I want." He yelled at the two fugitives. "She is my slave now. HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Crono yelled as he was swept up in the gate. Five minutes later, Dalton took the body into the back room. Taking out a vial of yellow-green liquid, he poured it into Marle's mouth. A second later, Marle opened her eyes, which, were replaced by two glowing emerald pupils. She shimmered as the most evil and vile energy she had ever felt flowed through her. She looked at Dalton and took off the shroud.

"I see the potion worked, now, what is your objective?" he asked. She smiled and gave him a long passionate kiss on the mouth. She stopped and looked into his eyes.

"I am yours to command, after Crono dies..."


11,997 BC

Magus had just entered the gate to his castle when the servant ran to him. "Sir, there is a woman here to see you, she says you will know who it is." Magus looked at him and then looked up into on of the castle windows. A woman about ten years younger then him waved. She had blue hair, and a small light emanated from a necklace she wore.

"It couldn't be, she was lost... Magus shook as a cold tremor went up his spine. Lucca looked up and saw a flash of red, as if it was from a necklace.

"Magus,'t be...Not her." She stared in disbelief as the strange young woman walked towards them. Magus fell to his knees, and unbeknownst to Lucca a tear formed in his eyes.



1003 AD

Spekkio stepped out of the portal and followed Ayla to Truce. They got there one half hour later, and went to Crono's house. Ayla knocked on the door and a woman answered.

"Can I help you...say...I know you, I think you are Ayla, right?

"Me Ayla, nice see again, Crono mother."

"Hi, I'm Spekkio, I'm the Master, or God of War, which ever you prefer madam." The purple Nu looked at her, and Crono's mother tried to say hi, but Spekkio interrupted. "You have a good son, I see that your inner character is strong, and pure. You are a good candidate for lightning, like Crono, that is if you want it."

"No, that is just fine," She said, trying to get a word in edgewise. "Have you seen Crono?"

"Uh, well...he's kinda not feeling well now..." Spekkio tried to continue when out of the blue, he saw Gasper being helped by Crono.

"Mother, we need help." She looked off to the direction that the voice came from. To her surprise, she saw an old man in odd clothes, and a boy she knew was her son. Spekkio turned and greeted them.

"Gasper, what a surprise, what are you doing here." Gasper looked at him, then spoke.

"Dalton has the End of Time..."


2303 AD

Robo stepped out of the gate in the Proto Dome. It was dark and quiet. Frog stood next to him, his hand on the hilt of the Masamune. Frog was barely ever at the future, but he knew from all accounts that after Lavos was destroyed, it should have been a beautiful and peaceful place. Now, it was like he was back here three years ago. Robo pointed toward the Enertron and walked over to it.

"If anything happens, we must return here. My new power source only works with this I\O port." Robo plugged in and got schematics for the domes of this time line.

"IO what?" Frog just looked at him. Robo made way for the amphibian and let him go in. Instantly it shut, and flashed to life. Frog felt a warmth flow over his body and the machine shut off. "I can't believe it, I feel ready to take on Magus five times over. Unfortunately though, I'm a bit fasted." They made there way out and towards Lab 32. Johnny stood by the old Jet Bike and jumped up to greet them.

"Hey Robo my main 'bot, what's happening?"

"Not much Johnny, I am wanting to get to the sewer access, is it still clear from Sir Krawlie, or whatever his name was."

"Crystal, but I must warn you. Things have changed. Krawlie ain't in charge no more, it's some guy named...uh...well, it's some guy. So be careful. Oh, you wanna race. We'll ride the wind babe." Johnny said enthusiastically.

"No thank you. It was nice to see you again. And I will be back to race sometime." Robo said thanking him with a handshake.

"No problemo, my man. See ya around." Johnny went off and the two were left alone with the jet bike. Robo started it up and frog hopped in, literally. quickly they were off and five minutes later reached the other side of the lab. They walked towards Arris Dome, but found nothing.

"Robo, what hath happened. I remember Doan and a Dome being here." Frog stared at a crater that was twenty feet deep, and half a mile wide in diameter. Robo turned on his scanners, looking for signs of life. To his dismay, there were none, not even a rat. Frog looked down into the crater and saw ten figures in the distance. He quickly raised a hand and tried to get there attention. Robo turned and freaked, knowing full well they were not human, or even living.

"Glenn, that is not a good idea," The robots came closer, lasers warming up for their next kill. "Sir Frog, they are not people!!!" But it was too late, five of the Proto 5's in the group jumped for Frog. Frog immediately dodged and pulled out his Masamune. He would get some practice today, and his sword definitely wasn't going to rust anytime soon now.


End of Time

Marle woke in a cold sweat. What a strange dream, wait where am I? she thought to herself She looked around and saw no one, save for the two robots. Both were not the color of Robo, but they had his appearance down to the bolt. She got up and saw a cot in the corner. Someone was here, but they were sleeping. She tip-toed over, and lifted the cover. But as she touched it, her hand went right through. She jumped back, nearly hyperventilating. She looked at her arm, and it was only half there. The other thing she saw was the floor beneath her feet. Suddenly, a familiar figure exited Spekkio's room. He was tall with long hair and a cloak. It couldn't be, he was sucked into the Golem Portal!! She was not prepared for what she saw next though. Standing next to him was a young woman about her age, height and weight. Wearing a skin-tight, black leather suit Marle looked at her body and screamed. Luckily no one heard her, Wait, if that's me, is not a dream! NOOO!!!


1003 AD

"Is there anyway to get to 603 AD, if we can, we can set up a place there." Gasper sat in the kitchen of Crono's house, in conference with Spekkio.

"Howabout we talk to Melchoir, he probably has more then enough room for us. And that way, he can help us. I always had a respect for the guy, makes great weapons."

"What 'bout others? Where they find us." Ayla said sitting to the right of Gasper.

"Good thought, we can communicate with them if one of us goes through the gates." Spekkio spoke up trying to get control of the conversation.

"No good, Dalton has the Gates, I just wish we knew how he traveled." Gasper looked defeated, trying to come up with an answer to his own questions. They all sat in silence, not knowing what to do next.


Crono dreamt of the previous day, and kept blaming himself. His dreams shifted from the moment on the Epoch, to the moment they lost the End Of Time. Dalton was winning, but most of all, he had Marle. Suddenly, he saw her body get up off the cot and walk up to him. He stepped back, but it walked trough him. Behind him stood Dalton. Marle's body walked up and kissed him. What's going on! She only kisses me like that, and he tried to kill her. His thoughts were swirling, and he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to find Marle, only he could barely make her out, as if she were a spirit.

"Crono, it's me, Marle. Don't run away! I'm scared...I don't know what happened, but if you see me, don't trust me. Dalton will try to use me." She was touching him. "I had lost all hope that I would ever see you again. I don't have much time, but you must remember all that I tell you." She looked at him through sad eyes, the kind that made Crono love her.

"Marle, I need you...I fell so...alone."

"I know, but please remember that I am always with you. I will always be with you in one way or another. Like I said, time is short. Dalton has locked all the Gates, but there is still a chance. I am visiting Lucca tonight also..." She started to fade. "She has to make another Epoch...the Nu is still'" her spirit faded and Crono was left alone.

"WHY!!!" He yelled into the void between dreams and reality.


11,997 BC

Lucca woke in a cold sweat. She knew what she had to do. She quickly put on a robe and ran towards Magus' chamber. She knocked and waited. No sound. She tried the latch and found it unlocked. She entered and found herself in one of the most dreadful looking bedrooms she had ever seen. But in one corner, she saw a small statue. It was Schala. Earlier they encountered her, but found it to be a clever fake. It was just a former Enlightened on trying to make a quick gold piece. Magus quickly dismissed her with the threat of a Black Hole being her mew home. Now, Lucca finally saw why he loved his sister so much. It was the last embodiment of good left in the former prince of Zeal. She quietly treaded to his bedside and roused him. He dismissed her think she was a dream, but woke up quickly.

"What is it, my dear." He asked in a whisper. His thoughts went to many possible conclusions, but dismissed them just as fast.

"Marle is alive. And we need to go to the future."

"Once again, we must save Sir Froggy I presume."

"What we do doesn't matter. We have to go now." She left him and went to get changed. Magus shrugged and jumped out of bed. Finding his wardrobe closet, he pulled out his clothing. Five minutes later, they were off.




Authors note: So ends the second part of this epic adventure. Some of you need an explanation about Part one. First, I heard from Dark Magus that I spelled Crono's name wrong OOPS. Second, the Epilogue is for the first part only. Thanks again to all who helped, and this is not my creation, it's SquareSoft's, so they have rights. I just made up the Story.


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