The Loss Part 3


By Gasper S. Keltner

Magus was looking for the right words to say it, but they just weren't there. No matter how many times he rehearsed it, he knew he would never get it all out. Lucca stood in front of him, her shoulder length, purple hair flowing in the breeze.

"Lucca," Lucca stared at him, then smirked seconds later she could no longer control her laughter and she burst. Magus was stunned, this was not supposed to be happening, he thought so at least. Lucca now walked up to him and pulled out her Wondershot. Aiming it, she pointed it right in front of Magus heart. He knew that if she fired at this close of a range, he would not live to continue looking for Schala, or not even continue. She just looked at him, not noticing the figure behind her. He wore the finest clothes, and his cape swirled in the wind. The figure let out a laugh and whispered in her ear. She smiled at the thought. Magus brought up a gloved hand, but he knew there was no magic left in him, so he braced himself for the worst. She fired...

Magus woke in a cold sweat. He was back in his castle, the one in 600 AD, not knowing what he had just witnessed. But one sentence did come to mind. Dalton was not alone. A pound on the door awoke him from his trance. Lucca came into the room with her furnished robe on, one of Schala's Robes.

"What is it my dear?"...



Frog leapt out of the way of the attackers. One Proto 5 came dangerously close to ending his dream of being human again. Robo had already taken one out, and was charging his shock generator. Frog jumped in the air and dove for his opponent. A clang was heard, followed by the sound of electricity being released form a dead power cell. Frog didn't see the one behind him, but Robo did. Letting his arm fly, the Uzzi punch ripped right through the now dead robot. Robo retracted it, and Frog winked, a common thank you amongst them. Frog let out a ribbit and slashed at three more this time. Each ended up with a gash, but got right back up. They converged on Frog and tripped him. Robo, was also down on the ground when a sharp snap was heard in the distance. A Proto 5 opened up and began his initial programming directive. But before he could finish it, a spear stabbed through the front of his neck. Frog got up to see the other three laying on the ground, decimated by the same weapon. Magus stood over him and smiled cynically.

"Sir Froggy, is that the best you can do. I thought you knew how to fight. Be thankful that we came in time."

"Aye, Magus, I am quite, but how did you know, and why did you save us in the first place." Frog was looking for am answer, partly because of his and Magus' past feuds. Magus offered a hand to help him up, and Frog accepted. Lucca stood over Robo, and opened his chest compartment, and started working.

"Oh no, they really did some damage, if you guys can wait and watch out for more attackers, then I can get him fixed in twenty minutes at the least." Lucca started to work, and the two enemies stood watch. After five minutes of silence Frog spoke.

"Why did you save me Magus?" Magus just stared into the distance and waited, almost teasingly.

"Because Glenn, you do have your moments of usefulness, and one feels obligated to save the other after what we went through. I never did say thank you for what you did on North Cape. After what I had done to Guardia, and especially Cyrus, I would have expected to die that day. I almost wish I did sometimes. You don't know how hard it is to lose Scala twice in your lifetime." Magus turned and looked at the frog.

"I do understand friend." Frog had found a new respect for Magus today, and when his arch-enemy said Glenn, and he said friend, they both knew that things were different. They stood there for a few minutes, then Magus spoke once more.

"Don't get sappy, I am only in this for myself, and for our self preservation." Frog kept watch over the valley. Suddenly, a cold metal hand grabbed the green swordsmen and Frog turned. Robo stood behind the two, fully operational.

"I do believe that your watch is over, it is time to leave. Magus, will you stay while we take Sir Glenn back to Crono's?"

"Yes." He was left standing there as the three went off to the future. Looking around, Magus laid down his sickle, and sat on the dark ground. Taking out an ether, he drank it eagerly.

"Oh, Prophet, that was so touching about what you said to the green idiot. I never knew you had the words for it."

"Forgiveness is one thing you will never possess. Come out of the closet wizard and fight like a man." Magus glanced around and couldn't find the voice talking to him.

"But I am not a man, dear Prophet, I AM A GOD!!!" The voice was breathing down Magus' neck, and stood quickly, sickle ready and Dark Matter on the mind. "Put down the little knife, before you get hurt. I have a proposition for you. I will exchange the girl for your services ridding the timeline of that infidel Crono. Refuse, and I shall destroy you."

"Will you never learn Ian, that even you cannot destroy someone like the boy. He has faced the almighty Lavos, and lived to tell about it."

"Lavos was a pawn. And that 'boy' as you call him, will die by my hands, like his girlfriend." Ian was certainly fool hardy. Another minute of his hot air, and Magus would be in a hot springs.

"The girl is worth more to Crono then life itself, but you already know that." Magus was hatching a plan, and maybe it would be worth it to join Ian. If he knew what his vision meant, then father and son were both in this plot together.

"I want safe return of the girls body, no tricks. Your Father vanished because of the girl. And it would be unwise to underestimate those two, especially now. Bring her to Fiona's shrine in 1003 AD, and come alone. I will be there in five hours. Turn over her body, and you will gain my services. Any foolishness will result in your death." Magus turned around, and faced the opposite direction to Ian. Ian was smiling, knowing full well, that Magus was his. Magus smiled, this would be Ian's and Dalton's destruction. It was revenge for Schala. "You had better leave, by may calculations, the Epoch will be here quickly, and it would be unfortunate if they saw you. Ian disappeared, and Magus laughed. His plan would work. The Epoch came snapping back into the time stream. It landed, and Magus climbed in. He would tell them of this turn of events...eventually.


1003 AD

"You WHAT!!" Gasper had moderated this next meeting, but nothing had ever prepared him for this.

"I made a deal. I don't know how it will work, but this will need to be planned out. My defection should be a surprise. But through this, we can retrieve Marle."

"That's exactly what we wanted. Man, if we can get Marle back..." Crono stood up and jumped up and down.

"Crono, we can't expect to get her back that easily, you are number one with an arrow. Gasper, do you have any kind of foresight into the future?" Lucca said as she tried to get Crono down from his excitement.

"I am afraid not. But with the added information of Ian AND Dalton together, we can already tell that they want the three of you." He looked at Crono, then Magus. "Marle defeated Dalton, which we still don't know how he lived. She is their main target, she is close to Crono. Magus was the one who took out Ian, and you Crono took out Ian. With this plan, I say they must be getting pretty arrogant." Gasper was still trying to figure out the next part when Ayla butted in.

"Use Crono as bait, Ian and Dalton come out from rock."

"She is right, I thinkth that this might be a good idea. We will hide, and then use our best offense against these menaces." Frog continued her thought.

"We must go at once. Ian will be waiting. Crono, I will need to probably show some kind of loyalty. I will use my Black Hole spell. Frog, please accompany him, along with Robo, you will be sent to the End of Time. I will not kill you." Magus smiled. "Lucca, next you will enter the shrine with Ayla, get Marle and get out. Bring it back here."

"From there, Crono must revive Marle before Magus' little show, her soul is waiting, and then the real attack will begin. The Battle for the End of Time. Sounds interesting." Gasper yawned and stretched.

"And if we lose?" Crono asked.

"Then there will be the abyss to pay."


Fiona's shrine was still as tall and splendors as it was the day it was dedicated. Ian had waited there for three hours now. And the body of Marle rested on the alter where Robo once laid for 400 hundred years. Dalton also stood in the room, but hidden.

"The Balcony gives you such a nice view of the place. It is to bad that it will be destroyed, along with my lovely bride to be. Dearest Marle, are you ready to die?" Dalton looked down on his pawn. He knew full well that the demon in her would not live that long, but he had had his way with her. Like the many other women he had in Zeal, she meant nothing to him. He almost hated to kill her, but she almost killed him. His long wait for rescue from the Golem Hole finally came when Ian summoned his first monster. Almost dead, and very unstable, he had waited for this moment for three long years. Ian, on the other hand, wanted the very same as his father did, but for different purposes. One month after the destruction of Lavos, Ian surfaced. Kidnapping all but Crono, Magus, and Spekkio, he used them for bait. Crono had come to the rescue with the aid of Magus, but not after Marle was tortured, leaving a scar that would never heal, but making them realize there were still a few people out there that would want revenge. His scar had been covered well over time, but the fact remained, that it was Crono's fault.

"Father, when we have Crono, I want him all to myself." Ian yelled to the top of the shrine. The door flew open and in walked Magus and Crono.

"I have come Ian, now give me the girl's body or you will die." Magus gave his sickle to Crono, and strode up to the alter area. Looking at the body, he motioned for Crono to come forward. "Take her and leave Crono, I have no quarrel with you." The piercing glance of Magus' eyes on Crono told the boy to leave. He raised his hands in the air, and used his Life spell. Unlike his or Marle's, this one reacted differently. They all heard an agonizing wail as the demon of the Golem Boss left her body. Marle's spirit ran to her body and touched the finger. Using what little magic she had in the non-material world, she poured her soul into the body; a gold aura surrounded the alter. She gasped for air and opened her eyes, then got up and hugged Crono. Ian walked over to Magus and smiled.

"Isn't love grand. I knew you of all people would respect power. Now, destroy the boy!!!" Crono quickly whipped out the Rainbow and got in a fighting stance. They heard a noise, and Glenn and Robo ran in. Still confused, Marle could only watch the onslaught.

"Magus, thou hast betrayed us." Frog lifted the Masamune high, while Robo turned on his fight program.

"Destroy them Prophet!!!" Ian raged, Dalton stood on the balcony, still watching. The fight insued. Magus threw out his arms, and a black hole opened up. Like they planned, Magus let them struggle to not fall in. The suction of the hole/gate grabbed the three, and pulled them in. They were instantly transported to the End of Time. Lucca and Ayla barged in and ran to the alter area, they grabbed Marle, and turned around. Dalton, saw his chance. He jumped up and landed thirty feet below. With the former guard blocking the only exit, Ayla jumped into fighting stance. Letting out a roar, she leaped at him, but was suddenly trapped in a bubble, shot by Ian. Lucca turned and aimed her Wondershot. Ian pointed at her, and she froze. Walking back up the stairs, her eyes turned white. She walked over to Ian, and stood at his side. Ayla gasped for air in the bubble, but after thirty seconds of struggling to break free, collapsed and went in to unconsciousness. Marle stared at Dalton. She instantly grabbed for her crossbow, but found it was not there. She couldn't concentrate on a spell. She was trapped.


End of Time

Frog landed on top of his two companions. They were in Spekkio's room again. They all got up and Robo used his sensors.

"There is no one here. We should be able to take this place back easily." Crono pulled out his sword, and a spell on his mind. Frog leapt towards the door and stepped to one side. Robo walked over to the other side. Crono was in front of the door right now, and started to rise. Beams of light spread out towards the door...


"So, you thought that you could really get away with this. Bring in the others." Dalton commanded. Two robots came in with Crono's mother and Gasper, both in a trance like state. "I now have your comrades, and the others are dead..." Lucca stepped up and spoke in a monotone voice.

"The three are at the.."

"Lucca, NO!!!" Magus and Marle yelled at the same time.

"...the End of Time."

"Thank you dear. Ian, you know what to do. The boy is yours. Be quick about it." Ian disappeared. Dalton turned his attention to Magus. "Prophet, so, you have tried to trap us. You will die now. Unless, you..." Dalton fumed.

"Get it over with, Dalton. I really don't feel like listening to this." Magus shot back. A small wisp of gas floated in, unnoticed.

"NO! You will listen, I have waited three long years. You will listen the you will die. Now, who shall I kill first. Oh, I do plan on killing you girl. But this time, you will be dead for much longer." Dalton laughed, knowing he would now have his revenge.

Magus saw the mist. And smiled.


...suddenly there was an explosion. Crono flew back and landed on the other side of the room. Ian stepped in and Frog attacked. Using the Masamune, he sliced towards the neck. Ian vanished and reappeared behind Frog. Casting a spell on Robo, he made sure to make Frog invisible to his sensors. Robo saw Ian, and Uzzi Punched him. Hitting the invisible shield, Frog flew into the wall behind him. Ian transported behind Robo, and turned off the R-series hero. Looking at the three would-be attackers he cast a spell. Teleportation was such a draining spell, but he would have time to rest later. Transporting them to the shrine, should not be to hard. The four were gone in a flash, and the End of Time was quite once more.


"Prophet, I am very surprised that you of all people would not want to rule again." Dalton stood over the body of Ayla, and kicked her. With a groan, she rolled down the aisle.

"Leave the rest of them alone Dalton, they have no business with you."

"On the contrary, she," pointing to Ayla, "was the one who helped the girl. Maybe, this primitive being would like the Golem hole for a new home." Dalton started to summon his hole. The mist grew thicker over the heads of Magus and Marle. Marle looked up then looked at Magus. He smiled and she knew who it was. "Now for you my dear...what is going on!" The mist started to form a shape. Magus pushed Marle and chanted. High winds picked up and Spekkio appeared in the form of the combined Masa and Mune.

"You have a bad inner character, I will have to fix that. Magus get Marle out of here." Spekkio summoned a Dark Bomb. Exploding near Dalton, it formed a rainbow like ring around him. Magus stopped chanting, knowing Dark Matter was not needed. He grabbed the princess and ran out the door. They entered the Epoch, and warmed the engines. Spekkio ran out the door in the form of a Nu. Jumping over the Epoch, he landed in the back seat, opposite Marle. The dome closed. Engines roaring, they entered the time warp.


"Father, I have found the..." Ian strode through the door of the shrine, followed by his three captives. "What happened here!" He looked around and saw his father, Dalton, lying on the ground, stripped of his magic. "YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS PROPHET!!!" Unfortunately, Magus would not here Ian's yell...


603 AD

Entering the Middle Ages, Epoch flew towards the castle of King Guardia. It landed and Marle ran down the platform. Walking up and into the castle, she headed for the throne room. Magus shut down the Epoch with Spekkio's help. Spekkio stared at it, and raised his voice.

"This will not do. I think we need to cover it with a certain camouflage." Instantly, a sapling sprouted out of the ground. Another one followed, and another on after that. The Epoch was soon covered by a protective covering of leaves and wood. Magus looked at him.

"How do we get it out if we are in a hurry."

"I will simply recall the trees. See." Spekkio punched at the thick trunk in his way. It rippled, then turned back to normal. Magus stood in awe.

"You must teach me that sometime."

"I will, but you have to help me on a little shadow magic in return."

"Deal." They shook on it.


"King Guardia, I need help." Marle ran through the doors and looked for her ancestors. Queen Leene was in the room with the chancellor.

"Why, Marle, it is so nice to see you, how long has it been, one, maybe tow years?" Leene didn't even look a day over thirty.

"Yes it has, but I need a favor, can you help me."

"Why, yes, I'm sure what ever it is...WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!!!!" Magus entered, followed by Spekkio. Guards came into the room, and Magus just stood there.

"Queen..., Leene, Magus is helping us. He helped us defeat Ozzie and his gang, plus, he killed Lavos." The guards eased up, and Magus stepped over.

"Queen Guardia, I mean you no harm. When you were kidnapped, I was used as the bad guy, when it was actually Ozzie, Flea, and Slash's war. I was used and had no clue what was really going on. Cyrus, was a casualty, and I do feel for his and Glenn's lose. He...was a good warrior." Magus stood back and let Spekkio look at her. Leene, contemplated for a minute, then shook her head.

"Magus, the kingdom can maybe not ever forgive you for this grievous war, but I forgive you. Thank you for helping my descendent. We will provide for you three the best accommodations while you are here. Marle, I am sure the king will be glad to see you once again. Please rest and relax, our home will be your home for the time being." Leene called for the servants. Spekkio suddenly remembered what he was going to say.

"My you have a strong inner character, would you like magic." Leene looked at the small Kiwala standing in front of her.

"Oh, I simply would not know what to do with them if I did. But please make yourself at home...oh, I didn't quite catch your name."

"I am Spekkio, the Master of War. I still think you should have magic." Marle walked over to him and spoke into what she thought was an ear.

"Spekkio, I think see means it."

"Oh, well then, lets get some rest. Goodnight Queen Leene." The Nu fell asleep till Marle awoke him.

"It might be a good idea to sleep out of the way, maybe by the bed."

"But I like it hear." Spekkio retorted. Magus looked at the squabbling kids, then at Leene. She stared back, and Magus spoke.

"YOUR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY YOU STUPID NU!!!" Both Marle and Spekkio turned to him and meekly walked down the stairs. "I am sorry about this incident, please, make sure that we are not disturbed. Also, please make sure that no one knows that we are here."

"Yes..sure Sir Magus. May I ask a personal question?"

"If you please, my lady." Magus bowed slightly. Leene was surprised.

"Why is it that you tried to have us all killed? We had never tried to hurt you."

"My lady, I arrived into this time after a horrid accident caused by my mother. I was fostered by Ozzie when he found me in the Truce canyon. I was tutored by Flea for many years, which is where I learned that Lavos can be summoned. I was also trained by Slash, which why I use a sickle. As the years progressed, I found more hatred for humans because of my mother, and what she did to Schala. One day, I looked in a fountain and saw that I had even changed.

With these changes became increase hatred towards all that is good. For my betrayal of the human race, I grew more pointed ears and developed a more pale skin color. By the time I was 28, I was slitting throats. You had just married into the Guardia line, and Cyrus and Glenn were after me. That fateful day in the mountains, I killed him. But something in me told me it was wrong. I also spared the Frog's life because it felt right. Truthfully, I don't blame him for wanting to kill me." Magus looked away. Leene summoned him down to the kitchen. They sat at the side table, and Leene got a glass of water for the prince. He drank it down to the last drop in seconds and refilled it himself.

"I am sorry to interrupt. Please continue." Leene was genuinely interested. Magus pulled out his amulet and laid it on the table.

"Schala gave this to e a week before the tragedy. Unknown to me, it has saved my life dozens of time. I want to give this to you. It can only be charged by the Mammon Machine, but that is nearly impossible now. This is a birthright that was given to me, and I understand that you, yes, you Leene, our my descendant. Give this to your daughter, and pass it down thru the family. One day, a young woman will lose it at a fair, and a young man with wild red hair will pick it up for her. This will start an adventure for them, and they will meet you. History is a loop. It will return to you unknowingly, I am sorry to cut it short, but this day has tired me, thank you for asking about my history. I hope it shall provide some light on what happened those 13 long years ago. Good night, your majesty." Magus started up the stairs. Leene looked at the amulet, and looked at the stairs.

"Magus, your mother was Queen Zeal." Magus turned and looked at her.

"Yes, she was a queen, you would have enjoyed our kingdom. Good night."

"Magus, one more thing, if we are related, why did you try and kill me?"

"I knew, but time cannot be changed. Ponder this for a while. Good night your highness." Magus walked up the stairs. Leene finished her drink and left for her quarters.


End Of Time

Crono woke up with another headache. The last thing he remembered was slamming against the wall in Spekkio's room. He looked around, and saw Robo in the corner. With no glowing in his eyes, Crono knew he was turned off. Frog was hung in the corner. Shackled to the wall by his arms, the amphibian was going no-where for a while. Trying to get up, Crono found both hands and feet in shackles. Deja' Vu, he thought.

"I see you are awake. Well, how is that you are able to kill a source of more power then this puny world could ever imagine. Yet, you fail in trying to free your friends." I should have killed you when I had the chance." Ian spit on him. Crono flinched and spit back. "Defiant I see."

"No, ya don't say. I thought that I would just sit and ponder why you are such a moron."

"Oh, so you are down to name-calling, well, for that why don't we bring in our first guest. GUARDS!!!" Ian called out to his flunkies. The two robots walked in with Ayla being held by chains.

"Ayla! Break out! Try to fight!"

"It's no use, she is not capable of hearing you. Well, what shall we do with her. Father had suggested the Golem Hole, but I wanted to come up with something more creative. Guards, leave her. Take the lizard and the toy out for right now." The robots did as Ian said, and left. Ayla, still in chains, stood up and looked at Crono. " I will give you two minutes to talk. If you have not reached the decision of your surrender to me, then I will freeze her, and trust me, no ball of fire will get her out." Ian left. Crono looked up at the cave woman.

"Crono hurt?" She asked curiously.

"Not to bad. Are you OK? How many people out there?"

"Not bad, there Lucca, Frog, Crono's Mother, Old Man."

"How about Ian?" Ayla thought for a second.

"Dalton and Ian out there. Two Metal Man out there too."

"Ayla, when they open the door, you have to help get everyone out of here. Even if it means leaving me." Crono looked at her once more. Knowing full well this might be the last time he would see her, he motioned for her to lean down to his mouth. She did. "I can't let any of you die, I have to surrender. When you get everyone out, tell them to not come and get me. Also, tell them I couldn't ask for better friends. And tell, Mother and Marle, that I love them both. And make sure they feed my cat too." She got back up and looked at him.

"Crono strong, we come get you."

"No...don't. It will just get you killed. Get everyone out, then get them back to their times. I will take care of these two." Dalton barged through the door and grabbed Ayla's hair. Dragging her out, Ian cam in.

"So, do we have a verdict?"


603 AD

Marle woke up from her best dream yet. Her and Crono were on a beach, at her fathers new summer manor by Cyrus' grave. They sar there alone, together again. They wouldn't have any trouble from now on. But that was a dream. And she realized that not all dreams ended happily. Looking around, she found her clothes. Both beds were already made, and Magus' equipment was not around. She got dressed and went over to the kitchen. Magus sat in the corner, eating by himself. Spekkio on the other hand sat in the crowd, by Leene, and by the Knight Captain. One seat was left and Marle passed it up. She walked over to Magus and sat down. He put down his spoon and looked at her. She stared back and began conversation.

"So, what do we do now?" He shook his head and thought about it.

"I am not the leader, you are."

"But I don't know how to lead. I only took over, because Crono was gone. Now, I can't possibly fight Dalton AND his son. Ian almost killed me!!"

"Then all is lost, NADIA, personally, I would have enjoyed seeing you kick Ian out of this mortal coil. Good luck, I will be going to my castle now. I'm glad to see that we saved you for nothing. I would have thought that you, Princess NADIA Guardia, would be able to help a friend, after they risked it all to save you. Good day to you all." And in a puff of smoke, Magus vanished.

"I...I...Spekkio, what do I do." She turned to the Nu. "I don't know what to do."

"Marle, I can't help you. But I know someone who could."

"Who's that?"

"I can't tell you. You must discover it for yourself. I'll be around." Spekkio took the form of a bird and flew up the stairs and out of the room. Marle sat back down in her chair.

You do know what to do, don't you Marle? Marle turned and looked around. Everything turned to stone and the world went black. She could see herself, and in the distance, a bright light.

"Who are you?"

I am the Entity, and I have come to help you. I try to help people when I can, Crono was one of them. Even Magus sought my advice. Now, it is your turn.

"I don't know what to do. Crono is in trouble, and Ian has my friends. It's hopeless." She lowered her head.

It is not hopeless. Were you not the one who convinced Crono and Lucca to destroy Lavos. People like you have a power that is even beyond my own. Marle, it is your choice. I can only tell you two possible futures. One, you will succeed in getting Crono back.

"But...but, what's the other one?"

You and Crono will be killed by Dalton and Ian. You may choose either one. But I cannot intervene. Just remeber, when you were on top of Death Peak, you felt one of the most important feelings. You know one for sure.

"Loyalty? But what is the other one?"

That is for you to find out. Search deep within you, Nadia Guardia. This is all I can give you, for it is not my right to interfere completely in mortal events.

"I have one more question!"

Ian is not immortal. His power may be great, but he will never be immortal. I have made sure of this. I must take my leave. Remember, the one feeling other n loyalty you and Crono have for each other. Suddenly, time resumed. Marle looked around and saw everything moved once more.

"Love." Leene looked at her, and questioned.

"I'm sorry dear, did I miss understand you?"

"Queen Leene, thank you for your hospitality. I can never repay. I have to go, make sure that no one records we were here. Thanks again!" She ran up the stairs and out the main door. The Epoch was parked in front of the castle She saw Spekkio inside. She pushed the dome unlock button and the ramp came down. I'm gonna have to thank Lucca for putting in that ramp. Runnig up, she Pushed the button and warmed up the engines. Spekkio awoke quickly.

"Marle, what's going on?"

"We are getting out of here. I have job to do."

"What about Magus?"

"We'll pick him."

"That won't be necessary." A voice said coming from the seat next to the Master of War. "I see you to, have recieved advice from a friend."

"So what are we going to do?" Spekkio asked.

"Were going to..." Out of nowhere, a gate opened up and out popped Frog, Robo, and Lucca. Ayla, Gasper, Crono's mother appeared out of no where. Marle shut down the engines of the Wings of Time, and dropped the ramp. She ran out followed by Magus and Spekkio. Lucca looked up and stared at the person healing her.


"Just rest Lucca. Spekkio, can you take them into the castle" Marle moved to Ayla, while Magus tended to Frog and Robo. "Ayla, where is Crono?"

"Crono stay, says love you and mother. Gonna bash Ian and Dalton." Ayla suddenly passed out with exhaustion. She let Spekkio take care of Ayla and went over to Lucca quick. Picking up the bag she always carried with her, Marle took out the Gate Key. Magus looked at her.

"Marle, what are you doing?"

"I have to save Crono." She went over to the Epoch's cargo hold and took out her crossbow. The Valkyrie, her favorite weapon glittered in the sunlight. Improved over the year, it had been retooled by Melchoir to include elements of the Sunstone, and the Rainbow Shell. Her accuracy had also increased, and she was now a deadly shot. Spekkio looked at her now.

"Marle, take these." He tossed her a backpack. She looked inside and found two magic tabs, two speed tabs, and five elixirs.

"Thanks Spekkio." She swallowed the four tabs, and hooked three elixirs to her belt.

"Be careful Marle, and bring him back safely too. I know you can do it. And do me a favor, shoot Dalton for me...and Schala.'

"I will." She looked back, seeing why she was doing this. She owed it to herself, her friends, and especially for Crono. Disappearing into the forest, Spekkio and Magus watched her vanish. They stared into each others eyes, and magus spoke.

"This will be a turning point. She had better come back.'

"She will," said Spekkio, "Or we'll be down by two."

"There are always more that will fight. I have a feeling that will be seeing them soon. Now, let us get them," pointing at the group around them, "into the castle."


Marle ran for two minutes. She stopped at a clearing, and took out the Gate Key. Turning on the switch, she made a small blue ball of matter appear. She looked at it and pushed another button. The Gate Key's top spokes spin, and the blue ball grew to her size. She made a wish to the Entity, and jumped in...


To be Concluded...


Authors note: Just a quick thank you Dave Church and Krazy Sam. Enjoy the story, and look for the Conclusion.


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