The Loss Part 4


By Gasper S. Keltner

The End of Time

It was dark in Spekkio's room. Crono had been there for the past two days, and it was getting worse. After Ian deposited everyone else in 603 AD, Crono was beaten around the room. His hands and feet were shackled, meaning, that there was no way to fight back. Ian let up for a while, then let his guards in on the fun. Dalton stood outside laughing, knowing full well that no one would never come for him. Yet Dalton could not help but wonder. He had had his revenge on the blonde woman, and he made sure to hurt the frog, but, it was the princess that infuriated him. He had killed her, but his son decided his revenge was more important. Now, they had the boy, but Dalton wanted more.

"Ian, come out, NOW." His son was like him in a way. Ian walked out, but made sure the yelling continued. Both father and son enjoyed hearing an enemy scream.

"What father." Ian walked out the door, and looked at him.

"Are you sure the girl will come?"

"Father you are really starting to bug me. Just sit in the corner and let me handle this." He knew Dalton would not complain. Drained of power, Dalton was now a weakling. Ian only carried him along because of their blood. Now, it was starting to annoy him. "Now, let me get back to what I'm doing.

"NO. My son will not carry me along. Let us have it out, right now. I will not be underhanded by some snot-nosed infidel." His hands lifted, and to both man's surprise, Dalton casted a fireball. Ian stood there, and laughed.

"Do you not get it old man. I am not your son, GOD'S HAVE NO FATHERS!!!" The fireballs hit him and dissipated. Ian chuckled. "Father, you will die for this."

"NO, you...can't kill me." Dalton started back-peddling. Ian walked towards him.

"I will summon a Black Hole. If you thought the other hole was doom, you will love this." A hole started to appear. Dalton struggled against the pull. Ian threw a small lighting bolt, and hit Dalton in the heart. The shock to his body stopped his heart, therefore ceasing his life. The dead body, and one of the last survivor of Zeal, flew into the hole with no effort of struggle. It closed and Ian got back to work.


Marle stepped out of the time gate, and stood in the gate room. She quickly looked around and thought of a plan. The gate swung open and footsteps were heard walking up the corridor to the Gate room. Marle hid around the corner of the opening to the hall and cocked her crossbow. The two R-series came forward, and scanned the room. Marle Shot at one and hit it right in the head. It malfunctioned, and dropped, dead. The other one spun around, and opened up his chest plate getting ready for a Mega Shock. This was her chance, the quad ended and she shot again. Hitting it right in the power box, it exploded, shooting shrapnel all over the area. Two chunks about a quarter of an inch thick, hit her in the leg. She fell over and another set of footsteps was heard. She struggled over to the other side of the room. Ian walked through the opening and looked around. Not being able to seeing her through the pillars of light, he walked away and into Spekkio's room. She put Haste on herself, and ran toward the nearest wall to the short hallway. Pulling off a bottle of elixir, she drank it quickly. The wounds on her leg healed up, and she would have a slight limp, so she rested until the limp went away. She wanted to be in top fighting condition for what was to come.


Ian knew something was up. The robots were dead, Dalton was dead, and soon Crono and the interloper would die soon. He went back into Spekkio's room, and looked at the beat-up form of Crono.

"Well, I see that we have a visitor. They will soon be here with you." Crono looked up at him. His body burnt, his eyes blackened, his lip swollen, and at least on broken bone.

"'s...who I...think it is, you'll be in worse condition then me." Crono struggled to stay conscience, but he couldn't. Ian smiled, then kicked him in the rib. Well, there's two ribs broken.

"She will die too."


Marle looked around the main room. The lamppost shone, lighting the room. The bucket sat in the place it always had. On the other side, the heal point sat. She never knew how it worked, but it had saved there lives many times over. She touched and she felt relieved. She looked around once more, and saw no one. Where's Dalton. Then she saw the eyepatch. She knew what had happened. And she didn't like it.


"She is here isn't she." Ian opened the door, but no one was there.

"She fooled you..." Crono coughed, "she's already got you in the palm of her hand." Ian looked at him, and shot lighting down on him. He crumpled. Ian let up, and laughed.

"Now, shall die." Ian shot more, and Crono screamed.


"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Marle looked around and heard Crono. Then laughter followed. She knew who was torturing him. She knew that if the light kept shining, she would be found. She aimed her crossbow at the top of the lamppost. The arrow flew, and glass shattered.


"What was that!" Ian turned and saw the light under the door go out. "So she is trying to hide. She will now die!" Ian flung open the door and Crono tried to look up,

"" He fell into unconscenceness. Ian lit a small glowing ball. He went out the door.


She saw the light. It clearly illuminated the room and her hiding spot was seen. Her cross bow ready, and an Ice spell ready, she shot at his heart.


Ian looked around and saw a red aura. He saw the arrow. It was to late.


Marle froze the arrow, much like an ice sword, or ice tackle spell. It struck him.


Ian tried to dodge, but it was to late. The arrow hit him in the left side of the chest cavity. He fell over, and Marle ran past him. Entering Spekkio's room, she found Crono. His body was in the fetal position. Steam rose after the mass electrocution he suffered. Not having much energy left, she casted her last spell. Her hands took on a glow, and she touched him. Crono's body took on a small sparkle. It spread, and a gold aura covered him. His eyes fluttered and he looked up. She smiled and kissed him on the lips.


Ian was alive. He knew it. Though mortally wounded and severely weakened, he tried to get up. Struggling to his feet, he took out a small knife from his boot. He entered the adjacent room.


"I'll never let this happen to you again. I'm sorry that I wasn't here sooner." Marle spoke in her softest voice, and Crono lay in her lap. She took out her last two elixirs. Opening one, she helped Crono drink it. She heard a noise. Crono finished the potion, and saw the shadow. Marle turned and saw Ian running towards her, knife in hand. She couldn't get her crossbow cocked in time. Five feet away, Ian suddenly let out a gasp, as his stomach retracted, sending his head and feet forward. His body was picked up by the invisible assailant. Ian's body was thrown down on the ground, and his murderer appeared. Blood dripped on the floor, and Ian died in agony. The magic energy stored in him was released, and his body was cremated. Marle and Crono stared at the shimmer. Magus appeared, his weapon in hand. The end of the scythe was bloodied.

"You should watch your back a little better. But I also must say, good show." Magus bowed his head, and Marle acknowledged. Magus offered his hand, and the helped Crono stand. It had been a long week. They headed toward the tube of lights. Entering one, they disappeared. The End of Time was once again silent.


1003 AD

"Nadia, I was so worried." King Guardia XXXII looked at his daughter.

"I'm fine daddy, but I need to get to Crono's house now." She left the court.

"All right Nadia, but if he tries anything..." He called out to her.

"He won't, and it's Marle." She yelled back.


"A toast, to all of you. After this much adversity, I think we all need a vacation." Gaspar raised his glass as they stood in Crono's house. "I also thank you Marle and Magus, for giving Spekkio and I a place to go back to."

"Now that Dalton and Ian are gone, does that mean Robo's time is back to normal?" Marle said, looking at the robot.

"My time has been restored, and I have already sent a message through to Mother, Already, we are heroes, for we saved time once more." The conversation kept on, and Magus slipped out of the room. Lucca noticed, and followed him outside. He walked to the coast line, and stared, drinking is beverage. Lucca finally caught up to him.

"So..., are you gonna search for Schala again?" Magus turned, acknowledging her presence. "You never even answered our question last time."

"What I do, is my business. Lucca, do you believe in love?" He turned away.

"Well, yes...but, what are you talking about Magus?" her quizzical look was predictable.

"I was just wondering. I must go back soon, there is much work to do." He walked back to the house, and Lucca didn't know what to think.


"Everyone," Gaspar got all of their attentions, and slowly started to speak, "I have some good news and bad news. Which one would you rather hear?"

"Go for the bad, then the good news seems so much better." Marle said, sitting on the couch with a still bruised Crono.

"Well, I hate to say it, but the gates have once more become unstable." Marle's mouth once more dropped open wide. Everyone's eyes had Gaspar in their sight.

"That mean we go now." Ayla said, trying to comprehend their words.

"No, fortunately it does not, but it does mean that we will have to leave each others company in two days. This also means that we will not see each other after until six years from now. That is all I can say." Gaspar smiled knowing full well what would happen them all. Loved ones reunited, young ones growing up, changes. He would be able to see them, but he could no longer interfere for a long time. Crono's cramped house was alive with activity for at least three more hours, as each of them talked about their lives and adventures of the past three years. Spekkio tested them all again in practice, losing every time, even to Ayla. They all recieved a small band, made especially for this occasion by Melchoir. The ended, and most of the group went to the castle to sleep. Robo, had arrangements at Lucca's house. Crono, bid them all a good night, especially Marle, closed the door. Helping his mother clean up the small mess, he then went up to his room. Looking at his Poyoyzo doll, he fell asleep. A small sparkle guarded him through the night.


Their last two days together as a team was spent in happiness. With the festival going on, they signed more then their fair share of autographs. Magus poured through any and all of the royal records of Guardia, yet still found no mention of his beloved sister. Glenn on the other hand had his time, retraining Crono, making both of their skills using the sword, even better. Lucca and Robo worked in helping each other, including Robo's help in developing corrective lenses. Marle and Ayla, enjoyed traveling together trough most of the eastern continent. All in all, they had their time together. Finally, on the night of the second day, they gathered where their true lives started. The Teleporter had been taken down less then a week after the incident. The Time gate opened, and they all stared at it. Ayla, strode toward the swirling blue mass.

"Ayla have fun again. Take care all." Marle came up to her and gave her a hug.

"Thanks four your help. Be careful." Ayla looked back, and leapt into the portal. Magus stepped forward. looking at the rest of them, he felt a new feeling. Hope. Marle had shown in it. Crono had shown it. The Entity had been right about the two. Frog stepped up to him.

"Thank you Magus, I will never forget your help, friend." Magus looked at him.

"It is the least I could do." He looked back at the gate, and felt small drops of water come out of his eyes. He looked back quickly and Marle spoke.

"Thanks for saving of Magus, we couldn't have done it with out you. And thank you for the smack of reality, I will remember this." He bowed his head, and hovered into the gate.

"I guess it is my turn." Frog looked at Crono and shook his hand. "You have the makings of a good swordsmen. Princess, take care of him. Lucca, you take care of both of them." Marle came up to him once again, and kissed him on the cheek. Frog thanked them all, winked at Robo, thanking him once more, and jumped into the gate. Robo stepped up. Lucca looked at him, and hugged him. Robo returned the hug and shook Crono's hand, much like Frog.

"Good bye Robo, we'll write!" Marle said waving. Robo turned and walked towards the gate. Stepping in, he felt oil in his eyes again. He wiped it away, and stepped into his own time again. Gaspar stood next to Spekkio, next to the gate. Spekkio looked at he three, and smiled.

"Thanks for the adventure. We'll have to do this again." The Nu stepped in, and left the flow of time. Gaspar stared at them and also smiled.

"You three really know how to put an old man through a lot!. Good-bye my friends, I will see you in five years, 364 days, ten hours, and thirty-minutes." Gaspar started for the gate, and Lucca realized she forgot something.

"Gaspar, take this." She held out the Gate key, and gave it to him.

"Thank you Lucca, good luck with him and the eyes."


"You'll see..." Gaspar stepped through the gate.


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