Darkness Falls Epilogue

By Gemini83

Kaede nervously walked up to the edge of the beach, heading to the place in his dreams, the summit of the hill overlooking the shores. As he neared, he saw her...standing alone.

Aeris looked so forlorn, so alone out there, all by herself. He couldn’t imagine how it must have been for her, seeing him fall, a hair’s length away from death. His own dreams had dashed his hopes, destroyed his reason. He literally had died...only to be given this second chance to set things right.

He neared closer, a scant few feet from her, and found he could not speak. His hands trembled, his body shook with anticipation.

Finally, he managed to whisper her name.


Aeris heard the voice again, calling to her. She allowed herself to hope again, then reminded herself that it was just the wind, playing tricks on her again.

He had fallen into a deep sleep weeks ago. Aeris had lost all hope of his return after the battle, only to find that Kaede hadn’t died, but had held onto the edge, caught between life and death. That had been almost worse, for several agonizing days, Aeris had despaired, hoped as things seemed to get better, and broken down as no improvement was made. For days it had been like that


Aeris lifted her head at the sound. It was...different now, different from all the other days, all the other fleeting dreams she had had of Kaede. Planet, she missed him. Aeris contemplated the hill, thinking how if it was a little higher, she would probably have jumped, joining Kaede forever.


Again she heard the voice, teasing and tormenting her. Wasn’t it enough that she ached, day in and day out, by his bedside? It was like a prod, daring her to do something foolish...daring her to end it all. Aeris sniffed once, then strengthened her resolve again. She wouldn’t do anything foolish. Save the melodramatic death scenes for “Loveless.” The actors could keep them. Aeris would content herself with her hopes. Kaede would want it that way.

“Aeris...” this voice was more pronounced this time. If she didn’t know any better, Aeris would have thought Kaede was behind her.

The Planeswalker was tired. Why wasn’t Aeris listening to him? Was she purposely ignoring him? Then he delved into her thoughts, sharing that special bond he shared with her, and understood.

He stretched out with his mind, ‘I’m not a dream, nor a ghost...not this time...not ever again, I love you, now and forever...’

He said it again, “now and forever...Aeris...”

She turned around, slowly, not daring to believe. Kaede saw her eyes sparkle with newly rekindled hope as she gazed at him once more...

...In a heartbeat, they were in each others’ arms, kissing with a strength and passion that only two lovers could share.

Aeris melted against him, reveling in the way her body molded against his. There was no more doubt, no more fears, no more ghosts...she was in his arms again...and that was all that mattered.

Aeris drew back, taking in a breath, “it’s been a while...I like the new look, non-pale skin is much better on you, save the pallor for Vincent...”

Kaede grinned, “a week of setting by my bedside, worrying yourself to death, and now you’re joking with me?”

Aeris arched an eyebrow, “who told?”

Kaede mirrored her reaction, “who didn’t?”

The kissed each other once more.

“Hi,” said Aeris.

“Hi,” returned Kaede.

They lost themselves in each others’ eyes, simply enjoying their closeness. Then a ship flew overhead, jarring them from their reverie.

“Is that Kitana?” asked Kaede.

Aeris shook her head, “Kitana and the Highwind are in for repairs, that’s another ship.”

The Planeswalker took a closer look at the glyphs adorning the sides of the craft. He looked at the horizon, the sun was still setting.

“‘They’ll be here before nightfall,’” remembered Kaede, “Talos...punctual as ever...”

“Is that your friends?”


“Will you take me to meet them?”


“Are you going to answer me in more than one word?”

Kaede turned to her, and pulled a grin, “eventually...”

Aeris smirked, “they want to make you a Councilman, or an ambassador, or something.”

Kaede shrugged, “doesn’t really matter, I have more...pressing matters to occupy my mind.”

Aeris gave him a wry grin, “such as?”

Kaede wrapped his arms about her waist, bringing her in closer, “you have to ask? Besides, I did promise you I‘d take you to the stars.”

“Glad you remembered me,” said Aeris.

“Always,” replied Kaede.

Cloud looked on with Tifa, enjoying the view, “think things will calm down now?”

Tifa sniffed, “not a chance...not that I‘d have it any other way.”

“Just make sure you bring me along for the ride.”

Tifa smiled, “come here...”

Red looked on his friends with a sense of pride. He was glad to know them, glad to have been a part of this legacy. It brought his soul even more joy that they had found happiness at last. A new race of allies would come now, spreading the good will shared by the Saviors of the Planet. The Cetra would come, the Planeswalker as well, to usher in a whole new era. But through all the miracles, through all the joys, one thing brought him the most happiness

...He had his family back...

Now the sun set on the horizon, putting a close to the fall of darkness that once threatened the land. New hope loomed ahead.

...And it would be their destiny to meet it...

Author’s Note: IT...IS...FINALLY...OVER!!!!!!!! Five months of pure writing mayhem has finally ended. I originally wrote this fic because I didn’t want to see FF7 end. Now that I’m finished, I’m still not entirely sure I’m ready to leave the FF7 world. Well, that’s life, things come and go. Yes, I wrote a happy ending, after much beating around the bush. You can tell I was raised on Disney Cartoons...

Anyway, the epilogue was long, longer than any epilogue has a right to be, but at least I cut it down. Originally it was chapter 45 AND the epilogue you just read (or didn’t, if you’re a CHEATER who skipped to the end! Shame, shame!).

I’ll have one last afterword, explaining some seeming ambiguities in the story. You should be able to figure them out, but I spell it out for you in the afterword...read it if you want more insight into the story.

I’d just like to thank everyone who supported me in this fic. And to all of you who sent in reviews...thanks! You helped to shape the story and make this possible!



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