Final Fantasy Simpson Chapter 4

Those From Springfield

By Geode

"Out of my way. I'm going to see my son!" Grandpa shouted as he shoved Chief Wiggum to the side. He stared into the blurry portal. Marge grabbed his shoulder.

"No Grandpa! You'll be lost with Homer!" Marge pleaded. Grandpa looked frustrated.

"Huh-Whatya-think-you… I'll have you know that I was the leader of my squad when we were lost in the war! It was back in 1941… I remember it like yesterday. We had just found the nazi forces, who were preparing to wage war on Spain. But, after I beat him in a game of checkers, they promised to forget the war and continue on attacking the other European countries. Satisfied, we…" Grandpa mumbled on until he fell asleep. Just then, Moe and Barney burst into the room. Moe was carrying his shotgun and Barney had two cases of Duff beer.

"The old man is right! We have to save Homer. He's my best customer aside from Barney here," Moe gestured to Barney.

"And if Moe goes, I have to go with him!" Barney said defiantly. "We're both in top tip shape!" Barney burped and collapsed on the floor. Marge did her famous moan and began to pace the room.

"I don't know… What if you don't come back?" Marge asked.

"Well… Then I guess I won't have to worry about those bomb threats on the bar," Moe replied. He shrugged and dragged his gun and pack to the portal.

"Well… That's three rescuers…" Chief Wiggum counted. "Anyone else wanna throw away their lives… I mean risk their lives in saving Homer Simpson. Reverend Lovejoy, who was standing in the corner, suddenly decided to take advantage of his faith. He walked over to Ned Flanders.

"Why Ned… Doesn't it say in the good book that you love and honor thy neighbor?" Lovejoy told Ned aloud. Ned gulped and remembered the quote.

"Why yes reverend… I believe it does…" Ned replied. The room became silent. Ned fixed his glasses.

"I guess that it was my destiny to help Homer out of this dilly of a pickle…" Ned replied. Lovejoy smiled at his luck. Ned walked over to his sons.

"Now Rod, Todd… Remember when Armageddon arrives, to remind God of his good friend Ned," Ned wiped his eyes.

"We will daddy," Rod and Todd replied simultaneously. Ned smiled and walked to the portal.

"I'm diddly doodly ready!" Ned told the team. Moe and Barney nodded and Grandpa woke up.

"Then let's go before I flee in terror," Moe stated. He waved to the portal. Chief Wiggum walked out of the way. Moe and Barney walked through the portal. Then Ned after saying a prayer. Grandpa was about to enter the portal when he suddenly rushed out of the room. He ran back in.

"I almost forgot my pills!" Grandpa cried out as he ran into the portal. The portal shook and burped.

"Well… Nothing left to see here folks!" Chief Wiggum shouted. The crowd began to file out of the Simpson house.

"I believe this has been quite a day, g'ha ha ha!" Dr. Hibbert laughed. The room was now empty. All was silent except for two figures who stood in the hallway. Mr. Burns and Waylan Smithers walked into the room.

"Excellent Smithers… The portal is all mine!" Mr. Burns laughed.

"Are you sure you wanna do this sir? You're already rich and famous here in Springfield," Mr. Smithers reminded Mr. Burns.

"Yes… But being rich here is a waste! Now, If I were the ruler of two worlds, that's something people would talk about! Just think Smithers! A fresh world who has not seen the likes of Charles Montgomery Burns!" Mr. Burns flicked his hands anticipation. "Do you have all the supplies?"

"Yes sir. Everything you wanted," Mr. Smithers replied. Mr. Burns nodded then looked back.

"Where is my gold and silver stallion! I was supposed to ride into the next world in glory," Mr. Burns demanded.

"Well sir… There is no such thing as a gold and silver stallion," Mr. Smithers explained to Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns shook his head.

"Oh, Damnation!" Mr. Burns growled. "Very well… Let us go where no man has gone before!" Mr. Burns shouted.

"Um… Sir… Homer Simpson has already been their and all the rest of the rescuers," Smithers told Mr. Burns.

"Who?" Mr. Burns asked.

"Homer Simpson sir… The man whose daughter shot you and his wife, who you hit on," Mr. Smithers reminded Mr. Burns.

"Oh yes… Simpson…" Mr. Burns replied. They slowly walked into the portal.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 "We've reached the top of the crater!" Cloud shouted to the team. The rest of the team huffed and puffed from the cold. Homer didn't seem bothered by the cold.

"Why is it that I'm wearing a heavy outfit and I'm freezing, and you're only wearing that shirt and you're not cold at all!" Vincent demanded as he rubbed his hands. Homer shrugged.

"It's probably because he's so fat," Red XIII whispered to Vincent. Homer turned around.

"I heard that!" Homer shouted. He glared at Vincent. "I'm not bald just for your information!" Homer added while tugging his hair. He turned away in disgust. They approached the down slope of the crater.

"We have to be careful not to slip down here," Cloud told the rest of the team.

"Oh, Don't be silly!" Homer told Cloud. "If we were always careful, we'd never get anywhere." Homer took a step down the flight of stairs. Half of the stairway collapsed. "Seems perfectly safe enough!" Homer told the team. He continued down the stairs. The team grudgingly followed. A green mist began to haze up. "Hmm… Sure strange weather we're having today," Homer told himself. After going to the base of the crater, they spotted the black cloaked figures.

"Hey! There they are!" Red XIII poked at Cloud. Cloud looked out at the figures.

"So the Jenova reunion really works… I wonder if they sent out invitations," Cloud replied. Vincent kicked him in the side.

"Let's just get to the center of the crater so we can find a way back home for Homer and we can stop Sephiroth," Vincent told Cloud. Cloud nodded.

"Right. Let's go," Cloud replied. Homer walked up to one of the cloaked figures.

"Uh Excuse me…? Do you know where Sephiroth is?" Homer asked the figure.

"Seph…ir…oth?" the figure replied. Homer nodded. "He is in the center of the crater! Didn't you know that!" the black cloaked figure became a little angry. Homer shook his head. The figure pointed up. Three neon signs pointed towards the center of the crater. They all read, "Sephiroth this way -->"

"We should hurry," Cloud told Homer. Homer nodded.

"But theirs a line!" Homer growled. A line of the black figured clones headed toward the center of the crater. The team groaned. "I know how to handle this!" Home began to cut through the line. "Whoops sorry. I'm with him. Oh my bad." Homer shoved through the crowd with the team following him. Homer accidentally knocked a few of the figures off the cliff in the process. They finally reached the front of the line. Another black cloaked figure walked up to the team.

"Do you have your invitations?" the figure demanded. Cloud sneered at Vincent.

"Told you," Cloud reminded the ex-Turk.

"Umm… I was already here a few minutes ago… I had to go to the… uh… bathroom," Homer made up the story.

"Oh really? Then where's your hand stamps?" the figure continued. Homer groaned.

"Uhh… They're…" Homer stopped and pointed. "Look at that!"

"Huh?" the figure turned around to see. Homer kicked the figure off the cliff.

"Heh heh heh! That showed him," Homer brushed his hands. Suddenly a gust of wind blew up from the crater. The figure landed back on the cliff next to Homer. "DOH!"

"You want to see Sephiroth huh?" the figure asked. The team nodded. "Well… I'll show you Sephiroth!" With that said, the figure lunged off the cliff. It was silent for a moment.

"Umm… I don't see him," Homer broke the silence. He wind rushed again. Sephiroth flew out from behind the cliff.

"There he is!" Cloud shouted. Sephiroth lunged at them. Jenova theme cues in.

"Hey! This isn't Sephiroth. It has to be Jenova!" Vincent shouted to the team. Sephiroth stopped and melted into an oversized blob thing.

"Arrggh! That damn music always gives me away!" Jenova growled. She prepared to unleash her fire attacks.

"Oh No! Look out!" Vincent shouted as he ducked down.

"Tropic Wind!" Jenova snarled. A soothing breeze blew by the team. Homer smiled and put on sunglasses.

"Just like a day at the beach," Homer remarked. Cloud aimed his sword at Jenova.

"Let's kill it and go on!" Cloud shouted. Red XIII nodded and Vincent got up from his cowering position. They began to rush towards Jenova.

"Oh yeah? Red Light!" Jenova shouted. Vincent, Cloud and Red XIII froze in their tracks. Jenova laughed. Homer clapped his hands.
"Oh! I love this game! Let me go… Green Light!" Homer shouted and giggled. Cloud, Vincent and Red XIII resumed their charge.

"Red Light!" Jenova shouted.

"Green Light," Homer called back.

"Red Light!" Jenova shouted again.

"Green Light!" Homer snarled back angrily.

"Silence!!" Jenova finally shouted. Homer went to reply, but he realized who couldn’t speak. Jenova looked back to her foes, but it was to late. Cloud jumped at Jenova.

"Here's your own weather forecast! Meteorain!" Cloud shouted. He swung his sword in a wide arch. Meteors flew at Jenova and crashed into her. Jenova cried and out and went flying to the edge of the cliff. Jenova saw Red XIII running towards her so she decided to give herself some more space. She slithered a few feet back.

"Aha! Red Light!" Jenova shouted. Red XIII froze in midair. "Uwahahaha!" Jenova soon realized that the team was just staring at her.

"What? Do I have a milk mustache or something?!" Jenova demanded. Homer pointed down. Jenova craned her head to what she thought was the ground. She realized it wasn't. Jenova reached into her inventory and removed a little sign.

"Why Me?" the sign read. Jenova plunged towards the ground with a Loony Tunes falling sound effect. There was a small crash and a circle of smoke.

"That's gonna leave a mark…" Vincent smiled. Victory music cues up…

Cloud swings his sword.

Vincent twirls his gun.

Red XIII stands on his hind legs and howls.

Homer jumps into the air shouting, "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo!"

"Where to next Cloud?" Red XIII asked.

"We reassemble and get ready for the upcoming battle," Cloud replied. Vincent suddenly realized something and rushed over to Cloud. He whispered into his ear.

"Yes! This is the end of the chapter!" Cloud replied. Vincent whispered something else.

"Oh! They'll be in the next chapter," Cloud continued. Vincent nodded. Homer scowled.

"I don't appreciate you guys making fun of my weight!" Homer growled.


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