Final Fantasy Simpson Chapter 6

Homer Meteor

By Geode

The Highwind soared away from the Crater. The Simpson team and the Final Fantasy 7 team were aboard the Highwind. Ned was busy watching the WEAPONs waking up.

"Dear Lord. Please protect for the devil's minions who have come to smite us," Ned Flanders kneeled and prayed. Moe watched Flanders.

"No one from above is gonna save us," Moe laughed.

"AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Homer screamed as he crashed into the Highwind from above.

"It's a sign!" Grandpa cried. He jumped behind Cait Sith. Cid and Barret helped pull Homer from the ceiling supports for the Highwind. Just then, Diamond WEAPON and Ultimate WEAPON crashed out of the Crater.

"What the hell is that!" Moe shouted.

"Dem WEAPONs are coming after us!" Barret cried. Tifa gasped as Ultimate WEAPON reared it's head next to the Highwind. Homer gaped in awe. Ultimate WEAPON roared and sped off. Homer cried out as he lost his balance. He grabbed something that broke his fall.

"Homer!" Cid shouted. Homer shook his head and looked down.

"Ooops," Homer blushed. He had nearly flattened Tifa. Tifa lay unconscious.

"Look you did you foo'!" Barret shouted.

"Hey watch it! Homer didn't mean to it. And I would have done it if he didn't," Moe defended Homer. Ned tapped Homer on the shoulder

"Homer, Where are we headed?" Ned asked. Homer shrugged.

"Idunno," Homer replied. Rufus walked over to the group. He brushed back his hair.

"We're going to return to Junon Harbor. We'll figure out how to handle this there," Rufus explained. Homer stepped up to Rufus.

"Then you'll send me home right?" Homer replied. Rufus ignored the question and turned away. Homer pursued Rufus. "You're sending me home right? Right? When we reach Jonin? Hello?" Homer followed Rufus into the middle of the Highwind.

"Ah. This is just great," Moe complained. "We're stuck in a parallel universe that's a rip off of Godzilla. I knew I should have brought extra underwear." The Highwind set course for Junon Harbor.


A few hours later, they arrived in Junon. Rufus stepped before the team.

"I know it's a bit late for this but… I'd like to speak with all the members of AVALANCHE," Rufus called out. Cid took a smoke of his cigarette.

"Well, that's not me! I'm going to be around town," Cid waved and left. Yuffie nodded.

"Yeah! We'll be around," Yuffie yelled. Cait Sith, Vincent, and Aeris followed Yuffie away. Homer was about to follow when Barret grabbed him from behind.

"Where do you think yer goin'?" Barret shouted. Homer shrugged.

"Idunno," Homer replied.

"You stayin' with Tifa since yer da one who knocked her out!" Barret growled. Homer looked down at Tifa. His gaze became fixed on her. Barret slapped his head with his gun-arm. "Oww!" He had meant to use his hand. "And stop starin' at her!" Homer broke his trance and looked up to Barret.

"Umm… What was it you wanted me to do again?" Homer asked. Before Barret could reply, Rufus came up behind them.

"I've arranged for some rooms for you," Rufus began. Homer cried out.

"Free rooms! Out of my way!" Homer shouted as he ran past Rufus into the Shin-ra offices. Meanwhile, Moe, Flanders, Barney and Grandpa stood waiting for something to happen. Ned walked over and tapped Rufus on the shoulder.

"Uh excuse me Mr. President… But we're a bit diddly doodly lost," Ned replied. Rufus narrowed his eyes, trying to figure out what 'Diddly Doody' meant. Rufus shrugged.

"You might as well come with us," Rufus pointed. Barney ran up to Rufus.

"Wait Mr. Shinner. Are there any bars around here!" Barney shouted. Rufus pointed down the road.

"There is one down there," Rufus began. Barney ran off after where Rufus pointed. Moe shrugged.

"Well, I might as well go and make sure my best customer doesn't get attached to another bar," Moe groaned as he followed. Grandpa was busy staring up at the Mako Cannon.

"That's a pretty big cannon. But we had 'em twice as big during the war," Grandpa recited to himself. "It was 1943… The French had just invaded Spain… or was it the other way? Anyway, we brought out our cannons but we were out of ammo. So we had to use soldiers for ammo. Back in those days, soldiers were cheaper and more plentiful…" Grandpa trailed on. Rufus walked over to him.

"You have Mako Cannons in your world?" Rufus asked. He had been briefed on the story.

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkooooooooo?" Grandpa stuttered. He scratched his head. "Of course we have tons of Maaaaaaaakkkkkkkooooooooo! It's everywhere. Why, I remember in 1955… the Mako had gone on strike. We had been called into stop them from rioting. But back then, Mako had the hostages…" Grandpa trailed off. Rufus shrugged and walked away.

"Could that old man have been speaking the truth? Is he from the Promised Land? Maybe… maybe, he's an Ancient," Rufus deducted.


Homer ran into his room.

"This ones mine!" Homer cried. He ran in and jumped on the bed, which was actually Tifa's hospital bed.

"Get off that you foo'!" Barret shouted. He carried Tifa into the room. Ned Flanders followed behind. Homer hopped off as Barret put Tifa onto the bed. "The doctor will examine her in a second." Homer nodded. He walked over to the window. He tried to open the shutters.

"Hey! This-freakin-stupid-thing-won't budge-you-errrrrrrrr-ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!" Homer shouted as he pulled one of the shutters off the window. Barret sighed. He walked over and pressed the 'Open' button. Homer looked out. "Um… Bernet? What's that?" Homer asked pointing. Barret growled.

"Iz Barret you jerk. And wuz what?" Barret said looking out the window. "Huh!? What da %$^#?" Barret gaped as he saw Meteor looming in the sky. Homer jumped on Barret and covered his eyes.

"Don't look at it! It's a Solar Eclipse! It'll burn your retinas!!" Homer shouted. Barret pulled him off.

"No it isn't! It's… the Meteor…" Barret gasped. Ned gasped as he saw the Meteor.

"Oh dear God! It's the coming of Armageddon!" Flanders gasped in horror.

Meanwhile outside…

"Death!!!!!!" Grandpa shouted and pointed as he stared at Meteor. Barney looked out the window.

"Hey Moe… Some little girl lost her balloon," Barney wavered as he pointed at Meteor and fell of his chair. The bartender looked down at him. Moe waved his hand.

"He'll be alright… He's just not used to your alcohol yet," Moe explained. Moe thought for a minute. "Hmm… I feel like someone's missing…"

"Cloud?" Cait Sith asked, sitting in a stool next to Moe.

"No… Someone more important…" Moe trailed off.


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