The Ocarina of Time Novelization Chapter 5

Blaze of Deceit

By Habuki

Copyright: I do not own Zelda, Nintendo does. Story by Habuki productions.

        The scenery sure had changed over the years, the sky around the village had never seemed, well this shade of blackened midnight. Nighttime wasn't even around the corner and already Link had the willies, in places he didn't even know were supposed to be frightened. What scared him weren't the powers from Death Mountain--those were a little part of the scenery in his own mind, what scared him was the other night. With two days on Epona, the horse proved to be the fastest transportation they had ever had (beating cart-horses by miles) he had reached the Kakariko Village in a lesser estimated time. Glancing around the place, the ring of ash harsher than he had seen the time he got his Hookshot, Link suspected that meant the Fire Temple had activated.

        "N-navi, it looks more active."

        "Indeed, when we were on the road it wasn't this bad, it looks as though it would overflow." Not as bad as the other night, though, that was one of the weirdest scenes that the duo had ever hoped to go through and conquer. Nothing dangerous was knocking at their front door; it had something to do a day and a half after leaving the unfortunate Kokiiri. The children (whom thought Link was dead) had warned him of the Forest Medallion, they said that it possessed the power of Farore. Link doubted this to be a rumor--even though it was just after his encounter with the legendary event he had dubbed the 'Poe Gun Incident'. He didn't doubt the Goddess of Farore was around--or the rest of them--he just thought the idea of them being stored in a medallion was silly.


It was the middle of the day, when he had first laid eyes on the medallion for the first time, each time doing it before caused painful memories to swell. With Saria gone he only had one person to fight for, he was stuck down to just fighting for Navi (since he wasn't doing this for himself.) Zelda wasn't even part of it anymore, she could be dead or alive for all the boy knew, and he sure as hell wasn't doing this for Hyrule. A land he wasn't even raised in, he wasn't doing it for the forest, either (even though he claimed he was avenging the Deku Tree's death.) This Hero of Time was doing it for his very own Heroine of Time, the girl that helped him all through these little dangers of his.

        While walking around the road of Hyrule, something had keened his senses; there was some sort of presence in the air, something that was neutral. A power that was not like Zelda's, nor was it like the idiot Ganondorf's, if he had to guess it might have been a power similar to his own. Spinning around, still positioned on Epona, he knew he wasn't wrong when she started to back up from the direction she was going. Grunting, he reached for the Blade of Evil's bane, stretching his vision and hearing to visualize and specialize what was coming. Though as he searched around, now a good distance from the visualization, a voice rang out in his head-- technically his hat.

        "Link, the air! Jump to the right" Navi zipped from his head with panic plastered on her face, the fairie had obviously been asleep during these own little troubles. How she wished her young partner could sleep with him (with Epona now, he did sleep when the day was going on, moving at a slow speed. Though now he had been up and about, letting the fairie just snooze off since they were about a day's way or so to Kakariko. When Epona had started backing up was when Navi awoke, her dreams of him interrupted as a nightmare came through there. It wasn't like a regular dream, it was some sort of precognition, and a warning from the heaven's that something was headed this way.

        "The air?" Staring up at the sky, all he saw was that the pretty clouds were starting to swirl, though not in a very malevolent manner at all. No, they would be changing if something evil was coming, not able to itch that there was something around here, though not in the air. All the air was getting to her head; they had been walking along the larger hills of the Hyrule World, so that could have been it. She must have had some sort of nightmare to tell a story like that--not like their old nightmares, these were the ones you had occasionally. With those thoughts pushed aside, he staring at the clouds when something did emerge from them (and what a something it was.)

        Not even able to get a quick look at it, something slammed into him and threw him across the ground, making him slide across and right into a rock. Rolling as fast as he could, Link tried to stop himself (Navi crying out as he ran along the hills) knowing his only way was to slam into a rock. A grunt of pain escaped his lips, knowing it wasn't Navi, but whoever it was sure had saved his life because where he stood was something burying into the ground. Glancing at the creature, it reminded him of the tales that he read as a little child--about the giant lizards that were killed by knights. Throwing himself up, ignoring the pain in his sides, Link spun around only to find the true eyes (or single eye) of red staring down at him.


        "Shiek, you saved him!" Navi let out a cry of passion, slamming into the boy, who just stepped aside with his arms crossed around his muscular chest. When the fairie slammed into the air, she paid no heed to the boy and made her way over to the one she wanted to hug all up. There she was accepted into a warmed embrace, the couple hearing a couple of gagging noises from the lonely, older boy. She thought it was sad he had no companion to share his feelings with, though when you are a lone Shiekah, you really don't have friends. If they were anything like the legendary Shinobi, then they weren't that friendly, though the ancient race had protected the Hylians before.

        "Yea, yea.that thing is gone, for the time being." He spoke, his claws bearing a bit of blood upon them, fresh from maybe knocking a few scales off of that humming beast. Wiping the blood from his claws, Shiek stared over at the boy, checking to see if he had any bruises or cuts from his own distance. The thing towered over one hundred feet tall, plaited in scales so much that they reminded the couple of the former Dodongo King. Though this thing was far from that, this creature had no arms of legs, a horn so long on its head that it could drill through the earth's crust itself. When it was examined, it didn't match the dragons from the legends; it didn't match those beautiful beasts to be compared to this clown, nah.

        "What the hell was that?" Link sat himself up and looked over at the boy, whom had sat himself down upon a rock, proceeding to clean the guts off now.

        "A Genji Dragon, it's one of Ganondorf's toys, a creation of his." Shiek spoke so clearly, as if he knew so much, which didn't bode too well with the young fairie, she was easily examining the boy for data.

        "Genji, eh? So are there more?"

        "It was a prototype.made just for you." He grinned on the last part, not that of a happy man, nor the grin of a man with anguish for Link, it was a sad and pitiful smirk.

        Gulping down the last part, the boy stared off to the side and trying to sense if the creature was headed back for a second try at him. Feeling not even the neutral presence now, the boy just shrugged a simple shoulder and stared at him, the bruise of Link's starting to ache. Even as much as it hurt, he could show no pain infront of the messenger, which would prove to him that he was meant for the title. Maybe Shiek wanted to be the Hero of Time; he'd gladly hand it to him if that stupid Triforce piece weren't latched to his hand. What's more, the thing had granted Ganon some power to control everything; while he had just been handed the sword of evil's bane and one medallion.

        "Don't worry--it's a prototype, it won't be hard--if we train."

        "No, thanks, we train very well without your help." Navi cut him off before he had the chance to get the warrior's spirit in his eyes, the young boy just standing with slumped shoulders. He couldn't have been much older than Link (though who knew with him wearing that masks) although he was older than Link. That much was apparent, and even if a person were older than ten they would have more maturity than the young boy would trapped in the larger body. Link had surprised Navi, he was starting to gain some maturity, and he was actually starting to act a little of his own new age. Though that would make him a full-fledged Kokiiri when they returned to the- --her voice was cut off when she remembered the painful truth, staring off to the side in depression.

        "I don't think so, little fairie. You need my training; I have orders from your former sensei, Impa. You need to be able to handle yourselves, though this training won't be as long as hers."

        "Whew, then it was easier." That was a relief, Link was getting used to the easy life and the last thing he wanted was someone telling him what to do. Being an adult had its qualities, you weren't teased since he was so hand-some looking and also he could reach areas that were untouchable before. The place had changed; he was now a Hylian, one who would grow up even if he did stay in the tree-house all of his wife. Unless he was allowed to stay small by the new Deku Tree (whenever the sprout would pick up in the time change, maybe a year from then.) Though it was different between the two of them, sure they still loved each other, the bond was sort of wearing off as if they weren't supposed to be meant together forever.

        "..I didn't say that either, I just won't be taking breaks like your former sensei. I am going to train you for a day and a half, though you won't learn any new magic powers or anything. When you were young you were taught some martial arts, but the damned old fool erased them and put only sword-skill in your memory. Now we are going to teach some of them, none of my Shiekah skills, just some quick skills in the art of fighting. Ohh, and your medallions."

        "Medallions? They do something?" Navi blurted out, sitting on top of her partner's head, staring down at the Shiekah with those two sets of eyes placed there.

        "He didn't even tell you? Goddess." Shiek raised his hand to the heavens, said something in the old Shiekah language, before slapping his own forehead in misery. "You are the Hero of Time, but the Hero just doesn't rely on his own power, he is just a normal human being. You are stronger than most humans are, though, I will give you credit for that sort of thing, and they have trained you right. Have you even used any weird powers, aside the ones the fairies taught you?"

        "How did you know about the fairi--" Shiek cut him off by raising a finger to his lips--or the place under the cloth--and blew on them as softly as he could, a little secret.

        Navi was the one who spoke up. "Yea, he has done it many times, like when he was young he called up the powers of Naryu to create an attack, combine the powers to creature some sort of flying disc attack. Also against the Poe's we combine our powers with Din and Farore, but what does that have to do with the medallions."

        "I'm getting to it.the medallions made you strong, you and Link?"

"Yea, we got faster and everything, did it every time we got a Spiritual Stone." She stated matter-of-factly as the young Hero of Time sat down against one of the hills, his horse wondering off in direction. He didn't mind them talking, though he was almost like a child with a longer attention span which he wasn't that grateful for. Speaking of the stones really made him think of something, a memory that he couldn't remember, though it was something that happened as an adult. Maybe it was at the farm, maybe it was on the way to the farm, although he did remember that some sort of rock-powers had been used there. It killed some sort of monsters with swords and kept them at bay, keeping them from hurting someone, Navi wasn't in this flashback.

        "The farm, I used Terra magic!" Both of them spun around, their faces breaking out into a whist of concern for the boy, a word that he really shouldn't have known. Terra was a word that was in Shiekian language, a word that meant the earth, or the mother that nurtured the earth to life. In this case it was the young Goddess of Courage, Farore, the one that he had so recently received a medallion from only a few days ago. Only problem was that back then he hadn't had the Forest Medallion, all he had back then was he and the stupid Light jewel. Well, he could have learned the word (Navi knew it from a few studies of the books in Kakariko), though that had been so long she was even surprised she remembered the old term.

        "Terra--earth?" Shiek spoke out, his hands clasped in his lap, the land still quiet from all the old commotion; it was like it never happened, except the giant hole.

        "Yea, I called some quick-sand down and it sucked these two guys into the earth, didn't affect me."

        "The farm.Lon Lon Ranch? Where you must have gotten this mare?"

        "Yup, Epona." Link let out a small chuckle and just as he did, he was touched with a nose between his legs, thrown up into the air and landing on Epona's back.

        "Link, are you sure.where was I?" Navi spoke up as the young Shiekah chuckled at the horses antics, something he had never seen in a horse-- friendship.

        "You were getting Malon, remember right before we raced horses." He hated to say it was right before he butchered Ingo's true form and took care of the evil spirit that had dwelled within, it was just too sad.

Navi nodded, and turned towards Shiek, who had conveniently opened up his little satchel and brought out a chart and a stand, putting them up. When he opened it up for the two of them to see, the thing had all six medallions in the order he wanted to collect them: light, forest, fire, water, shadow, and spirit. Glancing up at the boy now, he pointed to chart, starting from where the light medallion was and going down the long list of them. Some sort of history lesson, something that the Hero of Time would need to know, so that was what he would do, listen to Shiek. He knew more about this, and at one time or another he did wish that the boy was the Hero of Time, he was a much better fighter than Link could ever be, that was for certain.

        "Alright you received the forest and light medallions, right?" Not even waiting for the two of them, he confirmed by the one around his neck and being able to sense the other one on him. "The Light medallion activates when all six are put together, but the other six can work on their own, not that the light can't turn on its own. The Light can heal some people that have been corrupted by evil."

        "That means Ingo could have!" The boy cried out in horror, afraid that he had made the ultimate mistake of killing the man, he could have healed him with the medallion. Sulking down, the young boy began to let out a few sniffles, Navi patting him on the back until he was hit on the side of the head. Spinning around to confront Navi, she was leaning on him with stars literally on her head also, the Shiekah pointing to the chart and shaking his head. He wasn't paying attention so he would be punished; though Link thought mourning over a death was something that could be excused. Glancing at his fairies' conditions, he patted the bump on her head before feeling his own and glancing back to the Shinobi who seemed to have softened up.

        "It can heal some people, Ingo was too far gone, if it was activated by all six then it would of, but that was too dangerous, you did the right thing." Relieving some air, he wondered how Shiek knew of the whole incident, maybe he was trailing them and too shy to join the group.

Shiek was about to speak when he, glanced up from his spot from the rock and placing eyes on the boy, his thoughts rushed away from there and returned back to trying to speak. Nothing could reveal him from his mission; the mission was what was brought to the young man in a dream, and a dream from someone that he didn't know. That wasn't entirely true, though--it was as if this person in the dream was really close, as if they had met in another lifetime or something. Never able to see the maiden's face, she had matching hair as him and always told him to guide the Hero of Time through the sage temples, something Shiek wouldn't do. He would observe, do it the way that he had always done it, that girl was out of her mind if she expected this much of the boy.

"Shiek?" Link spoke out; having yelled it from where he sat the man a few good feet away from him, how easily it was to distract him from the world.

"Hm? Oh, the medallions. Well this isn't from experience--I have never seen the medallions before until now, but I have heard from the legends that each of them gives you the power according to the race and Goddess. Like with Fire you maybe able to control fire, it with water and forest, though when you get to the other two if gets even more challenging. The order you are following the temples is the wisest, the most difficult being the Spirit Temple going down from they're to the Forest Temple."

"The Forest was hard! I almost died!" Sputtered out Link in a fury of rage, how dare he say that he had chosen the bad part of the temples, an easy one that it was! Mustering out a growl, the boy held back his own feelings as he glanced to the fairie, seeing that her face had paled from Shiek's news. Link had thought that maybe they had gotten the hardest temple and it would be smooth sailing from here--which didn't seem to be the case. It was as if the Goddesses wanted him to lose, laugh at that had happened and watch as the Gerudo killed the world. Now he would follow the same order as before (since he got even stronger each temple) hoping the jewel helped him in the rivaled Fire palace.

"Well then you need training, young hero." Shiek just shrugged a simple shoulder and began to retell the story of the Goddesses for the young boy and his fairie--refreshing their memories. Not that they needed to be retold the story, he was so boring in this day and age that every Hylian schoolboy must have known the legend. Not a legend anymore, the fable about the Hero of Time was in progress--this was now in the act of being over and if it was all was doomed. Glad that some people hadn't given up hope, it actually strengthened his heart, gave him the courage to push on for those innocents who had given their lives. All for some stupid kingdom, a place he didn't even like that much, though he guessed he would do the same for his own home in the Kokiiri Forest.

"What's this war called, Shiek?" Navi spoke up, the young boy having pulled down the map and setting up a new one just as the finished story had ended itself.

"The Imprisoning War is what they shall call it, right now there is no official name, though I think that is a rightful name for such an era. Hopefully this land will heal and be restored in just a few months-- hopefully before all the races die and only we are the ones who remain." A small grim mark was placed upon his face, the boy keeping his cool composure and keeping on with the explanation, this time different. Instead of explaining about the Triforce and what happened to the user who touched it, he went into detail at what the hell that Triforce did. This was exciting, something that Link had wanted to hear since he had heard of the Triforce, but since no one had even laid hands on it then it was unknown. Listening eagerly, his fairie perched right at his side, Shiek asked if he wanted to know about this secret (not even asking about the legend) the Time hero agreeing.

First he explained the piece that was the most important, the piece that everyone wanted to know about (even the Hero and his fairie.) Talking about the Power piece, he explained that the user would be immortal forever, the Master Sword couldn't kill except this person. All other weapons were futile against it; also the person had gained the abilities to use the Triforce of Power to transform--though he didn't say how he knew. Along with that, the appearance of the person would change deeply; he would become monstrous looking, even if he were handsome the day he touched it. Used for good and evil, usually this piece was inhabited by the ones that were hungry with power, ones who didn't want peace or glory that the Goddesses had wanted so long ago.

Amazed at the powers of them, Link and Navi kept their patience while the boy went on with another tale, this one about his own piece. Possessing the Triforce of Courage meant that he wasn't good or bad in these situations--his natural look in all prospects of life. This owner of the piece was considered the Hero of Time and the only one that could swing the Master Sword without it breaking into tiny bits. Also he was able to call upon certain courage from within, and if someone cared about them then the user could use their courage in his own to power his vitality. Along with that, the Farore Powers that he was supposed to have gained from the Forest Medallion were more powerful than the other medallion powers. It wasn't that much to process, slipping the pierce off and catching the resonating feeling of it, letting Navi touch and feel its warmth.

Shiek seemed to startle a little, as if he was afraid of the piece and pulled his hands behind his back and stared on with those cold eyes. It was sad how he looked there, no friend at all and with no intention to make any--it just saddened the Hylian how the man acted. If asked to join the band, the boy would have simply nodded his head and said that he was welcome to this place anytime he needed. A naïve decision, he didn't even bother asking for he knew the older boy would never take him up on the offer--Shiek wasn't like that. Shiek was the sort of person who would forever be burned in your mind, not as a friend or an enemy, but as a central core in every conflict.

Regaining his composure, he pushed the chart away back into his satchel and began to explain the powers from the third and final piece of the Triforce. Wisdom granted the person vast knowledge, not caring on the age of the person and making that one the wisest in the land. As the Wisdom Holder could make magic the strongest it could ever be, the person could also heal anyone that they wanted too and even summon some weird powers. Shiek didn't go into detail of these powers, he just said that her magical abilities were rivaled by the Ganondorf's own evil powers. Holy magic the Wisdom could use, while the intentionally evil Power could take and summon the dark graves for souls and other evil manna. As good as the Wisdom user was, the Courage was straight in the center of all the arguments, and the Power on the far side of them, wandering in evil.

" do you know so much?" Link pondered out at the boy, whom was packing his stuff up now, taking out a simple harp that he had used two times before.

"I can't let that information out to you, Hero, but I have my ways of getting secrets from that idiot." Smirking, he just shrugged a shoulder, never worrying about what his actions could bring to him in the events that were next. Ganondorf never spied on him; he was trusted too much since the man didn't know much about Shiekah, it was weird to be trusted by the King of Evil. Shivering from that, he reached for his harp and began to strum it up, the boy thinking in the back of his mind for something. As he thought, he saw that the boy was picking himself up and getting ready to go, they had been talking the entire day away. Now the sun setting over the horizon, there was no time in staying here--he would train them, just not where the hole was, but first a song.

"Take out your ocarina, hero." When he reached for his side pack and snatched out the one from before (not the Ocarina of Time) Shiek just slapped his head and spoke out. "No, that one can't transport to specific areas, that one maybe magic, but it isn't as powerful as the one that you were given back then."

Navi was weary about how he knew so much, she still didn't trust him and if Link invited him to join them, then the girl was going to have to slap some sense in him. Shiek was a very dangerous fellow, he couldn't be trusted with anyone's life, and now he wanted to train the two in the arts. He wished he would do it now and go, but as they took out the instruments, she got the feeling that he wasn't as bad as he seemed. Maybe a tough-guy attitude, the man could have possibly been hiding the fact that his parents were killed during this new war and out for revenge. He could be pretending to be a loyal minion of Ganon, then again he could have just been a minion that was sent to dispose of the Hero at night.

No bad thoughts came from Link as he simply nodded and took out the new stationary of his, the pencil and the Ocarina of Time. What he did now was practice on the Faire Ocarina and then go to work playing on the glass one every now and then. That was the best way to honour Saria's memory (even though she wasn't dead) and keeps his spirits from sinking without the thoughts of her being lost. Pushing the ocarina deeper against the lips, he blew in a beautiful tune, one that he used to practice and show to the boy he was getting better. Approved with a grin, the hero gave a small thumb' up sign and proceeded to watch the Shinobi play his instrument for the boy.

"This is another warping song, the Bolero of Fire. Do not play this, though, after I've taught it to you. It will transport you down to the center of the volcano and there you would suffocate--the Fire Temple."

"How will we survive, then, Shiek!" Navi literally screamed out, seeing that something was wrong and he was just trying to trick them, though his lone eye showed her otherwise.

"You can get a tunic inside the Goron City, it is used to reflect off smoke and makes you breath in smoke without the fear of dying, plus you are a little immune to fire."

"A little?" Link pondered.

"Oh, it still hurts, believe me it will still hurt, though not as bad and not as much aftereffects, now listen closely." Strumming the harp one last time, the Bolero of Fire was played out with simple beauty, the Shiek having been a fighter and a master of the Harp. With that said, he played out the tune of fire, not a poetically bad song, but one that seemed to have its liveliness and its somber mood. When at last he was done, he reached for the paper and jotted down the notes, handing them back to the younger boy to practice. A full twenty minutes went by, Shiek watching the ground and waiting that the thing did not come back, when finally he let out a small cry of pleasure. Turning his head to see it, the boy caught the whole tune of it, the first time that he had played it, so there hadn't been the pressure of disappearing.

"Good going, Link, that's it!"

"Thanks, Shiek." He smiled a little; his smile knocked off when Shiek's eyes turned into a fearful gaze, the boy jumping off the rock he stood on when just something blurred right where the spot had been. Only a few feet away, Link was thrown back in aghast, throwing his ocarina and tune sheet back inside his satchel at the other warrior had something ready for action. Three Shurikens were jabbed inside of the monster, the one from a few hours ago that had visited the center of the earth and come back for his dinner. This monster was back for more, the claws of Shiek already scraping the sound, and something was cast with a few whisperings, keeping the thing from escaping. No it wasn't paralyzed; the creature simply couldn't go back into the ground, hard rock in the way of the soft grass (so hard he couldn't drill it.)

"Shiek, his hide it too hard, what do I do?" He screamed out between the screams of the monster that was being jabbed with the Shurikens, each of them bouncing off. It had somehow curled into a protective ball; a way of penetrating the beast seemed to be as possible as winning this battle. Just taking a good hard look at the monster, he knew the Master Sword or any energy was not going to sink inside the core. How he knew was because his fairie was firing shots of paralysis and the regular Ki shots at it with the desperation disappearing in her eyes. Grunting in pain, he felt a tingling around his neck, something seeming to simulate and shake around the region of his neck.

"Link! Saria's medallion is reacting!" Even Shiek heard this, holding the beast down with this new summon in action and glancing at the medallion with eyes wide. Navi had spoke just then, her being quiet within the first few hours and not knowing why, she thought it may have had to do with Link's new past. It was futile to resist it, though she couldn't help but feel a little trapped in this position, the way that he would eventually grow this tall (and older.) Not even thinking these thoughts anymore, she just screamed out to her love that the medallion was starting to resonate some green power. Maybe the powers that the medallions gave, they were still on a plain--which wasn't the forest--though it was part of the natural environment that Farore had created all those millennia ago.

"Link, the Forest Sage's medallion, use it!" Shiek screamed out in pain, the energy was throwing out, beginning to weaken as the thing thrashed and hit against the small box he had enclosed it into.

"But how!"

"I don't know, you are the Hero of Time!" The Shiekah just shrugged a shoulder and gave off a small smirk, the young boy returning the smirk with one of his own, and a quite grin. Grabbing the medallion, he began to speak in Kokiirish, some of the language he didn't know and other words that he and Navi heard. With this spoke, he called upon the Goddess of Farore just as the box broke on the un-powered Shiek and the thing jumping right at him. When he screamed out in pain from the medallion, not even hearing what happened to Shiek, the scene seemed to disappear, the entire place brightening up. Closing his eyes from the light, hands covering out the shining beams, he opened them up only to be staring down into the eyes of a green pair.

Before he could talk or answer it, the eyes revealed a beautiful green- haired woman inside of a long robe of a silky white, the lady whispering a few words before kissing him. When the kiss hit, the boy's eyes brightened again, accepting the light this time and reappearing back on the plain of reality he existed from. Staring at the scene, he saw that Shiek was no where in sight, Navi right on his shoulder and all the ground around disrupted. Yes, the land was all broken up as if an earthquake had hit; though this was no earthquake, for large green tentacles had reached out of the earth. They were wrapped around the giant dragon, the thing having been impaled and smashed out so many times that it was just gruesome, an awful sight.

There was when a note hit him on the head, catching the letter died to a small pebble and reading it, his thoughts reassuring that it was from Shiek. He said that maybe their training should be delayed, with powers like those, he didn't need the martial arts as bad as he thought. The note said that maybe when he got the tunic they would train some, not as long as he said, but a refresher course from his younger years. Grinning, he tore up the note and pushed away from the bloody scene, not able to wake Navi from her sleep to ask what had happened. So sad that this had to end this way, the same way as some of his other battles had ended, with him unconscious and out of commission.

Epona was just a mile away from the wreckage, almost afraid to pick him up and carry him up the way he wanted to go; maybe the thing was scared? As he took a few minutes to get reacquainted and play her song, the horse finally did the move where her nose was between his legs and threw him up. Lying down on his back, the night sky appearing as the last of the sun had disappeared from view, he couldn't help wonder what Saria had given him. Was it a gift of some sort, or maybe it was a curse that he had inherited, a curse that had no cure except the sweet sound of death. Now with the long road ahead of him, Link wasn't thinking about death anymore, he wasn't thinking about anything, all he did was kiss his fairie and horse goodnight (passing out within a few seconds later.)


Navi never told Link of what happened, at first she didn't speak of it as they rode the mare down towards the village of Kakariko, not even mentioning a thing. Then Link asked her if anything had happened while he was passed out--he had told her that he didn't remember anything about the medallion. Navi honestly didn't like to lie to him; she hated being untruthful to Link, although she didn't mind lying to get by other people. For a few minutes she thought of what she was going to tell him, her eyes wondered down towards the ground and whispered out softly. There she said that she didn't know the light was so bright that everything had happened too quickly for her to bat an eye at.

Link just shrugged a shoulder and said the same thing had happened to him, though in his case he didn't even remember the green light. Smiling towards her, he kept on at his pace, not letting it bother him in the least- -whatever it was, he wasn't supposed to know of it. Oh, if he knew he would have spent a few more days crying the cruelty that were spent on that dragon was so sad that Navi had cried about it nights later. Nothing deserved what happened to that creature, no matter how bad someone was; there wasn't any right to do it to the thing. Of course Navi knew that the boy had no control over what happened, so there was no guilt held towards him, just for the holy beings above.

With that the days rolled on and finally they did reach the village, the village a repetition of what had happened all those years ago--just the same. Since this was the first time to see the town in seven years, she just wondered around with the boy, as he walked over towards a new building. This building was somewhat of a tavern, a large guy blocking the entrance, his muscles sort of a barrier for little kids whom wanted to slip in. In his regular state, Link couldn't have gotten inside the place; even now they weren't sure if he was old enough to get inside. Last time he hadn't visited the place, just passed it on while he was headed to get the Hookshot, this time was different, though.

"Why are we headed to the tavern, Link?' Navi spoke with concern in her face, he may have been the Hero of Time, but that didn't mean she had no worries about him, she would always feel that.

"Mm, we need to find that tunic, remember?" Walking up to the burley man, who just sneered at him with those arms crossed tighter (it seemed muscles meant more to this man than skill.

"You think you are getting inside?" When the boy nodded his head, a smile placed upon his lips to confirm the actions, the man just burst into a stream of harsh guffaws. Brooding about six feet, four inches tall, he wasn't going to be provoked by a little shrimp that may have had muscles, but not enough to intimidate him. Standing bare-chested with a small vest on his body that was already to small for him, from the looks of it, the muscles showing abroad. Pair of dark turban-like pants was on his legs as the bald-headed man sprouted quite a bit of facial hair on him, showing the years. While Link stood aside with his blood boiling, the man raised a fist and threw it forward at the boy, going to knock him out for his own good.

The force would have knocked the Hero of Time out if he didn't catch it coming out at him, and throwing himself backwards, reaching for the blade. Before the man could muster even a cry, the sword was pressed against the rim of his throat, getting ready to strike out in there. Link was taller now, he wanted more respect that he had ever gotten, and it was only natural he wouldn't take shit given out to him. Navi just fluttered at his side, her arms crossed with the veil off revealing as if she was some sort of female sidekick of his. Smiling at the man with that same childish grin, he cocked his head to the left and spoke with those words slithering down his tongue. "A table?"

"O-of course, sir!" The green pants were very bright, but around the crotch area they suddenly faded a dark black that drizzled all the way down to his legs. Letting the man who pissed his pants go, Link sheathed the sword back inside of the scabbard and just stared at him, hands crossed. Before the man could run away, before he could go and grab something to strike the hero, the boy had him by the throat, pressing him against the wall. Well, his intimidation of small muscles was forever gone, when a kid could lift him up and almost kill him with that power he possessed. Just staring down into the blue eyes with his own black ones shivering, the man's pants got hotter and hotter around there.

"I don't need a room, forget it, I just need some information."

"O-of course, whatever about?" He chuckled a little nervously, taking his eyes off and staring down at the partner on his shoulder, a pretty little thing that could be held for some devious plots.

"Ganondorf." Oh, if his pants were darkened now, then they were pitch black when he heard the name of Ganondorf, spinning in all directions before turning to the boy. Yanking himself free, he nodded a quick shoulder and sped forward, not trying to lose the boy, but leading him towards the destination. Lose him he wouldn't, for Link was right behind him, letting the man run until he reached a small brown shack, one that looked just a normal toilet. Punching on the small moon that stood for the symbol, the thing cracked back to reveal a small hole that was there for them. As he stepped inside, the man nodded at the boy for him to follow him, even though he hadn't given the latest content of it.

"Should we go?" He spoke with a little nervousness in his voice, he wasn't afraid of the nasty man, but he was guttered about this new place.

"Yes, they could be a resistance group." It was true that around this time there were bound to be people who would want to resist Ganondorf some that would be crushed. Though without resistance they would always have to give into the tyrannical maniac, they would always have to deal with it. No one thought the hero was coming, they knew the legends of the past, though after seven years who'd have thought his ass would show. Chuckling at the though, the girl spun towards the boy and gave a quick nod at him, showing that she was ready to do this. If it turned out to be something bad, she would accept the penalty and take whatever the consequences with the full force intact.

"Really? Wow, I wondered when we'd see one." Rauru had said something about one, hadn't he? I mean it was only a few weeks ago, but for some reason Link had the hardest time trying to remember, maybe it was the time inside the Chamber of Sages. He guessed that time was different down there- -not different, but maybe memories could be lost down there easier than above. That made him feel weak, hoping he didn't lose any of the memories from when he was a child (able to capture them right at this moment.) Rampaging inside his heart had ceased, him nodding at his fairie and sliding down the hole for a few feet, clasping a ladder there. The climb was longer than he expected, the boy moving down the ladder for at least thirty minutes before it opened up into a larger area.

Spreading out in the room, it went around to be a fifty feet room that was made entirely out of metal, machines of all sorts were spread around. Some of them were so ancient that he couldn't have expected them to be here, but the rest of them were of machines that had been invented in the past centuries. All around him were people in desks, their noses pressed in books while a lone man sat at the top of the place, his arms crossed over his chest. Link nearly fainted when he realized the burly man from before was looking out at the desk and reciting verses, things in different languages. Landing off of the ladder the last five feet, a small echo entered the metal room, the eyes from the desk turning up and glaring down at him with some mixed emotions.

"Link.I think this is a bad time." She chuckled nervously, her thoughts pushed away when Link pulled out his sword for battle, the people not crying out in terror. All of a sudden their voices erupted in joy, the squeals from the men and women Hylian all crying out for joy seemed too much for the boy. Dropping the sword from the pain of the squeals, someone leapt forward and caught the sword so it wouldn't be hurt, the place seeming to quiet down when they realized what they did. As the person had his sword, he looked down and peered into the eyes of a young child--maybe the same age he would be if he hadn't grown up. A little girl with beautiful brunette hair, she was glancing up at him with those green eyes sparkling up in the sudden joy of this event.

"Welcome to our home, Hero of Time!" The little girl squealed out in joy, handling the heavy sword, as if it were no big deal, Link would have had a problem holding the Master Sword. Though she was just holding it by the held and the middle of the blade, since it was double-edged she could only hold it like this. Placing the sword back into his hands, the boy examined the small little girl, she dressed in the oddest article of clothing he had laid eyes on. She was wearing a tunic just like his, though it was a red colour, something of a nice suit it had on, and it was in a dress like his was. Others around her weren't dressed the same, they all wore beautiful white robes that glistened all down their backs, holy insignias put on all of their clothes in different manners.

" know who I am?" Scratching his head, he observed the robes of theirs, finding Triforce symbols, and all sorts of signals he hadn't seen before.

"Yes, we know who you are, and we know of your fairie. Though we don't know you, we know who you are--and that you carry the Sword of Evil's Bane." Grinning up at him, she sprinted away from the boy and over at the top of the platform, hiding before the bald-headed man from before. His attire had changed from the rough-customer routine to that of the robes, his whitest of them and holding a giant Triforce on the top and bottom. Maybe this was some sort of cult, was what Link's mind rumbled on, as he stared back at his fairie to converse behind their ears. While they spoke, the people intentionally not listening, they approached him with ladies taking all of his materials off, leaving him bare except the white dress shirt on him. Even the Master Sword was gone, though he let them accept it, not trusting these people, but not having a choice since the hole had sealed out their exit.

"Navi, what do you think?"

"I dunno, this looks like some sort of Triforce cult, resistance groups are supposed to be of military groups, these people seem like normal Hylians." It was weird, but she had expected to see some ex-soldiers and knights that were just raving for battle, that would test their skills. Yea, not that she wanted that, these people were nice and even had children around here, maybe learning the ways of the Triforce. They might be useful to tell them of the Triforce, stuff that had been hidden from the public, but they were just regular people. Wasn't like they were special or anything, that's not what she thought, her mind power was just a little confused in this situation. Before she could answer anymore, her voice was knocked out of contact by another, this the voice of the man from the bar that had been so been before.

"No, young fairie, we are not a cult. My and my brethren are from the Holy Circle of Hyrule."

"Circle of Hyrule, what's that?" Link spoke out loud, taking a seat that a chair had been given to him, it was a nice red chair that was made of wood, but cushions sown into it.

"That, my fair lad, is the section of Hyrule Castle that was entrusted to guard the Triforce. You didn't think we didn't know that one day an evil man would appear, we have the power of dreams like the Princess of Zelda, we foresaw this but the king was too foolish to see what was coming. There he met his demise in the war we have named the Imprisoning War." With a deep sigh of sadness entering his voice, he sat down in a similar chair like Link's, this one posted at a podium he had been teaching at.

"So what do you all do here?" This was Navi, she had come to rest on the red cushion of the couch, and they weren't that far away from the man, only about twenty feet, and the room very long across.

"We have been searching for the past seven years for the Hero of Time." This wasn't the man who spoke, but the feminine voice of the little girl who had caught their sword, sitting up on the man's lap. From the adventurer's guess she had to be the daughter of the man, no one else would dare sit up on what seemed to be the leader. She was sitting on his lap and turned around to face the man, giving him a kiss on the cheek before turning back to the group, looking wise beyond her years. As they sat here, they couldn't help but wonder that she was some sort of leader--maybe the man some sort of figurehead around here. Who would respect a little girl, I mean usually people that were small got no respect--Link knew this from the bad experiences as a kid.

"Well---I've been asleep." Scratching the back of his head nervously, the boy stared over at the group who just stared at him in amazement and confusion.

"What do you mean--asleep!" Shock went all around as he shrugged a shoulder, staring off to the sides with his eyes diverting in some different directions of them. It was so weird to do this, but he thought that maybe these people were nice and that they wouldn't spoil the secrets to Ganondorf. Some seemed to be repelled by this answer, it was a stupid one, and though Link thought that maybe he could trust these people. Navi just slapped her face; it was a real good way to get off a conversation with these people, people who had been maimed for a person. Now he had appeared and had admitted he had been asleep this whole time, she really thought that riots were going to break out soon.

"Wait, let me explain! Link was asleep, and so was I, he was too young to be the Hero of Time, so he was put asleep so he could grow and we just woke up a week ago." Navi tried her best to calm them down; a few of them were quieter than before, others not really believing the small fairy's story, asking for proof.

"Proof? I have your proof." Link was getting sick of these people; first they started to blame him for his sleep, now they doubt that he was the Hero of Time. Reaching for the medallion around his neck, he held the Forest Medallion high in the air, the place seeming to rumble along with his emotions. All of a sudden, a tree burst out through the metal--this single thing penetrating through several hundred meters of hard-core steel. Luckily there was no one around that area, no machinery either so all it did was scare the hell out of everyone, proving himself. With a slip of the wrist, he revealed the Light Medallion, not knowing how to use it since it wasn't activated, so he just put that one back in. "Wow, you did that on purpose?" Navi inquired.

"N-no, I guess it reacts to my emotions." Chuckling, the next sound heard were more cheers, them yelling out that he was truly the Hero of Time, that no other tests were needed. The reason he had the Forest was it was still around his neck, the Light had been slipped out of his side pack when they came for it, keeping it in the palm of his gloves. Pulling the gloves off, and storing the Light Medallion to the chain with the Forest, he pointed his hand towards them, the one with the Triforce. Gasps and cries of joy entered their vision, all the people falling to their knees except the little girl; she just sat on top of that platform and stared. All suspicion of her being the leader of this was shown, the people daring not to take another step towards the Triforce holder, though the girl making her way towards his chair.

"So, you are the Hero of Time." She gave a small curtsy bow and stared up at his face, the delicate figure of hers showing her true personality, she was so wise.

"Do you have the Triforce of Wisdom?" Navi and Link blurted out, it was apparent that they both felt the same vibe about her, she had this weird vibration on her aura. Unfortunately, the girl revealed her bare hands to show that she didn't have the Wisdom piece, it would have been such a great thing. Two pieces against one was great, even though from Shiek's teachings he knew that the user was on the side of good, never betraying. He would have liked to maybe borrow some of the user's magical abilities, to be able to summon up some even more powerful spells. These people seemed to be more on technological-wise than anything else, they more intelligent that the normal Hylians were.

"Unfortunately, I am not, hero, though I wish I had." Clasping her hands at her sides, she climbed up and sat upon his lap, the boy feeling a bit uncomfortable just in that under-shirt and pants. Nevertheless she just sat down in his lap like a child would and giggled sweetly, her dimples showing out the cutest flavor he had seen. Not even knowing her name yet, his hand went to her and started to stroke the brown hair in the sweetest fashion, the girl nuzzling the bare hand. The piece of Triforce pressed against her skin, the thing seeming to warm her up as a sigh of passion escaped her lips, pulling away from the piece. No matter how much she wanted to be near it, there was no time for that--this was the time to be more accordingly and speak.

"Who are you, and what is that you are wearing?" He called out, his hands returning to his lap as the fairie just watched along with them, for some reason she felt no jealously around this girl, maybe it was because he was so larger than before.

"My name is Kaci, and this is the legendary Kaen Vest. You will need it to get into Death Mountain, but unfortunately, I have only child-sizes, the adult ones were given to the Goron's back before this trouble started."

"Oh, well I can go visit them, I am the Great Dodongo Buster." He gave out a chuckle of triumph, explaining how he defeated the Dodongo King those seven years ago, the girl frowning as he finished. There he wondered why she frowned, because before her eyes had been lit with excitement, loving the tales that he had told her. Just the Dodongo one, the other people also crowding around them and hearing the story of how a child could defeat a dinosaur king. It was a weird story, though with the Triforce of Courage embedded upon this boy, they would believe him if he said he could fly up and see the Goddesses. Finally when it had finished, he watched her face slump down in a bit of pity, staring to his fairie for help, though she just shrugged.

"What's wrong, little girl?" Navi fluttered to her face, illuminating the barrier so that she cried out in pleasure and held the thing to her face, cheering her up.

"The Gorons have died out--well, no let me rephrase that--the Gorons will die out. The evil Ganondorf has done something to them, I don't know what but he has done something evil to them, they have been captured and will be sacrificed as a warning to other races of those who disobey him." She just gave up trying to hold it in, bursting out in a stream of tears, the people around her also starting to moan in accordance.

"My Goddess, not again!" Link slammed his fists on the sides of the chair, the little girl crying out in surprise and starting to lose her balance, only to be caught. The hero caught her with his open arms, an expression of that handsome-nature displayed towards the young girl (some concern.) He hadn't meant to drop her, though the deep was done and the fact of the matter was that he had her, a small grin caressing her lips. Looking over towards the other people was weird, they seemed so different than before, and it was like they didn't even care about her. All of a sudden they sprung up in surprise and surrounded the chair, saying there apologizes for not being there to rescue her.

The people had so much weird qualities around them, Navi couldn't really place how they looked, and they weren't ghosts or anything. Though from the look of things they could have been dead, the expressions they had when the girl was falling was that of a dead substance. It was hard to place together, maybe some sort of magic was in order, but since it wasn't anything evil, there was no need to worry. Just staring back at the girl, she let Kaci hold her and cuddle with her so that they were warmed, the hero just smiling and stroking her. What a wonderful father he would have made, Navi's thoughts rambled on as she glanced the ways he played with the younger girl.


The duo had appeared at Kakariko Village at about seven o'clock that morning and from then until that night they played every different game they could think of. All sorts of games they played, the young boy seeing no other people her age (or even his age) everyone was either in their late forties or below. Each of them had gone into designated rooms and didn't come back for hours at a time, each time she was thirsty or asked if he was and then called them down. It was weird, as if they were her servants (even her so-called father was being ordered around when lunch time came around.) No matter how freaky it got, they played on and all three of them were in the weirdest games that the two had ever come in contact with.

Link and Kaci even got on this little machine with small pads on them where you danced and a score would pop up, you could win a prize. Being a terrible dancer, he managed to lose every time at that game, the girl letting him have one pity win, a giggle entering her lips. Admissibility was styled when she was happy, it was one of the only times he didn't mind being in this creepy place, the other times he seemed very freaked out. The food was good and all, there was just some sort of weird atmosphere about it, as if something had happened her a long time ago. He even mentioned once what she was doing when Ganondorf took here, her eyes seeming to mist up until he told her that it was time for another lesson on that weird dancing machine.

Another little thing that the girl liked was chocolate; these were some strange candies that Link has never tasted before in his life. She had millions upon millions, saying that they produced him here, and that they were her favorite sweet in the entire world. Expecting it to taste like berries or something, he was surprised by the taste, loving it and sharing it with his little companion. Navi ate the chocolate and commented on it also, the three of them gobbling on the sweets as they spoke of his quest on the road. Yea, he told her about all he had been through, changing time periods and even the adventures he had had as a young Kokiiri child.

The fun didn't even stop there, the hours seemed to pass from their eyes as they fooled around with the Master Sword, Kaci seeming to have sort of a knack for it. That was awesome, he had never met many girls that were good with a sword (Impa excluded), though she didn't use swords. He knew she could use them, although this was the first time that a little girl was so skilled with a sword--from second glance she seeming to be a few years older than his original form. Not able to hold up the Master Sword, he saw that she could use the Kokiiri Sword of Farore just as good as he could-- though no Ki lights or any special attacks. No, this girl wasn't gifted in that area, but fighting wasn't her best quality, it was her personality that he simply loved to be around.

It was a different shine than when around Navi, this was a pure and innocent girl while Navi was just Navi, not that he hated her personality. Nah, he would change that girl for a thing, but he was so used to her that being with this new girl was a breath of fresh air. Although he did notice certain things saddened her, like when they passed a room that was bare, he asked about it and she said that someone there died a long time ago. That was sort of a tender subject, so they talked about other things, and even when they passed rooms people were in she would sigh in sadness. No more pondering on that, the fun went on for the hours until finally the sun that was seen from a special devise tolled it was ten o'clock at the nighttime.

Visiting Anjou would have to wait until tomorrow; he would see her for a few hours then he was going to make his way to the Goron City. That was the best thing, he didn't want to waste anymore time with this place, though he would go and see Kaci before he left Kakariko. Staying there that night, he was bound in a room with the young girl, them sleeping in the same bed with the little fairie. A huge bed, it was, so nobody minded sharing the large bed with pink covers--Kaci saying that it was she bed and she loved people over. During the middle of the night, he heard some whimpers and scoots towards him, arms wrapping around his waist in an embrace. Accepting the embrace, the little girl was bound to him, softly sobbing in her sleep as that went for a few more minutes, sinking back into unconsciousness.

After he was asleep, the boy was dressed back into his clothes by the young girl that had awoken the clothes cleaner, trimmer and bearing a small mark upon them. The mark was of a golden eagle with a small tear placed on its forehead, staring up to the left with the Triforce at its side. Whatever the mark was, she gladly sown it on the green part of his tunic, the thing seemed to be sort of different than regular cloth. It was weird that Hyrule was like this, though it wasn't the Hyrule that you knew this was the Hyrule that was hidden behind the doors. When at last that was done, his armour and everything was returned to him, hoping he didn't awaken before her--otherwise the jig was up. Thought of those disappeared as she sunk against him, rubbing against his older body and loving the feel of those emotions, slipping away into deep unconsciousness once again.


"Link!" The voice of his fairie jolted him away, his eyes glancing around the room with a notice that he was no longer on a bed at all. No, he was no where, he was in the middle of a pitch-black room, grabbing the Triforce and summoning up a light to glance around. They were in a complete black room, it seeming to have the same smell as the room that he had slept it, but a dank feeling about. At his side was the girl, but her clothes were different from the beautiful robe that she wore to bed, they were rags all around her dirt-caked face. Picking her up, thinking this was some sort of nightmare, he wandered around the cold room, finding the door to it and pushing himself through.

"Navi, what's wrong with this place?" Having found a small candle in the next room, he lit a bit of Din's Fire on it and kept it burnt, recognizing this room as the same ones from yesterday, except rotten.

"I don't know, but I have been having suspicions about this girl, she maybe a Itoki." She perched upon his right shoulder, the young girl was laying over his shoulder on the right, and pretty soon he dropped the candle and used the powers of her veil and his Triforce so that he held her in both arms.

"An Itoki? What's that?" Curiosity pondered his mind, all these confusing words and all the languages in this land made his little head spin--Hyrule was so culture-referenced.

"Itoki stands for a person who can manipulate the dead, or use them as some sort of barrier, but in this case she isn't doing it for bad purposes. She is keeping the ghosts here so that they can help her relive her life, something happened here a long time ago and this place was destroyed, so this land is just a mirage what we saw yesterday. What is before us is the true land, and it seemed that whatever happened wasn't good."

"But we ate their food, we slept in their bed!" He stared in confusion from the room, coming upon the main room with the ladder; he stared around the room for a few seconds before locating the ladder. With all supplies ready for use, he scaled the ladder and appeared back in the normal shed, looking around to catch the sun rising over the horizon. Morning was finally here, the morning sun causing the boy to sit back against the fence and rest his back there with Kaci in his lap. It was sad it had to end like this--she was just a poor girl and he couldn't do a thing with her-- maybe if she stayed with Malon would be best for her. The Deku Sprout may of let her stay there, though he doubted it since he strictly said not to come back with any other people except Navi.


Six o'clock, of course he wouldn't be up, I will just change back the place and no one would know the different, her thoughts rambled as she felt the familiar damp feelings. Though as she was about to wake up, something grabbed her and lifted her from her old home, feelings of being kidnapped emerged. Staying calm, she was glad when they came to a new place, the scent smelt like the Kakariko except there were no Cuccos around. Kaci hadn't been out of the house for a few years now, she had just stopped caring about people and trying to move on, she wanted her old life back. So the Shaman's way was the only way, though it was a cruel one, she decided this was the only way to live onto her life?

This kidnapper must have been a good person, she felt herself placed inside the person's lap, where he sat down in the grass and did something or another. She couldn't hear any of the conversation because she was half- unconscious and the fact that the voices were so unfamiliar. Whatever was happening was of no concern, she was going to wake up and knock him over the head, going back to where Link was. Yes, so as soon as she looked up at her captor, to see Link was staring at the sun with eyes glinted in small manner, because of the intensity. As she saw this, the hope of running was gone,

ll there was to do was sink down into his arms, cry out the words and hope for forgiveness.

"Link, I can explain!" She stared away from him, expecting maybe to be left alone in the area; to be abandoned just like she had been all those years ago, though she wasn't. Turned so she was lying on stomach, he reached for those rags and removed the pants down a little, sending a swat towards her behind. She cried out in pain and surprise, this had never happened to her in as long as she could remember why was he spanking her? Her tears formed in her eyes when she realized why, they weren't of pain or anything like that, but they were of pure happiness. Yes, to be cared about was a thing she had only dreamed of, so when he took her off his lap and saw her sobbing, he began to hold her.

She crying so badly that he couldn't help but give in and wrap arms around her waist, comforting the young girl, now back in his lap. With her so sad there was no trouble in convincing him to be nice, he didn't like swatting her, but he didn't think hit her that hard! There she sat with Navi hovering over her young body, keeping her warm incase a cold came in, but at the same time just comforting. Really all it turned out to be was a ploy to reveal that she wanted to be close to the girl, it was nice to care about someone--especially in this state. Finally the tears stopped, she hugging the both of them tightly with her embrace, but keeping herself quiet--sniffing up the tears.

Frightened and a sad little girl, while the female had slept Navi had given in account what she thought happened to the young girl during this time. From the look of things this old place had been destroyed around the time that Ganondorf had started his reign--reason she was so sad about it. That meant that maybe everyone had been killed but she had been spared, she couldn't have been much older than four or five. So, maybe she was hidden in some sort of secret room and left there to reside on, even though there was no one to raise her. All the questions had to be answered, he was so curious as what was going to happen to her, but now that didn't seem too important, comforting her was the most valuable lesson now.

With eyes faced upon the boy, those green eyes seemed to have changed a brownish colour, giving off the intention maybe she had hazel eyes, a unique feature. Such a rare colour in Hyrule, Link had never seen them before and just stared at the young girl's eyes with fascination placed in his face. There they stared at each other, her sobs having disappeared after a few minutes, that was good because pretty soon he'd have been in tears too. Well, this went on for a few more minutes before her beautiful voice rang out, the one he had desired the few hours before. Exquisite she even looked with those rags placed on her body, nothing dispelling her beautiful, clothes did not change the way she adorned.

"Link.I'm--" She trailed off, glancing up at him with a nervous smile on, the boy just running his gloved hands across her cheeks, shushing her.

"It's okay, Kaci. Link and I have a little theory on what happened, care to tell us?" The way the fairie smiled was so different, even as her boy was stroking the young girl; never did malice enter the girl's heart.

Huffing in a breath of fresh air, the girl looked over to the fairie and older boy with wishful eyes, but they just shook their heads and motioned for her to carry one. "It's true I was born there, and I was five years old when Ganondorf attacked, it was so violent, somehow he found out about us and attacked this little shack. You see this had always been a secret hiding place for us, we hid here because we were the most secretive place in all of Hyrule. What we said is true, we do truly explore the Triforce and protect it from harm, we even had guards set up in hiding that would kill the first person who touched it, though Ganondorf was different. Ganondorf and his Gerudo women burst through our forces in a matter of days, seizing the Triforce and gaining the powers of the piece. I--I don't know how I was spared, but I think that maybe my father stuck me inside of some weird container and left me alone--the people either decided to spare a child's life or they simply didn't see me."

"Knowing Ganondorf, they didn't see you. We met a Gerudo when I was a child--remember I told you? The one that pushed me off the cliff, though you are a girl, they seem to like them more than boys." Navi let out a little giggle and showed her agreement with the boy, maybe they thought she would grow stronger through this and live on.

"But Ganondorf wouldn't." Navi blurted out, her words rang true, the Gerudo King probably didn't have a problem exterminating women--there were women in the Hyrule Marketplace. "He would have killed you."

"And from there I survived, I was raised by some Hylian Shamans they raised me until I was ten years old, which they went to battle Ganondorf and never returned. I am sure they are now dead to the world, but when I was with them they explained about the Triforce even more depth and that a hero was going to be coming soon. Also they taught me how to be an Itoki, and by that I could control the spirits to my good, though I didn't do this scenery until after they left. We lived at the top of the Graveyard, a weird place that they could reach by climbing up hundreds of feet, or so it seemed. By the time they had left, they were sick of waiting and just wanted to get this over, I guess they lost their fate in the Hero of Time." She say Link wince at this, feeling the pain that he had, of course he would feel like this, but she didn't blame him in the least.

"Well, I created the scenery a few years ago because it gave me comfort, but since I am not the greatest in the world, I can't hold the image in my sleep. Only masters of this technique can hold it in their sleep, which was why I was hoping that you'd wake up before me--so I could make it beautiful again. You have every right to be angry with me, but you aren't, and it's so weird how I can be happy when I know the way I look is horrible. I know it seems so weird about the food we ate and all the games we played, I think that even though everything was an image that we did have fun." Trailing off into some small little droplets falling from her eyes, Link took her back into his arms and began to embrace her.

"Hey.did I swat you too hard down there earlier?" He smiled and kept her on his lap, not putting any pressure where he had spanked her, it would only cause her to cry more and more.

"N-no, not at all. I mean I am all right, I wasn't crying because of the pain, I was crying because someone finally showing that they care about me-- that is if you do."

"Of course I care for you, I wish I could take you with me right now on our journey, but it is much too dangerous for you, I have to find a place you can stay now. Navi?"

"How about Anjou's until we come back from the Fire Temple, then maybe she can stay on the farm with Malon? She has to be lonely out there--I dunno if Talon is back yet, but it still has to be lonely out there being the only girl on a farm--doubt she trusts boys anymore." The smile was of sadness, Link staring at his fairie for a second or two, nodding his head and turning their attention back to Kaci.

There was no time to celebrate with her, no time to ask the questions about where she would like to stay, there was nothing left to do, for soon something grabbed a hold of her, sending screeches of her down his spine. Spinning around, he caught the familiar site of someone being captured, this time it was the beautiful Kaci who was captive by something. This monster was clothed in a black cape, hiding its identify, but something about it was glowing as if it had a weird fuse on it. It was a unique monster, the thing jagged so spikes were sticking out of it, and while that happened, it reached down and threw something at them. Gathering up the young fairie, he leapt away from the spot where he was, a bomb blowing up as it hit the area he used to be, not even stopping for a fuse to light.

With no time to capture her back, or fire an arrow at the creature, it let out a small squealing sound and spun around, throwing the cape in the middle of the air. As it floated in the air it seemed to erupt into a burst of flames, smoldering to ashes before floating right before him, somehow the ashes moving together. Yes, they moved together to form some sort of word, or a list of words that spelt out a message to him and his little fairie companion. Even before they read it, the monster was gone with the girl, not getting a good look at its face, but considering it looked like a dancer made entirely out of fire. Looking back in pain, a new friend was captured, he glanced down at the ashes, catching those words that made his own blood boil as when it was before.

He was sick of this, he was sick of people getting involved for his fault, it was so sad that he just had to deal with this shit once and for all. Sick of everything, the dread coming through, Link just pushed the ashes aside, not even wanting to comprehend them in his mind. Navi was right at his side, trying to comfort him from the lost of a new friend--she was also in a bad mood, but didn't want to let it show. Not as bad as last time, the boy just curled up the fairie and smiled towards her, it wasn't so bad to have her around at all. Glancing down at what the words were, he thought that maybe they needed to head up to Death Mountain this time, not even stopping for Anju.

"Navi." His voice quavered a little, holding back the tears that should have fallen, it was so stupid for this, why did they have to take captives, but he knew the answer--they were his weakness.

"I know, Link, Anjou can wait."

"Shouldn't we tell her we are going to be bringing a little girl back to her when we return." He flashed a grin at her, making her look down for a few seconds before bursting up near his face and mimicking the smirk. Yes, they were going to get her back, no matter what anybody said, there was no way they were going to lose her like they had Mido or the Kokiiri Children. Saria had been saved from the clutches of the Phantom Ganondorf, and now they were going to perform the same act with this little girl. How he hated being like this, having to save people when their only crime was getting to know the Hero of Time, exploiting his weakness. Smashing the boots deep inside of the ground, right where the ashes had blown away, he spun around and made his way towards Anjou's new house.


The remainder of the day they spent venturing around town and looking for the girl named Anjou, she wasn't at her new house (the one Link stayed at.) Though as they did run around town asking for the girl, some of the women of the town would turn a light crimson and point him in any direction they thought would lead them to her. Navi was getting annoyed at this, Link didn't know why they were acting strange, and both of them were getting tired of running around. Anjou was becoming a problem, they needed to head for the City of Gorons to get a hold of the tunic that the young girl had had, and even if it was real. That's what was on his mind, if they were even real--she had said that they still existed on the city of the Gorons, but she had never been there in her lifetime.

"Why are they acting so stupid, Link?" Navi asked as they sat upon a small construction site, it looked like the one that people had been working on seven years ago. He was sitting down on the side with his legs dangling over the side of the platform that led to a seven feet drop to the ground before. Above him were boards that were starting to rot, as if the construction site had been left there since the war had broken out, so long ago. With her sitting on his hand, he was nibbling on his lunch of some dried fruit and a few extra things that the people had filled his pack with. Yes, they had refilled his canteens and supplies up to the top, he was glad that these things weren't illusions at all, they filled him up.

"I really don't know, they did this last time Anjou walked me to where the carts were coming off." He looked down at his food of the dried meats, a piece of fruit and some of the water from his canteen, gulping it down in a few minutes. As he grew so had his appetite so it was essential to fill him up so that his strength would be ready when they faced any new opponents. Leaving early had disappeared when they figured out they may need a few things form Anjou, just some very essential needs. Navi had said this; Link didn't know what these items were though if his fairie said that he needed them then he would need them. Maybe something to protect him if the damned volcano were to erupt on him and kill him, the tunic may have protected him against fire (lava was a different story.)

"Must think she is going after a younger boy." Those thoughts were raising up towards the heavens, going for her brain to infect her with those jealously marks she didn't want. Navi had promised herself that she would be grown up about this, she would take this and throw it back at that dark side of herself. Maybe everyone had a dark self, she wondered if Link had these problems with trying to be jealous of other people. Though he didn't show it, she knew that no one had ever shown the bit of romantic interest in her except Link, wishing that maybe they would to make him jealous. Of course it was bad to think that, she never wanted to hurt her hero of anything, but being wanted always would make you feel nice inside.

"I guess, but Anjou is a little old for me." He chuckled and cleared his food, watching as the fairie just shrugged a shoulder and finished off her last splash of water she was given.

"But what about me?" She giggled nervously and perched upon his hat, leaning over the edge so she could get a good look at his face, her own flushed.

"Well, that will take some time." Just a ploy to calm her down, she frowned and stuck her tongue out at him, as he shrugged a playful shoulder and jumped down the seven feet. Landing on the two walking appendages, he began to search around the town as his thoughts wondered to what she had said. It was weird, but Link was feeling more and more that attracted to the young fairie as the time went on--it was something he couldn't explain. Being with her was like wondering in a dream, one that he hoped he would never have to wake up from (the fear of losing her.) That was always apparent, not really wanting her to throw her neck out for the boy, though loving that she had totally agreed with this quest for his own sake.

When they were young he had said that they would talk about it when the quest was over, that quest was over, but soon a new one had begun. Both were connected by the infamous Ganondorf, so does that mean that they were to talk about it or wait until the two quests that entwined were over. The thoughts raced through his mind at long last he came to rest at the lady named Anjou's house, seeing no one was there, so just leaning down. As he sat there in the shade from the roof, his legs sticking out in the sun, he noticed his little fairie had sunk her down into dreamland. Pulling her off from her spot, his eyes met the lids of hers, just glancing deeply at her and trying to figure it out, it was so strange to feel this way about anything, much less a fairie.

        Why do I even put up with you? You are just as ignorant as I am; we both have some sort of blood lust, and refuse to show our tears infront of each other. Why do we even put up with each other, I always heard that opposites attracted each other, but we are two of the same kind. Of the same liter, the only problem before was that I was a Kokiiri and was to remain a child forever, but now I am a Hylian. Unless the Deku magic decides to make me a child (which I don't think I want to go back to being) we are even more apart than before. I just don't know anymore, should I leave you here and continue on my journey alone, or would you follow me to the vast of earth?

        You've put up with my selfish nature for so long, that would you follow me into the bowels of a volcano just to rescue a girl that I like. But you like her too, don't you? I mean, you wouldn't want a child to die, I haven't even seen you mad at the affection I show to her and that she shows to me. It's strange, isn't it, how I can just sit here and think about leaving you when I know the simple fact is that I could never leave you. It is either a curse or a gift, which one I haven't the slightest idea in, but the beautiful factor has to be we are stuck with each other. Maybe I want you to be my fairie the rest of my life, or maybe I want you to leave me tomorrow, I can't really decide which one would be better. For now we shall put up with each other until the day I die or that you die (whichever one comes first), though I can tell you this: you aren't a burden at all, you are a ray of sunshine in my gloomy existence.

        Link pulled from his pocket the renewed Fairie Ocarina and began to practice the old tunes of the world, the ones that he had learned as a child. Even playing that new song that he had learned, the place seeming to get darker than before, a storm starting to brew in the distance. The Song of Storms he had dubbed the newly acclaimed song, it was true to its words for within the fifteen minutes he had been thinking, and a storm did brew in. The wind and rain causing him to brush up against the house and hoping maybe the storm would cause the young woman to come home. He so wished they could get inside the house and wait until tomorrow to leave, he needed himself a good night's sleep before he faced his foes on the dreaded mountain.

        Whatever happened next was up to the Goddesses, whatever their plan was had to be decided by them and the power he pulled from inside. Of course Link hated them, he never honored them and took their names in vain whenever he had the chance, hell both of them did that. Though there was one reason he could love the Goddesses, there was one reason that he would always think of them with such regard. Navi was that reason, destiny and the holy ones from above had brought that to him and with that they were united in the bond of defeating evil. At any time he would let her leave, if she got scared and wanted to rest for sometime--of course he would let her go back to the forest. Going back might sadden him and cause him to venture into the land and die, but he wouldn't put that guilt on her, he would never.

        The hero was sitting at the building since noon that afternoon and at four o'clock that afternoon was when he called the storm, the girl coming exactly fifteen minutes later. Anjou must have been doing something that required the sun like gardening or something, because she was soon soaked with the rain. No umbrella to protect her--not that Link had one--he awoke his fairie with a soft kiss as he saw her running towards her house in the distance. When her eyes met his, they seemed to fill up with joy as she took off in a run for him, trying to reach him faster than the house. To Link's surprise, when the little fairie came out and floated around, staring around the area, that was when Anjou stopped dead in her tracks, looking dumbfounded.

        Older woman did eventually reach him, walking slower than when she was trotting to the house; as if not caring she would get wet. Link had pulled his ocarina back into its case and headed down after her, grabbing her hand and dragging her back towards the house as she reached to unlock the door. Him and his fairie just glanced at her with confusion as she slipped the door open and stepped inside the darkened house, the two of them following her. When at last the candles were lit within the house with matches, she collapsed down in the larger house and stared at them with a smile planted on her face. Link slipped off all his armour and stared in the downward direction at her, his face still smoothed out in the collection of curiosity.


        How could she have thought that he was coming alone to see her, of course he had said that his fairie was recovering from some wounds last time. Even though that was a week or so ago, she still expected her to be back in healing, not really knowing how long it took a fairie to recover. She just expected after the last time that he might develop something for the older woman, even though she knew he was asleep when it happened. Just so crushed when she put eyes on the young fairie, feeling a twinge of jealously in her body, also happy to see an old friend after seven years. Now they were inside, she tried to cheer herself and smiled at the two of them letting out a small sigh of happiness, true feelings were hid inside of her.
        Tucked inside of the warm house was something that she hoped they were used too, for she was going to show them the best hospitality she had. Yea, she would give them a show they would love, it wasn't like they did anything bad to deserve this somber mood she was in. Staring at the two of them, settled on a new couch she had purchased, the jealously that was within her heart melted away in an instant. As they stared at each other, Anjou knew that she had no chance for the boy (she was under-qualified for him, that was apparent.) No point in trying that, the pain she had was hidden within her heart while a smile beamed upon her face and in the two's direction.

        "So what brings you two back to Kakariko." Sitting down in a new chair that she had gone, it was only a small table that separated them, watching as the young boy looked to his fairie then spoke.

        "We are on our way to the Fire Temple, which we imagine is inside of Death Mountain somewhere. Only problem is we need to go to the City of Gorons and see if they have an Adult Fire Tunic so I don't smother to death." Her shrugged a limber shoulder and glanced her way, seeing something hidden within her face, though he didn't want to pry, so away he stopped and watched as his fairie continued.

        Navi didn't speak, Link had thought she was going too, but the young girl just stared over at the older woman and studied her expression without flaw. Something was wrong with her, a very deep something--the way she stared and smiled at Link was that way a person smiled when they were hiding something. Her boy couldn't sense it, but she could sense it, though she didn't want to know the truth at all, all she wanted to do was going to bed. Ignoring her boy's thoughts, the young girl fluttered up into the hat, bent down and kissed his cheek before sliding down back into the bed. As she was slid into the pelt of the hat, Navi knew what was wrong and she just hated how this Anjou was hiding, wanting them to leave right now, though to tired to protest it.

        Even the voices were coming in, screaming at her for not to fall asleep for something terrible would happen to the boy if she did. Not terrible to him, but horrible for her it would ruin her life and literally kill her--though she didn't even heard their trembling voices. Those stupid things weren't going to win this time, for if they didn't trust their boy, but the fact of the matter was that she trusted him. Taking a glance at the felt of turquoise she was wrapped in, surrounded in the darkness, she could hear the silence and took it as bliss. Whatever was going down there was her business--of course it was her own business--but that didn't meant she didn't want any interaction with it.

        "Hm, she fell asleep?" His eyes roamed over towards the hat, not really able to see it actually, though he knew she was stuck inside of there, in her sleep.

        "Yea, guess she was tired, so what do you want to do?" Anjou clasped her hands in her lap and stared forward, it was not really late, she just couldn't understand why the girl was going to sleep.

        "Me? Well, I haven't eaten dinner or anything, so do you have anything to eat?" Link was sort of greedy that way, it was true he could be sort of a pig in some situations, but the truth of the matter he was tired too. It was so stupid what had happened earlier, he just wanted a good night's sleep and to take out in the morning reborn like a Phoenix. As he sat there with his stomach growling for food, not even caring if he got it or not--right now all he wanted was some good old sleep. Seeing that she was getting up to get some leftovers she had, or some stuff that was put up, though he saw that she was glad to serve him. Maybe she was lonely during the seven years and thought he was her one true friend, and he seemed to like that, after all Anjou was a very sweet person.

        Anjou didn't even speak; she simply nodded her head and jumped up, heading towards the new kitchen to prepare a meal for him. A natural house- wife, if she would get married she could of made any man happy with her ability to cook and clean whenever the time seem right. Yup she would have made a wonderful cook and maid if she would take up the jobs, though she didn't like cooking and cleaning for money--she thought it deserved no rewards. Whipping up some quick food, she prepared some fresh steak and even added in some fruit with the food (since Cuccos were gone, no more egg.) How she adored eggs, it would have been an honour to prepare them for him, but as she brought the food back to him, there were none.

        Pulling out the plate and some silverware, she brought them for the boy, he looked at the food he had never tasted and began to munch down on it slowly. Enjoying the food that happened to have a few spices, he suckled down the Lon Lon Milk that was shipped here recently, loving the fresh taste it gave. With that down, he finished the meat quickly and ate his fruit just as fast, finishing off the milk with a sigh of relief pushed out. Staring down at the plate, he left a little bit for the young fairie, wrapping it up inside of a napkin and placing it into one of his pockets. With that out of the way, the boy watched as she took the plates into the kitchen and yelled for him to do whatever he wanted while she cleaned up the kitchen and some other rooms.
        Shifting all his clothes off, even the suit and leaving only a pair of undergarments on for the keeping, he placed them right on the kitchen cabinet and yelled he was going to bathe. There he even slipped the undergarments off and had everything off but his little hat, taking it with him to the bathe area, noticing the change in size. The bathtub was much bigger than before, the other one he had bathed in wouldn't have even supported him with his new girth he had gained. With the hat put aside, he reached in for Navi and soaked inside the hot water that he drew, loving the feel of a bath, how it felt. He had had baths long after Lon Lon, but none as good as this one and the farm one had been (the others had been in lakes, streams and the Kokiiri bath-house.


        With the bath put aside and everything else cleaned in the house, he was given his clothes a few hours later with everything clean and ready for the trip. Although he had been cleaned the night before, this time was for walking around in the rain and the sweat he put up for searching for Anjou. Nothing happened after that, the young boy going to sleep on the long couch that they had rested on a few hours later, Anjou in her bed. Although she was saddened by the events that they didn't get to be together, she knew it was for the best and that in the end everything would work out. With that in mind, they both slept soundly, the young fairie slept just as peacefully, waking up during the middle of the night and munching down the food in his pocket before resting down again.

        The next morning he was awakened at seven o'clock (like he requested) and that was when she presented him with something that he'd need. Navi had suggested it earlier on, maybe when Link wasn't listening, or maybe she even awoke during the night and asked the young girl. Anyway, Anjou presented him with a long black cape, a small holder that clicked to his collar, this no ordinary cape, though. Made of the hide of a Dodongo, Navi had seen it in her room so long ago, the cape having belonged to the girl's great-grandfather when he was a warrior. This thing wasn't made of the hide, it was softer and refined as if it was made with some other material with the ancient dinosaur.

        With thanks in mind, the boy slipped the dark cape upon his body, which reached down upon his ankles so he wouldn't have to slip upon it. The cape was beautiful, on the inside it was red so that he could reverse it around and hide in places that were red, not that that would ever happen. Anjou explained the cape prevented fire attacks, magma attacks and would protect you from certain enemies that were fired-based. The Kesse came to both of their minds, but she told the most important part of the cape--it protected you better than any tunic because it blocked those fiery rocks. Rocks that had fallen on him back in the old days, the ones that scared him to death (they were blocked) something those stupid tunics couldn't do, not that he still didn't need it.

        Navi explained this didn't mean that they didn't need the tunic, they still needed it, but if it weren't there, this would protect him from getting killed. Yes, that was all true what they said, plus they also mentioned that with the tunic and cape he would be more invulnerable to fire than even the ancient dinosaurs. This excited him; not able to contain his excitement, so he gave the older girl a long hug as they wandered up towards the gates. Lonely gates were just as barren as the day he had walked up them for the first time, still dreading the path to the trial, knowing he would have to go on this on foot. They had been walking up here and headed for the trail to Death Mountain, now reaching it when the end of her explanation had disappeared.

        "Link, I have a surprise. We found it on the trail and noticed something about it was yours." Opening her hands, she let out a giggle when a snort sounded in the air, the boy and his fairie spinning around into the eyes of Epona. He let out a small laugh and hugged his horse tightly, she nipping at his face and throwing him back on his back, letting out a long neigh of pleasure. When they had first approached Kakariko, the mare didn't want to come, she had shook her head and taken off back in the direction of Lon Lon. He had guessed that at the time it was the ash coming out of Death Mountain and the fact that she knew they were heading to the mountain. Now here she was here with him, giving her courage up and risking her own neck on the line to just to help him--a true matter of courage.

        Surprise was even gleamed on Navi's face as she nuzzled within the mare's hair, the horse already accustomed by the fairie, even though she had no veil on now. At first Epona hated the veil, even when it wasn't on (she knew who had the veil) and wouldn't let her ride that much on the mane of her. Now she was all right with it, happy to see the two of them after two whole days and showing it by screaming out another neigh of pleasure. Just a happy picture this was with the horse, the warrior and even the beautiful fairie who would save the world from the land. Courage was flowing from all three of them, she knew the horse would be scared to come on an even more active volcano, though she had braved the odds and pressed her dreams to help Link.

        The duo waved their goodbye to the lady named Anjou as she just nodded her head and waved back, tears of sadness rolling down her cheeks. Link sighed and gave one last sigh before resting his head on the mane of his creature and beginning to descend up the mountain. Nothing was in the way when they entered this rocky path, no enemies or those giant boulders that they had run across the last time they were here. From the speed that Epona traveled on the mountain, they would be to the city in less than a day, maybe a full day if she walked slowly when they slept. That was okay with them, they were in no hurry to go to the mountain, they just wanted to be on the way and take as much time as possible, to reach the place whenever. Going up the mountain did take only a day at the most, it about nine o'clock in the morning when they reached the flag and the pillars of the Gorons just around the corner. They were a little late because during the night Epona just stopped and rested for an hour or two, not that that was a bad thing. He didn't want to seem a both (knowing the Gorons were kidnapped), so he left some food and water to last Epona for at least a week. Nodding to the horse, he tied her over at the pole and pointed for her to say, saying that he would be back as soon as possible. Receiving a nip on the ear, shivering in quick response, the boy patted her mane with the sleeping Navi and continued onward the path.


"It's worse than I thought." Link spoke as Navi stared at the place in fear, the large stone that rested outside of the city was smashed into pieces, and something of immense strength pounded it into the ground. They weren't even inside this place and Link could smell the death in the air, no bodies around, but the use of the special crops was apparent. Taking a few glances around the room, he walked through the path that led to the city's entrance, grimacing at the splashes of blood that were on the walls right before he entered. The Gorons had probably rebelled against Ganondorf and with Daruina as the leader Link knew they would have done it eventually. The Kokiiri would have given in and with the Hylian King dead so would of those people, hell even the King Zora would have done it, but not Daruina.

"Link, let's go." He had just started staring at the walls in silence, gripping at his wrists, noticing for the first time that his bracelet was gone, the Zora one still remained though.

"Yea, you're right. Goddess, I can't believe this happened, they should of known that Ganondorf was more powerful than them, how stupid can they be!" Slamming his fist into the side of the wall, a bit of it chipped off and slid down to the ground, a small little map appearing before him. No, it wasn't map; it was something painted on the wall in some red paint, on further inspection revealing that it was actually blood. Link didn't want to read it--he truly didn't, but he knew if he didn't than he would regret it for the rest of his life, so he took a deep breath and deciphered. Gulping, he looked at the runics, seeing they were in the Hylian normal language and began to read them to him with shivers. As soon as he was done, he turned away from there and threw up some bile, puking his guts out on the other side of the room, to not shame Navi with his tears.

Somehow the two of them could read the Hylian language; maybe they were taught it when they were asleep, that was a possibility. Of course there were other possibilities to consider, they did find themselves a bit smarter than when they were in the younger bodies. Glancing up towards the words, she could see why he was crying, there a bunch of curses and cries of pain of what he was going to do to the Gorons and the new little bundle he had gathered. Navi considered that was Kaci, so she just sniffed a little, reading that the monster named Ganondorf was going to feed the Goron race to a creature called Volvagia as a warning to others races. A creature in a language that she had never heard of, the world was as unfamiliar as anything in this new world, but knowing it couldn't be a good monster.

The letter was even signed with the sign that they saw on the Milk Carts and said in the words 'Ganondorf', though they were in the Gerudo language. How Navi even knew that was beyond her, she guessed that they could read every language now since they were supposed to be the heroes. Pulling the block back up in place so that no one could read this horrible mess, she gathered herself up and floated over towards the boy. Being yanked into an embrace, he dried himself off with the veil she turned on, kissed the tears off of the barrier and turned towards the entrance. With only a sword and shield at his body, love within his heart, he was destined to find that tunic and get the hell out of this new temple, so he ran into the abyss.

Out of the fire and into the lava pit, that was a terrific way to describe this place, the smell of death even harsher inside of this place. Down each pillar were bloodstained everywhere, lumps of Gorons in piles (covered with sheets to honour them) he knew the Gerudo weren't like this. So maybe there was someone still alive, and that rung true in his heads as he stared forward where the Spiritual Stone pillar used to be, cut down and at the bottom of the pillars. Well, in this knew form, he didn't bother walking down the paths, he just scaled down the arena since holes were now in the walls. As if Ganondorf himself had used magic here to blow this place up, the place was easier to get too and when he reached the bottom of the pillar, it had only been thirty minutes.

"Link what's that!" Navi was right at his side and pointed over to the left, where there was a lump of a Goron, not covered up and shaking like it was alive.

"Wow, a Goron! It must be the one that covered the rest up!" Racing out towards it, the boy tapped the Goron on the shoulder, the thing taking off in a spin and running around the whole first floor, slamming into the wall. As it hit the wall, it covered the entrance that led up so all it could do was spin around the room, coming towards the boy every now and then. Well, it seemed it was mad at him for some reason, maybe thinking he was one of Ganondorf's men back to finish the job. This stupid rock-eater had an attitude problem and Link was about to solve that, so when it came close, Link slammed the sword right down into it. That was a mistake, he should have known about the hide of the Goron, for all it did was make the sword shiver with vibrations.

With her boy still shaking, the fairie took it into her own hands to get rid of the menace, reaching for one of the bombs and propelling it towards the lump. As it was coming, the bomb should have ricocheted and gone off to explode in their faces, but it didn't since she wasn't aiming at him. Aiming at him was what Link would have done the first time if he hadn't used his sword, but since he was incapacitated at the moment, it was her job. She was actually aiming the direction he was going (right away from them) and when it ran over the bomb was when the scream came out. A piercing scream of confusion and pain, the monster rolled over into the wall, slumping up and turning towards the couple that had hit him, Navi giving the boy a high-five, who had come back to his senses.

"How dare you! How dare you punish the great son of Daruina! Feel my name and tremble.I am Link!" The little Goron piped out, having the same look of the rock-eater that had helped him get to Daruina's place when he was younger. Yup, except this one didn't have any facial hair and was a wee bit smaller than the other one (the one probably some sort of adult.) This was a kid, as it seemed with the squeaky voice and the way he rubbed his skin from the bomb that he was just fine, but overall with the tough skin he wasn't hurt. Link just stared at him with his hands at his side, whispering to himself that he had heard what he thought he had heard--were his ears deceiving him. Daruina's son was the only one alive, although he didn't have a son when Link was around, the kid had to be only seven years old.

"Link? What in Goddesses' name are you talking about? My friend's name here is Link." Navi stared at the young Goron, trying to get it through her mind until it clicked: Daruina had named his son after the Dodongo Buster.

"What? Your name is Link too? Then you must be the legendary Link who killed the evil Dodongo's long ago?" Link just smiled an impish grin and shrugged a shoulder as if he was so innocent, the Goron letting out a cry of job and getting on his knees infront of the boy. Eh, maybe he was a sucker for the public now that he was grown, but he sure did love when people talked about his past adventures. Grinning down at the boy, he nodded his head to him, which made another screech of joy enter his lips, this one of pure affection. Reaching down inside of his pack, he asked him if he would give him his autograph, making it out to his friend 'Link of the Gorons.' Signing the paper, giving his first autograph as the Hero of Time, he looked down at the boy who wasn't smiling anymore, he was sulking.

With his lips turning grim, he turned away and burst into a handful of sobs, backing away from the two and putting his direction away from them. Taking a deep breath of sadness, the boy wiped the tears from his beady little blackened eyes and glanced at the man with hopeful eyes. Link didn't know what he wanted him to do, but he guessed it had to do with the race that had been captured by the dreaded Ganondorf. Well, he answered his prayers by nodded his head at the young boy, who broke down in sobs once more, sensing Link's curiosity. This caused Link to stare down at the boy in confusion, why was he sad if he had met the guy that he was named after--just now realizing the situation.

"Link, he's crying. Maybe you should ask him what's wrong?" Navi saw Link shake his head in a little confusion; he was being stubborn now and really didn't want to comfort the boy. So while he just slumped down to the ground to think of another way to do something, Navi fluttered over to the boy's face and asked what was wrong. Nothing he spoke this time, not even hearing the little sprite until she got close to the hole in his head and screamed out his name. The boy didn't speak at first, he was too busy trying to catch his tears and finally when he did, he slumped down right next to Link. Speaking to both of them, mostly his hero though, he began to tell the tale of exactly what had happened to the Gorons and Ganondorf.

"Well, father was out on business about less than a week ago when something terrible happened. Ganondorf and his women came here and demanded that we hand over something called a medallion, it was weird but since you had the Fire Medallion, we had no idea what he meant, so we said we didn't have it. That was when he captured the entire race, killing those who rebelled and in the process I hid within the shadows so he couldn't find me. Actually, I hid in my dad's room, the one that couldn't be opened without the tune of the royal family, so no one even knew I was there. I know I was cowardly, I do know that, but I'm no fighter, I couldn't kill the great Ganondorf even if I tried."

"You did the right thing, kid. I am the only one that can kill Ganon, and even sometimes I'm not sure. So where is old Daruina now? I wanna talk to him about something." Link didn't approve of calling the boy after himself; 'kid' was something that he would refer to the later version of the name.

"Yea, yea. I know. Well, dad got back about three days ago and was in out- raging form. He helped me cover and preserve the bodies so that when he gets back we can go and bury them. Well, he went to the old Fire Temple, because that is where Volvagia has been revived. I know you don't know whom that is, so I'll tell you the legend of it." From the look in Link's eyes, the boy knew that he wanted to know more about this monster, one of evil abominations, that deserved no mercy. "Volvagia is a legendary dragon that was here centuries ago, he was killed by the fated hero by a magical hammer, well father has gone to the temple to kill the creature, and he doesn't have the hammer, so I am worried."

"Let me guess, you want me to go and vanquish the enemy? Well, I shall go do that, but I need some protection." The boy nodded in compensation and rushed off towards the small room where his father resided, not returning in about five minutes. Navi suggested that maybe he was being held up, so the courage-holder just nodded and got ready to head down there where the kid was. After that he was getting sick of waiting so he took off after the boy, ignoring the bodies in the corners and running through the familiar darkness until he ran upon the room. There the Goron named Link was rummaging through some drawers, looking for something, as Link leaned back and watched him work. It wasn't like he was going to go work for the boy, he was supposed to kill some magical dragon with an evil hammer (or however he said it.)

Ten more minutes of going through the room and the now mussed up place was emptied out before the Goron pulled out something that was shining red, blowing the dust off. Knocking all the dust from it, he turned towards Link and unfolded the piece of cloth for him, checking for any moths that might have gotten it. No, the thing was beautiful in all its glory, a tunic that matched his to every aspect, except the signal that Kaci had sowed on was replaced by the mark that was on the bomb signal. Yup, he was readapted into the race of the Gorons, or maybe that was how he made it look, not that he wasn't fine with that. Glancing at the tunic, it would fit his own, he knew that the green one would have to come off and then the new one would take its place.

"This is the legendary fire tunic of the Gorons, I don't remember how we got it, but they were reserved for when a Hylian had to journey with dad in Death Mountain."

"Oh, we know where." Navi blurted out, not revealing her content and leaving the Goron in the dark as Link slipped the green tunic off and slipped the red one on. Tying it tightly so that it fit just right, he put the old one inside of his satchel, slapping it shut so that it wouldn't become hurt in the mountain. There was no way he was going to let his baby be hurt by this stupid fire, that was his own one that he would always wear with pride. As he checked himself out in the new little mirror that Daruina had set up in the right-hand corner, the Goron slammed his foot into the small statue. That little figure gave away and slid down into the ground, revealing a path of blackness--one Link had never encounter before.

Link gave a gasp and spun around in confusion, seeing that the new door way was in his path, obviously a secret entrance of some sort. The heat was radiating down all over his body, it was weird, but probably glad he wouldn't have to slide down the descent of the volcano. With a nod, he was about to walk towards the door (already feeling the warmth of the volcano wash over his body) when the Goron gave out a cry. Well, that meant something, it wasn't a bad cry or anything, so he just leaned up against the wall, watching as the boy dug through the paths. A new item was just fine with him, whatever he could use would make him worthwhile, though he had a question and passed it out.

"What about Navi?" His fairie turned towards him and looked at him questioningly, but the boy was just worried about his young companion more than anything was.

"Navi? Who is Navi?" Link-Goron spoke out, digging through a small trunk that had had the tunic in it, growling out in the Goron language when he got something that wasn't needed.

"My fairie, kid. What about her health in the volcano, I mean she doesn't have a tunic." Navi's eyes brightened up in surprise, she hadn't even thought of that!

"Y-yea, I can't regularly breathe." Navi spoke out for the first time, glancing over at the kid to see what he was doing, but from the looks of things it was hard to tell. With a glance towards her partner, her cheeks began to flush, bringing that veil on as the boy turned around for a second to see them. Maybe it was when he saw the veil for the first time, which those hands went up and snapped those small, chubby fingers moving in a particular fashion. The snap went off, and he reached inside of another trunk, yanking out a bit of red powder, pulling it from a small purple pouch. Pouch went out and sprinkled the red powder upon the fairy's veil, reacting to it, she began to sneeze and convulse a little bit.

"Hey, what did you do to her!" Jumping up from where he leaned, he tackled the boy to the ground, overwhelming the young Goron by more power. Raising a fist at the monster, he demanded that he tell him what the hell was happening to his fairie, Link acted as if she was dying. He stared down at the boy with those eyes pushed in determination, the fairy's veil remaining while she sneezed louder, and finally the sneezes stopped. By that time, the boy had accidentally knocked the young one out, him leaning against the door with stars dazed in his eyes. Spinning around, he caught her aura and saw that instead of the beautiful blue from before, it had mutated into a ruby veil.

Navi fluttered over towards the mirror and stared at her aura, mesmerized at how she looked, the veil disappearing and checking out her new performance. The skin and everything was the same, her hair was still the blue that it had been before, and the aura the only part of her that had changed red. Now, however, her appearance was much more different than it had before for her hair was a different style than it had been before. Staring at the hair, it wasn't a bad change at all, her hair had gotten a lot shorter than before and now only stopped at her neck-line. So much for being mean, she fluttered with the veil off and spun around her friend's face, speaking that she was also fine and well.

Words weren't spoken as he got off of the young Goron, who was obviously going to be out for a few hours, his hands going open for her. Not even waiting for her to come to him, he tackled over towards her, curling up the fairie in her hands and noticed her size was different than before. Four inches is what she had been when they stepped through the portal with the new bodies, now she was a gleaming five and a half inches. It was so weird, she was almost half a foot now, which didn't mind in the least in the young hero's mind, it was more to have. Clothes had also changed, the little skirt-shirt combination was now red along with her aura, and the skin still as pale as it was before.

"Navi, you are bigger than before!" He squealed a little, and fell down upon the ground, laying the girl on his shoulder as he dug through the trunks that the boy had been through.

"What do you mean?" Fluttering over towards the mirror, eyes set a wide when she saw how big she really was, she squealed and slammed down into his head, causing the head to slam into the wall. Gasping out in sense of distress, she readied herself over towards him, whom he shook his head back and forth, noticing that a hole was in a wall. Whoa, that caused a since of distress to go through their minds, finding out it wasn't a stone wall at all, some sort of fake one. With closer exception of looking inside of it, there seemed to be a note attached to a sort of satchel, but this one had handles on it, so that it could go over his back. A backpack was what it was called, something that Link had heard of in his time, though they were a rare delicacy, made of beautiful leather and just as big as his were own.

"Link, I'm sorry!" Leaning over and kissing the forehead of her boy's, she went over towards the note and picked it up, reading it silently to herself.

"It's fine, Navi, it's fine! But what is this, I've heard of these somewhere." Slipping the shield and scabbard for the sword, he placed the backpack on both shoulders, seeing that it could fit him so easily.

Handing the note over to the boy, he picked it up and read it to himself, realizing that he could even read this old Goron language on the note, speaking out. "Wow, this is so weird, so Daruina left this for me? Guess last time he didn't like my satchel, maybe he thought I might be coming back, it looks new." Grinning at the girl, he examined the backpack one last time, slumping to the ground and took out his satchel, emptying all the crap inside. With all the stuff gone, he put the materials he used to sleep in the main part of the bag, pushing old stuff like the dagger, cooking-ware, food and drink in the side pockets. The beautiful pack even had a small little tie-string that could be fastened shut so that it would never leak, and from the looks of things it was waterproof. Of course it had to be fireproof from the way that it was made, maybe made out of something that came from the old Dodongo.

"Wow, this will really help us out, you can just fasten your shield under it so it can't be hurt." He nodded with a smile and slipped the backpack on his back again, and this time slipped the scabbard right infront of it, connecting that to the shield. With all his stuff on, it was actually less weighted than the stupid satchel, which he kicked in the corner now, staring out towards the blackness. Kneeling down to the boy, he wrote a quick note with the pen he always kept, careful to make sure his ocarina and notes were in the new bag. It wasn't like he would leave anything like this behind, so that was where he stored the ocarina and the notes in the middle pack with his sleeping gear. Instead of in the side pack with the other stuff (yea he kept those things, of course he would always keep the pack with his weapons.)

Stuff was already set, he was ready for the temple that was to come, and so he turned towards his fairie with a finger pointing at her veil. Admiring the new look, he sort of felt bad he knocked out the kid, but at least he showed that he was the better one for the name. Grinning at the bright red barrier went on, the smell of the veil was that of cinnamon, something that he not only dealt with enjoyed without any doubt. Breathing a small breath of fresh air, he felt around for the symbol of the Goron and pressed a button, something sounding up and making the tunic glow. Whatever it was, maybe it made his breathing with the smoke better than with regular lung, that was good for he ran through the entrance.


        "My Goddess, I am glad we have these improvements." For miles and miles around all there was downward trailed molten lava in all different directions, far away from them, thank Goddess. Navi had spoken those words as they stared around the scenery; very surprised at the way this volcano was shaped, as if someone had built this place. Well, of course this place had been built, the temple was maybe built by the ancient Gorons to honor the Goddess of Fire, Din. Where they were sat up was on a large pillar, staring down would lead you into a world of lava and actually a place with the triangle upon it. Triangle must have meant like the place near the Forest Temple, so they might have to be able to warp there with that nice song by Shiek.

        Link wasn't looking at the signal, he was surveying that all around him were bridges that led down a path, not following them, but watching as the bridge broke off. When it broke off, the person who somehow got across was able to lead a path down towards the end of sanction (that led to the pillar with the triangles on it.) Not able to see what was on the platform, aside the Triforce symbol, he glanced at large rocks all in the lava and maybe able to hop across them. Getting across was the first priority, before even considering what the temple was located, though he had some sort of idea. Right across from the platform (south of it, north of it was lava) led to a long path to some sort of brick wall with a hole chiseled inside of it, he guessed that was the entrance.

        "Link, the Bolero of Fire! It'll warp up without the worry of getting there with burns." She remembered the tune by heart, going inside his pack and yanking out the ocarina, throwing it over towards him (the Ocarina of Time.) Snatching the blue cremation instrument, the first thing that he did was think in his mind back to the tune and that he wasn't supposed to play it. No, that was before he found out able to vest so now it was all right to play the tune, he could breathe in these nasty fumes without harm. Yup, that was a good sign of being friends with people, he could have some trusty allies and weapons that were at his arms. The cape that he had received was under the shield and all the mess, so that all his weapons were hidden from view, though the sword hilt pressed out of the way so he could retrieve it easily.

        Remembering the tune quickly with no avail to the paper somewhere in his new pack, Link blew out the lively tune that reminded one of a Spanish beat. With that in mind, the tune danced through his lips, his entire body beginning to feel as warm as when he had transported with the Prelude song. Giving into the warmth, he disappeared from the spot, Navi almost thinking she wouldn't come though she vanished along with him. There was darkness as they traveled, not knowing where he was or where he would end up, though he did have a pretty good idea. At long last, his feet touched the ground after what seemed like years, sitting feet upon the platform of gray, examining the signal.

        The Triforce symbol was that of fire, confirming that facts that this indeed was one of the legendary temples that Shiek had spoke of. No more denying that fact, he stared up and caught the inside of the volcano, giving confirmation that the path had led inside of Death Mountain. How could it be since they were still in the middle was beyond him, question the pondering to his young fairie, whom answered. Well, she didn't at first because she was beginning to think about it, first snapping out of the daze of glancing around the entire room. This place was so warm, though it felt not at all like the inside of a volcano would, it was carved and made into a temple, that gave way that no one would ever enter this temple, no intruders.

        "Well, I think because this is the center of the volcano, Link, I mean we are nearest to the lava, though because usually its incased in the rock, we never felt it whenever we were in the city. That rock may have been a barrier that trapped the heat, even though the Gorons can go down here, maybe if the King were to visit the city, he wouldn't fry." She shrugged and shoulder and surveyed the area in a matter of seconds, reporting that the only way out of here was an entrance blocked by humongous rocks, none that bombs could penetrate.

        "I see, yea.that makes sense, urm you ready?" It was a tradition to ask when each of them was ready, whenever they either faced a boss or temple monster, or entered a dungeon.

        She grave a small grin and nodded her head, the veil disappearing so it was like a tunic of her own, giving her the ability to breathe on her own. Link would just smile as always and think that this was the end, they wouldn't survive, and of course he thought it now--sort of realizing it wouldn't be. Nodding, he wandered forward to the entrance and walked inside of the carved area, seeing that there was a small hole carved into the ground. It was made very nicely, as if erosion wasn't in order, though both of them knew that Gorons had made it, he was glad this temple had Daruina in it. Inspecting the hole offered to reveal a ladder was there, so he pulled himself on the metal ladder (thanking Farore for gloves, otherwise his hands would be burning), and began to make his descent.

        The ladder led down several hundreds of feet, climbing down for at least an hour or two, he could climb faster than he was a boy. Dropping sometimes a few feet at a time, he loved the feel when he caught himself, the exhilaration that rushed through his young body. When at long last the end of the ladder was here, he dropped the last ten feet, shaking his head and staring around the place. Navi hadn't gone ahead like she usually did, she was worried maybe the fire would burn through those gloves and he would drop and die. Glad to have her with him, when he jumped the last few feet, he caught himself and took a gander around the room, surprised at how it looked.

        A long path led up to a pair of stairs that was the end of two rooms, one of them locked from the glance, the one on the left was open for him. Staring at the ground floor he was on, he saw two statues in the corner (not Armos) these looked liked they were constructed like a jigsaw puzzle. One single structure was in the middle of the upper room; it was the face of an evil demon placed with teeth bared at the young boy. Shivering at his predicament, he felt there was no smoke in this room, so he nodded for Navi to switch her tunic to, that she did with accordance. Ignoring the two puzzles in both corners, he began to run forward up towards where the doors were, not even noticing what was coming.

        "Link, watch out!" The same old one from before, being ambushed by those stupid little birds again, the Kesse were even back in this time of hell. Staring up, he caught wind of them, pulling the cape over his body and her form, not seeing as they jumped against it, and cried out in pain. Yanking the beautiful cape off of his head, he saw that they were not ablaze anymore and that staring around in confusion, missing some of their wings. Grinning, he reached for his satchel, throwing out the bow and arrow, nailing one of the arrows into the head of the first bird. Throwing another arrow with the graceful bow, this one hit the wingless bird that had fallen to the floor and was wriggling around helplessly.

        Both of the menaces gone, he easily slipped the bow back to Navi, who dispatched it back to its resting-place, the quiver not placed in there. Stretching out his arms easily, the young boy made his way up to the entrance, staring in both directions and see that he was right. To his right-hand side was a door just like the ones in the Forest Temples--locks surrounding the entire doorway--and to his left was a steel door cracked open for his exposure. Glancing up at the ceiling, he found there did pushing on the ugly statue near his face make no secret passages up or any. Since there were no other entrances to go at, he took the most logical step and walked towards the door-cracked open, pushing his weight on it.

        "Wait, Link, it's too heavy!" Her poor boy slammed into the door, ricocheting off of it and throwing him into the ground, with a grunt of pain entering out his mouth. While he did that, she walked over to the door and inspected it, throwing a pure energy beam up against it, watching the beam sink inside. With a few more zaps of it, the young fa

rie had the door starting to melt, and Link pushing at it--not slamming into it anymore. That was fool-hardy, the door was made of steel and left open for them, and by the way it had been pried, they hoped Daruina was this way. Finally the door had budged enough for him to suck in his breath and slide through, so away he went into the room, seeing no darkness since this room was full of molten lava.

        A full squared room, this one had a pillar where he stood, then another one at the very end was confiscated by a door with a bull-shaped lock. From the look of things off to the side, there were small pillars he could climb and small holes that his hookshot could shoot in to get him over there. Though there was no way to get to that spot where the door was, and from the looks of the lock it was the boss-room, which meant they were in the wrong side of the temple. Glancing in all directions of the hurry, he stared for whatever had pried open the door, not seeing a soul, then taking a few steps forward. When his footfalls echoed on the pavement was when something came out, it was a pillar in the center of the room, the thing sliding down the middle.

        Navi was prepared when the pillar hit for a wave of lava came up at them, Navi shoving Link back into the other room, and moving into it herself. Lava flowed all through the entrance, clogging even some in the door that immediately sank within the temple floors and disappeared. Must of have been a mechanism, either that or the floors were one to protect non- Goron people when they were wandering the temple. Taking a chance, they walked into the old room and saw that the lava had also seeped through the floors, and now a pillar stood in the middle of the room. On the platform was some being that was shadowed, head turned away from them, though from the looks of things he was heavily muscled. Navi had seen the entrance when they first entered the room--it was a room above them with a clog blocking it, the clog probably this peg they saw now.

        Reaching for his blade, the sheen of it causing the man to spin around, fire inside of those beady eyes as they stared at whomever was here. Link leapt back in fear at first, his eyes rushing around the body and filling up with extreme joy, because it was none other than Daruina. At the way that he stared at Link, Daruina didn't know who he was at all, and why would he when Link claimed to be a so-called Kokiiri. Glancing all over his body, the hero saw that the rock-eater hadn't changed over all these years, still as stubborn as usual. From the look at his hands, he didn't have that hammer his kid talked about, just a giant blade that was made of ruby, with a golden hilt.

"Yoo-hoo! Daruina, it's me, Link!" He watched the expression on the rough man turn to explicit joy, his fact turning into a smirk while arms crossed over that deep chest.

"Link? Well, m'boy, how have you been!" He burst into a barrel of guffaws, sitting down on the middle pillar as he stood, not patting for the young boy to join him in celebration. That could have only been a bad thing, Daruina was one to never turn down an invitation, he loved to celebrate when something good was happening. It dawned on Link that something good wasn't happening; it was something that he didn't want to have part of though had it. Blowing out a sigh of cool air (however possible that was in this environment), the boy took a seat where he had stood just seconds ago. He was studying the man whom had called him a brother, while the man in return studied him and the new appearance he had acclaimed to acquire.

"'s weird, but I found out I am a Hylian, not a Kokiiri." He grinned out at him, as the man put the weapon he had in his lap, from further inspection it was some sort of club, not a sword.

"I can see. I also see you have the old Goron tunic that we had delivered to us for such occasions, well did you get that from my little boy? Ah! You have the backpack, too, don't you? I can't see for that weird device you have on." Daruina was referring to the cape, it was something the King used to wear, but it had been so long since he saw a person with a cape that it was sad. Though, if you count Ganondorf as a person then maybe it had been sooner than he thought, yea, a lot sooner in his own mind. Ganon was still at it, though as the Goron sat there, he didn't want to trouble his young friend, and he wanted to rejoice at fond memories. Clearing that loud throat again, he stood his ground and picked himself up from that spot, taking the club at his side and putting it back into the right hand. A leap later, he was near the door and touched it with the club, the lock disappearing and going away for the time being, a little trick he knew.

"Yea, your son gave it to me and even gave my fairie some special powder." Neglecting to mention that he had accused the boy of bad deeds and knocked him flat out, Link could only just grin and stare off to the side

"Yup, he helped me. Hello Daruina." Navi had been quiet up until then, not really scared by the Goron boss just a little bit winded from everything, she wanted breaks more often.

"Ah, and here I thought you had gone and gotten another fairie!" Daruina broke off into a barrel of laughter, the little fairie residing next to her friend and staring back at the Goron-boss, sticking her tongue out. Another gasps of laughter came out of the man, him finally retaining himself after a few moments and breathing out a sigh of joy. It was nice to be with old friends, especially the legendary Dodongo Buster and the chief employee in the tactics they worked out. With just staring at them, he loved how the boy looked in the tunic, he looked like what he was destined to be-- a true hero of the times. He knew nothing about the boy's destiny, though he knew he either had, or was going to do great thing in his astounding lifetime.

With that pushed aside, he stared at the door; dreading wanting to enter it, though he knew it was going to come sooner or later. Just glancing down at the boy, he wasn't going to let him go and fight him, not with that legendary hammer somewhere in this place. If he couldn't destroy the evil Volvagia, then he hoped that the Dodongo Buster would go from Dinosaur- slayer, to the dubbed Dragon-slayer. Yea, he didn't trust himself to protect the boy, even though from the arsenal he ensued that he was indeed a great warrior in his own ways. From the looks of the sword he had sheathed, something was definitely up with him, that sword he remembered from some old legends, not able to know the name.

"Well boy, I am going to go, you had better not follow me." With that in place, he spun around from them and clicked his fingers in a weird motion, beginning to whisper a mysterious chant.

"Not go with you? What are you? Daruina, what do you mean?" Those questions flowed through his lips as the man continued to chant the tune, not even recognizing this as some of the Goronish.

"Save my people, they haven't been fed to Volvagia, yet. They are trapped within these walls, don't worry about taking them out, lava doesn't affect them!" He only stopped to say that much, continuing the chant over and over, which was only about five words to say the phrase, he was just repeating himself.

The Goron boss reached behind his back and yanked something out, tossing it over to the boy, never stopping in the middle of a chant to tell him what it was. As Link caught the thing, the silver shining reflecting that it was a key on a key-ring, this one instead of hooking it on his necklace with the Forest Medallion. One key was lined on there (probably to that new room) giving guidance that this was the best place to begin the search for something. He didn't want him going with them, for some reason, maybe he was scared that he couldn't beat this and was only doing it for his people. Whatever the case, Link wasn't going to let the boss stop him, so he backed up and prepared to jump across the place and over to where the man was.

Link was astounded, the man had actually opened the lock without the need of a Boss Key, and as he prepared to jump, a pillar of fire surrounded the middle platform. Almost becoming burnt, he saw that the flames didn't lick towards him, they just pushed in the platform, not allowing him to aid his friend. Leaping to the side, he saw that Daruina had summoned it, whispering in the light Goronish tongue about something that translated to pride. Staring there in gasp, not able to understand the man, though reading his lips (because the fire was so intense) he stepped into the bosses' lair. Watching as the door slammed shut, the fire disappearing from the middle pillar and the door re-locking it self so that a key would only work.

"Navi.." He whispered, curling his fist as the way he did when he was mad, how could the man be that stupid as to face an old dragon without the Hero of Time's help!

"I know, he wants us to search for something, I guess. Maybe we should go try the lock, maybe we can find that hammer that the little Link was talking about?" From the look he gave her, he didn't appreciate her referring to the kid by that name, so she let out a small giggle and continued to keep quiet. Sliding out of the hole, seeing nothing would be up at those pillars if he connected his hookshot, Link continued over into the previous room where the door was. A small key sunk down into the lock as he pressed it in, tucking the key ring in the front of his side back, so there was easy access. More keys were available in this place, he was sure of that as sure as that the last place had those sort of keys, every temple would employ them. Some sick way to get their kicks, or maybe they were just mad at him and wanted to make these places even more 'fun' than usual.

Now this door wasn't as heavy as the last one so all Link had to do was shove on it hardly to get the steel door to iron itself off the racks and open up. The next room that opened up was just a carnival of love, really, it was one of the most exciting rooms that he had ever laid eyes on. A rope-bridge led from where he stood and ran across the entire room until it reached the other end (blocked with a key) though that was only the tip of the iceberg. Surrounding to his left was lava, to his right was also lava, small little pillars going back and forth in two different directions to get you places. If that wasn't enough, the pillars were fire-powered and that was in a sense their gasoline, so that was how they moved on the surfaces. Blue bubbles were in the fire, diving out and in the fire like some sort of magma monsters, not at all affected by the fireballs . "Navi, those are?"

"Red Bubbles, they are like Blue Bubbles, except their barrier is fire instead of just a blue shield."

"Great, that's all I need." Chuckling a little, he decided that he might as well start by going right and hopped on the platform where it rested right next to the bridge. Thanking his stars that the bridge didn't set on fire, he leapt upon the platform that moved across the room and stopped next to a strange door. Faces were drawn on the thing he rode on, very much looking like the demon in the room, giving him the chills that this place was haunted. If that wasn't enough, something was starting to ring in his ears, a sort of chant from all directions of the room--a lot worse than the ones from the Temple of Time. Ignoring the Bubbles that seemed miles and miles away, he walked towards the door and peered open the door to the next room.

This just looked like a typical dungeon with the door made of blackish gray rocks, and also having torches sprang on each side for the ten yards he ran. When at last he saw that a switch was in his way, he stepped on it and glanced forward to see that a Goron was sleeping in a cage. Bars made of bamboo slid open for him to escape, the young Goron springing awake and staring in different directions in fright. Link guessed he thought he was going to be fed, so he might give up a fight, though all it ended up doing was whining on the floor and wetting itself. Finally the Goron peeked up at the man, seeing the tunic of the Gorons and guessing he was an ally, let out a cheer of joy.

"You are here to save me?" It wasn't one that had saved him all those days ago, though he couldn't tell one from the other, they all looked the same to him.

        "Yes, we are here to save you, Goron. You are free to go, but the place is full of monsters, it'd be wise of you to stay here." Nodding along with his fairie, Link spied something on his neck, the Goron seeing that he was looking at him, and reached around his neck handing him this key.

        "I found it a few days ago, I am sure it is of some importance, but as you can see there isn't anything that works on these cages, heh. Oh! Since you have rescued me, I shall tell you a secret. Some walls in this place feel different and sound different it you tap them with your sword. If they do sound funny, use one of our Special Crop's on them."

        That sure was something to take into consideration, so he nodded to the young Goron and went on his way, making his way out of the place. When at last he was back on the platform, he glanced ahead at the other side and peered that there was indeed a wall that looked weak. Weak sort of like the ones from the cavern though not made of the came materials as this, having a different feel from the others. That could only mean that maybe another one of those kin was in there with a key, if they had another, which was all he could wish for at this moment. Finally, he was back in the center, but instead of heading to the wall, he decided to test out his new key on that area infront of him.

        Hopping up at the ladder, the boy made his way across the arena with his hands trailed at his sides, holding the sword out for any attacks. Nothing was messing with him as he pondered up the entrance and pressed the key deeply inside of the locked door, watching it dissolve. Melting with the lock was some of the steel, giving him a good opportunity to knock it open and stare through the contents inside. What a break because each of them knew they would need to conserve their energy, the battles were only going to get much tougher. Pushing the door open all the way, since staring into the hole that was created just wasn't enough to satisfy his little curiosity.

        "I hope this works." He whispered to himself, trying to peek through it, not yet adjusted to the new weight of that stupid little door, it was a strange factor to consider.

        "Link, watch out!" She let out a scream of terror and pushed him away from the door, the thing slammed down into the ground, like it was aiming for him.

Automatically the door slammed shut and exploded into a million pieces, Link grabbing his fairie and spinning around so the shards hit the shield as he ducked. When the madness was done, spinning back around, he caught whim of the key he had just stuck in, this one solid as could be. Looking towards his fairie with approval, she nervously nodded her head and retrieved the key for him, seeing that nothing was going to happen. You can say relief was on both of their brows as they climbed back down the drawbridge and continued back down towards the opposite platform.

"Y-you all right, Link?" Curled up in his hands, the young fairie continued to stare through those fingers at where they were heading this time in the dungeon of horrors. Trap doors were never a problem they had faced before, it was such a stupid way to detect in this place, they hoped that no more were in the way. There might have been another way to detect these things--these creatures (if they could even be called that), who knew if they were monsters. With a small breath on the lips, she curled back into the hands, not caring where they were headed, only that the warm hands were near. It was quite fine wherever the area was, though she had an idea they might be headed over towards the other platform to visit the only room left.

Link didn't say anything, only nodded a quick head in the position that he was just fine, heading over towards the end of the bridge to view around. Luckily the key was back with them or they wouldn't be able to venture further in this stupid shop of horrors, wherever the end was. There was no door from where Link stood, knowing that something was hidden between that wall, just sensing it in his mind. Maybe the pyromaniacs' intuition was inside of him, though if it was, the feeling was one of the most extraordinary he had ever felt. Curling an explosive out of the bag and holding it tightly in one hand, he nodded to himself that he was right about this intuition.

        "Think he was telling the truth? That other Goron." Pondered Link out to his fairie as they sailed across the ocean of fire, it was sort of lovely in a gruesome way, if not for the monsters.

        "I don't see why he would lie to us, he seemed to trust us."

        "But why would he trust us so easily, I mean he doesn't even recognize me if he was from that time." Link knew not when Gorons lived or died, he didn't know much about people when they lived or died, he hardly knew death at all.

        "Maybe the other reason you received those clothes." Navi pointed out in a matter-of-fact tone, it was so annoying when she did that sometimes, though he knew she was right and glanced down.

"What about my clothes?" Then he saw the insignia and slapped his head as if he had known the answer to a problem in school all the time, never remembering it. Of course that would of made someone trust him, it proved he was that of their race, or not of the race, but a friend of some sort. Plus the fact he had blonde hair and blue eyes, showed he was a Hylian from the legend of the great boy who stopped the Dodongos from starving them. Smiling at his fairie sweetly, as the platform reached the end of the place, he jumped up with her curled in his arms and nuzzling. Yes, he could do this all the time, she was so much smarter than he (not that he was stupid) was the boy was so naive sometimes, that he even got sick of it.

Jumping off the edge of the platform, feeling the ground sink below him, turning around only to see the tribal-masked square was down in the lava. No way out now, his thoughts rambled on as he stared at the wall, it was a solid green wall, with a small square in the center as if a way to get out. The entire block was seven feet tall, the small little block only four feet tall so that if he would blow it up, then would be able to crawl through on hands and knees. Kicking the wall with the toed boot, a clinking sound entered his ears, and tapping the other side of the wall just to be sure of it. A different sound came back; the first one sounded like it was hollow, big enough for him to go through if the time would be.

His bomb was lifted from his hands and thrown down by the side, the faire now out of his palms and pushing him away from the site. Within a few seconds of the fuse being touched, he ducked down and the wall imploded, shooting pieces out in all different directions. Less brutal than the attacking door, this one was less brutal and didn't even hit him hardly against the defender shield he had placed on his back. Pulling himself up and examining the wall, he saw that crawling would be no little duty since there was a clear hole in the wall, this one leading into a new room. Not even a stupid door to block his paths, before he even walked into the new room, he tapped her for the veil to come on and ran inside of the enlarged crack that had expanded.

"Why the veil, Link?" She was inside the veil as they entered, it on like some sort of tunic, though when she saw the next room, he didn't even have to answer. This vast floor was aligned with nothing at all, except a single circle in the center of the ground, fire bursting through it and heading up. Some sort of condensed beam, this weird fire wasn't ablaze, it was as if someone had conducted the fire and was controlling it. Pyromaniac controllers were something that he didn't want to deal with (even since that the only power he could control was that of the forest.) If that was true and someone could conduct fire, then they were in some serious shit with the boss of this little Fire mansion.

"You know why, Navi." He smiled and glanced around the room for somewhere to go there seemed to be an empty room, the only room that was left, huffing some breath he leaned against the wall.

"Man, I wonder where we should go." Huffing in her breath in a mad manner, the young farie crossed her arms and glanced across at her young partner, whom was silent as a wolf.

Staring around the room, she caught where he was leaning on, it wasn't a wall at all, this was some sort of chain-linked fence. Glancing up at the fence, her eyes roamed upward to catch a hold of something else, another floor was above of them now. Yes, if you were the climb the fence--that could hook with his feet--the hooks were just small enough for them to brave through it. Extending at least thirty feet up, the climb wouldn't take long as the ladder had, because baring it was a lot easier than the other. This fence led over about ten feet and there stood a pillar, covered up so that she couldn't examine what was up there, though she had an idea.

"What is it Navi?" He was leaned against the wall still, not even noticing the feel of it, for he had no skin pressed against it, though now that you thought about it none of his skin shown anymore.

        "Oh, Link stare up and look!" Spinning around with the fairie, his eyes widened some and he reached for his side pack and hooked out the Hookshot weapon. Without warning or some feeble pleas from Navi, he shot the hook right at the top area, the thing extending the maximum of thirty feet towards the fence. Cutting through the small holes, the thing shot up and propelled his weight up against the fence with all the might that it could muster. Now Link was thrown up with the thing, still amazed how a weapon so small could support his entire weight without breaking in an instant. There he slammed into the fence with a some-what medium force, grunting and yanking himself up the entire way and balancing himself up the gate with a eye staring around.

        "Hey, that was foolish!" She skimmed all the way up to him and slipped down inside of his white shirt, tunneling to look for the spot that he had hit himself. Discovering a bruise from where he slammed, she kissed the mark with her lips as a sort of motherly way to make them feel better. Out of his shirt was when she came, fluttering over towards him and staring around the room, spotting a few enemies was upon the top floor. Yes, they were up there and the Kesse were actually asleep, positioned on the gate right next to him, hence the reason he hadn't moved. Four shots of the small Ki beams were more than enough to take all four of the birds out, them falling down the feet and collapsing in lava.

        When all the birds had been taken care of, Link jumped the last ten feet upon the newest room and took a gander around; spotting a large block that seemed familiar. This block wasn't like the ones with the night-sky marks upon them, not at all since it had a tribal face marked on the top of it. Pushing against the smaller block that was just the height of him, the small block slid farther forward along a deep path that only led forward. Aside from this block there was nothing else in here, the places infront of the block was only another path, hoping that something clicked. Maybe like in the ancient Deku Tree that anything would snap and give him a secret passage to a new place, the only hope he had.

        More surprised than ever, he was greeted with nothing like a click, he was greeted with the entire block disappearing infront of his eyes. Blinking at the thing that disappeared, he stared as it vanished down inside some sort of black hole, not even seeing the hole infront of him. If that wasn't enough, when he took a step forward, he fell about thirty feet, knowing he would break his foot when he came down on the weight. Sailing through the air was quite fun for a while, knowing the end result would probably take him out of this place on some sort of stretched. Flailing his arms to catch something, not even seeing Navi at his sides, it was as if the magma in the place had suddenly shut off.


        Navi saw when the block sank, following it with her eyes and seeing that there was a giant hole just the size of the block--carved as if for it. Reaching out to say something, she was caught off guard when the boy disappeared from her sight and even went out of the way for good. Glancing in all directions for something to say or do, she didn't even have the time do compute what had happened to him. Like she couldn't understand it at all, she was in a complete daze for some reason, like someone had hypnotized her to do that. Before she could warn her boy, he went sailing down with the block, seeing that the fire caught the rock and would do the same with her boy.

Covering her eyes in fear and letting out a scream that never entered, the block didn't sink the entire thirty feet like it had planned. The roar of fire blocked the scream out, the roars that caused her to cover her ears and not even hear her friend's last cries. Yes, that was a wonderful way for him to die, though she wished she could reach up and grab him, keeping him all to herself. Somehow the beam of fire had caught that stupid little block and propelled it up; her boy situated on it as it sailed up in the third floor. Fluttering up after the young boy, before the block closed and shut them off forever, she was up with him when another floor appeared.

This new room was as blank as the last, with a door that led into another area; this room painted a complete green like the bombed door. Without further ado, she just grasped upon him and was taken into his arms, kissed and snuggled up the only way she could of known. That was good for him and for her, since with all the excitement they needed all the comfort they could get with this in order. It was weird because she knew the door would never go down and there was no other way into this room, they would have been trapped. Knowing in good health they would be together for many more adventures, Navi snuggled back against him with due force.

"Navi, the floor!" She glanced at him in confusion, seeing he was on the other side of the room now, the block that they had been sitting on was shaking. Light entered the normally darkened room that was lit with only the glow of the green blocks, giving off a weird unnatural beam of light. The crack sank down into the ground on the second level, probably passing for the first level and coming to a stop now. A few minutes of silence and the block returned to the spot, seeing that it was a routine thing and her almost getting squashed in vain. However, she did not doubt doing it, there was nothing that could of stopped her from leaving this place to find him, even if death waited. When she was picked up and carried out of the room, nothing but peace was inside of her mind, loving the mixture of warmth and love inside of palms.


        Layers upon layers was what these rooms were starting to bring, the entire place already giving Link the willies around here, especially the green aura. In the previous room it was bad enough, but now it had expanded and lit the entire room around him, barely enough room to see around. From what he saw with his good vision, there was a small block to his side, something muffling and scratching it, unable to get at it for there were no weak spots. When Link tried to kick it, all he ended up was hurting his toes in the process, the scratching becoming louder and turning into a whimper. Whispering something in the old Goron language to the fool, it calmed down and only a light scratch sounded every now and then, he scratching back and it stopped.

        "What did you say?" She whispered as they continued forward, discovering that there was an entire stepping-stone form infront of them, leading up to the top of the room.

        "I really don't know what I said, I think it was that I would come back." Shrugging a shoulder, the boy stared at the rest of the room, glancing in different directions for some new type of enemies in the way. Nothing was there except a pile of ashes infront of what looked like a crystal trapped inside of a white casing that made it shape like a diamond. Climbing up the first stair easily (more like a giant's stair, then a stair in general), there was nothing on the first floor except the excitement of climbing up the second. That what was disappointing about this temple was the lack of new enemies, because so far he had seen Kesse and a Blue Bubble gone fire-type. Nothing else was going on, and even in this room he sensed no malice in the room, thinking maybe they were saving the hard stuff for the boss.

        Up the second pillar he went, moving past the pillar of ash and bending down to inspect the little light, or crystal, whatever it was. This thing was not worth anything, nor was it for the taking, since there were bolts all around it to keep it from getting into the wrong hands. Tapping on it made a sort of clicking sound, the inside of the crystal shined a bright yellow, a small timer taking off for about thirty seconds. After thirty seconds of fear, he just sat there and realized whatever trap or something he was to do had to be stored in this ancient clock. Yea, that was the only word for it; there was no other way he could determine what it was, either that or a timer of some sort.

        "It looks like this could be useful." She nodded out to the boy, he shrugging a shoulder and tapping it again, the thirty-second time meter springing up again, this time they looked and saw nothing.

        "Navi, could you go scout ahead while I hit this thing again?" She nodded and took off in a flash, wanting to do anything that she could to aid her friend in his search to end this stupid place. Glancing up above the next level, she saw that there was a small chain-link fence like before (this one connected to the wall) and surrounded by fire. She was about to go down and report it when he tapped the clock once again; the fire subsiding and disappearing until the timer disappeared. All of a sudden she knew that the answer had to be that when the clock was hit the flames were gone for a person to be able to climb up and get to the new level. It was dangerous and too slow to hit it from there and then climb a level and expect to reach the top in time, though with a projectile it was possible.

        Fluttering back to his side, she reported what she saw, the boy nodded and leaned against the crystal with his weight, just shrugging out a shoulder. "What else could it be?"

        "Maybe some sort of trap made for the people of here, though I did discover if I were to hit it, or you use your arrows then you may have enough time." Using the arrows was the wisest choice to keep his practice up, reserve her energy and flat out save time for her charging up a chi ball, anyway?

        "A trap?" He whispered to himself and the fairie, the both of them examining the clock, when the fire came out of no where and launched at his back.

        Crying out in surprise and pain from the heat of the flames against the back of his head, he fell flat on his back, something screaming in pain. When the boy jumped back up and glanced down at the enemy with sword drawn, he saw it was the ashes from back a while ago. Yes, the thing was alive and able to connect itself, looking as bright as a piece of skin when it was alive, this time just a bag of dirt when stomped out. Grunting out mercilessly, it crawled back to the side and began to click its hands--or feelers--together to conduct another sort of fire. That was put out when Link smashed his foot down into the rubbery body, something coming out of it (a green liquid, probably blood), dribbling to the side.

        "You all right?" She checked his back and was lucky to see that the cape had taken most of the damage, the boy's hair was singed a little, but overall he was fine.

        "Yea, it was just a mistake, should have kicked it off to the side. All right I will try to arrow, Navi." Pulling himself up the last pillar- stair by using the crystal as a pushup, he yanked himself over the side and saw what Navi had. There the flames licked the gate and prevented him from even using the Hookshot to get up there--provided it would stick in the bars or the stone. Glancing in all directions for some sort of guide, the first thing he did was spin around with the bow drawn, ready to fire a good one at it. His aim had perfected since the Forest Temple, practicing whenever he got the chance, so hitting this broad thing would be a walk in the park. Pulling back the arrow on the string, he let it fly through the air and come to a rest at where his target was aimed at: the crystal's center.

        The click was the sound of a racehorse, sounding for all the people to take off with a charge, and so did the boy, stuffing the bow at his side and racing off. There he jumped up two feet and landed on the gates, beginning to scale it as the timer ticked on, Navi fluttering at his side and cheering him on. Keeping with the breeze, he scaled the feet in what would be an hour spending more time focused on the area than anything in the surroundings would. As it turned out, the flames only rose about ten feet, not at all harmful to him, not that that stopped him from completing the journey early. Turning around an hour was when he reached the top, figuring he had been in the temple two hours and maybe thirty minutes, not even having a map to know if he was near the end.

        Over the top of the third level he came, with nothing in return for his duties except a door that was standing ajar for him, no keyhole needed. Bracing his luck, staring down one last time to see the flames lick at the iron, his prayers were answered that the place was closing, or so he hoped. A rumbling feeling came out of the newer room, getting the feeling maybe he was in some sort of giant's lair, though there was nothing to stop it. All he could do was hope for the best and that it was he did when he wandered ahead, the fairie right behind him towards the wake. Sliding into the iron door, nothing was kept him aghast at what happened next to him, a reckoning beyond all imaginable thought.

        "It's like that tale with the stalk, are we in some sort of fairy tale?" He was extended at the place, there the walls reached above his head, made of solid brick, but more baffling was that this looked like a maze.

        "A fairy tail?' Navi rolled her eyes in confusion and in a bit of a teasing anger at the boy, up until she was curled up and apologized too, which she gladly excepted. With that over, the young kid just stared blankly ahead with the fairie staring and starting to go forward and explore the area around. Boy was she glad she had, because as soon as she got in the center of the room, she had enough information to fill his entire little head. Floating back towards him, the rocks and cages glowing inside of her mind, she just fluttered back at full speed for the awaiting boy. At long last she reached his area, he leaning against the wall and listening to the rumbling of the rocks from inside the deep maze.

        "Well what do you got?" It was the rocks that he guessed, remembering the huge boulder when they had retrieved the sword, seeming a million years ago.

        "It's a huge maze that stretches out several hundreds of feet, there are two unlocked doors and a locked door at the very end of the maze, to the north. Also there are rocks like down in the Kokiiri Forest, they are many plentiful and go in all sort of different directions, so it is very confusing. I know it'll be hard, but I also have a gift, from someone I found." Navi had had a bit of luck on her journey, seeing that above the pillars were actually places one could stand and saw a switch to push, revealing a Goron with a key, throwing the same one at him.

        "Wow, another one." Hooking this one up with the other one, Link grinned at the fairie and stared out at the entrance, waiting until the rocks sounded the least away before venturing out. Maybe they were tricking him with sound, because when he first stepped out, a rock was coming towards him at a speed very fast. Sprinting forward until he saw some sort of crack, he dove to the side as the rock passed by, panting loudly and no longer trusting sound. What had ended up doing was keeping Navi ahead of him and flying above to see if there was a rock headed his way or away. That actually wasn't a half-bad plan, it gave everyone happiness from surviving this maze, the creators obviously didn't know of the Forest guardians.

It was a hard adventure to the reach the very first door, his fairie mentioning that it was on the right (along with the other door), the last one in the center. Keeping his back pressed against the wall really knocked out the need of being warned, which was good because he hated making her work. When a rock came close to him, it always stopped right before it hit the wall so that it wouldn't bounce off and hit the other ones. Only problem was that the flaming balls were so close that they singed his tunic, the thing repairing itself since it was immune to fire, though the thought counted. At long last the door was within reach, unlocked for his pleasure, so checking to see if it was alive and well--he ventured to it and opened up the door made of a thin layer of still.


The terrible smell was what warned Link that this room had some wrongdoing in it, maybe it was the smell that warned him, though the silence was enough to spook anyone. Some sort of prison like before, and Link wanted to see the Goron and maybe the person he had to kill either to survive, or a Gerudo who attacked him. No Gerudo could stand up to the power of any Goron; they were just so strong that Link was glad they were on his side in the battle. No smell of a Gerudo was in here; it smelt like Goron and only Goron--causing him to think of cannibalism and shiver in annoyance. A similar gray-stoned door as the last prison cell, when he reached the end of the case was where all the horror was stored inside the celled gates.

"I'm almost afraid to look, Navi." She nodded with some compassion, knowing his nose was strong so he smelt the most of the disease, whatever it was had been sitting here for quite a few hours, or maybe it was more like a few extra days (neither could actually tell.)

"Oh my Goddess, no." Navi was the one who blurted it out, she covering her eyes in horror, only to feel a hand escape off of him, patting her with some gentleness. It was just so horrible to explain that neither of them wanted to see the scene, only bowing their heads in the pure shame of the allegiance. Cannibalism wasn't the case here, because there was only one carcass of a Goron, some weird teeth marks on the little thing that had died. Whatever had gotten it had made it struggle, the guts ripped out and torn all over the place, like some sort of monster got at it. Not even holding back the tears, they streamed with full force, each of them letting them out to no avail of comfort from the other one.

Around the fat, bulbous corpse was a key, stained with blood from the attack, yet never letting the enemy get a hold of the treasure. The creature died protecting that, they could see from the teeth marks on the key where the monster had tried to get at it, seeing that it had died alone. After the monster left was when the man had died, in his own guts strewn around, never letting go of a simple key to a damned door. With Navi still sobbing, he had dried himself off and yanked the freshly chewed key from the area, noticing that nothing was coming. Whatever was here would be back for the key, they had best escape this dreaded bloodshed room before it wandered back for more.

"Navi we have too--" He was cut off with a small little squeal escaping her lips, she sinking down to the ground with no longer able to control her little wings.

"I can't do it.." She whispered to herself and began to sail down into the blood, the liquid that was all around her, not caring if it stained her all insides.

"What in the world are you--Navi!" Letting out a cry of worry, he tried to catch her, though she just slipped through his hands and went inside of the stuff, not even being able to grasp her.

        No longer caring about the monster returning, he saw his fairie had sunk into the blood and gone under, driving a hand down and retrieving her form the liquid. As if born from a mammal, she was drenched in the blood, still crying as he took her and tucked her down inside of his tunic, wandering out of the room. The tunic provided a good cleaning source for that of liquid maybe, but against blood it just wasn't going to work; nothing was going to work. As he walked along the path to the second room, hoping for not another blood path, he continued to scrub with the tunic harder. Nothing was able to make this disappear, so he was about to give up when the second door came into view, hoping to get some luck from the door, though not from here (who was still crying.)

        "You really need to calm down, sweetheart." When she didn't answer, he knew it was in vain, though he wiped the blood from her face and kissed her lips softly, feeling so warm in his heart now.

        The second door turned out to be a fake, though not an attacking one, this one simply fell down and busted into two large pieces for him. Grunting in displeasure, the girl was going into hysterics as he broke into a crazy run and trailed himself forward until a corner came in the process. Just as he headed for it was when a loose rock was diving his way, knowing that running wouldn't do it and something would have to be done. Tucking the fairie under the cap so that she was secure from the consequences, he prepared himself for the run for his rubies. Tucking the black cape forward for some sake and pressing the button on the tunic, the rock started his way when he broke out into a faster run.

        It took all the wit and luck he could muster up to make the jump, though as the rock slid down towards the rock, he wanted to take a chance and slip through. It was a tight squeeze from the looks of when he ran, he knew that he'd have to take to the air to squeeze through and hopefully not burn himself to an early grave. Leaping into the air and using the sides as a sort of propeller, it launched him straight into the air and diving for that little crack that seemed less and less smaller. The crack was worrying him, knowing that if his fairie were halfway sane that she would have scolded him for taking such reckless actions. Sucking in the air from here, tightening his chest and trying to sink himself into a smaller position than before, he just waited.

        Capes were protective in these situations, especially for someone as reckless as the boy that was trying to slip through a small crack was. The rock did come against him, rubbing against the cave and deflecting most of the damage, also causing him to get a little singed around that cloak. Sliding through the rock easily, it touched against his pants, well the parts that would consist of socks and burnt them a little. Skimming through the hole had to take some fake practice tests, though by the time he did it, he knew that getting through was a breeze. Along with his shoes, so when he pulled from the crack and measured the damage he would realize it was time for some new shoes.

        Sliding down into the corner, it wasn't a room, but by the time the rock had moved, he realized it led right to the door that was in the center, well maybe she didn't get it as well. Seeing this as a good as time than any to test his little water out, he pulled the girl down and laid her on the cold floor ( funny.) When she was there, he stripped her over her uniform, heading not to look, where he poured some of the whole canteen of water on her. Some of the soaps he had collected on his adventures, washing her with a bit of his torn tunic were a breeze, the stuff coming off. That was great, because he was glad to see her doing a little better, the tears gone, and soon her tunic was washed and drying as she was curled inside his own tunic, to keep her from catching her death.

        Usually this was the part where he settled down, so following the course of time; he was soon sinking down into a light rest, not worrying about the temple. Whatever they were rescuing would have to wake until Navi woke up and what better time to be with her than with the dreams of her. Nothing was better than being asleep, that way you could never get hurt and with no enemies about it was the perfect place to nap. They would eat when they got back, get some healed up with the power of sleep and then be on their way to take out this Volvagia. It would pay for stealing a girl he had just met, he would make sure of that, and inside his mind was where he fought the monster--and won.


        What went in the mind of her, though she had a small recollection of the events after finding the dead Goron, she had nothing really large to go on. Though the dodging of the rocks was there, nothing else was there, simply because there hardly was nothing else to recollect on. Just the feeling of her boy travel through, also remembering that she was washed and still she shivered at the thoughts of him scrubbing her. Yea, she was in a weird mood tonight, or was it today, she didn't even know how long she had been out--if she was even awake. It was fine with her to be out or awake; the only problem was what was going to come next, her answered before it even happened.

        Scenery changed from that of the room she was (which had been pitch black) to that of a beautiful white room, nothing about here. Unable to see what was around, Navi realized she couldn't even see herself, all she could see was that there was something different about this room. A grand holiness was in this room, though from the looks of thing she saw no one in here, the presence was what she sensed. Nothing of honour was in here; the fact was she didn't have much of that for anything, when usually another type of person would have. Her and Link were the same in honour, they weren't knights or anything, they never wanted to be any such thing, they were both just fierce warriors.

        Knights had explanations for things, they had bigger problems than regular people did, and they always had that stupid Code of Arms they followed. Now in the case of Navi, she thought it was the most moronic thing she had ever heard the code sounding like something a pussy thought up. Both of them weren't knights and they had more of a responsibility than any of the knights who had died meaningless deaths that fearful day. If someone could have warned them that the hero would be here in ten years, than maybe some of this could have been prevented. The biggest of all pusses was the Sage of Light, he reminded her of someone in the distant pass that she had never taken a caring for either, though she couldn't recall who it reminded her of.

        Everything was bizarre in this place, the scene trying to take form and sort of relishing the thoughts of a temple, not like the Forest or Fire, though. This temple was worse than before, this temple was black with contempt, a single white beam in the middle of the entire room. Floating towards the light revealed the entire room to be engulfed in a pillar of white, making it seems like the land of white had won. That was fearless for as soon as the white let down its guard, the black retaliated with a force to be really reckoned with, this one more powerful. Nothing could stop the black side from winning, the holy judgement finally giving out with some struggle, she trying to figure this out.

From the way it happened, she thought that the first war had come and gone and then in the time of peace was when the Gerudos attacked Hyrule. The beginning of the Imprisoning War, that was a good title for what had happened, and it just went to show when you dropped your guard. Although she couldn't say anything about that, since the innocent boy always dropped his guard, he had it gone at this moment in time. Resting was all right, as long as you knew the room you were in, seen the entire room and made sure that no one was around to get you. Sleeping in the temple was something that you just weren't supposed to do, it not only was rude to whoever was trapped, and it was pretty stupid, in her opinion.

        Link is stupid? A voice had commenced; she sensing it may have been the voice of the holy being that she presented at an earlier time.

        No, he is just naïve. This wasn't Navi that answered, this was another, this the present of a girl, from the sound maybe a wise girl, while the other was of a woman with strong issues.

        Hero is not stupid at all; he just is so innocent. A third sound of voices commenced, this one she couldn't distinguish the personality, sensing that they were two of the same with Link.

        Who are you all? She whispered out of her mind, the three voices didn't speak after that, just revealed themselves to the fairie who had invaded their territory. Upon three chairs that were equal in size and shape were three young women, them being all about the age of twenty-two or twenty-three. One was with long green hair, the other one with some shorter red hair that stopped at her neck; the last one has the matching hair colour as hers--though longer. Each of them was dressed in ceremonial robes with a piece of the Triforce symbol on each of the foreheads, knowing that one of them was different from the other. Navi didn't know whom they were, what they wanted, and mostly she was scared senseless of the beings, their powers far greater than imagined.

        Fear not, for we are no one, though we are all and yet are none. We are all of the same, the one split between three and yet fought over for the control of the world, some call us Gods, while others call us simply the Holy Being. Some fear others and us just disagree that we even exist though we are honored that you are here for this special occasion, uninvited. You believe in us, you and your partner think we are around and even sometimes curse us. Though it does not matter since if we were in the same spot, we would curse each other in the exact same manner. Now all questions won't be answered, the tale is far from over, with the answers then everything would be clear, that wouldn't be too good, now would it? The Goddesses are our names and you are the one who guides Link, the one who seems to be in love with a little Hylian. Each of them spoke this and burst into streams of giggles, though all of them were blushing for some strange reason, so weird for a God to be embarrassed by something.

        What do you want from me and Link? She cried out in desperation to make herself come true, trying desperately to find out what they wanted with her and her partner. Protecting Link was now the only purpose that she lived for, the other dignities of the past had disappeared all so long ago. No one was going to hurt her partner, she would make sure of that, and it roared through the eyes of hers, the Gods all staring at her. So strange how they stared, as if surprised at how angry she was, now really knowing what to say to one another, though they could probably speak otherwise. Telepathically was what Navi was thinking, they might even be able to reach her own thoughts, the mind of hers being controlled was scary enough.

        Link? We didn't call Link, nor did we call you, the simple face is-- wake up. Strange thing was that the last part of the sentence wasn't what they sounded like, that voice was something more male to the extent. More of a voice that she had heard once or twice (or even a million) times before in her lifetime, it was hard to tell who was who in a dream. Each of the Gods disappeared from the sight they came from, the sky ripping open and the face of her boy appearing before her. Flying up towards the face, she was stretched to find out the hole was open for her, almost expecting it to shoot her back into darkness. Nothing to do except go through, was her thought when she zipped through and hoped that she would appear in a new place, the original world of her love.


        "Wake up, my fairie." Her eyes poked open to see that Link was back in the real world, the transportation had been a great success, she was back in the real world. Beating this old world had given her some confidence to go on and face the world they were in now, wanting this hellish place to end. With that in mind, she wanted to go ahead with no more breaks, skipping the food they were supposed to eat and to end this. Link was just staring at her with those eyes of concern lifting and a cute little smile abasing his lips, then leaning down to kiss the body.

        "Link.wha-what happened?" With the concern in his face there from before, she wondered what had happened, and where in the world they were, they were in a new room. Not the room that Link had gone to sleep in, this room was a complete circle with two barred doors at each end of the circle. The farthest end of it was a door with a lock, the key sticking out and melting as she stared, seeing Link had come in here to recuperate. Yea, that was good, it was soon to go on, though this new room wasn't full of anything, the perfect place for some sort of safe haven. That was good, for they wanted to have a place to recover their power, Link probably taking that in mind and moving while she was out.

        "Well, you passed out and I went through the rest of the maze, found another key so that makes three now, well two since I just used one. Anyway, I came to a small swallow and there I cleaned you off pretty well, your clothes are a piece from my red tunic, the others were ruined. I went to sleep in the swallow and woke up about two hours ago, then I moved us to the room right next to it--right here where we reside." Smiling, he patted her body, letting her notice that she indeed had a small piece of cloth tied around her body, snugly so it wouldn't fall off.

        "How long was I out, Linky?" She shivered and curled herself up inside of the stuff, the new clothes, glancing over at him with a smile-- knowing how sweet he was.

        "Well, I can't really judge, but I was out for about eight hours, I think. So, you were out for ten hours altogether, this has been a hell of a long temple." He shrugged a shoulder, not even noticing that he cursed, it was as if in this situation that nothing mattered, not even bad words.

        She nodded back and floated over towards where the key was, assigning the lock by snapping the key inside and the rest of it slid down and melted. Two more keys remained for they're beckoning, feeling confident that they couldn't run into a locked door, the keys always made her feel this way. With another key gone, this door was sort of like the doors from the Forest Temple; it was made of wood (not Deku, of course.) That was just, since the door had no handle and when the young boy walked ahead and stood infront of the door, hands at his sides. Automatically the thing slid open towards him, giving access from the young boy to a new room, one that just beckoned to be explored.

        This new room was a complete duplicate of the other one with the stones, except where stone had stood in the old room, lava replaced in this room. It was duplicated because the thing was in the same shape as the last one, on further inspection it was known that the room was shaped in a half circle. Half a circle for each room, though, it wasn't that the whole thing together was a whole circle, the room in the middle some sort of barrier. What was guessed had to be that this stupid middle room had those bars that led to the other room, of no importance for them ever. Two halves were put together and she guessed that this made a complete circle, and what a circle of madness it would of made.

        Just giving a glance around the room made each of their stomachs churn, for this was not going to be a very nice ride through. In this room was a small gate that ran over the entire room, it held up by the ceiling supports, so that you couldn't fall in the hot lava below. She and Link was sited on a small platform before the metal, safe from something that might of tried to get at their legs or something. Nothing could get through the gate made of metal, that was secured tightly by the small holes that fire might be able to seep through. That was bad, for there were Red Bubbles below, where the thing broke off into another (there were actually two with close speculation).

        "Link, you ready for this?" She was staring at him; her eyes were close towards the ground, seeing that the bubbles didn't hide under the bridge, just under the huge gaps.

        "Yea, I think I am, let's just do it and get it over with." Blowing out the blonde tresses from his eyes, he pulled them over so they were out of the way and leapt the first gap to the end. That was when his gape almost got thrown off, something turned up around him, making him spin around and see that a wall of flames was at him. The flames were baring towards him, some sort of defensive mechanism to protect the people and kill intruders in this place. Out of all of his deals, he had to deal with something like this bearing towards him; it was almost too bad to be true-- if so rudely used. Traps were bad since he was trying to save it, though you couldn't stop things from the past, things made that people were long dead from the making, no one to blame.

Singed a little from the back, the pain not that apparent, the breeze through here wasn't going to be as simple as he thought, the little bubbles were the least of his worries. Taking off in a gallop, the flames didn't catch up to him, as if they were meant for the lazy or slow Gorons, though they were naturally slow. Yea, that gave him an advantage, for soon he was at the gap in the middle, leaping across the thing without a stupid bubble coming out for him. When he was across, that thing snapped, missing him up by a few feet, causing him to take off incase the Bubble jumped up and decided that it was mealtime. Link was sick of those dogs, he had had enough trouble with them in the first temple, and this time around wasn't going to be the same mistake.

While he pounded away at the flames, Navi was busy trying to find a way to get rid of the flames, her past experiences not working in the last. Nothing seemed to be working against this creature, the tactics she used was sort of abnormal, wishing that maybe she had some water on her. At first she had tried blasting it with all the types of rays she had, none of them working, they just seemed to annoy the fire and making it increase speed. Not the thing she was going for, the young girl continued to think of ways, tearing some of the cape and throwing it in the fire, the small threat erupting out. That was a bad thing, the fireproof cape had disappeared in the flames, only an inch of it, so Link didn't even notice that it was gone.

Now she had one last idea, readying herself to attempt it, but swallowing and shuddering when he leapt over the gape, helping him across. The flames were coming closer and closer at the moment, knowing that they would be upon him before he was able to get away. Only choice she had was to dive into the stuff, regretting how the sacrifice would be, although glad he would escape unharmed. Not even warning her boy about what she was doing, the veil shined a bright red, as she slowed her energy into one big attack. This would burn up her and the energy, slowing it down for him to get away, knowing it would end and flaring down towards the wall.

Yelping out in pain, she felt a hand smack her, flying forwards and disappearing over the end of the metal, seeing there was a rocky mountain just ahead of them. She saw as she flew, that Link had smacked her and leapt off with her, slamming into the rock with a pulverize cry of pain. Now before he could have slammed there, he only hit the sides when the idea of curling up was in his mind, that way to protect him. Rolling up as he came, the roll protected his body, making a few bruises on him, saving him the trouble of burning up at this place. When the flames came towards the end of the rock, it turned back around and went the other way, the trap only ending there.

"You are so stupid, my fairie." He chuckled a little and stared towards the ground, the tears leaking from his eyes, staring at her with them red as his tunic.

Staring at him confused, it took her a few seconds to comprehend it and then she just let out a little chuckle of nervousness and came up towards him, hugging the boy's face, trying to calm him. It was so strange how the emotions felt, knowing she had meant to kill herself just for him, though not thinking he deserved as much. Tears streamed harder and harder down his cheeks, not noticing anything in the world, everything else was ignorance, and this was bliss. Pure and simple bliss was the only way to give it; nothing else would have separated them, even if Volvagia showed its face here now. Her affection towards him caused more sobs to break down, the boy hardly aware of whom or what was watching him, sort of sensing something.


That trap was meant to incinerate everything, it was meant to kill everyone in the room, but luckily you had someone good on your side. That side-- whichever one it would be--would prevail or no one would survive, it was as simple as that, the switch had been thrown. He just wasn't ready to face it, he wasn't prepared to deal with the consequences, and when she had thrown herself, he knew that the hero would die. Of the death would cause him to break down and probably throw himself into the lava, knowing how dependent he was on that fairie. After all, he had faced him in battle and the source of the battle had been that the fairie would have died, that sped up his power and vigil.

Deciphering the trap had to be

one within the shadows, though it was done with some skill, remembering what had happened only a few days ago. It was weird, the medallion powers, though it wasn't a bad thing that it had activated (bad in here, he wished he had started with the water.) That way, in here he could have done the entire one in just a short while, maybe the medallion of water could floor the volcano. This place was messed up; his powers weren't well developed more than they weren't should be he thought the temples were supposed to be easier as they went on. Maybe the boy had gotten it wrong and that they could have been done in a back-wards situation, whatever the case, it had to be done since the hero was deep inside of here.

Somehow he will survive this, the thoughts rambled on, as he followed them onward, never keeping in the sight of them, somehow seeing that ht would fail them if that happened.

No more turning back, that was for sure, it was last thing that he wanted; for the hero to just give himself up, then he would have to show. Maybe somehow it had to do with being abandoned, or the fact that no one was around to show the love to anymore, everyone was dead. A whole race wiped out because of the despicable Hylians and now he was helping them, the biggest one of them all--even if he didn't think it at first. That was just some stupid cover -up, he knew he was a Hylian now, so there was justifying his ignorance about his past anymore. Shiek hated showing himself to people, it was degrading to reveal his presence, and to be detected by people made him even angrier

Maybe it would get better as they went out, that was all that he hoped for, he didn't want to have to save the legendary Hero of Time's ass. The Volvagia was being dealt with at this time so that it couldn't come for Link early; a boss of the Gorons was taking care of that. Shiek forgot his name, though he was a strong man, he wouldn't last much longer against the evil dragon, the hammer wasn't set. Without that tool, defeating the monster would be useless; the man had tried to brave the temple and had given up about at this part. So he hoped that Link wouldn't do the same, since now he would have to give on and retrieve that beautiful hammer to strike down a reptile.


Whatever luck was in store had sure given them out in the end, it had ended the triumph of losing and entailed a new dungeon for the both of them. Above the way they set was a small set of steps that they had to climb (the giant steps like before) these a few more and trailing them in ten minutes. Reaching the top of the area, he glanced around and saw that there was triangle-shaped gate right at his side, a barred door that was empty. A chest was there, but someone had invaded it, he hoping that maybe the map would have been there, though it was long-gone now. His newest door had a key, using the second-to-last key and getting even more unhopeful as the chains melted away and that door slid open, going inside with all force in mind.

We're back in the boulder maze, great! From where they stood, they were at the top of the maze that Navi had described a while back, this one now looking the same as it had ten hours ago. Boulders were tall enough to knock him back, so when he jumped, he'd have to be careful not to jump infront of one and lose his footing. That would cause them a whole commotion of going back through the maze--not to mention being squashed to death by the rock. Glancing around each top of the pillars, he spied where the place she had let the Goron out, seeing it was at the other side of the room. Denying that pleasure, Link hopped from away from the doorway and a few spaces over, exploring the entire room with his eyes.

"Where shall we go, Link?" Resting on his shoulder, she didn't notice anything in the weird, everything was ordinary, something to take into the view.

"We could try by just exploring the floors, nothing else seems to be working." Walls were bare and had no potent to break with the feel of a sword or that of a bomb; the cage he viewed was empty with no hidden rooms.

Stance of their footing was sort of eerie, it was the place they had heard the person crying out and a giant crack was in their way. Down at it was this huge crack, nothing like he had ever seen the air from below even bustling out and letting him feel the cool atmosphere. Taking out a small bomb, he tucked it down inside and pressed the fuse, leaping over to the previous ledge, and covering his ears. On impact the thing blew up, chunks sinking down and revaluing a huge hole, the screams even louder now that the barrier was gone. Leaping for the new area, he caught his balance since the footing area was smaller than before, most of the top gone from the explosion.

"Navi, could you go down there and explore.I would, but I don't see a way down and it's completely black." He grinned a chuckle and leaped back across where the old ledge was, sitting on the skinny slap of rock, staring back at her.

"Sure, Link, I'll be right back." With a small smile to her lips, she just glinted back at him with that grin and fluttered down in the darkness, feeling something familiar. The scent was something she smelt, of course knowing that the room had to be the one with the fire that they escaped from. A switch was down there, the exact room that had been covered up from before, the switch right outside and inside was a crying Goron. Letting the thing free, it stayed in the cage noticed that the place was empty and dashed against a wall, making her way out of her and into the temple.

She would have to do this on her own; knowing it was one of the first females of the race that he had ever seen the eyes more glamorous. Almost a beautiful aura was around her, not as beautiful as the Hylians or Humans, though pretty in comparison to maybe some of the uglier races. The blonde hair was a bit longer than that of the other rock-eaters, a little slimmer than before, though muscles were seen pulsing all about. Making her think the females may have been the more dominant than the males, for the guts weren't on them, though beer may have been a cause. Guys could have been good alcohol drinkers, which would explain the so-called 'beer-bellies' there were on them, that did happen.

Where she stood was another key, almost baffled that all these people had keys, maybe they were assigned them for a reason. Volvagia may have wanted someone to face him, so he just left them behind and the Gorons would explain that they would want to keep them and said they found them. It didn't explain the death in the other room--with that Navi dropped the subject and starting floating away from the cell, scared. She didn't want to think about that, that one had been the straw that broke the camel's back, something that they would never speak of.

"Nothing will happen, I will just forget it and it'll go away." She whispered on the way out, and the funny thing was that it did disappear, the voices not even bothering her about that worry.

On the way out, nothing was boiling through her mind, she only minded that the key was in her way, becoming somewhat of a heavy burden. Burdens were all right to carry for her boy; she would be able to keep for herself until the light on his face was beaming about the present. The way out was incredible, how the darkness broke into light, how the light, the dream revealing itself back to her, conquered the evil. It was scary, she could remember vague parts of it--just like every other dream she had ever head-- though some parts were so dumb. Darkness was gone all the way as the holy matrimony opened itself, the young boy watching her float out of the area, key in her arms.

"Navi, how sweet of you!" He was like a giggling schoolgirl, the way he sat, not sitting up, but the arms opening to embrace the one whom retrieved something for him. No, he wasn't ignoring her when he grabbed for the key; this was just his way to tell that the item had to be given before importance. He guessed that there had been a Goron (hearing a crash) so he knew it wasn't dead and just went out on its own, through a wall it seemed. At long last she appeared near him, the boy clinking the key to the ring and slipping it back in, his fingers curling around her. There the embrace went in, gathering her up tighter and pressing her against him; the burden she had suffered disappeared there.

Confusion plastered upon his face as he glanced for a door, where were they to go since a key had been found, he had seen none. Hopping across each of the ledges without the slightest inability to where he would fall, the kid went for the gate where the Goron had been. Yea, there just had to be a hidden door there, that was the only chance that they had, to find a hidden door, no way they were going back. There was maybe a door in the room where the flames chased them, but Link was no taking the chance of getting burnt again. He had not even considering looking around back then, so seeing or noticing any door was impossible, that was good enough for this young one.

At last, the boy stopped right at the gate and viewed the jump; it was quite a long one than the ledges had been this one at least thirteen feet. Staring at the deep distance was something incredible, he could have been jumped this thing when he was smaller, though the situation was different now. Legs were longer; making more room for some strong kicks, though leaping could have been a little shorter with the larger appendages. Gulping in some air, he bent down and stretched his bones out, cracking some as he prepared for the long run that was in order. Crossing those legs in an Indian-styled position, Link stared forward at the ground, trying to measure his aura and further his jump.

"Think I can make it?" He whispered softly to his fairie, looking at the height, also staring down to see none of the rocks were in his way that was good.

"Yea, give it a try. If you mess up, I am sure I can pick you up and pull you back up, or catch you in the air." She nodded, her power was stronger, and she wasn't able to handle his larger body, though now her confidence had grown as long as they had been at this,

Pulling himself up and glancing nervously at his young girl, he backed up the entire length of the slap, summoning up the courage once more. Running full speed, he jumped the entire length, seeing that he would indeed make it, as those legs slapped on the edges of it. Crying out as the edge would either push him over or throw him across, something pushed him forward and slammed him into the wall. As he flew through the small square, the place he slammed opened itself up to reveal another hidden door for just the taking. Being locked, the thing was easily opened up and the third key sunk inside of there, giving them a duo of keys left to explore with.

"Navi, what happened?" He was flushed with embarrassment for missing the jump; something had to have pushed him away, given him fair balance.

"It was me, I saw you weren't gonna make it, so I pushed you across." Patted on the head for her good deeds, the boy nodded sweetly towards his partner and glanced at the door that had opened up.

"Oh great." He sunk inside of the next room, the fairie floating over forward a few paces and screaming back in fear, as a sudden flame appeared a few inches near her. Scooped up by the young boy, the C-shaped room was an odd one, there was nothing in this room (from what the eye could see) except small poles. Navi had ventured between one and that was where the fire ignited, trying to burn her into a fried little girl, instead of herself. A terrible thing, another one of those stupid traps, he believed that this temple had more traps than the Forest one, and they would just get harder and harder. Well, this would have to be dubbed 'fire curtains', the name just seemed to click well with that, picking up some rocks and testing the curtains out.

"Flame Curtains, I have heard of these." Navi gathered up a few rocks of her own, and threw the first one at in-between the flares, watching as they caught fire and burnt.

Link caught up with the idea of the trend, so he reached for the rocks piled into his hands and threw five into the five different directions. Four of the rocks blew up in the flames, each of them disappearing except the last one, the one in the northwestern direction, that one just went through. With the joy blasted in his face, he ran for the direction, passing through with no harm to his body at all, gathering up more rocks. Each time they passed by an area of the curtains, they would throw rocks and that would be just fine with them, it saved time. A lot of curtains were in this place, so many that they were afraid that the rocks wouldn't last; though it wasn't very likely. This room was made of solid soil, different from the other rooms of rock; it was as if this was the only way to get through this little puzzle.

At long last the time was given up and the two ran into a set of five curtains, throwing all rocks and seeing as all of them blew up in their hands. Blinking out, he thought that maybe it was a mistake and threw the last five rocks inside his palms, the curiosity all used when they burned. Gasping in confusion, he didn't get to surreal his surroundings until his fairie tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to his left-hand side. To his left was a small stone structure, bearing nothing in particular, though when the right-hand side came up, that's where the money was. There was a simply locked door, this one ready for the taking, meaning that going on was going to be impossible, since the flames rose to the ceiling.

"Navi, I see something beyond us, it is like a platform, wonder why we can't go there?" Taking the second to last key off of the rink and sinking it in, the despair of no keys was flowing through his blood, denying it intentionally.

"I don't see a door ahead, not even a chest, so there isn't anything there, even if we could get across." Navi would test this by throwing her last rock not at the curtains; she threw them above them, seeing the flames did indeed extend to the wall. The rock sailed through the air, not even reaching end of the place, stopping exactly where Navi had halted, a few feet before. It turned to pure dust and she smiled towards the boy with a small shrug that they weren't going over there any time this century. With a grin back towards the faire, he watched the door open peeking through and seeing nothing in the way that meant surprise was in order. Biting his lip, reaching for the Hookshot, as though he would need it, the young kid stepped through the door and prepared himself.

As soon as footfall was in the room, the door slammed shut, revealing that something was about to happen in this little room. Crying out, thinking maybe that the boss was going to come early, the Hookshot was aimed through the air, trying to scan the darkness for something. To his avail, the entire place consumed in the blackness, a ring of fire seemed to be propelled in the air, not near the ground, floating. Link knew it couldn't be, the fire had to be placed on something, something that was a platform or a weird kind of elevator. Whichever the case, he wasn't waiting for this and jumped up and down, hoping that some sort of lit energy would light up the room.

No such thing, all that happened was a screech came out in the room, the same kind he had heard when Kaci was kidnapped. This wasn't exactly the same, the scream made him shiver a little, though not as much as the earlier had been, something of a cousin to this one. Not able to see it, the appearance from the darkness was a dark silhouette, the scent smelt just like the one from before--gunpowder. Reaching for his gloves, he ripped them off and threw them aside, the Triforce symbol lighting itself up, and blowing across the entire room. Yes, the entire light lighted the room; it wasn't like what had happened in deep caverns, this thing had brightened the entire area.

It was only a twelve feet long room, reaching up about thirty feet, though not enough room for a particularly big battle with a dragon. His prayers were answered once the thing revealed itself, not a dragon at all; this creature was exactly the same as the one from before. It was dressed in a beautiful blue cape of fire, the flames interrupting his eyes, to glance past them and see that it was only a play. Yes, this creature was nothing but a small little bomb, a living bomb, the fuse were just past the ruby eyes, them glancing at him evilly. Now, no one could regularly see this, it was a sense down inside of him, his particular eyesight also helped him reveal the creature. There seemed no way to get the stupid creature out of its alcove, though Link had a small plan up his sleeve, gripping the Hookshot tighter.

"Link, it is called a Flame Dancer! Its cape is just a cover up, you have to find a way to draw it out!" Navi screamed over the flames of the evil monster, and the aura that was over the huge block--looking like the ones that drug across the lava. She guessed it would bring them up to the next level, since there was a clear hole in the ceiling that was just the same size as block was. Charging up a small aura, she fired a beam at the creature, it denting and un-lighting the cape some, becoming back to normal colour in a matter of seconds. That wasn't going to work, hitting it with energy is what the cape was probably made for, it absorbed the attacks and didn't hurt user. Speaking out the weakness to the boy seemed to empower him; she guessed that he had had an idea about how to kill it and with her true facts had just done it.

The monster screamed out in fury and shot began to spin around, as it spun, little spikes had shot from its body and were heading towards him. Crying out in surprise, Link gathered Navi and spun around, ducking down as some of the spikes hailed over his small body. As a child this would have been a lot easier, now he had to take the chance of being hit somewhere, the entire shield didn't cover his body. Yes, they zipped through, him curled up in a ball so none of the spikes would have gotten at his ears of head, and all the ones that hit were for his body. The good thing was that the cape was protecting spots that weren't protected, the spikes consisting of fire-elemented attacks.

I think we'll survive this, his thoughts were saying when one of the spikes hit him in the middle of the shield, the thing sending him flying across the room and into a wall. Grunting with pain of the bruises, he brushed his body off and spun around in anger, the last of the spikes had already come and gone. He was quite lucky the thing had run out of them, he hadn't even known and could have been hit with full force of sharp objects. What had happened was the spikes were getting explosive, they only hitting the cape and tearing a few holes in it, this one hitting the shield itself. Yes, the cape had stopped the blast, now his back hurting like hell and bruises all over his face and chest area, agony in it.

"Link, are you okay!" Firing up a blast right for the head, not a blast that would hurt him, a paralyzing blast that would knock him out of commission for now. Navi had just expected it to stop and float in the air, though to her surprise she was met with a wonder beyond the wonders. That was a savior key, for it couldn't control that stupid flaming suit and it disappeared, the thing falling to the ground with a cry. It was zapped with another paralyzing beam, Navi seeming to be able to take the energy it drained from her, not as bad as before. She just let out a cry of joy and surrounded him, checking him for any wounds he might have collected against the spike that had blown.

"I'm fine, 'Nav." It was a nickname he had thought up a few nights before, sort of what she called him; he smiled towards her and saw the creature.

"Link, those things are explosive, but I found a way to get it out of the suit, you see! I know it'll drain me, but I can take the pain." She knew that even about seven blasts would make her pass out from exhaustion, though it wouldn't take that long to get the one dead.

"I got it, Nav', we just use the hook!" Spinning around, the monster still frozen in place, Link got for the Hookshot and launched out at towards that stupid monster. The hook slammed down inside of the monster, the thing was smaller than the Hookshot itself, so he thought that maybe this was the end. Blue fire must have been the last suit of armour on the creature, for as the thing was hooked on, it propelled back to the user. The hero had the Master Sword ready, and just like an ancient Japanese Samurai, he created a slicing attack across the creature. Sheathing in the sword with a magical embrace, the creature--no longer on the hook) slid into two separate pieces, blood gushing from within.

With remorse in the soul, the young hero had the Hookshot held in his hand, keeping it held there as the flames disappeared. The body began to light up, remembering the Dodongos, so he got away from it as the carcass blew itself up right then and there. Right where the elevator was, the flames disappeared and gave him a way to step upon them, giving a nod to the thing as if it spoke. Stepping on the switched proved it was an elevator, for it brought him to the fourth level of this entire place, enchanting his desire. The room was a familiar shade of dark green, the colours he had imagined all so before, groaning that maybe he made a wrong turn.

"Are we." He gasped and stared around, the room seeming so familiar to the last one, that he couldn't help but cry out in agony from being misled.

"I'm pretty sure we aren't, Linky, you just need to hang on." She went throughout the room and examined all the rooms, her eyes pretty misty from the way the aura left, exploring the smaller room.

"Is it?" He whispered when she returned to him, letting out deep hyperventilating breaths, this place was going to kill him, with or without the tunic.

"No, Linky, it's okay. This isn't the same room, it just looks the same, take a look around!" The boy did what the fairie asked, and to his surprise this wasn't the same room at all, the details gave that quickly away. Giant stairs weren't there, only a small crystal and the gate of flames, the stairs a main key factor in realizing where he exactly was. That just proved he was in another room, the agony disappearing and a sudden reeling of triumph appearing inside of his very own soul. Even without a map or anything to guide him, he knew that he was near the area of the end of this place, it just had to be the very last one coming up.

His fairie had given him confidence, and for that he would always love her, a small smile beaming his lips as he stood and waited for her. She struck the crystal with a Ki shot and zoomed up towards him, he already up the smaller pillar of stairs and climbing up until the end came. About twenty minutes instead of the longer time he had spent another room like before had appeared the room that led to another room. Picking the last key of his off of the ring (leaving it there because newer ones would eventually come)--he just slid it inside of the hole. Melting away, he didn't even wait for it to open before slamming against the door and propelling it open for the kid, a bigger room than ever.

Grunting with anticipation, the hexagonal-shaped room was something of a disappointment, not the end of the room, for one he hadn't that beautiful key. Two, he needed something to extinguish the flames from that pillar so he could get across to that place and open up the door. Now, all he was near had to be a long path that led to a chest that was surrounded by flames, a small switch as his side, probably that opened the switch. Wanting to be a little daring, not caring that the Keese from above were headed for him--or would be since they hadn't even noticed him. That was in mind with a footing slammed down onto the switch, the timer getting off and taking off like a wild horse in a race it wanted to win.

"L-Link, wait!" She screamed out as he took off, the footing was light so not to disturb the birds of prey, that was the last thing that he or she needed.

"No time, Navi, cover me!" He screamed back, turning around and flashing a grin at him, at that moment screwing up his chance of getting through single-handedly. When he turned around to smile, he lost his footing and tripped upon the ground, falling down the bath and down into the darkness. Navi's eyes widened and she took up after him, seeing he fell off to the left-hand side, hoping it wasn't as deep as the other side. She had only seen that the right-hand side was full of blackness, the right one had always been guarded by where the Keese circled around. It was apparent she was scared of how deep the fall was, if she could catch him in time, and knowing that if he died--the cause would have been her fault, and a stupid one.

She sailed over the horizon, her fear implicating from relief to the over expression of laughter when she saw exactly where he was. Poor Link hadn't seen that there was a small amount of stairs down there, falling off and hitting his head against the solid stone. Laughter was the best medicine in this case, the fear of him dying disappearing even that the Kesse heard her was gone from view. All that mattered now was that he was going to be just fine, maybe a few bumps on the head, and a sore pride was there. Now clutching his hurt head, the hat off to the side, not even noticing anyone in particular, the laughter seemed to seep through his ears.

"Navi, stop laughing!" A huge bump was pulled on where his head was, pulling the hat from the ground, dusting it off, and slamming the piece of him back on his head.

"I-I'm sorry.I.just thought you were going to.d-die!" She burst out into another stream of giggles when she thought about the bump and how she wouldn't be able to enjoy the new pillow that he had gained.

"I don't see anything funny, be quiet or they'll hear!" He whispered in a hushed tone, hearing that the timer was still ticking, and putting his hands up to push him over the edge, climbing back up. Only about four feet, he yanked himself back up the path and took off down towards it, keeping the footing back up now. There was no time to pull out the bow and kill the altered Keese, he needed Navi for that and wished she would come through to him. Running the way over, he sort of admitted that if the roles had been reversed he would of burst into a stream of laughter, all the same. There was no doubt this was how she coped with sadness, knowing she would have been horrified had the land not been of stone and of the exact opposite--nothing.

It was better that way, Navi couldn't have put her hands down on the switch and opened it, so the only thing she could do now was provide a cover- feature. Not wanting to waste his arrows--she guessed--Link just ran along the thing path, sometimes losing his balance and having to be pulled back. The good thing was that it opened up and left him with the path getting a bit wider, the necessity of being knocked off wasn't apparent. Creatures were starting to notice him, knowing he was going for the brown-shaped chest (probably the temples' weapon.) Maybe a defense system for them, they began to fly along the paths, wanting to strike him down for what he was seeking, the legendary weapon.

Summoning up some measly energy attacks, they didn't drain her at all, and best was that there were only Flaming Kesse in this room. If anything else and she would be warped, but they have been facing these guys since the legendary Spiritual Stone of Fire. The blasts sent the things to cry out in pain and sink down into the darkness, not even getting close enough to touch the tiles. Others were blasted and sank on the small path that Link had fallen on just before, not even getting close to the path Link was on. True that this thing was getting a little boring, the monsters couldn't even shoot projectiles, at least it would be more fun by that.

At long last he reached the end of the path, the light beginning to flicker, which meant the flames were about to ignite, though Link was ready. Leaping forward with force, he didn't even stop and hit the ground, his hands grabbed the end of the chest and flipped forward, tearing the thing away from the block. He flipped from the chest and fell off to the side, grunting as the wall pressed against his tender wounds, giving him some time to whine. At least the thing didn't go over the edge, he'd have to curse himself it if did--all the chest did was move in the air at the wall. The chest slammed into the wall, shattering to part and with that something pushed its way out, moving towards him, a shining metal.

"Link, I think that's that." While he recuperated his small bruises, aching for this place to end, she fluttered over towards the large tool and tried to lift it. As hard as she tried, she just couldn't move the tool, seeing that what had to be a giant hammer, this weapon was encrypted in the Goron language. Ignoring the script, for now, she saw that the end was made of a beautiful ruby, having grips on it so that it could have been lifted. Metal was the shiniest one he ever saw--beating the Master Sword-- that it gave the feel of a giant hammer; the end you hit with was larger. The smaller end was the other part of the hammer, this one solid instead of two markers to pull out nails--like regular hammers were.

"Navi, what's it say?" He was still leaned up against the wall, reaching into his backpack and taking out some 1st Aid tape, wrapping it around the bruises on his chest.

"It says that 'this ancient hammer is for the one of the chosen hero, the one who is not divided by race, a hero to all of them, one that shall be protected through the ages shall wield the Megaton Hammer.' Also it speaks of the grips on the side measure for the weight of what the person can lift, that means if it chooses you, you don't have to worry about it becoming to heavy. I can't lift it, so I am not chosen." That's why she couldn't bring it to him, just waiting by the hammer for him to get the power to stand up and get to the new tool.

He nodded and yanked himself up, it wasn't that he was out of power or anything, he just felt so tired after being hurled into so many walls. Reaching the hammer, the size seeming to him feel a little weak, the Hookshot was inside of his backpack now, reaching for the tool and pulling it up. The Megaton seemed to shrink in his hands, originally meant for a powerful Goron, it was twelve feet when he first saw it, now at about five. Five feet was just enough for him, the weight also sinking down a few tons, this thing was good enough for him to bare alone, now. Breathing a sigh, it felt a littler heavier than the Master Sword did, so he could not hold it for one hand, spinning around was his only defense.

"How does it feel? It looks like it weights a lot, but I mean you have gotten stronger, and the thing shrank itself when you picked it up." She appeared by his side, she had spotted a small little hole in the ground where something was sticking up, having an idea how to get out of this new room.

"It feels all right, I mean.I can't get my shield, this is a two-handed weapon, that's for sure." He smiled and glanced around the room, the only exit was down in the path, that led to the elevator room, there wasn't any other way.

"Link, try smashing this block, it is big enough for you to fit through, I am sure it must be an exit." She fluttered over the block with the tribal face on it, this mark seeming to be the mark of the ancient Goron, or some sort of demon.

Glancing at the scenery, he took a guess and prepared his hammer at the block, pulling above his head and slamming all his weight into it. Muscle and sweat poured as the hammer touched the stone, the thing sinking down into the ground, the boy also on the block. The block just went down and disappeared, it was going to the next floor below him, probably a hidden floor that the two of them had missed. Navi tucked under his hat and stayed with him, so not to lose him, as they would go down, that would be like the Water stone all over again. With a squeal of surprise--not even expecting this to happen--he sank into the ground, the hole disappearing with him, holding onto the thing for dear life.


No one passed out; the small little blocked slammed right on the ground, causing both of them to be thrown forward and off of it. The two of them were inside of a small green room, this room filled with those blocks like what they meant at the beginning of the temple. Where they landed was right next to it, the imprint of a large door right behind it, the things not being able to move them with sheer force. An idea popped into his brain, it was the an idea that just might of worked, and one he could use whenever they got back to the entrance. Grinning, he walked over to the large statues, pushing them at first, seeing that indeed they couldn't be moved, and prepared he.

Swinging the hammer like a baseball bat, he slammed it into the top part of the statue, the thing falling aside and hitting the wall, blowing up. Gasping with realization, his hammer fired a second time across the statue, sending the body of it aside, this one also blowing up. Wincing at each of the blasts, they weren't as powerful as when the Flame Dancer got after him or the bombs that they always used. Each blast was all the way across the room, so they didn't have to worry about the shards hitting any of them, it was that they were perfectly safe. At long last, he slammed across the smaller part, the imprint of an unlocked door in their way; a metal door cracked open for them.

"Good idea, Link." She fluttered over for the door, helping the young boy push on it, intrigued how he thought it up; they hadn't seen those things before. Then she remembered the older room where they first entered, snapping those small digits as the last of the door swung itself open. In this new room was another green room with an elevator that didn't work, that was changed when he slammed the new weapon into it. This room they were standing in was completely empty, it was just a transport from one room to another, a vex in the gateway. With some shaking, them on top, the hammer did its job as the platform rose itself to the newest room, the previous one the same.

A long L-shaped room was next, this one completely empty besides a switch with a crescent moon upon it and a box right at his side. Stepping on the switch didn't do anything, it just caused him to look at it with some frustration, slamming it harder and still nothing. The thing must have been renewed, the other switches must have been, and maybe no one had ever gotten this far into the temple before. His courage was renewed when he realized how good he was to get into her; it was great to have been nominated for this thing. Groaning, the hammer sort of becoming a burden in some cases, readied the hammer to put it down where the middle of the switch was.

"Link, you are gonna try to put it down by force?" She surrounded the box, illuminating from a pure red, back to a yellow, indicating that it was the trick to putting this switch down.

"Yea, sitting on it won't do anything. You guess people haven't been down here for a while, huh?"

"It seems so, those other switches have been checked." She smiled at the beaming boy, which the boy slammed the hammer down towards the end of the ground, hitting the crescent.

This slammed the switch down and all of a sudden, the wall that was ahead slid down into rows and rows of stairs heading down into the ground. A secret switch, it was, and with that another smaller switch was down there, him grabbing one of those boxes and walking down there. Reason he brought the box was because the switch down there was smaller than the others, reminding him of the ones in Jabu were. When, at last, he reached the end; the thing was put down on the switch, seeing that the bars around the door slid open for him. Kicking the box aside caused the switch to push back, knowing full well it would happen, it was triggered by weight put on it all the time.

"Just like Jabu, eh?"

"Yea, so it seems." Link glanced at his fairie, the glints in his eyes revealing that he indeed needed to talk about something, the same one again.

"What is it, Linky?" She appeared right by his face, sitting on his nose and staring down at her, the eyes somber with some forms of compassion.

" know what I want, if it doesn't go through." His eyes formed into tears and he nodded, pointing that he indeed was a little injured, maybe too injured to endure the fight against Volvagia.

"Link, please don't do this, I would never desert you. I don't care if it is called disobeying you, but you aren't my master, and I will never contribute to leaving you to die." She wiped those tears with her hand, the bigger one able to push the tears away without the fear or being soaked down in them.

Navi kept her silence, both heading for the new door and pressing upon it, the thing bearing no handle and sliding itself open. With a sigh, the two of them entered the room, finding another gateway was here, this room a sudden green with the lift in the way. How long it would go on was up to the boy, she just wanted to get this temple over and visit Kaci again, meaning she was still around. A pain sulked in her heart, thinking that maybe the kid was dead, that was bad, for it would have shrunk badly inside of his little heart. No matter how old he looked in his body, the heart was still that of a child, not being able to adjust his mind yet, though it would eventually.

Slamming on the platform, the lift once again went a direction, this time it went down instead of heading in the northward position. Leaving the beautifully green room, he smiled as the room came to an end, getting the feel of the end of the room appearing over here. When they set down right at the bottom, he stepped off of the tan block, and stared around the room, thinking that maybe he was imagining things. Where they faced the flame curtains, they were in the same room as before, except just like it had been with the boulder maze. Yes, they were above them, above the place where the flames had so scared them on top of that structure that seemed to have no end.

"We're back in the same room, but where do we, Navi?" He was staring up, down around him, in the left and right directions, but there wasn't anywhere to go, not a single place to view.

"Link, you are standing on a switch, silly." He stared down and love is it, he was standing on a rusted switch, no door to open it, though it couldn't have hurt to try it out. Stepping off of the switch, a few feet away from now, the hammer was still lying in his hands--not an area to assign it now. It would go inside his satchel, or maybe slipped into the side of the side pack, which was the only ways, he could think of a place. Pulling the hammer directly, the wall around him slid up, Link spinning around to see that a door was hidden behind a propelling wall. Gasping, he walked over to the unlocked door and crewed himself inside of it, the newest room being a sight for some sore eyes.

He was on the second story of a room; the room below was a small cage that concealed a Goron, the thing crying out for some sort of help. A sigh blew through his lips, another rusted switch to his far right, not even knowing how he could get across to the thirty feet jump. This jump couldn't be affected with any power, it was too far across, and no way he would be able to climb up the seven feet on the solid rock. Seven feet deep, he would be able to jump down, something else baffling him that was sitting down right next to that little switch. A blue block with the insignia of the Temple of Time was right there, the large blocks that they had encountered in the Forest Temple.

"Link, the Song of Time!" She squealed out, floating over to the switch and slamming on it, the thing was no use, and since she couldn't pick the hammer up, that made it even worse.

"Song of Time.ohh, yea, the blocks!" He had almost forgotten, so he retrieved his ocarina and blew out the tune that was taught to him from the beautiful Princess Zelda. The tune was the somber one, the one that just made you feel the land crying out, and a very sad and beautiful tune he had learned. Blue light appeared around the block, his face lighting up, as it didn't disappear out of reach, the thing just moved ahead a few feet. Dragging like the ones that he would punch, he knew what was going to happen next, the way it was shaped just had to be a great thing. Slamming into the ground, the block created a very good entrance, it was able for him to climb the block (it only five feet tall) and then climb the rocks. Jumping across, he slammed into the rock with two feet on there, the hands going and scrambling up towards the rocks, able to scale the two feet. Already throwing the Megaton Hammer across the land before he jumped, the boy scaled there with all his might, getting up easily. Pulling back up the hammer, which reverted to its normal form, he slammed it into the ground, the thing cage opening up from below. Making his way down on the block, he saw the Goron had already tailed it, a small key was left for him, the thing throwing it on the rock. Grinning, he linked the last key and played the song once more, this time it appeared on the side of rock he had gone through.

"Where do we go now, Nav'?" He whined, glancing in all directions--except the door they came through, and saw that nothing was in his way, it was empty.

"Well.I guess we go back, I mean there must be a way out, maybe a hole or something on the other side of here, or something." Navi tried to add some insight to the situation, though she was a little confused on where to go, the temple wasn't over until they found that stupid key.

"There is another side?" He gasped and remembered back to the previous room, there must have been, because the structure was a complete circle, the other side he never thought of.

Nothing else was in this room, so he entered the door to whom he had come in to get to this room, the second floor below him had nothing in it. On the sides were no doors, so into the old room he went, glancing in all directions for some sort of way to leave, some way to find a way back. In fact, he saw that it was over their, another side of the circular platform that was in the way, making his way to glance over towards it. Then he went around to the other side, seeing that indeed there was a hole there, a small little platform going upward and downward. Jumping on it as it came up, the thing went down with the sudden weight, slamming down into a familiar looking room by his side.

"Link--Link look, we're back in the middle room, on the platform!" Link had sort of went out of it on the way out, knocking his head a little, though when she whispered those words, he was up and at them.

"What, the room--the flames, how can that be?" Staring down at the ground, they were in the middle slot, the pillar must have smothered out the flames, enabling him access to here, but what about the key?

"I think I know where the key is, let's try the first way we came in, to the right-hand side, there were some blocks like we knocked away, I am just sure of it that behind those things just has to be a room to the key."

"Wow, I was thinking of that, too. I mean, something has to be behind there, since the other door was. Navi, you are a genius." Let out a squeal of joy and leapt to the first platform, going over from the first one, heading to the slab of rock that the door was on. Slipping through the cracked door, into the Kesse grave that they had made when first entering that hellish territorial place. Now that they knew it was almost over, relief of the burden was on both of their shoulders, nervous that the Goron boss wasn't back. Obviously this hammer was needed to crack the dragon's skull, or maybe it wore some sort of mask that this hammer was powerful against. Either way, this hammer would help him, guide him out and make that dragon regret it was even summoned back to life by the evil Ganondorf.

Nodding all the courage displayed through his heart, he stood over the seven feet tall statue, and the hammer prepped like a batter would. Grinning, he remembered how they sometimes played games in the forest, baseball being one of the favorites he loved to watch. Taking charge, he swung the Megaton as the slots slid down one by one out into the wall, disappearing before they could explode. His fear had been since the statue's height from the wall up against the stairs was a very small area, just enough to survive a blast. Luckily, it just tore through the wall and disappeared, about a few seconds later, something exploding inside the wall, each having a feeling what it was.

Yanking open the door, he ran into one of the very ending doors, gasping in surprise that what was around this room, the things he had been dreading. Enemies were not very in the Fire Temple, though as he peeked across the corner, this room must have been where they were all residing. Although with all the enemies in the room, he saw there weren't many in the Fire Temples--a good variety of them didn't seem around. The things that pushed him, the ones you could stomp out were varied about seven of them and flying Kesse were storming in a dozen. Also around was a new enemy, something like he hadn't seen before and just by the looks of it, he had the chills down his spine.

"Look's like an enemy hold out." Navi whispered, scanning the ones that they had seen before, though not taken the time to even give the best consent too.

"Yea, they all must of thought I was coming later or something, so whatdya got?" He wasn't looking at her right now, just glancing back and forward to see if any of them had noticed him, and fortunately they weren't noticing.

"The thing you stomped out is a Flame Slug, I'm pretty sure you know how to get that, the other is called a Like-Like, yea I know, it's weird, but I don't seem to have a reading on him, all it says is tunics and shields." She spoke out for the boy to listen to; her advice had always seemed to save him in the nick of times, now it seemed just confusing.

"Shields? What are you talking about?" Shields and tunics were like that sort of riddle, that maybe attacking it with a shield would do more damage then a little sword-slashing.

"I really don't know, I mean its confusing to me also." Navi's powers could work against the slugs, though the first ones they would need to take out were those damned Kesse. Her boy's powers could handle anything that these enemies could have been dealt with in the younger state, all except the Like-Like, that one was shrouded in mystery. Annoying was how much they could be described, the creatures the most irritating that any of them had ever run into--and guessed would ever confront. The slugs weren't a problem at all, he could outrun and smother them with his boot, and he never had had a problem with them. Since they were naturally slow, if he attacked them last was quite up to the both of her boy, she knew he would probably go strategically.

They could attack them from behind, or something, while she knew the slugs were as slow as usual, the Like-Like so much bigger than the rest. Standing beautifully seven feet, it could curl and twist its body in any position it wanted, right now just staring off with that eyeless face. Sickly white colour, it reminded one of a tapeworm, the slithering suck hole for a face was open, no teeth apparent in its body. What it could do was probably swallow someone, though she was baffled by the readings she got on this stupid creature's data. Usually, she could scan anything and get a reading on it, but if its energy was so dark that nothing came out (in Ganondorf's case.)

"You are ready for this, Navi, right?" His comfort was pressed, the boy reaching down into his satchel for something, not yet able to retrieve it just at this moment.

"I'm not ready, sweetheart, but I think I can survive."

"So, shall we get the Kesse first, and then go ahead with the slugs and the Like-Like?" He was prepping his bow and arrow out, while she just fluttered needlessly by his side with that red aura shimmering upward.

"Y-yea, I'm ready, just make sure that we don't get eaten." A nervous chuckle entered her throat, she fluttering right above his head, so that the most aerial Kesse could have been taken out. Her boy smiled at her, a gloved hand coming up and rubbing against her small body, ensuring her that he would never let anything happen to her. The courage was sparked back into her, the form of her aura swirling around her hands and deliberating it into a huge ball of energy. Not a lot of her energy, it would condense to kill a small Kesse and take out several of the others with the aftershocks. That was a new technique she had come up with, the attack that shot the afterwards, killing or injuring the weaker one, while the stronger was hit on full assault.

".Go on my mark." He whispered out to his fairie, she nodding in compensation that this was indeed the only variable moment to attack the creature who killed an innocent race.

Link prepped his hand and did karate chop to signify that it was time to attack, time for the war to break out and slaughter ensuing. Leaping out towards the right-hand side, he kept the jump in the air, landing on his knees at the beginning of the wall and firing arrows. At first the things didn't even hear him, since he was as silent as a mouse, not making the slightest sound to ensue their confrontations. People who preformed war cries were just asking for trouble, they wanted to be beaten and killed, that wasn't what he wanted. Not even noticing what the young Navi did, all he did was aim the arrows and shoot at the Kesse, the first one getting it dead in the head.

She soon leapt out after him, letting out the blast at the first of the Kesse, the one hitting the largest of her six--she was taking the ones on the left, he on the right. With that, the aftershocks rumbled all over, altering the monsters around and taking three more of those stupid Kesse out. The other Kesse squealed in shock over the death of their siblings, them all blazing a bright and headed over to the source of the killing. Maybe it was a bit of competition for them, because when she looked over to Link, he grinned and was firing two arrows at once. If it was a competition he wanted, that was what he was going to get, she charging p another one of those huge balls, it taking a few moments to let loose.

"How about a little competition!" Link yelled out to his faire, the slugs beginning to slug over towards him at inches in a minute, the Like Likes just spinning around angrily.

"All right, I've got three, how many to you have!" She wasn't staring ahead, she had to keep her eyes closed when performing this slightly larger attack, and the regular ones were done in her sleep.

"Five!" He screamed out, the last arrow sinking down into the last Kesse, the arrows being thrown off to the side, while he reached behind the cape and unsheathed the sword. Not even caring what was happening for Navi, he would check in every now and then and see how she was doing on the monster- wise. The Blade of Evil's bane was prepared up, as the slugs headed over towards him, staying to the right so none of Navi's birds got him. With a leap of power, he swung the sword forward and sliced that stupid fire slug in half, the skin turning black as it died itself out. Stomping it, just to make sure it wouldn't ignite itself once again, his ears were held with a shriek, something of a monster that was heading out towards him.

Spinning around, something hit the sword he was using for defense (the Megaton now off with his arrow) and prepping him up against the wall. Letting out a gasp of pain on his bruises, he stared deep into the eyes of something strange, something familiar, though not in its true form. What he was staring at was some sort of Goron, the skin so different that it was believed to have been a Goron at some time. Not Daruina, it was one of the stronger males of the tribe, scaling about a few inches below muscle mass in comparison to the Goron king. What his hit sword was some sort of claws that were now sticking out of those chubby fingers, the things almost as sharp as his sword.

At long last, the sword broke away from him, flinging off to the side, the claws of the monster working there way into his soft flesh. Now he wouldn't cry, the right arm was being clawed at in a desperate manner, his hand reaching for the Hookshot, another claw knocking that aside. Actually, the monster just ripped his side back off his waist and threw it back into the wall with the other weapons, leaving him defenseless. This was only when he had an idea what to do something that he had wanted to do for the seven long years of slumbering. Eyes filtering up with the tears, the pain and fear of dying, he cried out his fairy name in the blubbering tone like he had with Gohma.


Navi was busy handling her own to catch anything of the action, the assortments with the monsters had seemed to all has turned on her. She couldn't even glance in another direction, the slugs eyeing her and she doing the exact it to them, cursing at how her bad luck was there. No idea what was happening to Link, the shriek hadn't let been ensued, so she figured maybe some reinforcements had arrived. Since the action with Link, she was left with six slugs heading towards her, each one gnashing hideous teeth that had seemed to not be there. More dangerous to her, than to her partner, it was hard to picture being eaten by a fire breathing slug, her third charge attack hit up.

One had been fired before at a Like-Like, trying to get it out of the way, the attack being sucked up by the thing, then roaring in pain as a little blood dripped. Nothing else was wrong with it, just licking up the blood with a long and nasty-looking tongue, seeming to grin a toothless one. Not that the thing could move, it was stomped right where it would remain until they came over towards the thing and approached it, she wishing it would move. Although it was a long shot, it was thought that maybe this thing had the key somewhere, maybe sitting on the box or had swallowed the key. That would explain at how weird it was acting, no legs on it either, so the fact could be that it couldn't move that bulbous body.

As if by destiny, the slugs had lined themselves up in a very hungry fashion, one right behind the other, the teeth bared as they came closer. Whatever fate there truly was, it was on her side when at that same time her aura had stopped charging and coming to a complete shot. Forming the hands quickly into a thick beam of energy, instead of the ball, she was switching strategies and going for an over-kill. That would be the best of all, taking them out with just one shot, this time the truth seeming to be revealed to the loving fairie. Taking a chance and living some lives, she let loose the blast from her hands, not wishing for aftershocks, but for something that went directly through.

Here goes nothing. Pushing all her weight upon it, the beam bounced off her body harmlessly and soared through the air for a few feet, coming to a halt when they appeared. Nothing happened for a few seconds, the slugs obviously not very intelligent when it came to the arts of energy, each of them sniffing it. When sniffing it, nothing happened, the beam being manipulated by the girls, whose arms were close for it to be still now. A curious one just happened to stick its nose against the beam, not able to control it as the tip of the nose was burned to a crisp. That alerted some instincts, the one who was burned let out a cry of fury and backed up against the others, they still in order.

It was actually sort of saddening; the creatures all had been in the way when the beam shot through reach of them, reminding Navi of compassion. However, that wasn't the case as the flames were dulled by the energy, each of them being impaled all at once with the beam. Just like a sword, it stuck and slammed down into the wall, the wall that was near Link, she only paying attention that was happening to the creatures. Her full focus was on the energy, making it radiate pulses of beams that would shatter and disfigure their appearance even more than it had been. The energy remained there, not disappearing, granting them her wish of a slow and painful death for residing on the side of evil.

After a few minutes she was getting tired of this trouble and just resonated one giant blast that made each of them sink down and burn into ashes. Leaving the stupid ashes to rot and blow away, she was actually about to make the beam disappear and collect the lost energy when she heard a shriek. Nothing Hylian or Kokiiri, it sounded sort of like a Goron when it was pissed off, but why would a rock-eater be angry with the two of them? Leaving the beam where it was, she began to ponder it in the seconds that passed through her mind, confusing her thoughts all up. With all six of the slugs gone, all that remained was the Like-Like and Link and she, seeing no reason why a Goron would have been here.

She was about to turn around a when a cry sent her down into the deep road of remembrance, a cry that was always in her mind. Even though the voice was deepened, sounding more like a teenager than a little child, she glanced through her brain, eyes widening. Spinning around the entire length, she saw that something had her boy, a dark Goron with the eyes of red, she fluttering at its side with anger. H-how dare they hurt what was hers, it was an unforgivable, something that just couldn't give the remorse to the entire creature. Shaking with anger, she fired off as many of those Ki blasts as she could at the things head, seeing the claws were digging deep in his shoulder.

There wasn't a thing working, this entire place was like some sort of hellish maze, the time when they thought it was good, and the worse turned out bad. The shots cleared the stupid head of the rotting Goron, she scanning it and getting no data, realizing just what this evil creature was. Similar ones were Ingo and the thing that attacked them in the castle; they had been daemons that were possessed by Hylian men. Now, these were the Gorons that were possessed, she getting the idea that any race (even the Kokiiri) could have been knocked by these things. No idea where they were, it was shrouded that they were working for the Great Ganondorf, sort of like parasites that took over your mind.


Crying out for his fairie once more, the thing was right in his face, so that he couldn't speculate if she had heard him, or was dead her. With no weapon in his hands, he did feel really weak; just like Shiek had said would happen if he weren't properly trained in the arts. If they ever got out of this, he would be trained by the mysterious Shinobi, and learn some fighting styles incase this ever happened again. Pure strength against the monster wasn't something that could work; the thing overpowered him, though if he knew the arts of fighting, there were pressure points. Growling for his incompetence, not even able to move his arms, he was pushed off the ground and held up against the wall.

Fangs came out of his shoulder, the boy feeling the rustle of them as they interloped out of the skin, fresh blood matting his new tunic. Prepping himself, he stared deeply into the eyes of the Goron, them having changed from the beautiful midnight colour, to a menacing red. How he detested red in some ways, it was a beautiful colour, though he would forever think of blood from this point on, after this was all over. Yes, he believed his fairie would come through for him, there was no doubt he believed she heard his cry of despair and fearful intentions. Nevertheless, he did prepare himself for death, not yet ready to die, although denying the inevitable always seemed to make you a restless spirit.

Death was not a pretty thing, it just wasn't something that he hoped it would be, and the time would come when he would eventually die. He knew that he would never be a Kokiiri, just like Hylian men he would age past this serene age and enter his twenties, thirties, forties, and beyond. After that he would start to get slower, older, and degenerate until finally he depended on people for care, becoming like a baby again. How he wished it wasn't like this, the cruel destiny that he would indeed die while the beautiful Saria and wonderful Navi would live. As these thoughts brushed through his head, a crackle of energy surrounded him, yanking him and launching him through out the air.

A dying penalty is not what he deserves, were her thoughts when the special something zapped against the air and knocked him carelessly out of the grasps from the monster. It was gonna be a painful ending, though not as bad as what would happen to the creature, now utterly confused by the actions. Not even seeing Link disappear, the monster was looking up and down, seeing if it's pray had some sort of teleportation attack. Navi just grinned; staring off to the side with her palms open and motioning for the zap of energy to come back to life for once more. This had been the energy that had zapped Link away, it hadn't been harmful at all, and she could control if her power was good or bad.

"You shan't' kill him!" That was when Link spun around, he not even being able to see anything, though he knew in his heart that his protector had been.

Screaming out in fury, she threw her hands forward, the beam that had been stuck in the wall--still remained there--began to drag itself towards the monster. It was so sad, for when it stared at the way Navi screamed the beam penetrated through it and slit itself in half, keeping the monster intact. Normal cases the monster would of slid in a complete half and died from the point of losing his lower half, some blood loss. This wasn't the familiar one here, because it kept the monster intact, she throwing her hands up to the side and throwing it over at the other side. Monster on the beam was thrown right into the mouth of the suckling Like-Like, she was going to kill two birds with one stone.

Clapping her hands together in sort of an orderly fashion, she went from her spot and over to Link, covering both of them with

the cape. Before anything happened, in the darkness with him, she was kissed deeply, better than anything that she had ever received was. Not even complaining, the kiss that he gave her was of happiness and joy, the tears streaming down his eyes and covering the young fairie. She was soaked in the tears, not caring in the least how salty she would become; there was no feeling for what she could feel now. As she was done this way, he couldn't help but be overjoyed, there was no words that could describe how happy he was.

The explosion didn't even break the kiss, whatever happened out there, he couldn't begin to guess, though he did hear the splatters of something. He had to guess that maybe something had happened to the Like-Like, it was the only one that could protrude that sort of feeling. Along with the splatters, something clanged on the ground; it sort of sounded like a key that they had heard from before, though larger. Just like the sound a silver key made when it hit the ground, this one was a bit harder sounding than that one, giving it an edge. Not that they stopped kissing, when the gut-shower was finally over, he pulled off the cape, still locked lips with Navi, looking in surprise.

Gasping for breath, he broke the hold as they looked around, seeing that indeed she had shot that beam inside of the worm's giant mouth. At that time, she covered them both up and clapped her hands to signal it was ready to explode, them back in the corner they had started. Over in this corner, they were safe from the guts and all that even the weapons of theirs weren't harmed since they were so far away. Relief was in his mind, as he stared at his feet, a golden key with a jewel stirred in the middle of it, no chest at this time and place. Maybe there had been some sort of chest, the thing probably under the worm and was blown sky-high when the energy went off.

"We're lucky the key wasn't are really something, you know that?" When he broke the kiss, she had resided inside of his hand, though now she wasn't speaking at all, her face was in the semi-conscious state.

"Y-yea, I am going to rest, okies? Be sure to patch yourself up, Linky." Not even waiting for a response, she clunked herself out to the world, disappearing from the aura, the small aura-suit on to keep from dying.

"Goodnight, my own." It was a term he had thought for her, it was like they owned each other, and as the hands went through the pack and patched up his hurt shoulder, he just thought of that.

I dunno what I would do without you. Picking up his weapons and supplying them up, he slapped the side pack back on, and held the Goron's hammer in both hands. She knew he wasn't ready to face the boss, so they would have to wait a few minutes for her to regain her balance before Volvagia. Lifting into his backpack, out came a small little slosh of water he had gotten from the Kokiiri, the special water of the fairie-magic, preserving it for later. The Boss key was tucked on the key ring, hanging from the pocket in his pack; ready to be used when the door was coming into reach. Knowing exactly where it was, he ran out of the empty room of blood--seeing no door to get out of here and retraced his steps back into the main room.

What an empty tomb this temple has become, all because of us, his thoughts rammed on as the door to the downstairs section creaked open. He let out a shrugging sigh as he passed up the long case of stairs, coming over towards the door to the left that had been cracked open for him. Who knew how long they had been in here, though he guessed about fifteen hours was the better predicament of the time, since they didn't sleep all night. Yea, they didn't sleep all day like before in the dungeons, though this was longer than the Forest Temple, hoping the same results came through. The same, except no more of those visions of bad things, that was something he didn't think he could keep up with, the torture of those photos in his head.

Slipping through the cracks, the molten lava was something of a remembering feeling, spotting some pots off to the side, ignoring them, he wouldn't need them. Fairies sometimes receded in temples; they were trapped by the evil masters and inside plots of the ground, or pots, though he didn't need them. Plus the trouble of getting over there was a bad case; it could be done with the Hookshot, though getting back was a bad problem. Somehow in his heart, as he hopped across the three platforms, he knew in his mind that nothing would be need for this large battle. At last he reached the spot he had never touched: the area that Daruina was at, the final confrontation was coming forward.

Final battle was in place, and he needed his fairie all he could get, sitting down on the ground and pulling her from where he tucked her. The hat was out now, she residing in a corner, instead of near where he had bumped his head retrieving the legendary hammer. Speaking of that, he put it aside for a second and pulled out the thin bottle of fairie water, magical water that would help. On Kokiiris it just subsided pain, though on fairies it did wake them up and empower them back to full strength for about thirty minutes. More than enough money to beat this dragon, he fed her the whole bottle, since there wasn't that much left, pulling the little bottle back into his backpack.

"Come on, you need to get up." Feeding the water did the trick, for a minute later the eyes awoke themselves to the young boy, seeing that her power had reserved.

"Hm, I am back to normal, how long have I been out?" She glanced at the room where they were, seeing that maybe he had waited for her to get up to get in the main battle--leaving Daruina alone to battle.

"You have been out about ten minutes, I took some of the Fairie Water we had left and fed it to you, so we have more than enough time to battle through, you can protect me if they get too rough." With a small stream of laughter, he hoped up and took out the Boss Key, throwing it towards the lock, scoring a pairing with it. Huge metal of gold sank off as the key went inside, the last key of the temple out of the way, giving them more time to get ready for it. Hammer he picked up, holding it in both hands, grinning towards the steel doorway with no handle, someone was behind there. Whatever sealed down there would have to be dealt with sooner or later, the sooner was better than the latter, and everything else got ruined if you waited. Daruina and someone were battling it out, whether it be some sort of dragon or even some evil man dressed up like a dragon, if that was the case.

"Wow, I forgot about that completely. So, how do you plan on defending with that stupid hammer in the way?" She was trying to be sort of smirk, the truth was that the question was that of fear, that he wouldn't be able to get in with his shield in time and be gnawed up into pieces.

"Navi, you see this hammer?" He reached with both hands and raised it into the air, showing it off as if he had just retrieved the thing from chest minutes ago.

"Yea, I see it." She was just staring at him like he had lost his mind, of course she had seen the hammer, it was so huge, and who could miss the thing?

"Shoot me with a Ki energy attack." That grin came up, he acting like the big shot he never claimed to be, preparing the bat like some sort of batting technique.

"Are you nuts, I could kill you, I have a lot of piqued up energy!" Her boy was nuts if she thought he would directly fire an energy attack at him, and why in the world would she want him to anyway? From the way he held that hammer, he guessed that he could either deflect energy or even his own attacks, or something like that. How surely she doubted that that would happen, and there was no way to tell, for he couldn't make her do what he wanted. It was a stupid move to make; he would end up weaker than before and lose against this dragon just for trying to be so cockier than usual. Even on the half chance that he could, if the boy could deflect it, there was the chance that he would miss it and get himself injured.

"Fine, Nav. But the fact is, I can use this hammer as a defense against the dragon's claws." He smiled a little and stared up at the door, those eyes forming in the desperation of hope, a step forward revealed that it clanked open. Well, it was so strange to be here, the darkness was forming in there, though he didn't feel he was ready to face this monster with a clean face. Backing up a few feet from there, he just glanced at the darkness, hating the feeling when the room wasn't brightened, it was so unearthly. A pair of hands pressed against his back, the hands making him stop in his tracks, causing a burden to be lifted from his face. With a glance towards his back, he saw the five-inch fairie was smiling down at him, the bigger form was hers was so much enjoyable.

"I-I hope Daruina is okay." Just trying to make conversation before they walked in the middle of hell

"I'm sure he's fine, Link, he is a tough ole' Goron." She smiled sweetly towards him, making a gaze.

I'll be with you forever. That was what her gaze told him, the gaze was what prepared him for this place, it was enough to make his heart swell with joy. Instead of taking a few steps back, this time he took some back to the door and stared down at it with those eyes glancing in every direction. Strange to be in this situation, though he was ready for what was to come to him, the dangers and flames ahead of the powers. Again, he knew that this was only the second temple, there were three more of them, and they weren't even halfway done with this quest. Gulping in breath, he just thought of her and Saria, the only two he lived for in his live, the courage remaining and running through the darkened abyss.


The pressure was going on, the battle lasted for as long as he could have wanted it, there was nothing left in with this body, it was failing. No, it wouldn't fail, for if the body failed then the spirit and soul would leave forever and the race of the large body would have been ruined. Huge sword held forward and clashed with the spiteful dragon, the one whom had been racing with him for Din knows how long. This thing hadn't gotten tired over this time and speed, the man having gotten tired, though Gorons did have a nice recovery rate and could go days without rest. Although when that was established, it didn't mean they were battling fucking dragons for about fifteen hours or more straight!

Heats of the flames were all around on that small little platform that they fought on, a piece of land that Volvagia had chewed off before. Now it had carved some holes in the ground, not using them, though that would have to mean that it was on the run to hide in there. This sword did nothing to it, the head and body of it were impenetrable with some sort of skin, and the head seemed weaker, though. A hammer of great measures may have cracked the skull, but no one would have ever gotten through the hide he had been hacking on. His initial plan had been to hack away until the skin gave away, though more than half a day later he was still struggling to prove it to himself.

That wasn't the worst of it, the creature was actually talking, could curse him in the ancient Goron, a weird tongue he guessed was Dragonic, and even the regular tongue. It was hard, for he explained what he had done to come of the already extinct members of his race, how he loved the chopped up meat of them. Only this was part of the plan, he guessed, for soon it saw he was angry and let him beat out all his power on it, tiring him even further. Having a temper now was not one the greatest things, it really was a burden to deal with when every time he said something, you got mad. No amount of anger would prove this, all he was doing would be a stupid self-sacrifice, and he knew that regrouping for the hammer was much safer.

What Daruina should of done was head with Link in the temple, if they both searched then maybe the hammer could have been found. Ah, the kid is probably dead, he thought in his mind, for a few seconds actually accepting it as truth, when he remembered exactly who Link was. Not that he had forgotten or anything, it was just it had been so long and his Goro brain was getting a little rusty after the years. That kid wasn't dead, he had named his son after that kid, and the reason was had to be that one-day the former-child was going to be a hero. The Kokiiri stripped from him (he guessed it was because he left the forest) the boss couldn't help as how strong he had gotten.

He may have made it through the temple, but what were the chances that he found the hammer, all he would do if he appeared in here was be a burden. Daruina saw that he had a longer sword than before, the sword reminding him of the ancient legends, though not sure of it at that view. However, it was just a sword, and those sort of things didn't work on the evil beast of fire, he was immune to those measly blades. If only someone would have stored the hammer closer, or at least inside one of the ancestor's rooms, that would have been better suited. Though, it could have been ransacked when the sluts of that bastard were going through and slaughtering his own people.

Now at the edge of the platform, the dragon tilting above, only about fifteen feet away, it had stopped speaking because the speech was over. Tired of him, he guessed the thing wanted to finish him off and get away with its meal, which meant it had been toying with the boss. Anger raised in him, but before he could let out that last smoke of steam, there was a crack in the room, both of them noticing it. Next to Daruina was a door, the one he had entered and left a spell in the room to keep Link away, the very same entrance. Hope was in his face, as the door slammed open, footfalls walking down the long corridor and inside that lava-lit room was the silhouette of a Hylian.

In the shadow's two hands stood a hammer, just as the legend had shown in a very indistinct carving from the ancient times. Yes, a little shorter than described, the shadow definitely was the owner of the legendary hammer, this person trying to find some light. A red dot was fluttering at his side, so Daruina knew that hope had come that Link had appeared with the sacred Hammer of Megaton. Megaton, the god of the Gorons, would have been considered like a Jabu that the ancients used to worship back in the old days. Forged by the Megaton--no one knew what it was--it was crafted so finely the best pieces of armour that you have ever seen, his only weapon was the hammer.

"Link!" He cried out, the dragon seeming to be baffled by the situation, the descent in its face was something that Daruina would never forget. How he saw it was that the Gorons were able to see in the dark--they did live in caves--and when he saw it, he was filled with joy. What happened next was even more baffling for the man; the boy set the hammer down and pulled off one of his gloves, stuffing it inside his pack. A golden light shot out of his hands and as he picked up the hammer, lit the entire room like someone had put a giant torch in the middle. The symbol that he saw was three triangles, the ancient legend was known to him and with realization he called out three words: Hero of Time.


Hearing his title being called, he looked around the room with his fairie, baffled to see that they were indeed in the center of the volcano. Yea, they were on a small ledge that led to what looked like a rock staying afloat in the lava, this room sealed so hard that there was no way out, except the one they came in. Down near the piece of rock (which, evidently, had holes all through them, looking like cheese) were a long and skinny thing, and a Goron. The one whom had called his title was the Goron; the boy pulling his hand forward and showing whom the person was-- though he knew. Daruina, as plain as day, though from the look of things he did not look as good as usual, several parts of him were flowing with blood, looking close to death as his skin was sickly pale.

"You look horrible, Daruina." Link whispered through those lips, the man with no ears catching it, and keeping his back turned away from the evil dragon, a bad mistake.

"Yes, yes, I thought I did, though we happen to require the ancient hammer to crack this bitch open."

"Daruina, what happened? I thought you had it handled?" Navi let out a chuckle, trying not to intimidate the dragon, though she saw the vile persistence was flowing through its face.

"Mm, young fairie, don't make me bottle you!" He broke into some beautiful laughter, the deep voice was so strange to the dragon, from the look, and it had pissed him off profusely.

"Daruina, look what we found!" Link was persistent with joy; Daruina was like a big brother or something to him, they had had that Sworn ceremony back then.

"Link, my boy, you have the ancient hammer of Megaton? Throw it to me! I shall finish this vile creature off for you, I can see you've had many troubles in this temple." Several times had he been through here, so he knew just how hard it could be, some parts he had never been to, the ancient switches. Yes, Daruina had done that several years back, maybe as much as twenty, he decided the place was falling apart and fixed some. Though, some parts none of the Gorons could get through, so they left it as it was, the place they couldn't reach was obviously near the Megaton. Seeing that he was going to throw it, he cleared out of the way when it was launched, seeing it reached the beautiful seven feet when coming done. Also, down with it, was Link who hoped over on the rock since it wasn't that far away, wanting to at least offer some sort of help.

With a 'umphing' sound, he came to rest right near one of the holes, feeling all hot and bothered around here, this place was so hot. As he watched the man go over to the hammer, he had his doubts since the inscription said that only one could be chose, or did it? He didn't know, he had just learned to read Goron, so maybe he had mistranslated it, sometimes that happened to new people of a language. Hoping he did, he didn't really want to fight with all these wounds, though from Daruina's appearance, and he was okay--at least he looked his natural colour! Shaking his head when the Goron tried to lift it, he knew the text had been right, the one true hero was the only soul that could budge it.

"It won't budge." He yanked on it once more, throwing his power into it so far, that he went scurrying back a few feet, a long and rambunctious chuckle hitting the air.

Spinning around with fear in his voice, the eyes of Link's caught that indeed the laugh had come from the dragon that was standing before him. How he shivered when he knew the monster was capable of speech, all of the generals of Ganon must have been able to talk and at least Semi- intelligent. At least, after all these years of dreaming to fight, he had always fought dragons, now it seemed that the wish had been granted. Maybe he didn't want to come out of there, and maybe becoming a little boy with dreams was better than getting your head eaten off. Now, he knew there was no one to help him, everyone else was weakened or just could not touch the hammer--Navi and he were left.

"It won't budge because you aren't the chosen one, I am." He whispered, those eyes placed on the dragon, trying to take in a strategy on how to take care of him, dispatching was hardly a choice.

"Are you sure, Link?" Daruina was baffled that an ex-Kokiiri was the leader of the Gorons, instead of the rightful King, not that he was mad, just a little surprised.

"Yea, he's sure. I tried to lift it and it didn't budge, it shrinks down for him, meaning he is chosen." Navi whispered, floating over to Link's side and beginning to examine the creature with all her glory, sensing fear in Link. Her readings were just like the other temple monsters; she got hardly any data on them, just their name and maybe some strong points of theirs. Otherwise, there was no way to do this, they just had to guess, and the most obvious choice of throwing water on them, was just stupid. Water could have been summoned if they had some, but the Fairie Water was gone, and the canteens had evaporated because of the intense heat. She saw him goes over and retrieve the Megaton, but that wasn't her main concern here, she was worried about this ancient creature.

If you were to stand it right up, it would stretch out a measly forty-five feet, that may not have been much for them, but it was more deadly than that. All around its skin, the beast seemed to be as hard as some of the strongest diamonds in the world, maybe even better. On its belly were not even no soft spots, the armour stretching all over it, giving not of a hint of weakness on the torso area. Not to mention that the skin on it seemed to be on fire, right down near the tail, where none of the ancient markings were displayed. This seemed to realize that maybe the thing had always been evil, it had been sealed for some reason, that having to be the disposition of bad deeds.

Along its head was also some fire, the dragon was different from the ones that she'd always read about, this creature had a full head of hair. No, it wasn't a head of hair, it was actually something that resembled hair in the form of a blazed ruby--yes there were flames all around its cranium. The fires weren't crackling and burning abrupt, it was like the red fire had been settled, at the same time burning consistently and burning anyone who dared to touch them. Hair or flames stretched down its entire body, stopping right at the tail, giving it a big advantage in the battle they were about to fight. If it thought that the time was losing for it, then the thing could just as easily sling that fire at both of them--this is if the entire thing fought dirty.

The only good thing about examining the upper area was the head, which she explained in her mind was something of a weakness. Goat horns sprung upon the fiery beast, the horns being in the way, though what was remarkable just had to is the mask. Either a mask, or some sort of hard material, the thing didn't resemble a dragon, more like some sort of bird with the beak sticking out. Masked green eyes were deadly, not the colour of his tunic, sort of a tealish nature, that a very bad sign in the hands of some people. Speckled spots were reflected all over his face, the idea of what it was doing was apparent, they either some sort of sickness or markings.

Long arms stretched out, at least ten feet long, they had expected since it was long to be short of short-armed, though this wasn't the case. Back to the face, the hammer could have easily cracked the place where the speckles were, or so it seemed from the distance. It was weaker than the material all over its body, that was apparent, and since the fact that the face was the easiest place to hit. Going for the face seemed a very good idea, at the time, and probably for all time, unless they wanted to try the King Dodongo-strategy. This was a semi or very intelligent creature; there was no way it would be tricked into something so stupid, not in a million years of their dreams.

"I think the head is the weakness, Link." She whispered this as he came back with the hammer; the boy blinking towards her and sort of giving a nod, that just had to be it.

"Daruina, are you strong enough to battle? If I hit him with the hammer, I think his armour on his head may break, you able to fight?" Link wasn't facing to Goron, though the larger man did come up at his side--Link still much shorter than him--and gave a quick nod at the boy. With some expertise in his voice the calmness of the situation went down the hole, gripping the hammer, he readied himself. Signifying the fight, was as good as anyone's guess, maybe they would all throw out a war cry or something like that, he knew he wouldn't. The grip on the hammer was turned his bare hands red and irritated, knowing if he put the gloves on that they would make the room shroud in that darkness.

"You think you can be me, boy? I am the Ssssubterranean Lava Dragon, Volvagia. You will perissssh!" The think let out a cry of joy and leapt for the duo, the determination spray-pained upon the dragon-bird's face, the one of pure fury. Volvagia was obviously after him for saying that, he should have kept his cool and whispered to the boss of the Gorons, though that wasn't his style. Link had no idea where they went, all he did was leap to the left, since the thing was coming after him, and it was headed over in his direction. Spying Navi, she was right above his head, the fury of her face revealing she was trying to summon up a paralyzing power. Gripping the hammer tightly, staring in left and right directions, he saw that the monster wasn't anywhere to be found, it was useless.

        "Boy, up above you!" Something went twirling past his ear, the shine of it making Link cover his ears and pain, knowing the voice that went at him was Daruina. Following the weapon with trained eyes, the sword was what Daruina threw, the one he had been using to fight the evil dragon. The gleam of the ruby in the light made Link push a hand over his eye, the hammer sliding down a few inches, but grabbing it before it fell and broke his foot. Passing through him, the hammer was headed right for the dragon's head, though it didn't expect to do any damage at all. He knew that the Goron had been fighting for more than half a day, how could this expect to work when fifteen hours of labor hadn't.

        A little dense in these measures, his surprise was waited when not only did the hit cause the monster to stop in its tracks and stop moving towards him, there was also something shot at the sword. Filtering the air was a red shot of energy, the boy not realizing who it was, until he sensed the energy was just like Navi's old chi shots, only red because of the aura. A gleam of Ki was shot at it (from his fairie) this probably intensifying the whole sword into one big massive stroke of energy. That was apparent, for the sword shattered into a million pieces, they piercing the armour on the face, not even breaking it, at all. Good thing was that the pieces were stuck inside, that meant that maybe the faceplate had been weakened enough for a stroke.

        "Daruina, Navi, good tactics!" He jumped up into the air, the monster had sunk down about ten feet from him, the pain something it had never felt in so long. As Link came down, he wanted to finish this in just one shot, so the hammer was positioned for the center of the face-plate, all weight on there. Gripping the hot handle with all his might, all there was to do is pray, the prayer was something that he believed to work in these cases. The screech caused his ears to shatter in some blood, just like the Poes had created in an earlier temple, every time they were like this. Screaming was a good sign, the weight that he had placed into it had obviously worked, or so that was where he thought.

        Thrown away like a rag doll, the boy kept falling through the air-- obviously headed for the rock's edge, when something hard and soft stopped him. Glancing up at the figure, there was Daruina with a big grin on his face, giving up a thumb's up sign to the boy for his good work. Returning the mark, he saw that Navi was resting on his shoulder and testing his wounds, the head of the dragon was what hit him. A good thrashing show, was what he got, being collided down and probably sent to his doom if it hadn't been for a guy like Daruina. Luckily, he was nowhere near the flame; he had been right in the forehead, maybe the monster in to much pain to counterattack.

        I thank you two. He breathed silent thanks, jumping from the man's arms when Navi had finished the check on him, and prepped back to see if the battle was over. Surprise and guilt were on his face, the dragon throwing its hands off of the face when Link was within twelve feet of the monster. There were a few cracks on the monster's face, though there was nothing to be celebrating, the skin was still there and ready for more. Not even a few drops of blood were related for him, rendering that in fact this would be a lot harder than the first exposition had wondered. It was a wonder the great hero of the past had sealed this thing up, he should of done what was right and killed it (maybe he died before.)

        "You insssssolent basssstard. You have the hammer that ssssealed me up, ssseveral thousssand yearsss ago! The ancient Megaton of the Goronssss!" Maybe every part of the generals had some sort of speech impediment, the dragon maybe related to a snake, so the S's were very apparent. Whatever the case, the way the dragon stared at him, made him wants to run away and hide, to let down his guard and be eaten. It was a horrible sight, especially with hardly any damage done, but he would make sure to kill the ancient beast this time around. He was no regular person; he was the Hero of Time, which showed no mercy to the evildoers of the world, the ones needed to die. Shivering in fear, both hands were tightened around the hammer as the dragon prepared to go for an assault, the thing actually surprising him.

        "And you two, I sssshal eat you both for plotting my down fall, no one sssshal live to tell thisss day!" Roaring with hideous laughter, the situation of this seemed to go from bad to worse, each of the members of the Hero's team were feeling their positions in helping him.


        Daruina had his hands prepped together, watching the battle go on, hating how he was sitting on the sidelines, but with no weapon it had to be done. He said he would help Link, now he saw his chance as the boy was quivering in fear from the situation, helpless to the dragon. Yea, there was nothing more to do but help the boy, so he would do that with all his own might, even if it meant some self-sacrifice. Holding the palms out in an orderly manner, he started to hum a beautiful chant, one that none of them had ever heard the words to. Glancing out at the monster, his eyes seemed to get bigger than before, shining out with a perfectly ruby red, the blood of the Gorons filled him.

        No one seemed to notice as he did this, it was a good thing, he didn't dare want any last regrets from this, watching as the dragon just watched Link. From the look of things, it was a sort of standoff; the dragon probably not decided what he would do to kill his prey, which was fine with him. Slowing down the time was a good thing, hoping the Volvagia's manners kept up like this all the time; something could be done now. At first he had worried maybe the boy would be eaten before anything could come about, the way that the dragon worked was horrible. That didn't give him much time, though more than he had believed before, so no way to rush meant the better chance for a score at victory.

        Navi was over at the side towards the boy, so it was good that she wasn't seeing this, the light seemed to calm down when Link was scared. Daruina was in complete darkness by now, a bright red aura appearing around him, not really an energy reading, more like an actual flame. Flames that were so powerful, they could incinerate your appendage if they were touched, so hot that Din's eye looked like a cloud in the dust. Actually, maybe not, because the power he was tapping into was that of his own Goddess, the one whom had made him for the world. Nodding to all the powers in the world, he was incased inside of a giant piece of flames, them boiling all around his body, causing grunts of discomfort.

        Trusting in his creator and birth mother, he let the fires go loose, the flames evaporating around him, the sickly white skin disappearing. As it disappeared, so did he, something was wrong with the spell, he was supposed to incinerate along with the rest of the fire went forth. Bright red appeared around his body, the symbol on his hand was reacting to the light, seeming to get bright and transform itself. The light was comforting, the light was sort of like something you could go to sleep with, and never be harmed, and no pain was in his system. Goron's had a high pain tolerance, though in this case, he should have been in agony of the situation (showing nothing but sighs.) Moving for a flame tattoo, the symbol actually did change itself, the flames becoming hotter than he had even imagined.

        Something had chosen him, whatever it was, he had been told to shoot the flames out and help the Hero of Time--that's what the voice called him. More powerful than ever, the flames were just rearing to go, he pointing in the direction and letting out a furious cry from the pain of battle. This sent the flames out in the direction he pointed to, hoping that this would work, maybe fry the skin off its head, or loosen the mask. Daruina never got the see the end of the battle, he should have been burnt to a crisp, though he wasn't burnt at all, he was whisked away. The light had appeared more intense, lightening up the entire room, his skin restoring it and making him whole again, years of pain gone when he floated out of the fields of fire and into his new home.

        Just as fate would have it, when the flames disappeared was when Volvagia had decided that it was time to get down to business. Something stopped the monster in its tracks, the scream that intensified the entire volcano; everyone around the entire area heard it. Even people in the village of Kakariko heard it, the voice that of power, that of something that would do anything to win and anything was done. Later, it was described as if the Mountain of Death had started claiming lives, so hence the name, and was back for some more. No one was safe around here, Hylians, Fairies, Gorons, and even monsters heard the cries, they holding their ears in wincing pain.

        The stopping had incited the attack, the final attack from the man named Daruina, the flames shooting out of the pitch-black room. Everyone saw as it headed for him or her, the flames dodging Navi and overlapped Link, almost hitting him, but directly avoiding him. He just stood there in a dumbstruck phase, as Navi had, the monster somehow seeing what was becoming and letting out a scream of terror. Bright flames went about its body, making it surround in a world of terror, the fire leaving alone his entire body, except one spot. The place where he pointed was where Link hit, a small dent in the face plat, where all the fire stormed in and exploded itself.

        Two partners stood in satisfaction as the attack absorbed into the face, it swelling and making the entire room sort of light up. With gloves placed on the hero's hands, he could grip the hammer more easily, and soon he would need it, the open spot just dying for a hit. He swung at the area with all his might, the fire had lit one certain spot, the dent, and the rest of it was unprepared for the beating. No one said anything; it was quite estimated that Din had been in this room, in some shape or form, she was helping him get through it. Funny thing was, as hard as the monster tried to slip away, a force was holding it down, they both seeing that as it wriggled away.

        As it turned out, the thing was a faceplate, or maybe part of the face, whichever one it was would mean all the more painful for Volvagia. When the hammer slammed down into the skin, it tried to cover it, the hands not able to move as something began to crack inside of it. One huge crack appeared in the dent, It leading up ahead until it formed right around the tip of the mask (or face) the thing getting ready to blow. The mask was what cracked, shooting out into five different pieces and appearing off to the side, falling into the lava pit. Inside there, never to be found again, the pieces burnt themselves up, so that armour was never a choice for him, always withheld out.


        With that, the entire room went blank; the room only lit by the single hole that was cut inside of Link's gloves (the one he had cut to get a flashlight.) Staring back at the room, the light brighter than it had ever been, the piece of Triforce actually staring to shake and rumble back and forth. No earthquake was around, though as Volvagia wallowed in pain, his suspicions were staring to disappear and go even further. When looking for the Daruina for some sort of explanation, he was baffled to find that his former Sworn Brother was no where to be found. Fearing the worse (even though they survived under lava) he raced for the edge and peered over the corner, relieved to find no one.

        "Link, where is Daruina?" She appeared by his side, her fears running that maybe a piece of mask had gotten him, though he wasn't there, he was no where.

        "I dunno, I just looked over the edge, he's not in there. Where in Faroe's name could he be." Another rumble, the nervous Link staring around, thinking that maybe a girl in red was somewhere in her, mad for not using her name. No one was around but the withering dragon, it wasn't dead, the thing was just in pain, blood spewing all over its entire bird- like face, the thing in deep pain. Wanting to finish this now, he ran at the monster with the hammer prepped in the air, ready to strike the beast down where it lay. There was no way he was taking the chance of it getting up and regenerating the mask, the power of Din only came once in a battle. You had to take what you got, it was either that, or deal with nothing, he always got help and for that he was grateful to those three spoiled women.

        "Link, I think he's--I think he's gone." It was sad to say who knew someone could take him out, but that had to be the only reasonable explanation for this, he was nowhere in sight.

        "I will extract revenge for Daruina, wherever he maybe." The boy blurted out to the world, not caring who heard him, it was a time and place for that and now was the exact time and place.

        Obviously the dragon wasn't going to put up with this, for it saw that Link was coming at him, the thing wriggling with all its might to get out of the way. Maybe it was enough, or maybe it wasn't, all that he knew was that this thing was going down before anymore harm could be done. He was misguided in his thinking, the hammer slamming down into empty ground, as he staring around for the dragon's whereabouts. A scream from Navi made him check to the direction she ha called, seeing that there was something slithering in those little holes. Of course, the creature went in there when it was scared of dying, down into the lava, since it was a dragon of fire, the lava did nothing to it.

        He tail was right out of his sight, afraid to grab the fiery hair that was wrapped around it, anyway, he wasn't going to risk burning his hands. Those gloves were good, but he doubted that they seriously were that good, there was no way nothing could outlast the magma, they weren't Goron-made. Glancing around in the directions, he was reminded of a game that he had played when he was a child, a very small child. You had this little box with sixteen holes in it, sort of a motor skill game, and with that you were given a small mallet to hit something with. Every now and then, a mole would pop our (or maybe a weasel) and you hit it and earned the points for that, this was just like that.

        "Oh, my Goddess, it is, even down to the mallet." He gasped in realization of the situation, the hammer held tightly in his hands, as he spun around and looked in all directions.

        "What is it, Link?" She stopped and made him look in the west and north direction, while he stared in the east and south directions, he wouldn't be able to hit if he was dizzy.

        "Remember that game in the forest, you had to hit the rodents, this is just like this game, except it is with a hammer and we are after a dragon." He gave the thumbs up sign at her, he was really good at that old game, it was him and Saria who always won at it, and they just had nice hand-eye-coordination.

        "Y-your right, Link." Fairies didn't play it, but whenever they had the annual Deku Festivals, they always had a carnival with games, this was a game that one of the ancient Kokiiri made up, and it was a great game to play. Such an adventurous puzzle, this one would be solved very soon; for she doubted that not that much pressure could be applied. The mask was gone now; the terror of the dragon was gone, being replaced by the utter fear of maybe losing itself in the darkness. All there was to do now was wait, wait for the inevitable of the dragon to come forth, for something to die with in these walls of hell, and she had a feeling it wasn't a Hylian or Farie. Her gaze focused upon the boy as something was coming out of the ground, a burbling sound was making both of their eyes stare.

        There the head popped out of the lava, nothing seeming to affect the lava as the dragon stared forward at them, inspecting to see if they weren't looking. What the plan had been was some sort of sneak attack; the monster was semi-intelligent, so it didn't really know if the sounds affected the Hylian. Any idiot with eyes could see the ears on the Hylian, which meant when a pen was dropped, the creature of that race was to hear it. This was not the smartest of the bunch, so it didn't know any of that information, probably when it was around that Hylians weren't about. Gorons weren't that quick in hearing, so maybe it had planned on only fighting the rock-eaters, how its luck had run out now.

        Link had been ready ever since he saw the rumbling, the head, only up to five feet, was sticking out of the hole and glancing in all directions. Maybe the dragon noticed Link--it wasn't that stupid, and when it noticed him, that was the signal to get its arse out of dodge, before it was. Over before it began, the boy was already halfway in the air, the hammer gripped in the fist and holding more power with gloves upon. A glove prepared more of the heat to be absorbed in there metal was very harsh to handle in the temporal degrees that were all around. That was good, the weight was all they would need against them, the ancient Goron-friend was gone from their side, vengeance in the wake.

        A clanking sound hit the area, the boy wasn't aiming for the face as a whole, he was aiming for the same place all the fire had went into, where he had dented. Such a soft spot, it would be the most easily perused, thrown aside more than usual, much quicker to dispatch the creature. Maybe he wanted to do this in quick and easy spot, to end the life and not make it as torturous as the last that was the right thing to do. A grin was displayed on his face as the hammer slammed down into the spot; the farther down he came, the more he knew it would hurt. Nothing was displayed in his mind but the revenge for Kaci and the Daruina-boss, if either of them were alive was his guess more than anyone else's was.

        Before the hammer had hit, the two of them got a good look at the dragon, seeing how bad the damage was before they even went through. This dragon was soaked in blood from the tips of all over the face; a claw had kept it out of the eyes, though exposing the weakness forever. Maybe another patch of skin would grow back in a while, though not for a while, the flesh revealing all through the body that it was flesh. A mask plate wouldn't have done this much damage--unless it was nailed to the face-- seeing now screws of anything to keep it in place. Besides the blood over the face, the damage before hand wasn't all that bad for the given senses; it was sort of healthy at this point.

"Navi, Navi!" He let out a shriek of terror, the form not moving though it would have been better if it had, the cries not ceasing until he saw that she was near him.

Navi wasn't even able to see anything as it came into contact with the hammer; the entire room went completely black, the Triforce light giving out. What she heard was the long and frivolous scream of the dragon, the boy with a huffing sound, him rolling over towards her and clasping against her. Her aura was the only light in the room, crushingly, he headed for it and stood at her side, the mallet was soaked deep in blood. Crimson liquid was splashed all over the hammer; this giving off the extremity that they had really survived in this battle, maybe it was over. The cries weren't those of pain, well they were, but death didn't seem to be inside of this, it was letting out one of the fullest battle cries ever let out in the place of battle.

        The screams went on for a few more minutes, the form in the light darkness they could see withering around, guessing that it was Volvagia. Lava gave off a little light that was how they saw, but soon something happened, something they weren't expecting to happen. A rock that they bad been on, sunk down into the ground, the rocks spreading out in all directions to keep this place intact. Holes closing themselves up, so that there was no escape from this battlefield, even for the ravenous Volvagia, thinking it was his doing. Maybe it was better than ever and wanted a final battle before the time went up, or maybe this wasn't the doing of it at all--but have Din's fury.

Slapping his Triforce symbol with all his might, the entire room shot out in a burst of light, the entire room becoming lit, they seeing there predictions was true. When the place closed up, it was completely dark for a few seconds; the most scared that Link had ever been in his entire life. Fear erupted during the time; it seemed that even back to those seconds-- which lasted a lifetime for him--that nothing would be the same. Against other enemies, there had been some lights around, though back a few seconds he was trapped down inside the gates of darkness. Long last, the room was brightened back to normal, him taking a look over at his prey, those eyes widening up in some ounce of fear.

"By Farore's light, he can live like that!" Navi let out the speech, Link stopping in his tracks, almost dropping the Megaton, fumbling with it for a few seconds before getting it back. Volvagia's face was no longer that of a bird, this time there was a big dent in its face, not its mouth, but the entire form of its face. Yes, the Megaton had grown a little; a lot bigger than any of them had expected and slammed down into the face that once was a dragon. So gruesome, the eyes smashed out, blood and pus running down the face, almost pity as inside of the lone face of the hero. Almost was the keyword, the hammer was dropped to the side, Master Sword drawn from the sheath and prepared up in his hands.

Indeed, the monster was well among the living; the eyes were gone, though maybe it didn't expand on those things, maybe just the nose. Busted in, the nostrils did stick out and start to sniff the air, ears also unaffected from the region of it, another bad part for him. Hair was a bit dimmer than before as he took off into the air, it was beginning to float around, though there were no wings that kept it up. That wingless body was beginning to entwine the thirty-foot radius where he, knew the precise location of where the time hero was. Fear was rushing through him, beginning to do what they preformed when the thing hid in the holes--the back to back combination.

"Link, he hasn't much juice left up inside of him, we don't even need the hammer anymore!" She was grinning with power, what they felt when the boss was almost dead, the familiar feeling was one that didn't want to disappear. With that in mind, she was now glowing a bright red, almost turning the transformation into a bright pinkish colour, one that would blind even the fiercest enemy. The enemy saw the bright light, the eyes mesmerized upon it, this was some sort of distraction for when the boy should go in for an attack. Shield of his wasn't in the way, that meant if the dragon went away with the claws, all he could do was bend down and hope for the best. With such enthusiasm, she cheered him on mentally; talking would break the spell and attract attention back towards the boy.

Link saw the open chance; he had actually wanted to face the reptile in battle and do some bad to it, maybe hacking it up into a few pieces. That wouldn't be; though he knew when Navi had him beat and instead of going for a horizontal or vertical attack, his was a stab. Right up the middle of the area, where that head stood in the way and could of easily been struck, that was the dented place his sword went. Sword slashing was good at sometimes, it was beautiful to be here and do this sort of thing, the ambition flowing through his bloodstream. Yes, if that went there, then maybe the brain was in the way, the cranium would of held that sort of tissue, one that controlled it all.

Yes, just like that! Navi screamed in her mind, she was getting so overtly excited by this, the tension of the battle seeming to flow through her young veins like they had never done before. With a grin plastered upon her face, she enhanced, as the blade sunk down into the skin, seeing that it fully wouldn't have made the way. The dragon would be up in a few seconds from the way he was moving; the hardness of it was just so intense that nothing was safe. Luck turned, the dragon was coming out of the trance at a very slow rate, and giving Navi just the time she needed for the next installment. Installment of it was to charge up a blast, not even a huge one, all it had to be was something that could give the way in, summoning up the energy as the eagerly watched.

Navi was watching, meanwhile Link had leapt up into the air to press all his weight to get a good grip on it, the shuddering from it causing nothing to happen. So much pain had been established, and so much fury had been wasted to get this thing in tow, only to be outdone by the mass of a skull. There was no way that he was going to let this happen, no way that something so measly was going to beat the legendary Hero of Time. Not even thinking about what he was doing, the airlift had been an act of justice, trying to get rid of what was in the path of him. Also un-thought of, his hands grazed to the Medallion of Forest, trying to conjure up the Spirit of Saria and maybe get some sort of guidance.

No such luck, all that happened was the familiar smell of her was on the pendant, the thing was almost a clone of her in the shape of a circle. Everything was on stake and he was going to somber up around this time, the lives of them depended on that he won this very battle. Besides, if he lost, then the evil Ganondorf would have destroyed the fantasy of all his old Kokiirish love, in a more violent way than the Phantom had conjured up. Images of that was what kept him going, the realization that somehow he would make it through for them, never doubting all the possibilities. Tears had been pushed aside from those thoughts, gripping the thing harder this time, knowing that something was going to burst through.

Maybe the Sage of the Forest had heard him, either that of the legendary courage piece of the Goddesses had heard his prayers or answered. Gripping the pendant in one last fury of pain, something touched the master sword, he glancing towards it and seeing Navi was shooting something. Right as the ball of energy hit the sword, he knew another energy had been summoned, this one was making the sword brighten green. His power was in there, the invisible aura that he felt around there, whenever he used the sword, which was always in the ways. Overlaying in joy, he couldn't express the joy as his energy, his partners and an alley's were concurring up the strength to break the skull.

Pushing together with all his might, the powers from within had formed into a single energy; they burst through the defenses of the skull. Breaking through, the sword sliced through the wet mass in the middle, slamming through the end of the hardened cranium, not stopping there. Not at all, because he let a slash backwards, the sword seemed to cut through the entire body of the creature, especially the hard skin of the abdomen. Goddess power was something you didn't mess with, although he knew it was from Saria when a glance down to the medallion, he saw it shaking brightly. Sage powers were not ones to full with, the sword being yanked out of the area and revealing a pile of blood surrounding it.

With one last breath, the last of its strength in tow, it was trying to fall away, the shattered skull floating along with the body, until something hit it. The red beam that neither of them had seen until now, it penetrated the being and a fire was in the meet for the one trying to escape doom. Link watched in horror as it burst into flames, the skin and flesh of the creature all smoldering down into a smoking hilt of a caress. It was a sad sight to watch, everything burning into ashes except the skull, which remained intact and was actually fixed by it. Sheathing the sword back into its holster, he reached down for the Megaton Hammer and put it into his pack, feeling the weight of the world as he wandered up to the center of the fire graveyard, watching the skull for any sudden movements.

The remains of the corpse were all that was left, the skull being a feeling of sudden importance, that aura springing down from it. His brain told him to destroy the thing into small smithereens, though something else told him to keep the trash, for it would be important. What could be done with this, was it some sort of key item in unveiling another mystery, or simply the fact that it looked nice. Importance was a beautiful thing, he needed this for some strange reason, and the feeling was just too weird to pass itself up in coincidence. Nothing was going to keep him from throwing the hammer at the skull; it was already tucked back into his bag with the safekeeping.

"Navi, why is this thing still here?" He was just leaning over towards the skull, determining whether grabbing it would be an excuse or not, either way was a hard choice.

"Hrm, I dunno. But let's not worry about it, if it is bothering you so much, let's just get it." Navi wandered over towards the skull and picked it up by the horns, the thing in the perfect shape that the dragon had originally been in. Not a singe of burns was on the skull, fluttering over towards her partner and placing it down inside of his backpack--he sure had the room to handle it. Nervousness had been in his mind when it was down on the ground, that maybe it would come to life and get him, the revenge of the monster. It was weird, but soon as it was in there, he felt it was okay for it to be tucked inside there, nothing was wrong with carrying it around. Spinning around, the light that had burnt the dragon was glimmering a bright red, mixed with some blue, the same thing that happened at the Forest one.

He thanked her silently and went for the light; the ruby beam was just streaming down in a perfect angle, Link sort of nervous to step there. Reason being was that the dragon had been burnt to death by this light, that sort of frightened him to touch the abnormal light. No reason to dawdle anymore, if you did that and wandered around for this place, there was no way out of this hell-hole, anymore. Yup, the rock had sunk down and closed off his way to the light, so it was either this or they would both just starve to death, which was how it worked. Grinning, you had to take a chance before you could get anything in life, it was exactly how the world worked in this place, for the Goddesses' sake.

        Throwing his hands up in the air, the beam was directly infront of him when he dove in the front of it, his hands secured at his sides in a painful grasp. Holding his fingers together and clenching them together, he just stepped forward and let the beams hit all around his body, the familiar feeling returning. A summoning feeling of content, one you had when you with the people that were loved, the ones that loved you back the same way. Grinning as the portal was making its way, he knew not where to go from here--though he had an idea the sage of Fire was on it. As what happened when he transported with the transformation spell, the light from the temple of Forest was the light he had not seen.

        Each covered their eyes in surprise of the situation, and the light making them cringe in terror from what was happening, the land disappeared. As if falling in the holy light, the beams were cutting up his body, or so he imagined as his physical being was transported from one area to another. Yes, the volcano was gone from sight, the white light appearing and disappearing a few seconds later, another scene in its place. A familiar scene from before, one that would make the memories push themselves into view, the ones he didn't want to think of. Inside the old temple from before, the place where he had woken up, said his last good-byes to the beautiful Saria, and expressed his love.

        "The temple, that means that when we beat an area, we get put back here automatically." He spoke aloud, glancing around the rooms and viewing the same scene as before, he turned towards the specified medallion and no one about in his way, even Saria was gone.

        "I think so, though this is the first time." Remember that she was asleep the last time, up until they left, out even longer than the Hero of Time had been incapacitated.

        "This place is so foreign, it makes me all gooey inside." He shrugged a shoulder; maybe he was over-reacting, though at the same time, he knew this place was as old as Hyrule itself.

        "Yea, it seems so, I mean--this place is sort of creepy, though." Navi wrapped her arms about her body, rubbing herself as a shiver brawled through her body, the light appearing right at the north of them. A spinning flash, it was, this like something was warping in the room, though they couldn't see what the room had been, at this time. Although the entire room was lit so brightly, when the figure appeared, they couldn't see who it was--and they cared for whom. Risking their lives for some sort cause, they would of at least liked to know who was the savior of the Din's spirit, the one whom had lent them that power. That was apparent, the sage had lent them the powers, instead of the Goddess, for the sage lending the incredible strength was more believable.

        An incredible pillar of mind entered his brainwaves when the figure stepped forward; it was a menacing form, the light so bright, at first. All that could be seen was a friendly hand, the sage maybe thinking that it knew them, though they didn't know who exactly it could be. The question pondered in their minds when the beams of ruby were pushed aside, the fire medallion in the ground was brightening up. When this happened the first time, Saria hadn't shimmered, she was maybe too small to make such a light, and her powers were weaker. Not that the medallion of Forest was weak, by no means necessary, it kicked the ass out of the evil that incinerated the Fire Temple.

        Flashing beams were now all gone, the fire in the mind was also gone, Link were only met with a big grin of a Goron, presented at them. "Daruina!" He shouted out in surprise and pleasure, which must have been where he had been during the battle, the attack one last blast of energy. Sacrificing himself, that was what the creature used to turn into a sage, the physical body was along here, though maybe he was a spirit. Death was probably the certain choice he would of have, if not faced with the power of being a sage--he was ready to make that choice. It was a possibility; he had kissed Saria, though she hadn't been harmed--as far as he knew, otherwise the anger would have swelled more.

        "Daruina, what are you doing here?" He repeated, still not believing he could possibly be the legendary King of Fire, the Princess of the Forest had been his very own Saria, the legend of such things were prosperous on this, nothing could have been that real.

        "He must be the legendary King of Fire. I think that title would suit him better than any." Navi whispered out in a small breath, sitting on Link's hat and staring off at him, she was a little tired after the fights from before, even though she hadn't used up much power at all.

        "King of Fire?" He looked up at his Faire, not able to see her; yet, he still wanted to know what in the world was going on around this little place. A king of fire sounded something like a title would be, though Daruina wasn't the king of anything, he was the Big Brother of the Gorons. It was strange, the title did seem to suit the overbearing Goron, his hands crossed over his chest and letting out a big huff of joy. Suddenly, he knew it pleased the man to help the boy, to take care of the young boy whom he had sworn his life to, so long ago. Being that, he was swelled with joy, the fever of happiness reigning upon his shoulders, nothing could break that seal--not even Ganon himself.

        "The Sage of Fire is Goron, the sage of Forest is a Kokiiri, it seems to be connecting." Navi was whispering to herself while the boy was accompanied with his old Sworn Brother, the reunion that of great joy to still is around. If she had to have her guess, the water temple would confine a Zora, not really sure of what would be for the Shadow Temple, and maybe a Gerudo for Spirit. How doubtful a lady from the desert to bare the mark of a Sage seemed to be the most ridiculous idea ever, though the sages were controversial. It was said that each would consist of another, different from the last, as the legend went, maybe that was what the future beheld. Yes, the Spirit would house a Gerudo was even beyond her, it was just a hypothesis that she had, the fact that a Gerudo being nice was stupid.

        "Yes, hero, I am the legendary Sage of Fire. Blessed by Din, I did indeed give that final attack to you." The grin widened across his face, he did indeed love helping this little one.

        "Okay, thanks. Do I get one of those medallions?" As much fun as this had been to be around him, he was desperate to find his friend, he just wanted to take care of her for his own sake.

        "My, my aren't we the desperate one? How can such a little boy I didn't even think could defeat the stupid dinosaur, how could he grow up to be the legendary Hero of Time." His arms crossed over his chest, the former boss was just preparing himself for the reach of the medallion, and it was so strange to be here. Reaching in with his power, the hands f

rmed up and grunted with passion, the other medallion had already been made before Link appeared. What these pieces had to do, was a summon of the sages power, condensed into some sort of small form, to extract energy from. Without these, the Hero of Time couldn't control the power and would be destroyed if all of them were put together, in any form of fashion. A grin was upon the man's face as the thing appeared in his hands, looking the same size as Saria's, except red with the imprint of fire on the coin.

        Throwing the thing across the portal, which was back in place and probably wouldn't open for some sort of last good-bye hug, the coin flared through. Catching the bitsy thing in his palms, he studied it with both hands and made a thumbs up sign at the more maturing man. In this light, it was shown that he was even older than before, the age was showing itself back in the temple, though now it was in full height. When Link glanced back towards his old friend, he was condensing something else, wondering what exactly what he had up his sleeve. The hero had received a new ocarina from his love before he left, though what was he going to get from the battle-hungry Daruina.

        Grunts were summoned up even more this time; the smoke appearing around something before the figure of a vest was in his hands. Yes, a chain-liked vest that was completely black except the links that ran from top to bottom, protecting the black material from below. It shined--the metal--it was shining better than regular chain mails were, there was something different about this sort of material. No, the material he had seen somewhere before, not the black, but the beautiful gray that shined a more wondrous white colour. Yes, that was when he realized where he had seen it before, he had seen it on the beautiful hammer that helped him dispatch Volvagia.

        "I noticed that you bare no armour, hero, and that worries me a lot. This is a chain metal that was made from the same material as the great Megaton. I am entrusting that you shall wear this and be protected." Throwing it out towards the boy, he caught it in both hands, throwing the tunic off and unveiling the white shirt off of him. Over the bare chest, his piece of armour went, feeling the coldness of the metal and shivering a little as the white shirt came back on. He dealt with in and in just a few minutes, the entire thing disappears, the coldness disappeared along with the ruffles against his shirt. Yanking it up, to his surprise, the chains had morphed against his skin, so it was sort of like a piece of clothing, the heaviness up to a minimum. At first the thing felt like it weighed at least one hundred pounds, now it went down to a measly twenty, the protection felt the same, though.

        "Daruina, what happened to Link's armour?" She spoke in some gasped reality, she didn't receive anything because she had her speed, and her and Daruina knew that all too well.

        "The thing had blended in with his skin, it has went in so that the tunic is just like the hammer, it adjusts to the person it is on, in this case it is so light. Don't fret, though, the armour is all so powerful, it will hold up to anything. Now, hero, hand me your tunics, both of them." When he received the tunics, a hand went to the red one and shred it into pieces, gutting up the green one alone with it. In Link's horror and dismay, the man shrugged his shoulder, telling the boy to halt in his attacks--he was so overprotective over some clothing. Both of the shreds were mashed together, they formed in one piece, which he did this by pressing them in his hands, them enlarging. To both of their knowledge, the tunic came out as good as usual, the sign of the Goron was in the right- hand corner, sort of like what sensei's do. A mark that said he belonged to the Goron clan for now and forever there was no denying his passage on this mountain of fun.

        The man was getting ready to disappear, his grin had turned down into a somber mood, not loving long good-byes, he wanted to make it as short as it could be. With sadness plagued on his face, the Goron looked up towards the heavens, his face stricken in the grief of what had happened to this day. Even though he was the chosen one, he loved the fact of that; the matter was he would miss being normal, the one who watched over stuff. A young son was there, to take over the pride, though the fact was that he was so young that Daruina didn't think his training was complete. True that the Gorons matured a little faster than Hylians, but his Link was only about seven years old, almost seven, in a week.

        "Daruina!" Link burst out, he was looking towards his old friend with the sadness embellished upon his face, it was apparent he needed something else.

        "What is it, my old friend? Another ceremony for your victory." He chuckled a little, the grin disappearing when the boy's face was stricken even more, the matter becoming even more serious than it already had been.

        "Daruina, we need some help. You see on the way here, Link and I ran into the place that told us of the Goron Tunic, it was down in the village of Kakariko. Anyway, we stumbled upon a clan of people who were believed to be worshipers of the Triforce and there we came upon a girl named Kaci." The name didn't seem to spark anything in Daruina, she going on, as Link just winced a little at the name of the young girl. "There we found out she wasn't what she seemed to be, she was a Shaman who could control the dead--Ganondorf had killed all her family. You see, we spent the day here and something happened to her, she was kidnapped by something, it was dressed in a cape and looked like those damn Flame Dancers that appeared throughout the temple.

        "You hope I can use my new-found sage powers to maybe locate this friend of yours?" A smile was on his face, he would be glad to do anything for the two of them, though it did grow somber when Link pulled out that skull for him.

        "When we killed the even Volvagia, the entire body of it burnt up, though this part didn't burn up, we were wondering that maybe this was some sort of key?" Link looked hopeful in the eyes, he wondered if the sage could really do it, though with the powers he had--he was the man of the mountain now.

        "Yea, like maybe a signal or something?" Even Navi was hopeful, she never really begged people for stuff--which was usually up to Link, though for this certain person she did show worry.

        "I will try my best, you two. Give me a second." Focusing all his energy--he had a lot--even after giving the pendant away, it regenerated as soon as the powers were given away. The good thing about becoming a sage is that you were never so weak as to be physically hurt, you couldn't be killed in this state. Maybe if Ganon came into the last stronghold and found two of the sages awaken, maybe then he would kill them, a normal person couldn't. When one became a sage, they gave up there light, they could either accept the fate or refuse and the position would arise to someone else. Though who would give up such an opportunity as to be appointed a legendary founder of the race, the one who was chosen by the Gods to help Hyrule in the case for peace.

        Anyway, the people gave up their physical bodies; they could have them in this land and maybe if they were near the temple, but that was all. Unless the sages were grouped together, all six could travel places together, or even separately they could travel as spirits of their bodies. The corpses were never actually dead; they just remained in the sacred realm, charged up until the sage was ready to go back to the temple. That was where they lived, the sages, the temples were the homes of them and would be rid of those ugly traps once everything was settled down. No more Ganondorf was when the places would all be cleaned up, otherwise there was a chance that some sort of evil could catch wildfire and spread all through out the entire country.

        Sages were also granted the power of love; they could give on and have children, as long as those children were born in wherever the temple was. You had to give what you could keep, fortunately for Daruina, that meant that his legacy was already fulfilled, no nonsense for those games. A difficult job it was, to be a sage, for being isolated was nothing to be true to, all you could do was make friends with the sages you knew. Daruina hadn't yet met the Forest bearer, he knew she was an elfish child like Link had once been, the Kokiiri Tribe where she reigned from. Kids weren't that bad to deal with, the man in the robe explaining before Link had arrived, that she was no child, her wise age was beyond those of the other races, she was immortal and one of the oldest of the tribe.

        Moving through the temple, his mind sensed that there was no one else about, only a few measly monsters, that he killed with the new powers to control fire. Yes, throughout the temple was not even the corpse of a Hylian child, frowning when he saw those of his owns, and in power when those of the monsters were strewn aside. Finally, out of the entire temple, he decided that the best next place to check was inside of Death Mountain Crater, the central spot. It seemed stupid for a girl with no tunic on--a Link had said that she had told them the tunic, so she must have had one of her own to bear. Either way, the monster could just clasp a hand over her and keep her safe from the flames, if he even wanted to preserve her at all these costs.

        What Daruina didn't see was the sudden death of a Hylian girl, he could sense all that had come and gone on the mountain (and lived and died) no Hylian female was in that group. The good news was only getting better, when he discovered a very strong amount of fairie magic was coming from something to the left of that temple. Checking it out, his eyes were glanced to a huge rock that couldn't be cracked by the legendary bombs, maybe the hammer would work. Whatever was behind there had been the area he sensed the child, must have been held captive in there, it was a lucky break there were fairy's around. A hypothesis was that the thing had gone crazy and holed itself up in a Fairie Fountain when it sensed that its master was gone, the Hero going for him next.

        "Daruina.Daruina.Daruina! Have you gotten anything?" It had been only five full minutes, though Link was standing on the tip of his toes, fumbling the Light and Fire medallions in his packsack, the Forest dangling from his neck.

        "Link, stop being so rude." She was getting anxious herself, she could see the concentration in his gaze, how the look of comfort was on his face near the end of the journey, but then she blurted out. "Come on! Hurry up and tell us where Kaci is, so we can get out of here. it gives me the creeps, this place is so weird!"

        "Ah, I see that you two are the most impatient heroes I have ever laid eyes on, but yes I have some information. There is a small cave to the left of the temple, it is balled up with a boulder that I think your mallet can take care of, and the Megaton is capable of anything. I am sure you will run into it, but in the cave I sense some sort of magic, Fairie magic, as in the place from before, remember the one I told you about?" When they nodded that they had been to the cavern, Link blushing for some reason, and Navi's eyes glinting at him in suspicions, he didn't ask and went on. "I am sure that there she is, her energy source--that of a Hylian girl--is there. I know you can get there somehow, but when you get back, I will transport you to the top of Death Mountain."

        "But then don't we have to climb the entire way down?" Link remember the mountain, and if it was as rock-heavy as it used to be--even before Ganondorf--they were all in some deep shit.

        "No, there is a friend of mine you will meet up there, I am sure you will see him, his name is Biggeron and size says it all, no go forth, my young heroes." The King of Fire clapped his hands together in a magical motion, beckoning them to leave, as a King does sometimes to jester. Action of dismissal had been approved, them disappearing in a glance of white light and heading back for the temple of Fire. He had transported them on the spot where that platform was, right before the long ladder of the entrance was in the way of them. It was a good thing that he did this, for otherwise Link would have gotten himself lost looking for the rock, only searching to the left. True, he had called that they be facing the same way they were now, the boy being so young and naïve that the directions were known, just not taken into account.

        His job was done; all he had left to do was watch them in the room, the room wherever everyone saw what they did during their adventures. Rauru had told him that the Forest Girl watched it all the time, the ones whose tune that he had danced for, to get over his depression over the Dodongos. That made him believe that maybe this girl was in love with the hero, I mean, what was a hero if not a damsel for him to take care of. It was so sad that she was separated from him, he being so old and given that his own life was lived, saddened by his son, though for nothing else. All he had to do was watch on the ball, the lights of the rooms fading out, wanting to meet this girl and hear her beautiful tune of the forests.


        "Back at last!" Arms thrown out into the air, the waves rushing quickly at his head, he was happy to be out of that stupid old temple, away from the torture. He even felt good for the first time in a few weeks; the last time had been when he first saw Saria, besides that, the first time he'd been happy in seven years. So annoying, the happiness was there when the two of them together, he meant a way of happiness that Navi had no part in. Everything they did together was full of joy, there was no denying that, the places and the people they met made it all the worthwhile. A whisk of blonde hair was over his face, the blonde was pushed aside, volcano was reacting, and acting like it would blow itself up at any moment.

        All around were waves of pleasure, his body releasing the form of pressure, the pressure disappearing when he pressed the button on the tunic. A glowing appeared on him, the small little spot was the one where the sign of the Goron had been, disappearing soon in a few seconds. Even the feeling of lightheaded-ness was away from him, which was expected a person was climbing up on top of a huge mountain. When just a child, he had felt the aftereffects, though he was so small that they were so hard to see, it was apparent that they wouldn't show. Now, before touching the Goron insignia, he had felt the affects and was about to pass out from the way of weight, and the pressure.

        "Where did he say we were to go?" He wasn't looking anywhere in particular; the direction had been somewhere, behind a rock they would need the Megaton for.

        "Urm, he said we go left from where we landed, so let's go that way." She pointed over towards the left-hand side of him, and there standing there was an abrupt rock, the thing shining with all the glory. The other rocks around here weren't like this one, they were smaller and a bit of a different colour, them being of the reddish gray region. Where the block stood was the rock, this one was a bit grayer, not really gray, more of shining silver that you rarely see in these days. Such a rare product, the thing itself could have been crafted out of the ancient material used to make his new armour and the hammer. Then again, maybe not, because it was indestructible, and that was the truth after having pounded it over a dragon's skull.

        "Is that it, Navi? I sense something, though I'm not sure what." He asked in some different voice, one that was amazed, the materials were like none that he had ever seen on something this big.

        "Fairie energy, what we give off. Y-yea, I think it is. I mean, I am not sure, but I do sense some Fairie energy emitting from there as well, quite a bit, to be exact, more than a fountain." Grinning in reassurance that he wasn't going crazy or anything, her suspicion is that they were going to meet and old friend from the past--or a sister of a very mean old friend from the distant past.

        While they headed over towards the rock, she viewed that Link had reached into his packsack and yanked ou the hammer, watching it convert back down to size. Converting down, the boy held it lightly with both hands, not even being able to handle it with one, the thing couldn't shrink down that small. It must of came with size, it would always be a two- handed weapon, though, even to one who could call himself a rock-eating man. That seemed more appropriate, for the tool could be used in a way of defense, the ends of it so large that a regular sword would shatter on the impact of it. Maybe a good name for the material was Megatonian (it could have been) some unknown element only known to the ancient Gorons.

        Finally, only about a four-minute walk (though the anticipation was eating away at him) they reached the large rock that stood probably sixteen feet tall. Staring up at it, he was gazed in pure awe at how beautiful something could be, sort of disappointed that he had to destroy it. Such a beautiful material to shatter, all he had to do was think of that girl who was trapped inside of the Fairie Cavern, his courage appearing. Taking the aim with the hammer, he did the same position he had done in battle, the baseball player who was ready for a big homerun. A huge one that would shatter the entire room, knocking down a hole to reveal some sort of enemy holding that which he loved, captive.

        Swing! He voice shouted at him in pure agony, throwing the hammer up against the rock with the sheer force that all of his powers could muster. Just enough, because when the part was done, a huge crack appeared in the center of the rock, the entire thing titling up and staring at him. In some sort of sadness (if rocks gave that off) the crack titled from the center of the lower region and expanded all the way up. Reaching the top, it seemed to just be enough to kill something, the evil rock that burdened them was starting to give way to nothing. Soon, the cracks started to appear all over the room, this was it, the moment that he truly had been waiting for since Daruina had announced it.

        Realization was revealed, and there definitely was something wrong here, it wasn't going to be as quick as he imagined the parts of destroying. Almost expecting the thing to crack open and a huge chunk to smash him flat, he ducked under the cave and awaited the inevitable. When nothing happened, hie face peeked under the cape, since there were a few holes in it, that's where he stared through, blue eyes wincing about. Well, maybe he was wrong, for the whole place burst into dust, something like he had read about the evil incarnations that were touched by the sun. Sort of like the hammer was a solar energy, and the ashes were all that remained, them heading out from the standing up position and over to him.

        Cape of black was what saved him, the savior in the small little robe he wore over his body, the thing protecting him from the hot ash that came down. Before it hit, he grabbed his fairie and let out a cry of pain; just knowing the ash would leak through the holes and get him burnt. For some reason, the burns never came to him, glancing up and seeing that the holes in the cape had been sown back together, somehow. It was strange how that happened, pondering it as the last of the ash dropped itself off, throwing himself out and back into the red air. His mind thought that maybe ash healed it, fire healed the cape that was of the flames, that was a definite possibility in the air.

        "What just happened Navi?" She was still grasped in his hands, a little short of breath, but overall was fine from the little accident that had occurred in here.

        "I dunno, the cape must be a healing type, that's good, because we did get it sort of ragged up." Shooting a sly smile at him, he shrugged a shoulder, the hands tickling at her sides with some good-natured fashion put in them. Very soon they would be looking for her, which would ease her pain; all she wanted to do was now take a long rest away from it all. A week would be nice, like when they beat the Forest Temple, she felt like she would collapse any second and sleep for an entire seven days, that was exhaustion. She thought that he felt the same way, the very nature of his face had felt like it had aged more than seven years--as if he was a wise sage. Never had she experienced something like this--these stupid temples made a lot worse on the power, then the dungeons ever had.

        Almost collapsing, he felt the power drain from his body, each step they took down into the darkness, he didn't know what the hell it was. Something was happening, maybe the tunic's powers were wearing off, if be, then the only escape would have been the Fairie Cavern. Keeping a deep pace, not into a run, though a fast walk, so that his fairie was hanging onto him with her arms curled around his tunic to keep from falling. Grinning at her, he did want to give it all up, just fall asleep there, he knew it was impossible, though, that would mean letting everyone down. No way would be do that, he was all sorts of thing: no respect for authority, no honour in battle, and really having not that many morals.

        Compelling, as it seemed, the one thing he had (as the cavern got deeper, the darkness getting more intense and power draining with each step) was his pride. Pride was a beautiful thing; sometimes it made one arrogant, other time it would it one from having their necks wrung, though it was there. Of course he always had it, he was cocky a t some points, usually put in his place before it went to his head, and he knew each time he deserved it. People always tried to say that it never existed, and a hidden mystery in the dark, though he knew it to be the falsest from the truth. It existed in every person with a spirit and soul; each one would keep the pride alive in any animal, maybe it was some sort of instinct, or even a sense of power that only humans possessed?

        As stupid as the conversation seemed, those were the thoughts that ran through his mind as the sky opened up and the darkness disappeared. Navi's mind was blank; she was too busy sensing the energy that came off of this place, knowing that it seemed like the fountains from before. So familiar, it was strange, even down to everything that matched, not that she remembered all the details, that had been seven years ago. When the place opened up, it resembled the place where their manna was restored, up and down until the last speck of Fairie dust. Suddenly, she dreaded something here, she wanted to go back and fall down with him in the heat, that seemed to be a lot better than what was the come; the Triforce symbol at the end.

In the regular fountains, there was just a spring with fairies surrounding or the sprites as sometimes the pink ones were called. Mistakenly named a sprite, to she, it was almost an insult to her, though would be punishable by death to the sacred one that resided in here. A shivering shake, this is what made her float infront of him--not at all like her usual self that was shy--this one she had reminded herself of those years ago. When they stepped foot inside, the small fountain in the center had the familiar- looking kneeling spot, with the fairies all around, a symbol at the bottom. The legendary Triforce symbol was there, beautiful in all its colours; the recognition of the place was embedded and confirmed in with all the spots.

"Navi!" He let out a squeal, though it wasn't of joy, he knew where he was, the place had frightened him with despair at a very young age. When he squealed, the attention of the sprites was turned on them, some of them seeing a Hylian boy for the first time, the other sniffing the air. Oh, yes, there were some here that had been in the cavern the day that the legendary boy--chosen by the Gods--was appointed some magic. Since the two caverns were right above each other, a single entry plug connected them, so the Great Fairies could communicate. It was at that point that something happened, something he knew was going to happen, and craved away from it-- the desperation was pouncing.

As many youma that he had fought, over these two quests, as many as had been dispatched in a hard-hitting combat that ensued. It wasn't enough to get the terror of the fairies, they weren't the ones that scared him--he actually was getting loved in with their kisses. Slammed up against the wall, all his armour and stuff being pealed away, until he was just in the tunic, under-suit, and hidden chain mail. Only reason that was there was because the metal of the Megaton had no scent, which was the crude thing, which Navi had found out about it. There they had him in the female grasp, each of them wandering over his new form in the need for something, the new ones shying towards him.

Perhaps the newer ones hadn't ever seen a Hylian in their life, and all of them had never laid eyes upon a Hylian boy, especially a hero. It was a beautiful feeling as the nibbled on his skin, some whining in the fairish language that he was clothed and they couldn't get anymore. Forbidden for a Fairie to wander beyond the clothing, they took their sweet time and began to chomp where even the tight suit had been placed. Expressions on his face were changing from the fear, to the confusion of the new places, and simply went down in the small meek of pleasure. Places he especially didn't want them to go, between his legs, at his thighs, places that seemed to be inappropriate up until now.

Burning with desperation, he tried to swat them away, his futile attempts since they were good dodgers--not as good as the Forest Fairies, though. The thought of the Fairy from the Forest made his eyes divert down and keep his hands on a specific area that they would never get too. It was a good thing, because one of them (a curious one) was headed over there, maybe wanting to see what was down there, without opening it up. Thinking of the fairies had made him glance in the direction that Navi was in, biting his lip when the eyes of his met those of the girl of his. Yes, he was a little ashamed for their behavior, they needed to keep away or something was going to happen--in the pit of his stomach he felt it swelling up inside.


Bet your ass she was pissed, even though she tried to hide it in for the new adventure, she had thought that the caverns had been all destroyed. Her thoughts was maybe that the fairies that were around were those of the Kokiiri, a lot of them even murdered when the onslaught of the Forest happened. Disappearing was a good thing, for if they were all gone then that meant no one small would ever try to mess with him, the race dying out in the exact process. Her thoughts wondered on how she could repopulate the forest, without all of them gone, but they could reproduce asexually. Maybe so, but at that time, her thoughts weren't on the asexual thoughts; they were on the parts with out the small 'a' infront of it.

A sad thought, though she hadn't doubted it in her mind, almost hoping that all of them were long gone--its not like she had any family to mourn. Fairies were so beautiful, that was true, the fact of the matter was that she didn't care how majestic they were to others, she despised all. It was cruel, unusual to be a fascist of the race, even more strangely to have no reason to hate them; all the fact of the matter was Link. No fairies to look up too, never any siblings, or parents for that matter, all of them were just a race that she had seen grown up watching. No one knew of her past, it was a complete blank, maybe it could be discovered one day, when this was all over, everything was ended.

When Navi had grown up, her mind had matured a lot faster than Link's, it was because maybe those girls matured faster than boys, or maybe Fairies before Kokiiri. Either way, she now knew a lot of things that she only had guessed on as a child, mined images that weren't very nice at all. They hadn't appeared when they first woke up, about two weeks during the journey was when they awakened, around the time they left for the Fire Temple. At first they were innocent little dreams, one that any girl would have, even one as young as before the time of the period hit on. Now, they were developing into more passionate dreams, ones she thought that couldn't be expressed in full words, at least the sort of words she wanted to be considered sweet.

Dreams that were thought to have never come true, he was just too immature for those sorts of things, the thought even frightened her, sometimes. Well, the fact of the matter was that she had grown up a little, while he was growing more profusely as the time went on. Eventually, before this quest was over, she guessed he would be matured into a full adult, he would be one who would make the maturity level. Then, he might be transported back to a child, making him a full-grown person, in a child's mind that was sick if she had any say in it. She had no idea if that would happen, he might just remain a child and keep the child-hood that he lost, and the innocent that was slowly slipping away, yea she had noticed how his attitude had changed.

How innocent he used to be it was beautiful, now without the thoughts coming in, he was even cursing without an even hint of embarrassment. She noticed this, didn't seem appalled by it wasn't mad or anything, she simply knew that it was his time to grow up and deal with life. Faster than any Kokiiri--even though he wasn't one--it was fun to see him ages quickly, he would need it to deal with the monster of thieves. Ganondorf was powerful, he always would be, though he could intimidate Link--even if Link was ten time's faster and stronger than he is. Intelligence was a factor to consider the boy was a little naive, or had been, so that outsmarting the hero would have been a cinch.

At the matter away, all she could bare was the power of herself, keeping herself from blowing everyone in this room to dust--except Link. It was a pain as they danced across him, wanting to love over him with the kisses of the lips and even a few licks on his body. Gripping her hands, restraining from clawing out her hair in fury, she shouted out a simple command in the language of Fairish. A language that Link had never learned, though when the little sprites stared across over at the new figure, they were frightened. No one had ever grown this big, she was a huge fairie to them, even more so a Forest one, a lot of power was in those tiny hands. Link was brought to some realize of tension when all the fairies backed away from him, huddling up into a corner, almost shaking with fear. Noticing the fairie of his was standing right near his side, fluttering override; he glanced for the first time at her wings, gasping a little. They were much bigger than before, of course they had to be, since she was carrying a heavier body than before, it was very nice. With that in mind, he curled up the larger fairie, pecking her cheek sweetly and looking over at the others, his cheeks flushed excessively. Automatically, she shied down, or so he saw from the perspective, he could have taken care of any anger that she could have thrown at him.

With the simple touch of his fingers, she was melted down into his hands like something of a jelly substance; it was a good riddance than anger. So much was loved as she was being stroked, the boy looking over towards the pedestal and walking towards it, the Fairies following him. Each was slightly interested in what calmed the beast that was a winged creature, one from the forest that had to be the largest before. Some told their friend that it was the one who had traveled when this one was a boy, it much smaller and even a blue colour, back then. When they said in disbelief, the scents were the same by the Sprites who had been there, it was all the same to them, size or colour didn't matter.

Kneeling down before the fountain, his knees were actually a little soaked, the fountain where the Great Fairie came out was soaked a little. Growling, he sat the little fairie up on his left ear, shivering with the pleasure that received there, and began to retrieve out his ocarina. Yanking it out and blowing out the song of the Royal Family, a phase that was gone now, only the tune and the rumor of Zelda remained. Everything was gone, he thinking he was probably the last one to ever play this thing, even if the princess was alive, she was wounded, most likely. The one who trained him, Impa, was probably around, she was the one that might have been protecting the Zelda from harm, an older form now.

Not the cute girl he had known as a child, she was probably blossomed into a beautiful woman, by now, and was well on her way out of here. With all the danger that was happening in her, he guessed she wasn't as beautiful as she could have been if none of this had happened. He didn't mind what happened to her, he had no interest in the Zelda, becoming King of this stupid country, or anything that was around this place. All that mattered was beating Ganondorf, he wanted to take care of him, it was his own problem, and the country being saved was only a reward. First it had been about getting the Deku Tree's last request, now it was the pleasure of kicking the living hell out of the one whom had humiliated him without so much as a yawn.

Squealing laughter it what made him shiver, his pants a little soaked on the kneecaps, just staring at her with those hues mixed with fear and excitement. Sure he was compelled with excitement, they had always made him stare in wonder, the exotic feelings they made, even the smell of their perfume. With a mixture of excitement, he stared up at her, the fairie floating over at his head, arms crossed over her chest and displaying some jealously. It was apparent, he knew it, although the gifts the fairies gave was well worth the small kisses they so enjoyed, even him liking it. Sure, I mean, he had been a boy and being kissed was a dream of his, especially getting a reward for it, such a great one that had saved his neck from time to time.

"Well, well. Let me see who this is. Link, the legendary Kokiiri has matured from that to only be a rebirth as the Hero of Time, just like a Phoenix." The laughter was apparent in her voice, as if toying with him, and at that Link could see she was eyeing him in the strangest way.

"Hm? Y-yea, it's me. I guess I wasn't a Kokiiri after all. Urm, Daruina has woken up as the Sage of the Fire Temple and he senses a life form that of a Hylian in here." He smiled nervously at the woman, glancing to his fairie, curling her inside of his hands and massaging her in all the right places, calming her down.

"And the little fairie has matured too. My, my, I never expected a fairie to grow this large, and to be a different colour, how do your aura burn red?" Navi was mixed out in confusion that the woman knew, though the woman just smiled, her fact was youthful, it was just a cover up from the land's situation, utterly ignoring Link's question.

"I was hit with some magic dust so we could survive the Fire Temple, I mean I didn't know I'd grow so much, I started out, when we grew up at four inches." Still, the God of Fairies said that that was a lot of growing, especially since Sprites of the Foresters didn't grow that much in their entire existence.

"Miss Fairie, could you please?" Link spat out in a passion of kindness, his feeling beginning to rumble from that to some hatred for being ignored by this woman. Gripping his gloved fist, the Triforce blaring through as the anger rose, the fairies in the cavern gasped and explored what it was. Almost hating that he cut the hole in the gloves, he flushed a deep crimson, wishing he had pockets, and stuffing them down under his tunic. They left him alone when he did that, afraid the fairie was going to act on her threat for whomever would touch another hair on his head. Well, it didn't seem to phase the Great Fairie; it was if she knew it had been there all the time, like she knew everything in the world.

"Can I please what?" She cocked her head, still in that same position that reminded him that if there were some invisible furniture in the world, she had them.

"May we please see a little Hylian girl, we know she is here." He smiled at her sweetly, seeing the grin in her face, almost expecting what would come next, so he puckered his lips and was surprised when nothing did.

"Oh, you said Hylian, so I thought yourself." She let out a mad shriek of giggles, and then looked back at him with the face continuing to express some somber moodiness in it. "I did pick up a girl from a monster, that was about half a day ago, some sort of weird youma that was dressed in this weird attire. When I hit it, the thing dropped her and ran off in a mad panic as if I had one of the strongest weapons in the world, all I did was touch it." "So, you do have her!" He let out a small little shout of joy, thanking his lucky stars and worshiping whatever was in the heavens, that had kept her safe.

"But will she give her back." Navi countered with her jealously seeming to reach more than the rubs, they were as spiteful as they had ever been, the hate in there. The old Green-eyed monster had gotten its claws jagged into Navi, and that enemy's name was called an old spiteful game of jealously. Even though she didn't want too, she did nothing to help but lead a hateful life around the girls that loved Link, they were all such damsels. The most powerful Fairie in the world even wanted the Hero of Time, even though she could easily smash the hero down into pieces. Or was it just the fact that the Fairie of legends liked to tease the little fairie, get her roused up in an out brawl between the two of them.

"I'm sure she'll give her back." He was a bit doubtful at first, staring up to the beautiful Fairie and blowing a sigh out, there just had to be some reward for that smirk.

"I dunno about that." The two of them were speaking in whispered voices, the Great Fairie just watching them over go with the conversation, not interrupting.

"May we have her back, then?" Now speaking out, Link flashed a smile towards the girl; Navi still curled up into her arms, while he saw that she was probably thinking it over in her mind. Well, he expected her to say no, the fact that she wanted an award was apparent, maybe for something more than a little kiss. A lot more, in fact, something that meant they were never to receive that girl back--she would just turn into a little sprite. Whatever was to come, he would have said yes, he was considering that Navi would blow the Great Fairy's face off of its mark. He was older and much wiser than before, and that meant there were certain benefits to having a teenaged boy around, then a ten-year old.

"Yes, I have her, and I'll give her to you." Her arms spread as if preparing a beautiful magical attack that would engulf the entire room, the stance was amazing, and she was no longer sitting in the disappearing chair. When all was set, the stage had been set just for the occasion, the arms were beginning to sway to and fro, as a chant came from her lips. The chant, obviously Fairish, something that even Navi could understand, though, was none other than the ancient language of the beauties with the wings. An unknown language, they were swayed in awe as the hands were moving together even harder than before, the chant picking up. Finally, nothing left to give and everything deciding to forfeit the battle, a ball of energy opened in the middle of the room, resonating.

The energy, which was a pure black colour, reformed it self in a holy white, the thing had been transformed from one area to another. Staring about the energy too long would cause ones eyes to hurt, so not even she glanced at it, her eyes having shut themselves down. Link and Navi had the bad chance of staring up, groaning in pain only after ten seconds, and keeping their eyes focused on her. It was better to watch her, kept the eyes safe, though it was apparent that something was going to come out of that new energy field. Was if even possible for something to travel through that power without being incinerated, or having the equal or even more energy than that?

Incredible were the only words that form Link's lips, he was absolutely mesmerized by the way things were sparking up to be, even more when something formed. That relentless energy had formed itself up and created the shape of a doorway, the door stood about seven feet tall, and a handle on it. Even colour appeared about, the door changing into a deep brown, the white seeping away slowly, until it faded from the scene. Now, standing before all the eyes to see, was a door the, knob shimmering a beautiful golden, as if the thing had just been made. Hadn't it, wasn't that the truth, that stupid door was condensed out of energy, and was hunkering to be opened for them all.

Did doorways read minds? If so, then maybe a magical one had read the two partners, as the Fairie of greatness kept the chanting. Slower, her chants had become, they were beginning to slow down and with that, the door was beginning to open itself for the duo. Whatever was behind their, no energy readings were given to even Navi, the thing was a mystery to the two of them, sure that she knew. No price had been extracted, not even a kiss, and now a weird door was appearing out of no where, behind the mysteries of the world. Link, at this time, had no doubt there just had to be a monster they had to battle, maybe this wasn't even a Great Fairie at all.

Grabbing on the sword, he was ready to release it from the scabbard, having no trouble to face an opponent, even though he felt like shit. None of his power had returned the creeks in the door getting louder as the door converted back and forth upon its rusty hinges. Yea, as new as the door looked, the hinges were ugly; they very much looked like someone had just replaced the doorknob and the wood. Now, the closer they got to him, he nodded at his fairie with some precognition to get one of her blasts ready to send off in a fury. When, at last, the area had opened all the way and the silhouette appeared in his face, the hand dropped and the grim expression was one of joy.

Yes, the Great Fairy's smile had broke out into a barrel of laughter, the eyes open and staring at the door, as the rest of them had ever since the door appeared. It wasn't as harmful as the Ki had been; a lot of it was just the knowledge of the swirling feelings that came within and outward. The shadow had appeared for all of them--Link at first--for some reason and with a gasp of pleasure, everything bad had been kept in secret. Exploiting the full size of the door was none other than the one whom he had ventured up here for, besides the Fire Medallion's value. There, with the beautiful hair now in curls, the streaks of mud washed away from her body, as beautiful when they met, was Kaci.

"K-Kaci?" Link gasped out in surprise, the appearance of her had surprised him more than anything, and the way she looked was better than before.

"Yes, this is the Hylian girl you so talked about." The fairie went back to the position where she was sitting on the couch, viewing the scene with none of the utmost respect for it.

Indeed, she had seemed to grow in her beauty, especially compared to the last time he had seen her--even if mud did make her look beautiful. Wow, the way her hair was done was even more incredible, it had been cut short-- kind of like a boy's was--even shorter than his, but she pulled it off with those features. Even her face seemed to be sky-lighted with a bit of make- up, some of the first kind he had seen on a girl as young as her. Dressed in a beautiful pink dress, it was one of the nicest things he had ever seen, even better than anything was to be seen the princess in. Indeed, it was nice, a wondrous feature that made even the most beautiful Hylian women to be put in the uttermost shame.

The reactions from each of them was quite different from the other, while she was standing there in the new attire, Link was simply mesmerized. Not that she was the most beautiful woman in the world--though she seemed like it now--it was like she had metamorphosed into something else. Morphing was a good way to present this; there wasn't anything that could save the evil, like a purifier of the justice from the heavens. Caterpillar to a butterfly, she was out of her pupa and backs into the open, dying to spread her wings and fly into the brand of the world. Now the world was different for the rest of her, no one would ever harm her, in this aura she gave off, she could conquer a new land.

Navi, on the other hand, wasn't thinking about her beauty or anything--she was just interested in how the world was going about this. Sure, she noticed the new girl's beauty, she was physically the same, but mentally, she was even vaster in the entire knowledge. It was thought maybe she carried the Triforce of Wisdom, and with further exception, she viewed that her assumption was wrong. They had checked her before, it was thought maybe the piece came to her just recently, maybe the original holder was dead, or something. She thought that if someone died, when they held the piece (and had no offspring) that the piece would simply find another user.

"L-Link?" Kaci spoke, after five minutes, her eyes had been shut like she was asleep, or so it seemed, probably in an unconscious state of mind.

"Yea, we came to rescue you, but it seems that she has done it." Navi spoke out; pointing the obvious out to the little girl, the Fairie above them that was just brooding with the joy done in at her.

Letting out a squeal of excitement, she spun around when his Fairie spoke up, turning towards where the large woman was siting. That was when her eyes were brightened with fear, the fear that this was some sort of monster that had stolen her away from him. She never got a good glance at the monster that had taken her, soon after they left, the thing had knocked him over the head and went about his way. When she awoke she was in complete darkness, some rustling sounds caused her to scream and there she saw black again. Now, back in the real world, she was scared to death of what stood infront of her, some sort of beast with vines all around it, so she ran towards Link, screaming.

"Hey, it's okay, just calm down. She's not bad, this is the Great Fairy, she saved you." He let his arms open, and caught the girl with one flick of the wrist, his words were to console her, to keep her from breaking out. The hysterics were done down with those words, his hands splaying over her hair and consoling the shortened form that she had gotten. As he consoled her, Navi fluttered over and shined her new barrier on the girl, which she took into her arms and began to let out a small giggle. It was soon over, the cheering up, and that was just fine with the both of them, they didn't want to scare her half to death, or anything. Well, as he sat down, where he knelt to summon the fairie, he backed up on a stair and let her sit on his lap, glancing at the fairie master.

"So, are we done here?" Navi spoke out, glancing over towards the fairie with her eyes glaring forward, the gleam she saw, it meant they were far from done.

"Nope, I also have gained more power of the years and if you would allow me, I will update you two's manna power, that way you can perform even more powerful magical attacks." She smiled sincerely at them, coming down to a float, towards them she flowed as a gentle pace, and glanced down at them all.

"Better magic, that means I can summon even more powers, and even more often?" Wow, that would be great, he wouldn't be as drained when they faced a boss, or could blow even more energy in an attack, to finish an enemy off!

"Yes, you shall receive it, on certain.conditions." The way she said that word caused Kaci to stare at them in curiosity, the spiteful Navi to grit her teeth, and Link to let out a shudder. Yea, it seemed it was going to end this way, they were going to have to give her some sort of kiss--well the Hero of Time was going too. Simply standing up, walking over to the side and sitting down the girl, he patted her head and wandered over towards the fairie, opening his arms. Maybe that started it, him spinning around and meeting the eyes of Navi, shrugging a shoulder, cheeks flushed with the beautiful colour of ruby. Well, the way he looked was what drove her to float over to Kaci and sigh in protest, covering her own eyes, seeing the girl was watching with interest.

"What are they gonna do?" They were about fifteen feet away from Link, so he could probably hear them, just not really listening at this time, his senses dulled.

"They are gonna exchange something for a deal, a kiss, they are going to kiss each other so she'll give the magic, stupid girl has done it before." She wanted to call that bitch an even worse name, though this girl was so young that she cared about this, no need to teach the younger generation bad language.

She gasped a little, the woman was going to kiss Link, though that was what Navi had said, she thought that maybe the woman wanted something else. Maybe she was getting the kiss and he was just giving it, like something that he really hadn't wanted to give to the older woman. Well, whatever the case, she didn't think it was her business, up until she thought of the girl pressing her lips against the boy whom had saved him. Even though he said that the girl had saved him, this boy had traveled up to wherever they were and headed up the entire trail. It was strange; the anger inside her was new, except maybe the sweet taste of getting revenge for her family, that anger wasn't real.

Everyone knew Navi's feelings, so that was going to be left alone, all that went on was the Fairie grabbed a hold of the boy and puckered up. She didn't grab him by the waist this time; she was holding him by his behind, he sitting on her hands, as she pressed herself to kiss. Resting on those hands, groping at it every now and then, the feelings of rejoice were in her mind, the feelings of getting this. After seven long years, it was time; they had been waiting for this kiss ever since putting glances on the cute ten-year old, a wannabe hero. Now, at seventeen, he was matured and much more glorious for a kiss from the one who had been made by the Goddesses specifically.

When the lips touched his, he was brought back into a sway of movements; the feelings of his body were beginning to numb. Yes, his entire body went numb--he guessed Navi's did also--when he stared across the room, he saw that she was shaking like him. The light was probably the feeling of more manna entering his body; this was just a little sacrifice to get into the league of Ganondorf. More manna meant more power, and with more power it would be much easier to take over the King of Thieves' empire and minions. With more time on his hands before he got to Ganon, it was best to prepare himself for the duration that was coming forth, all the struggles.

Struggling for breath, the kiss went on a full five minutes, each time during the kiss was when certain hands reached forward and groped down there. By the time she broke the kiss, he was gasping for breath and red in the face--well also blue from the lack of air in his windpipe. Link hadn't much smooching experience, so he remember to breathe through the nose--even though he did so when with his forest girl. Apparent not at this time, all he had thought of was the tongue, it was lapping through his mouth, like the other kiss, though in a different stance. Yes, the tongue was much longer than Saria's, it was much longer and almost making him gag as it slithered in and out of his mouth.

At last, to the relief of Link--the jealously of Navi (and even Kaci)--the kiss was broken off and he released to the ground, his hands beginning to glow. Blinking in confusion, he stared at his outward palms, glancing over towards Navi with a sense of fear echoing through his mind. Well, her entire body was glowing, she looking back at him with the same confusion and fear mixed together; it felt as if they would blow up. Growling, not in anger, but the frustration was building up as he glanced towards her and held his hands in the area for her to see. So eerie, the new power in him was making his hands glow, and this wasn't the power of the Triforce, or perhaps it was making the piece power even better.

"What is this, Miss Fairie?" Navi blurted out, coming over towards her partner and exposing her full body to the woman, she had some good explaining to do.

"That is your manna, young Fairie. Yours too, Link." A nod was given to the both of them; it was strange since they had never had the full extension of hands--for Link-- and the entire body for Navi.

"But my hands--they are glowing!" Maybe thinking she was blind, he displayed his hands clearly at the Great Fairie, as someone came up to his side and nuzzled against his side. Stopping for a moment, he stared down and saw that Kaci had come over towards him and was looking over at the Fairie, as if she was mad. Link had to admit that he was very much flattered that she was showing these emotions for him, she was a lot younger than he was, he guessed about Saria's age. That was when it dawned on him why she was showing these strong influences, the reason she was a lot more influenced towards him, than anyone else. How come she was mature, to have these feelings, she was not like Saria--the forest girl was a mature girl beyond her ages--this was a small Hylian.

"Yes, the hands are what you can use, you don't need your sword anymore. If you learn the art of the martial, then you will be able to generate manna energy into your fists and feet. You, Navi, have the new ability to give an all-out attack with your body, instead of just your hands, like before." Nodding with the anticipation, she saw each of them was excited by their newfound powers, it was quite a change from before.

Link rested his hands down at his sides, deciding to test the powers out, even if he didn't know the martial arts, as of yet, that is. Pushing his fist forward, throwing a punch into the air, he saw the glowing that came out, though nothing physical was released. With a bit of anger in his personality, he reached for the sword and swung it out, like slashing out at something that was heading his sword. To his surprise, his sword attack had given back, because the sword felt lighter than it ever had, and a wave of energy shot out and hit the wall. Something crumbled down, chunks of the wall giving in, this where the girl had been standing with Navi, only a few minutes ago (glad they had moved.)

Viewing the power of her boy, she noticed that his punches (and probably his kicks) were only to be powered up with the vow of the arts. Such a doubt to see that his new powers couldn't be tested; she was a little angered over the matter of the doubt the power wouldn't be used. Well, the sword came out, slicing the air and decimating the wall without so much as the lack of power that would be used in there. They definitely needed to harness the power, or he'd end up killing innocent people when he was fighting some monsters, in a town. It was decided that next time they ran into Shiek, each of them would train with the boy and learn to harness their manna into the power of Ki.

"The sword is much more powerful." He whispered out to Navi, probably Kaci hearing it too, he was mostly speaking to himself, than anyone else in the entire room.

"Yea.let me try mine." Without thinking, she rolled over towards the wall that he had sliced out an energy wave at--they both having no consideration for this home. That was in mind when she condensed the energy--no, she didn't even have timed to push it down--because as soon as that was done she brought they energy out, it fired. Surprising even her, she let out a cry of joy when the energy came out of her body and shot forwards at the wall, the energy in the form of her body. Yes, it had no condensation whatsoever, it was as if the entire place had just been erupted by a volcano, nothing was going to stop it. Energy slammed down into the wall, creating a hole that was the size of her small body, not as much damage as what Link had done.

Controlling these powers was not going to be as simple as could be; the two of them were going to have to tell that Fairie to calm their powers down. It was going to be that way, or each of them would kill each other-- especially if one got mad at the other and threw their arms out. That was a scary thought, too much energy was never good enough for anyone, it was always scary when that thing was in mind. About to talk to the woman of power, Link reached up to speak when the expression on her face caused him to halt in his tracks. She had an expression of fear, a little one and spread her arms out, which were when she disappeared from them, a small boulder appearing across her pond.

"The Triforce is covered! We can't call her back!" Link screamed out, the entire place was getting hotter and hotter, he soon realizing that she wasn't the one that had smashed the pond.

"Link, the volcano! It's gonna erupt!" Navi screamed out, coming over to Kaci, who had fallen down to her knees and started crying, the piercing screams of rocks hurting her sensitive ears. Link's were beginning to flow with blood, as he reached over for Kaci and threw her forward, bundling up his weapons and armour, slipping them in his bag. Even the sword and shield were inside there, no need to fight since the entire place was dead, the enemies were gone and if they ran into them, they were dead. Navi could always just zap them with her new power, if she had any power left, from the look on her face, she had thrown all her energy out. The fatigue from before--the both of them having it--had made the energy attacks drain everything that they had to give to the manna.

Indeed, the volcano was going to throw out masses of lava, each of them only at the center of the area, which was the most horrible idea. Link had thrown himself out of the area; Navi under his cap and Kaci were tucked inside of his tunic, to keep her from falling out. This also gave him free access with his arms, this way he could take out anything with his fists, or try to pump the air to run faster. A nice joke, there was no time for it, and as they sailed through the Fairie room, and back into the center of the room, the lava was rising. Oh, Goddess, the lava was rising--not too fast, but it was rising a few feet every second, still down about five hundred feet into the ground.

In all directions he spun around, looking for a rope of maybe a way out of here, there just had to be an entrance that would get him out of here. Then he remembered the entrance to the Goron's place, slapping his forehead and shaking it in pure disgust of the simple idea. Sure, the Gorons were safe from the lava, but not even this new tunic could withstand the pound of tons and tons of lava on his bare skin. Fiery death was not pleasant, but maybe he wasn't going to get that, there was the death of being crushed to death by a falling rock. Maybe if the lava protected him, the amount of pressure would kill him, they're seemed to be no way out of this place, any simple way.

"Navi.where do we go?" He was about to wet himself, the fear of dying was so apparent, with the other battles he could survive, and here there was no way to go.

"Urm.the city? No! The place will leak, urm." Navi screamed out, circling in every direction she could, looking for maybe a ledge he could climb on, the stuff would be here very soon.

"What should I do!" He was almost in tears, holding them back for the two women and when Navi suggested something about the last tune they had learned, he was ecstatic

"Oh, yes! Navi, you are a genius!" He squealed in joy, wanting to repay her later with a kiss, but when he took out his ocarina and blew the tune of the forest out, nothing happened. Just as sure as the damned hells were, nothing was coming out of there, the place was deserted, the tune of magic was no more. He realized that maybe he had forgotten the words, misplaced it, and when he yanked out the notes to catch a hold of them, they fell. Notes of which he had noted all of his tunes on, the ones he would never be able to remember they were drifted down towards the fires below. The next moments were in slow-motion, he trying to grab them, Navi reaching them and seeing them go into a ball of flames as they reached the lava.

He didn't blame her; he didn't blame her at all, that was what tuned through his mind as he headed down towards where the temple was. Maybe if he shut off himself in there, the doors would hold and he'd be able to make his way down the mountain, yea, which would be the best thing to do. As he reached the end of the pass, his foot slipped down on the little spot where the Triforce was, and that symbol of the Fire Medallion. Touching it must of signal something, remembering what Daruina had said about meeting another person, it was so vague and distant. Even though it happened less than twenty minutes ago, it was like he hadn't been listening back then, as the air disappeared, he prayed if he got out of this that he would always listen to his elders.


Time slowed down whenever they would move with the tunes, only this time they weren't in that place, they were resting somewhere much higher. Away from the hot contents of below, he was safe--for the time being--resting where he had sat over seven years ago, the place of waking. Yes, the boy was sitting down where he had met Gaebora that took him down towards Kakariko Village, the place of resting his bones. Now, he was on top of the mountain, having more time to escape than he thought though not enough to leave this place and get out of town. Maybe they were all doomed, he thought as the Fairie cavern before him was shut down, obvious that all the sprites were holed up inside to keep the lava from incinerating their tiny bodies--not looking welcoming.

Shaking his head, he was remembering that Daruina had said they would appear up

somewhere else when they had rescued Kaci, yea that was it. Then they were to meet a man who had made beautiful weapons--maybe the one who had instructed his armour, if Daruina hadn't made it with energy? It was peculiar, because as he stared around, he saw that no one was here, there was no one in his way, but a shivering Kaci and Navi. Kaci was shivering all over, he gripping her and holding her down in his tunic, glad that nothing had happened to throw her out of there and into the lava, he'd never forgive himself. Navi looked frightful, just as bad as he thought he looked, knowing what this trip was doing too her, making her even more afraid of everything.

".Link, what happened?" Kaci had been staring down at his chest, he face planted there for protection, now she was just glancing up at him, worried for all.

"My friend, the Sage of Fire, the one who located you--he transported us out of here, but probably doesn't know about the volcano blowing its top and just sent us up here by instinct, isn't that right, Navi?" Trying to get her out of his fright, he noticed when that smile of his glazed over towards her, he reaching and curling her in his finger, he just stared down at her beautifully, she would be alright, given some time.

"Y-yea, he said someone was gonna meet us, but where are they?"

"Navi, are you okay?" Kaci turned her head towards her and smiled a little, she was getting used to the fairie, and she had never been this shaken up before. Maybe Kaci was ignorant, or just naïve, she didn't know what Link had meant by 'blown its top' or however he had phrased that sentence. No, she didn't know the volcano was going to blow, or the matter of the fact was that she knew and didn't care in the tiniest bit. Protection was what she expected from Link, he would do his job and come through with her, he had saved her once before. If she were to pass today, she would die happier than she had when they had first met, a little girl that was living in a stupid dream world.

"I'm fine, we'll get through this." Navi sensed the courage that Kaci had, somehow she was able to feel it within her own bones and drew on it, acting more like the Hero of Time' partner now.

"Nevertheless, we need to get the hell out of here, I am sure this volcano is gonna come out of there in less than ten minutes, or so, that's if the rate stays the same." Link had turned back towards his chest, watching as Navi rested on his ear, preparing to jump and scale down the vine ladder-- hoping it hadn't rotted. Having to take a long fall down, if they were to fall, he knew this well and was planned on dying this way, then getting his ass burned off. All he didn't want to do was hurt his fairie and this girl; he wanted each of them to live on, even if he was cremated into ashes. Well, before he even got the chance to check it, something entered his field of vision and he drew for his sword (realizing how stupid it was to have it in his bag.) The Hookshot he drew out of side back, reaching for it and aiming up at the something that was coming towards him, or better yet rising itself up at him.

What happened next was unbelievable, but a lot of things in this tale were labeled under that factor, that was very sure of it. Raising about two hundred feet was a Goron, this was no ordinary rock-monster, this person was not even one of the strangest looking of the bunch. He looked physically the same as the rest of the race--except the ex-leader--despite the fact that he measured in size to the Deku Tree. Reason that no one had noticed him before, was the fact that he was blending in with the dirt, going down into his most natural state of a rock. Gorons had good camouflage, their backs could be refereed to a rock, Link had made the mistake of seeing them as that, and this one was just the same.

That was a little preposterous, not to notice this balled up Goron, maybe it was the fact he wasn't looking and half-scared to death. Fear seemed to block things, create hallucinations, it was all done in with this, and the simple fact that death was on the line of his life. Well, that was apparent, each of them having the mixed reactions from the Goron, Kaci scared to death, Link mesmerized with awe, and Navi thinking this was the friend. The friend that he had directed them too, he looked like he could be some help in the volcano, but the idea of burning him to death was no in their present agenda. Maybe he was seen as a boulder, or a part of a mountain, but he was definitely nothing than of a rock, a rock only being a tiny piece of that.

Unrolling from the mountain of a ball, the thing looked up at them, slinking down a little on its knees, leaning down and finally landing on his stomach. Yes, lying on its stomach was the best it could do to face him, the grin was smiling at them as he had finally found some company. Probably not there back in the days when Link was a child, maybe a child back the, it was untold how old this abomination could be. Either deserted from the lands as being too big, or the fact he couldn't fit in the city, this Goron must have had a lot of free time on its hands. Glancing down at the three people, his hands were down at his sides, he spoke with such a mighty voice that the ex-Deku Tree was put to shame.

"Hello, young adventurers, what brings you all here?" His voice was so loud that Link had taken some of his tunic, ripped it off and stuffed it inside the ears of Kaci, the Hylian children's ears were more sensitive than the teens.

"We are here because we seek some help, the volcano is erupting!" The first time he tried to speak to him, the Goron just canted his head in confusion, Link screaming it out the second time around the bin.

"The volcano is going berserk, eh? Hrm, we have to put a stop to that, normally I would just sit on the thing, but the last time this happened was thirty years ago, my poor arse hasn't healed yet." The fire would literally burn through the tough skin and kill him, plugging the hole was out of the matter, though there were other things to consider.

"Do you have any other ideas, Great Goron, Daruina sent us here! Before the volcano started and now that it has, we may need you to stop it!" Navi was literally pleading, her eyes were watering up, and they were all teary to try to convince the Goron that the entire situation was settled on him.

"I am called Biggeron. Daruina, you say? Well, I will take care of it for you, I want you all to head to Kakariko, you will find safety there." He spoke with a voice that tried to be compassionate, as fearful as they were of the voice, it was sensed in the voice and given out in full proportion.

"That's madness, we'll never make it down!" Link tried to reason with the man, who simply shook his head and began to pull something from the ripe earth that Din had created. In amazement, what was yanked out of the ground were two giant Gorons, they weren't as huge as he isn't, though, about a fourth. Fifty feet across, the Gorons were secured with saddles, like horses were, and as the man sat them down, they were revving and ready to go. Link was getting a little nervous about this, the idea of riding them down the mountain reminded him of what happened all those years ago. With the Goron's trip down five or so flights of stairs, the scariest thing that he had ever seen in his life, that was nothing compared with riding these beasts down the mountain.

"What're those?" Navi peered out in curiosity, she was floating over the pissed-off Link, and he hadn't seemed to notice the creatures as of yet.

"These Mini-Gorons, they are mutations that I have conducted, they aren't real ones and have no personalities. Don't worry, you thought they were my sons, but they aren't, I want you to ride these down to Kakariko. With there speed, you can be there in about nine minutes, I know it is a very fast way to travel." Daring not to laugh, fear of knocking them off the mountain, his grin was widening as he picked them all off and sent them off.

Thrown, tied down with the reigns, they were sat on the left one of the Mini-rock-eaters, sending it off as Link screamed in protest. His screams were led out in vain, the right one was right behind them, guarding them for if something were to come out and attack. It would swing around the front, then the back, when something was in the way, guarding it with the tougher exterior it held, then its brother--though the one attacking was too hard to ride on. Down the entire ride, there was no way to describe how fast they went; it was the fastest speed that Link and Navi had ever traveled. Kaci was scared out of her wits, the fear that something was going to get in their way to tip them over and make them slam into the ground at the miles they were going.

Talking was absolutely unbelievable on here, there was no way, because their voices echoed out as soon as something was getting started. Link would get a few words out--voice rasping for water--and Navi would not be able to hear, or her voice too small to answer back at him. It was nothing to do with Kaci, she was too small to do anything, too small to talk, and the fact she was about to wet her little pants. The two saw this and instead of talking, they focused on making her feel better, her benefit was better than her having a heart attack. Plus the fact that there was nothing else to do on this ride, there was no time to even enjoy the scenery, it went around too fast for them.

Nobody knew what Biggeron had up his sleeve, all they were to do was trust him and hope the giant was to come through with whatever plan he had. Maybe Daruina had sensed the thing was coming, and sent them up there, because going down and hiding would not stop the lava. It would spread all over the land, maybe even getting as far as the Kokiiri Forest and Lake Hylia, maybe drowning the entire lands in lava. That was true, since this entire country was surrounded by the mountains of Death, they could be traveled and blow the other volcanoes on here. Well, that was if the place was lined with other red mountains, no one knew what was up there, since there was no way to get across them, unless you had wings or maybe a machine that could fly.

The path was getting closer and closer, the more time they spent down here, the closer they got to the edge, and the exact time was right. Maybe he was psychic, or knew his eruptions, but when six minutes had passed, they were already more than halfway down the mountain. Near the fabled Dodongo's Cavern, they slid down past it and kept their ways down there, the crossings were further and further down into the land. Pretty soon they would be in Kakariko--Biggeron said it was safe down there--and for some reason, Link believed the giant Goron. There was no need for anything, all they had to do was hold on and everything would be saved, the land would be plugged up by his plan.

Rolling downward caused each of them the little girl was so scared, that all her thoughts were focused on was the way Link was going to save her from the dangers ahead, he was the bravest of them all. Pushing over to Link, he had time to doubt the plan of that rock-eater, he could have been bluffing and just trying to tease them along, a malicious being with bad intentions at heart. Maybe not wanting to deal with their deaths--or scared himself--he had fled the country of Hyrule and was off towards bigger and better places, if there were such places out of Hyrule (he'd never heard of any other lands out here.) Almost wishing he hadn't stepped on that large pillar, then he wouldn't have to be worried about being stuck on this ride down the mountain, measuring in an even more risky situation inside a hot volcano. A succumb inside the Fire Temple didn't look that safe, even now, but it was a hell of a lot better than depending upon a man that none of them had ever laid eyes on, one that could be untrustworthy.

Terror had to come; the calculations were off by a few minutes that were apparent when a deafening sound even ruptured Kaci's plugged ears. All of them whipped their heads to behind them, causing a bad whiplash, but that would come later, no one was interested in that now. What they saw made their eyes fill of in fear, the emotions were the same between the trio of them, it was the sight that got to them, not the sound--they could of dealt with that. Just like hearing lightning wasn't as bad as seeing it, if you didn't look directly at the source of the sounds, maybe you could die in the utter ignorance of not knowing anything. Unfortunately, Link had looked, followed by Kaci canting her head over there, and Navi flipping around, the magma inside the volcano began to spew from out, floating down into lava, now.

Oh Goddess, it was true there was lava bubbling from the top of the mountain and it was spewing down even faster than they were going. At this rate, the lava would hit the Mini-Gorons and take them out of commission; the meeting ending before the quest was even over. Hrm, the calculations were way off, whatever senses that this Goron had were not that good, though better than any of them had expected out of it. A good run, it was, it was a nice way to end the life, the nervousness of the minis holding out was still in mind, and maybe it would do some good. It was sad, this was going to come about, there was nothing to resolve and everything was in its wrong mind, the fear increasing.

Bubbles of lava seemed to overflow the path, already down near the Goron City and flowing down, the closer and closer it came, and the more nervous Link was. He was biting his lips in fear as the lava flowed upward and scalded several enemies that had come out to see what was going on. Even poor, innocent animals were taken out; nothing left of them, as far as he could see, maybe they would have some remains when it was over. Well, the remains were another dispute that he had in mind; skin wasn't what was going to happen, maybe some nasty bones. Doubtful if those remains were alive--no it wasn't doubtful, it was a natural fact that anything--besides a Goron--would be scalded to death.

While he was biting his lips, Navi was too busy to analyze if the monsters were going to hold, if they would have to leap on the cracks and climb up to the northern mountains. Getting to the top part of the mountain would be the most difficult, she could carry Kaci up all the way, since she looked even lighter than Link had as a child. Yes, carrying her up there, Link could climb and they would be safe from the fires that were below--she doubted the lava would rise very high. When the animals were burnt up, the lava so close that they could all smell it (or Link and Navi) the shivering was coming out, they would hold out on the animals however long it took for them to break. Faster and faster it went down, until it finally hit the balls, each of them groaning in pain, keeping the same speed up as the lava passed them and headed for the Kakariko Village.

It was happening, it was really happening, Kaci was scared to death, the protection was still there, but she knew that Link couldn't stop this catastrophe. Yes, they would survive it that she still believed in her heart, it would just be a lot more difficult than she had ever thought possible. Staring back, from her head on his shoulder, she whimpered as the lava was around them, feeling sorry for the little monsters that were in pain. Wanting to sooth they're suffering, there was nothing she could do, they were made to help them survive the lava--that was the way nature had intended it. As the paths led on, the lava was slowed down and just surrounding the three of them, maybe trying to take all of them out and then go on for the innocent town.

"Navi! What is the plan!" Link screamed now that the lava had slowed down, they were able to hear each other if they would yell loud enough, the red fire had stopped the traction sounds that the monsters made.

"I dunno, maybe cli--" She was cut off when something hit her voice, the scream echoing out from her side and that was when everyone stared off to the side in surprise. Coming out from the pass was what looked like a wave; Navi had read of them back when she had learned about the fabled oceans. No oceans were here, but the waves were copying it, this time they weren't made of seawater, but consisted of the dreaded fire. Closer and closer they were coming to the end of Kakariko, the gate just within twenty feet, it was going to be close, and even from here she could see the terror- stricken faces. How bad, she thought as they hid within the houses for protection, how evil this was going to be, feeling that the Goron had let them down (and in a way, they had let the entire village of Kakariko down.)

A possibility would have been that the entire town was let down, her plan of escaping was only enough to stop the three of them from getting away. She knew it was a cowards' way out of the situation, not even discussing it with Link, she knew he would protest and want to die a hero's death. Truth was, she didn't care if they died--as sad as it sounded--her initial concerns were placed on the Hero of Time and the girl they had picked up. Screw everyone else, they could all rot, not even did she have anything to think about them while the torture of the place seemed in slow motion. Such fear was there, the closer the lava came, that she threw that stupid plan away and slipped down into his hat--calling herself stupid for even trying to save anyone.

It was pitiful, the waves were washing down on them, well they would in a few seconds, and he knew that it was all over, he knew that nothing could save him. His life was flashing before his eyes, the adventures that he had had in his lifetime, all that had happened with any fight against good and evil. It was bad how the mind was accustomed to view the life, the old saying was right when it did flash before your eyes, right before you died. Or maybe he was just thinking he was about to die.that thought was pushed from his mind, no matter how bad he was--he wasn't idiotic. The people he had defeated monsters that were killed, trials had been endured, love sought and even pushed away--in his own mind. Something pressed against his chest, he didn't mind it, probably her shifting around on him, and a weight was gone--too scared to even look at what was happening down on his chest.

Groaning from the uncomfortably at his chest, he knew it was just his heart aching out for them, it was calling that it was time to. Of course he needed help in this situation, his heart would cry out for him to get away, or maybe that was his brain calling out for that. Sad as he was, in this state, he was sick of everything, the torture that he felt from everything and what was going to be out of the way when this was over. Soon it would be over, he'd be dead and probably rotting in hell for his sins, and they were going to judge him right after his demise. Maybe he was wrong, it was the brain was the one calling to get the hell out of there, while his heart wanted him to stay and face it towards the end.

As he stared forward, some of the people were still standing there, knowing there was no way to get rid of the inevitable and facing their death. It was sad, and at the same time, he had to commend them for their courage, the courage that he had lost about twenty minutes ago--it had disappeared when the mountain blew. The solemn eyes are what got him, the hues of multiple colours that stared down in the sad ones, mothers holding children, and children pressing against the mother's breasts. Small children, even grown men were crying, it was tears around the bin, some of the crazy one had decided to escape and try to move outward. Just as he was about to reach and grab one of their hands.something yanked him forward and sent him flying outward, slamming about fifty feet forward (away from the lava-pit that was coming down.)


She just had to do it, there was no other way, she soon realized that everything was going to fade if she didn't do anything to stop it. Realizing that the inevitable was near, the only thing to do was to throw him forward, save his life, so he could live on and save the world. Somehow, she knew he was a great a hero, he had told her about his adventures, there was that, and the fact that he traveled so far for her. Flatter was what she felt when rescued, she knew that she was in love with him, that was evident, but it could never be--he was just too old for her, the hero of the legend, and had another interest. Plus, the fact that he was a hero, and she was about to be a martyr in this land, to be killed for some stupid reason that the dark man had summoned up.

All her life, ever since the people had come to kill her family, she had heard of a dark man that was going to take over the world, someday. There would be a hero to stop it, and that was the Hero of that had come and this person was the man named Link. A beautiful man, she couldn't help doubt that he was someone who would stop the Ganondorf, that beast with the pig-shaped snout. If anyone could kill him, it was the hero and his Fairie; they were the only ones that were around to put a stop to this evil crimes and unjust punishments. How unfair the man had made the world, punishing the religious beliefs, unless it was part of Dragmirism, the Gerudo Women and a few followers were the only ones that followed that ridiculous religion.

Such a stupid religion, Ganondorf had posted it once everything was back to normal, or the 'normal' that he displayed as his perfect utopia. His bliss was nothing but horror for the others, she wondered how much pain this man had suffered as a child, if he was abandoned or tortured as one. Either way, no one would never know, unless they brigade the fortress of the Gerudo and searched the birthrates and the journals of the mothers. She, however, would never know, while the others might of found out the truth behind him, what exactly had happened all those years ago, however many it was his age. Maybe it was all a phrase, the man had to be at least older than seventeen or so, but his disfigured face--or so she'd heard from the rumors--was forever immortal thanks to his piece of Triforce.

Never would anyone have to suffer, in less than two month, or so she predicted that was when it would end and that was when she would be avenged. Yes, she knew the lava below would hit her body soon and then there would be nothing left, maybe some bones that had been reduced down. By the time the pit had cleared and cooled down to be walked on, her bones would be ashes; they were only a physical form, anyway. With that form gone, she would be glad to be of spirit and up towards where her creators were--where everyone had been waiting for. As glad as she was to finally come up here, her distant mind was saddened that she had met Link, probably because now that she was leaving, misery was stricken in her little heart.

As these few seconds passed by, them going slower and slower, she knew that he would be sad that she had sacrificed herself so that he'd live on. Maybe a coward's way out, that was what Link would think, though she knew better, it was as if the Goddesses had told her to do this. Indeed, that could have been the case, which she was called into a dream and told to do this, the awakening feelings were just now starting to open. Mmhm, she would accept her fate with open arms, there was no denying what was going to happen when it closed down on here. No denying that she would die a death, a quick one, but nevertheless a death that would have been in vain-- too young to be killed now.

She was ready to accept her death, there was some faults that maybe she would be a wandering Poe in her next life, being of evil intent. That was shrunk away when she thought of him, the way he looked when he was worried about her, the other visions she had had of him. Yea, she had had visions of him in battle, she guessed were real, about him fighting some sort of dragon, a scary beast that looked like a bird. It was nice how he fought, the bribery that was ensued in the hammer he used to kill the member of the reptilian race, it was great how that happened. As she saw those, in her sleep, she just knew he was the true Hero of Time, no fakes were going to be done here (she would succumb and give her life for him.)

I recognize you, I feel you, and I adore you. Those were her thoughts when she rampaged into the fire, licking at her with a closer and closer, the breath was getting deep into her little body.

You will see him. A voice whispered, when she called out, it didn't answer back, she thought it was her master coming to command her to go to heaven.

Ready to embrace it all, she knew that something was going out of whack, it was going to come all down in just as the seconds blew all past her. In a matter of seconds, though seeming like years and years of torture, the grasping fear of becoming a bad spirit that was disappearing from her. Lava was evil, the heat was intensifying at every millisecond that went by, and each of them disappearing with just the clothes left on her back. Soon, even the clothes would burn, leaving her in her naked body, then the skin, flesh, organs, and bones would soon becomes ashes. No fear was in her eyes, nothing was there anymore, all she could think of was when Link would join here--in however long it took--she'd wait.

Staring around, the flames beginning to heat around her body, she was no longer part of the world anymore, she was somewhere else. Yes, the body was now gone, the lapses of the wave had washed across her body and left her down without a form at all, just a soul and a spirit. Nothing was left for her around here, she saw the barrel that was coming in the air to save them, no the body of someone they had met. This was what they wanted to protect the hero from, now that he was over there, the lava would be reflected by the one whom had done it once before. It was sad to leave; she so wanted to stay, knowing that whatever was going to happen she would see form above, with the Goddesses and her family, watching it with her own mind.


No one knew what the huge hole was, something of majesty to them all, a God had appeared and saved the people from the burning magma. Just as the flames were about to slosh down on them, the tidal wave initially over, was when the figure appeared in their point of view. Slicing the surface, the deity was pounced down into the surface wavering the lava away from them and keeping it in descent. More than three-hundred feet, the huge rock was settled right next to them and seemed to be more of skin than an actual rock. Glares of it were ceasing to function, the monster or rock was hurting them, more of a protective barrier was restraining them to live onward.

Even as the villagers were staring in awe at the special of reality, the two of them knew that wha was protecting them was from a God. What a laugh, to think that the people could be so gullible to believe that something was going to happen here, a miracle of some sort. All it happened to be was circumstance, the pure beautiful thought of it all made them both so sick, cursing that all that lived--even themselves. Biggeron's work was in the making, it survived all these years to do specific times of help, now its volcano had erupted and it did what was best. Sickness appeared in the stomachs of the hero and the heroine, the kind that went when the bile was about to come up your throat.

The upchuck was going through his throat, he gulping it down his esophagus and taking it in, holding the pressure to throw up back. If he'd thrown up, they would of thought he was a nut and just kept to himself, maybe someone that was worshiping the evil King. What a site it would be--the Hero of Time having a trial for being for the side of evil--enough to make the chuckles arise in his large throat. Maybe then he'd have been hung for his crimes and out to dry on a stake, for those that sided with Ganon--a warning that the resistance was strong. Fortunately, no one noticed that snobby little laugh he made, him staring over at his fairie and she was not anywhere to be found here.

Guess she's gone to sleep.or crying, poor baby. Hands were in his position, reaching forward and stroking the hat where that bump still was bore, and the twinge of pain allowed him to break into sobs.


Nothing else happened then, it was over within a few days, the Goron revealing itself as one named Biggeron and everyone holding a festival in his name. While the festival went on, everyone seemed to forget who just saved the land--maybe causing the volcano to explode in the torsion. Though, it was guessed that that was expected along these lines, it always was when you were the hero of the past times, parted by destiny. Simply shrugging a shoulder at the thought of that, it wasn't a real big thing that you were celebrated, actually sort of a good thing. At least the destiny and his public life wasn't revealed to anything--Link could be a very private person--and at his current rate he had a whole bunch of secrets to hide.

An entire week was spent in the festival, no one even making sure to check the lava if anyone had died a horrible death in there. After about six days of the ensuing celebration, neither of them taking celebration but renting a small room at an Inne (Anjou was in the celebrations) was when they searched. Lying in the inn was so annoying; he wanted to go outside, though both of them were still in mourning for what had happened here. Finally, he decided enough was enough and was viewing the possibilities that maybe a burial was in service to showcase his affection. Going through the wreckage for a few hours proved frivolous, they knew that the body was long-gone, away with everything else it maimed down to the point of no return.

I could have stopped it; I could have saved her. If only I had tried my best, noticed what was going on, then it wouldn't have mattered what she could have done. It was flowing down through his mind as he searched all around for some sort of evidence for some help; it could have been saved by it all.

Navi had called him down, he returning from his spot, each of them dressed in some suits made of rubber--it kept them from scalding themselves. Ash was still strewn around, it cooled down to the point of the rubber not burning, though still hot enough to put scald marks on flesh. Throwing ash out of the way, more and more, where she had felt with a bump with an iron bar they were using without digging with their hands. At long last, the time had come for the search disappearing, everything coming at long last when those bones appeared in the midst. Bones--the callus that they originated were of a human, or maybe a Hylian since the area near the ears were more turned up than the latter.

Throwing the ashes aside, releasing the entire dirt from the skeleton, his fingers prodded upon it and found that the thing was slowly disappearing. As much as he wanted to stop it, to prevent it from happening, he was caught in vain here, he was simply gone from there and in another place. In this place, she was melting like a witch from a one of those stories where the water was thrown on them, the most beautiful way to end its life. Grabbing for her, the skeleton was now in place and was disappearing slowly, it going bit by bit as his fingers slid out for it for a grasp. Even back in the real world--it now around--his fingers slid out as the dust disappeared from it and nothing was left of the scene.

The sobs racked his throat when the ashes were gone, them even disappearing as the wind picked up and blew them into the hot ash, even though this was the hot ones itself. Gathering up some ice he had gotten from the village, he packed it down a little of the ashes so it could cool down for a few seconds. Taking it away after a thirty-some seconds had passed, he scooped up a bag and took the ashes in there, fastening it shut with him placed it inside a bag with ice on it. This way, the thing would keep the bag from melting and keep the ashes cool enough to carry back to the town, something he planned to do. Making his way back to the village in silence, neither of them talked, eyes were directed on the cloth bag it was in, the name of hers on there.

We didn't know anything about her, the sadness that must have flown through her head, though she didn't forget anything, she saved us. The fairie was quiet the entire time, but so was the Hylian, it seemed that either of them were not going to talk the entire way back. Not that much conversation had gone out in the day, at the nights during this week they talked all they could about her, what they knew and didn't. Link spent a good four days in bed determined to be ready to go ahead and venture on by the time that Sunday appeared on the horizon. Now the Sabbath day was around and all they had to do was one thing this afternoon, go to sleep and be ready before the day came up.

Already nearing the four o'clock sun, each of them were past the village, going through the steep alleyways, avoiding the last of the parades going on. That fat-ass Biggeron didn't mention Link once, he was already headed up the mountain, the dying of the parades were done with the charging. Such a stupid sight, it made her sick to see how well he was treated for just using his girth to save the town--what he planned on doing. When the turn of the graveyard was coming their way, Link broke out into a run, he gripping the ashes harder with the hand. They would of burst, if not for him holding back the power he possessed, the tears streaking down his face and falling below, holding the sobs back that processed into small little mewls.

Each had done their share of crying; maybe believing she was still around, though what they found at the site had made them sulk down. On the way back from the site, away from the skeleton was a rock that secured some sort of burnt material that someone had held onto. Lifting the small boulder a little, Navi had peeked down and yanked it out, she dropping it and letting out a cry of displeasure, backing up near his ample face. He belt and grabbed it, the tears breaking out as what was revealed was that piece of cloth, a pink ribbon attached to Kaci's little dress. The one that she had occupied from the Great Fairie, it surviving when an on-going rock had crushed some of her dress, the fire sweeping her further back--a weird coincidence since the lava was going forward.

Maybe she was swimming through the water was what Navi had thought and now as they stood ahead in the Kakariko Graveyard, a spade held in her partner's hand, it was too much. She went under his hat, sobbing as the small little clunks were heard from all over, they seemed to be eating away at her ears, clawing at the sounds. Nothing could of stopped those marks, for she knew that normal marks weren't like this, normal ones were for people that had died and had gone. She just didn't die, she was murdered by the one who blew up that Goddessdamned mountain up, it wasn't a normal blow away and she knew exactly who. Some hours later--she didn't know how long--she appeared out of the hat and came into the darkness of the graveyard, seeing Link was leaning against a tombstone.

"You okay?" He had a toothpick in his mouth; it was a substitute to smoking a cigarette--though he felt like puffing on those cancer-ridden tobacco pieces.

"I'm fine." She whispered, though she knew she was far from fine in this whole state, her body felt like it was about to explode with the anger.

"Well, I laid it in.I just couldn't bring myself to bury her."

"I know what you mean, this--this seemed to have changed you."

"Of course it changed me, Navi, someone died!" The anger coiled out in his voice, his arms getting a sudden charge, as if he was going to strike her, then they calmed down and he stared at her stupidly, remorse sprayed across his face, like he had just killed someone and in a way he had. "Navi.I-I'm sorry for what I said, I am not thinking. After all the shit that is going on, why should I take it out on the only girl that is here to comfort me? With Saria gone, I can't even call her on the ocarina, and with everyone miles away, I the most dependant on the one true person I can trust."

"It's okay, Link." Wavering towards his face, she leaned forward and embraced the boy in her arms, he gripping her harshly into a sullen embrace of passion. One good thing about her size was that he could keep her close to him, hold her even better, and the kisses were a lot better now. Sure, he kissed her now, as he had done during the mourning period, they're relationship was getting a lot more expressed than when he was a child. It seemed a shame how he acted, more serious than a ten-year old would happen to act--or maybe it wasn't bad, she seemed toe enjoy them more than anything. Small kisses, well ones without tongue, were the only ones he gave her, or maybe it was the only one that she had allowed him to give.

That amount of assessment caused him to perk up, and he grabbed a hold of the spade, taking one flick of the shovel and pressing it forward. Staring at the box they had assigned it in, a coffin with a golden lock upon it--he had to wonder why in the world they had gotten one with a lock. Unconsciously he had purchases this for three hundred rubies, using his entire ruby-bag and then selling some of the stuff he had salvaged around town. A regular thief, he was turning into, actually getting some of the stuff he had taken from the Fire Temple more than a week ago. It had to be because they were afraid no one would break into the lock and get at the encasements he had placed inside of there.

Not able to latch onto the spade to dig, the thoughts of it were making him dizzy, something gripped at his shoulder, the fear appearing. The dead had come to get him, they were back with their Poe forms and the thousands of torches ready to burn him at the steak. His hallucinations were getting the best of him in this situation, no one was going to calm him down, or save him from the evil dead. Navi couldn't save him like she usually could, he felt her kissing his cheeks and trying to cheer him up, he scared because the leader of the pack was present. The leader was a little girl dressed in a beautiful dress, her skin was charred--her having no Poe form-- maybe the form she had died in--the little girl was one by the name of Kaci.

"Link, don't be scared, look!" She cried out, the pierce was causing her to get through his clouded mind, the one that had conjured up these horrible images. Yes, for when he was spun around from the feeling, and it wasn't Navi, a stronger person had turned him around and was now able to face him. The face of Kaci's burnt corpse sent it away, disappearing like a gasp of fear had entered its mind and another one was in the place of it. A strong face, maybe a feminine man was here, someone he had not known; though recognition was possible from the look of things. Finally it clicked, the purplish-gray hair was what made him realize he was looking forward at his former sensei, the one that had trained him to fight and went by Impa.

Impa wasn't alone, several people--maybe the entire town, surrounded her, each of them were dressed in their nightclothes. She, however, was dressed in her beautiful armour, the one she had shown off for him all the time-- only one he had seen his master in. Well, he had seen some of the GIs she had displayed on; even a martial artist's uniform, but that what they called a GI, anyway. Now she bore no weapon, although Shuriken could be displayed in her pockets, a warm smile was entrancing her enchanting lips. What he had always loved about her, the tiredness was suddenly gone into him as he fell forward into the warm arms of her--she stroking his brow and cooing.

"What happened to Link?" Navi let out a cry of terror, staring at Impa with her eyes sort of dilating, a weird predicament for this sort of situation, her tiredness showing.

"You fairie, be calm. Young Link has fallen asleep, he needs a little more sleep, do not worry. We shall keep you company, we shall help dig the grave." Her smile was warm and assuring, and of course she trusted her former master, why wouldn't she train the one who had taught them skills to survive the power of evil.

Suddenly, for no particular reason, Navi also sought some refuge in the ways of being tired, her sleepiness increasing faster than ever. Maybe it was the way that Impa held Link in his arms, like a small child being rocked to its comforting motion, suckling on its mother. That was how she had sent him to bed as a child, when the nightmares went on, providing what was seemed as the first mother he ever had. Sure Saria had done that, she just wasn't as good at it as Impa was, the way she had handled Link like some sort of professional would. His Forest Girl had been clumsy and never raising a child, she had the experience with the little princess, she had raised her since the day she was born--probably even more infants--since she was a nursemaid.

Sliding down, she was soon asleep and Impa took it on to herself to retrieve them down towards the village, delivering them towards her house. There she bathed and washed the two of them, never thinking bad thought in her mind, loving the feeling of taking care of the two children. With that done, she restored most of their clothes and armour, sinking them in as the people worked away laboriously at the grave for Kaci. It had been stated a long time ago that somehow Impa knew how it was to go, maybe she had seen them and somehow knew the name. Whatever the case, a tombstone was instructed with the name of the girl whom had died and a small little poem was incased at it, it read,

To Kaci Bosiou. R.I.P.

Born September 18th, 500 B.G.- Died September 21st, 7 A.G.

To the beloved angel in the window; Whose life was wrested away as a bird flies.

No one can blame the shallowness sinful; Of how the evil took over and goodness dies.

The B.G. was a new symbol that had been invented, starting from the time that the Hylians had taken to rule, it used to be the symbol A.H., for After Hylian. Now the stated was meant for Before Ganondorf, as in the time before he had ruled the lands with his own vile evil in the place of everything else. However, A.G. stood for the chance of seven years, the anniversary had passed only a month and a half before, it was the official New Year. It meant that After Ganondorf, this that they had made up by themselves, adopting down to the official way that people stood the years. He--the Evil King--had gotten wind of this and kept it as the new official year, not that the bastard took care of his little kingdom he so begged for, he just let it rot away.

Kissing each of their cheeks, she looked down at them as they were dress back up, her hope was increasing even since she had seen him. The first time she came to Kakariko was when she saw them, also noting a little man was after them, he dressed like some sort of Shiekah. Although, he was dressed like the ones from the ancient past, not that there were many others to make the uniform of the present-day. If there were any of them left, they had been killed along with all the heroes and martial artists in the world, Ganondorf making sure of that. As soon as he was made King, or forced his way, he had them all killed and here was one that would make sure to exterminate what the others meant to accomplish on their demise.

Do well, my heroes, without each other you are nothing. A grin appeared upon her lips, pecking each of their foreheads, grabbing an extra spade and heading off to accompany her friends in helping dig the grave, if they weren't already done with the task.


"How goes the work, Shiek?" A blooded mammal peered off to the side, being utterly ignored by the pompous idiot, maybe one of those damned generals about. No, it wasn't one of them; the rest was a water-monster, a giant, and those two bitches that had claimed the temple from the sand worm. It was before he had joined, so the moment didn't last in his mouth, occupying with the simple task of visiting the main boss, he wanted him. No conversation ever went about them; he not even sure how the locals had accompanied his name, the only one that he talked to was Ganon. Only by force would be distaste himself to low as to speak to that idiot, he was so overgrown with power that his ugly mug couldn't see how much was going on inside of Shiek's mind.

Trailing through the outer doors of the hidden corridor, the main room was for intruders and full of traps that he just didn't feel like dealing with. Shiek a few months back, Ganondorf own personal passage discovered this passage, but what the King didn't know wouldn't hurt him. What would he do if he spoke of it, probably have his own arm blown off, he was useful to the man with only legs, fighting wasn't essential. No one knew the boy's true power; he was tested once and slowed down his power to be booted in the average standings. Or possibly hurt the Shiekah, he knew how strong Ganon was and didn't even want to deal with the consequences for shooting his mouth off.

He'd seen Ganondorf blow people's limbs off, rape women numerous times, have men raped by the monsters or evil guards he had present. A sadistic man, he was not about to say something and get anything shoved up his ass- hole, Shiek had learned to control his temper long ago. While Link took his time off was when he reported into the man, never leaving his post incase something special was needed to accompany him. He had no care for the Hero of Time, just wanted to do his job and hope the boy kept his pace up and did his own work, in that area. Maybe helping him a few times, he knew that without him, the boy was lost, even without his little guardian he was a lost little boy.

Who could blame the one with the mind of a ten-year old, it was natural he'd be very immature and act up in certain situations. Having matured a little, his mind wasn't right with his body yet, though about a fourth of a way there, maybe ready when the last jewel was attained. It could be he was maturing right, or the simple fact that the six jewels are what sent him up in age, each of them occupying some years forward. Well, he was ready, immature or not, to defend the person who was the hero and take care of everything that needed to be done--not actually participating in a fight. If there were seven, then it would be a year a pendant and he'd be close to thirteen, though only six of them stood in the way.

Appearing up the long pairs of stairs, straining from the run, he was down by the golden edged door, not liking the smell of things. Or maybe the hearing of things, the moans he heard with his Shiekah ears, being one of the only people here with long ears. Ganondorf followers clipped their ears--very painful procedure--to show their loyalty to the Gerudo race, which have the short ears--or he did. Shuddering with all his breath, that crimson eye was deflecting back and forth across the room, deciding if he should intrude--even if he was called. With the mask still on, sworn to never take it off, he decided that he would proceed in and tapped the edge of the door, it sliding open for him, walking through.

Ah, fuck! He let out a long whistle of disgust for the scene that was displayed before him of the man he had sworn 'loyalty; too only eight months ago. Sitting in his favorite chair (the one the King had died in) he had a smile on his face and about fifteen Gerudo were around his body. Each of them were nude, not the bad part, but so was his body, the hard muscles lined with that face just gave Shiek the chills. His whistle must have indicated the man's attention, for he soon started at him and nodded, not dismissing the wenches back to their quarters. Every Gerudo was entangled in this big orgy; they all focused on him, instead of pleasuring each other, not caring about what their needs were.

"Shiek, my boy, care to have a ride at one of these fair whores?" He was never light about his speech, nor did he respect women very well, but who could respect a woman who would sleep with Ganondorf?

"Ah, no thanks, Great Ganondorf. I am just here for my proceeding." Very tempting to get with one, they were so beautiful, though he'd have his body next to the man with gray skin, which made him break out in gooseflesh.

"You're no fun." He broke out into a barrel of laughter, the maidens staring at him then giggling in they're own ways, not even stopping their pleasure and finally even Shiek made a weak chuckle. "Well, what goes about the land, I sensed another Sage has awakened itself, that's the third one, right?"

"Well, the Light Sage was already awake, so it's two awakened."

"Yea, well, the official count is three, right?" Throwing a hand outward, the energy he produced sort of made a whirlwind appear and throw the wenches across the room, they disappearing and coming back with a coat to drape around his entire body, soon taking their leave.

"Yes sir, there are three awakened. Rauru, the Sage of Light, Saria, the Sage of Forest, and now Daruina, the Sage of Fire." He bit his lips, relieved the man had put something on, now a little saddened the maidens were gone, but he'd get over their luscious bodies soon enough.

"Hm, what other news do you bring me?"

"Your volcano was ridiculed, it was stopped by a Goron named Biggeron. A huge one that was measured at an estimated--" He was cut off with a yell of rage, and the walls around him starting to crumble.

"Fuck! That stupid Goron--I remember him--he made some sort of large sword a while back, I remember him well, so he foiled my plans." Some of the women came to tend to him, dressed in robes, he brushing them off until they went under the cape and a sucking noise started, he calming. ".Yes. Shiek, what about the boy?"

"He got down, somehow. He's resting in Kakariko now, under observation by one of my followers. I wasn't really watching at that time, though I saw him finding some human remains, so maybe he was with someone and they rescued him?" Shiek crossed his legs and sat down, Indian-style, beginning to levitate himself up to Ganon's face level--there was never a chair for his subjects.

"I see. The kid is getting better. How'd he take out Volvagia?" It was happening too fast, faster than he had first imagined, he had expected the boy to get lost in those temples and somehow die. Now, he was winning more and more jewels and pretty soon he would have all of them--halfway there already, so it was only a matter of time. As by Goddess as his witness, he was so surprised at how a boy could get so strong in such a long time, releasing the power difference in Volvagia and Phantom. Of course they were a vast part away, the Phantom had been one of his earlier forms and was much weaker than Volvagia. So strong how he was killed, even with the special hammer that was labeled to be in that stupid little temple, he hated them all, personally.

"Megaton Hammer." Shiek whispered a loud, hearing the frustrated cry again; no walls were clambering around his ears, almost afraid that the castle would collapse.

"God damnit, I can never send someone to navigate those temples and get those ancient weapons. The Fairish Bow is what killed the Phantom, or weakened him, and now the Megaton is what killed our resurrected comrade?"

"Link's rage actually did that, Milord." Of course, the weapons had helped the boy, but it was how angry he had gotten (Shiek had watched both battles, the first one the most spiteful.)

"That's the biggest problem, his rage is what always worries me. I mean, I watched that battle through the eyes of that Phantom and I saw what happened when provoked. Do we have a weakness?"

"Yes, we do. The boy is weak in the heart." He hated to say it, though Ganondorf knew when he was lying, he always had known, seen him do it to plenty of traitors towards him, Shiek the first to conceal it.

"In his heart, he has a heart disease?"

"N-no, Milord." Shiek put his hands against his face, even though concealed, and started to hold back to little laughs, so not to get punished for his disrespectful, holding it together and letting out a smiling response. "He is weak against people, two times we have kidnapped a person and it makes all the difference in a situation. We kidnapped that forest child and a little Hylian girl he had been accompanied with. He cared for the girl, for I think she died and that was when he started crying, a very first that wasn't in rage."

"Ha, so he is a little emotional idiot. I love when I run into those, kidnap those he loves and torture them until they beg for mercy, so are there any other people around he might sob over?" His knuckles began to crack, as he stepped away from the man and flashed the cape over his body, being drenched in that beautiful armour.

"No, I don't think I've seen anyone." Navi was what came to mind, he holding the fact back and not even thinking about it, what most liars do when they are in the act--stupid reflex.

"Too bad, so what do you think about the next temple, could he defeat the revived monster?"

"Sure, Morpha is a pussy, anyway." Shiek grinned towards his master, he shrugging a shoulder in the levitated position and seemed to float down, leaning against the air. The meetings they had always been this way, even before the Hero was awakening, it was a loyal procedure he'd been following for some time. First he would talk about some meaningless things, joke a little bit, and then it would be time to go down to the regular business. Ganon wasn't usually naked, though, and then the monster would dwell what was going on in the world, how everyone was suffering. He'd answer 'beautifully' even when he wasn't around them, since Ganondorf could see anything; he was constructing something to take care of that problem.

A beautiful eye that was made of parts from the Sacred Realm he'd taken over, those were used to construct the eye that would be done soon. Already more than halfway done, it would divulge with parts from the Triforce, some residue that it left behind, and hopefully be able to see all. The first tests had proved that it would indeed do this, so the work on the eye of Tarragona was revealed to the public, his minions going to work. Tarragona was meant in the old Gerudo language as a person who could see the future, sort of like a Shaman that would see all, or a psychic. Either way, the thing would be finished in a few months, and then he could track whatever the hell he wanted too (including Shiek and the boy that went by Link.)

"Morpha's not in charge anymore."

"W-what? What happened to him? It seems that all the old bosses are being replaced." Phantom had replaced the beautiful Tree that his master had deluged for the Forest Temple's interior originally, Volvagia had taken over the place of a lava-monster, and now Morpha was gone. "Whose in his place?"

"Oni Liinku." He words gave Shiek the chills; they even gave Ganondorf as he whispered them out softly, one of his greatest creations ever invented.

"Wonderful, that'll really get the Hero of Time."

"It should be--it is him." All of a sudden he broke out in one of the evilest laughs that Shiek had ever heard, it was a piercing whine, while a deep bellow at the same time. He didn't stop; the man just waved away his subject and that was said to leave him be, go back and wait when the Hero was ready to leave. Or maybe he heard it in his mind that could also be a possibility that was what he wondered as those doors disappeared and he appeared outside. Transported by the Lord, he was now inside of Kakariko Village, the town of parades was dying down on the seventh day, no sign that the boy had left. He'd seen them head off last night--before he left for the castle--they having shovels in their hands and with some asking he was told they were giving a funeral for the girl who died in the lava saving the boy in green, the one named Kaci.

Ohh, where is the boy in green? He had pondered towards the villager; the burly man answering that he was asleep in the guardian of this town's mayor, well sort of. The town had no form of government--too small at first--but soon it would and that leader would probably be the one who opened it. When the man was gone, his thoughts approached the last Shiekah in the world; it was Impa whom had opened this place up to those people so long ago. Mm, so she is back in the place, so strange. He thought for sure that she had died during the battle, because it didn't matter how strong you were, if one had the Triforce piece of Power, you were dead. Deciding to leave the boy alone, he hoped on top of one of the houses and noticed something was gone--the ring around Death Mountain was gone.

His self.that's what Ganondorf had said to him, it rang true In his ears, making him break out in gooseflesh and hold himself tightly, Link would need all the help he could get.

Chapter 6

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