The Ocarina of Time Novelization Prologue

A Dream of Dreams

By Habuki

Copyright: I do not own Zelda, Nintendo does. Story by Habuki Productions.

Before life began, before the world had form, three golden goddesses descended upon the chaotic land of Hyrule. The goddesses were Din the goddess of Power, Naryu the goddess of Wisdom, and Farore the goddess of Courage. Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the earth. Naryu poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the spirit of law to the world. Farore's rich soul created all life forms that would uphold the law. These three great goddesses returned to the heavens, leaving behind the gold sacred Triforce. Since then, the Triforce has become the basis for Hyrule's providence, and where the Triforce stood become sacred land.

Fear. It is a phenomenal feeling, isn't it? For one's self- consciousness to shatter into thousands of pieces spiraling into the pit of hell, and to be able to perform this act of persuasion is very much incredible. Humans sometimes slow their emotions mistaking fear for another unorthodox feeling that is curiosity. The unknown ponders humans because he thinks only of himself, yes, it's also a blend of selfish pride. Seated along with curiosity makes up the substitute for true accusation of fear, the true part is always mistaken at some point in time, even by animals. Instinct is what the animals want, yet when humans revert, and see the fear in their eyes; they revert back to the instincts as the animals did.

Let me explain just what this ear-shattering feeling that has been mistaken for thousands of years is, the name fear, coming from the Greek root meaning 'half-alive.' This is explained how when truly met with fear half of the human is alive, sometimes a glimpse of true fear is met when the so- called 'life occurrences' appear. Do not fret the little humans, for fear is the way and guidance for all of us, it shows us the right and wrong paths in this life and maybe the next. Significant to the appearance of fear is pain, which also is not the same, pain is suffering which would be a synonym to fear, but whey are far from alike to each other. Some are so similar, yet others recognize the others with fear, yet most are mistaken when they try to find the real meanings of them.

Fear is that burning sensation you get inside the bottom region neither of your mouth, the dry raspy realization of death, not at all like life experiences, nor like the other experiences explained in this speech. Back to the matter, fear is when death is upon you and it will not go away, death and fear are more compatible, but still different. Death is quick and easy while the fear would be slow and painful, the figure of death loving the feelings that flow through the mind. Torture; almost would be a nice reference as to other means of punishment, sometimes the one being innocent, other times not. This seems to have nothing to do with the following material, but just let it be into reference, that what this boy fears is not death, nor is it fear, it is a moral mentality. A scary thing, indeed, but this is to show you what the emotion the young boy feels in the following dream.


Giant swirls of darkness over veiled the once pure land, the source of evil seemed to be dwelling from a bittersweet course, the large block of mentality in the ground, and planted onto was a flag, showing the portrait of three triangles pressed together. A holy aura that surrounded the castle instantly flashed away by the presence of a darker aura, the one of evil, an unsure energy about. The present one that conquered all of this old land, the once Holy Land was masquerade, crusaders of evil dancing around the bonfires. Screams and murmurs of fear escaped the land, seeming to have infiltrated the once purified land with a lustful evil, the evil shot out in the area. Surrounding the forest, the ever so still purified land emitted another light, just as the same, but this time the light stayed, reflecting in full colours. Shining ever so brightly until it formed the shadow of a boyish figure surrounded by another flow, fluorescent aquamarine, with a pair of insect-like wings. The land, evil and unfulfilled quieted for this figure, a name printed across it in beautiful landmarks which read, 'Hero of Time.'


The scene seems to disappear from the mind of it, reclining to another request, this time not so symbolic, but a little more visual. The figure of a lad seen from the last appearance seems to have taken a more requested view, his clothes matching that of the dream. Turquoise hat landed onto of the boy followed by the same matching tunic, all in matching colours, attached was the blade, a sweet sincere one. Innocence and justice, was the aura that circled the warrior, not at all one-inch of evil planted into his heart, his mind clean from the evil. Yet that didn't seem to stop him from conquering evil, to get rid of it without it consuming his insides, eating it out for eternity, nothing penetrated it.

A mystical being, he was, but in all the same, it was a nice picture of all, the reflection of him being displayed for all that would watch. The clouds swirled all around a giant stone structure, followed by the bridge pulled all the way down, and there was the turquoise paired lad. The dagger of some sort replaced in that hand of his, and he could feel it, the trembling echoing through his body, the pain of the journey. Adventures courage, and protection, but enough for the boy, the boy was through with his journey, it was time to take the source of evil down. There was something different about it. An aquatic-coloured figured scenario hovering over him. Butterfly-like wings surrounded the majestic cerulean figure, blue, as the sky would be without this horrible rounding. The boy pushed back the cap once more before a sudden neigh sprang from the area, turning his attention back towards the stone pillars and not so much the background. It seemed the time had come, before looking up towards the neigh, a beast sprang off with the up-brink hoof beats, and gazing forward he saw the holy mare jump on by before another holy blue light instrument sailed into the waters below. This was it: the hovered above figure had all of the lust and evil scribbled into one. A man plated in dark midnight armour along with the steed. It was also an impure colour, and just staring up at the tanned figure sent spiraling shivers down his spine. No audio was revalued in this scene, but by the actions seen the man was angry and frustrated, even more when the boy shook his head in some sort of comply.

Circulating iron gloved digits upon the man's hand cupped together, just one, before a small chi light came out, even thought bright as day it extracted demonic feelings, making the dark clouds feel alone. Before the boys shield could comply with a blocking motion out the light of chi sprayed surrounding the boy and pouncing on, not that blocking would have helped him. Convulsions, along with a screech of pain, surrounded the boy's body in a monstrous rage, his sword dropping down on the ground, making all his adventures seem endless. Yes, there was nothing to do except make the pain come, take it in full, so that one day it might disappear from him, and end the pain.

Pain and impurity engulfed the once purified boy's body; the extreme pain followed by fear, the fear was taking its place once more. Yes, fear this is were it all connects together, with fear, but before the over expelled fear could strike with its accomplice, death. The clouds hovered down over the impure boy and a small-brightened firefly sending them down in a swirl of souls, the long screeches causing his ears to bleed. No one was there to stop the pain, nothing was there to calm the screeches, and nothing would stop him from dying at the hands of it. Cries of terror and unhappiness at all poked his elven appearance ears of his once more before the cloudiness shut down. Inside the spiral of fear echoed the once forth- young innocence shattering within every other new scream echoing.

Even after the torturous event a loud piece of laughter is heard from the only present world of this forbidden dream sequence, too frightening for words to explain all that would happen was fear. It was a tremendous sound echoing only throughout minds of those that were visible, although there were none around to experience this. Flurries of powerful contradictory circles kept flowing inside the terrible globe remembering the destruction of a land never established in ones mind. There it was the land of no returning thought, destroyed, and sending shivers down the spine tingling ensemble, the warrior discriminated for the time being. Nothing was safe now, the land would be eaten up from bacteria, and the man from the desert claiming what he wanted a triangle.


Outside of this world a giant guardian is watching this dream, but its form was not a particular one of a keeper, the form of a tree. Then again maybe he was, and about in the length, a two hundred feet long tree that's trunk reached up farther than seen in the sky. The protector top branches were aligned in a tremendous filled together gap so that no light went through it, but around it circled in the air. Mentioning the air, small dots of light surrounded the tree in a Holy Grail fashion; maybe the tree could have been a holy god of something. Finally a voice sounded out of the powerful tree, a deep, but conscious voice, one that could inspire ones self-ambition, just as deep as tall it was. The guardian was speaking to no one at all. It seemed if you looked into a closer stance there was something or maybe someone aside the tree, and yes it was, a small swirling dot, not at all like the others. The one seemed to move at reflexes like any other living thing, but the small swirling dot was a good distance away. Finally after some anticipation the tree spoke out, loud and booming speech.

"In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule. Long have I served as the guardian spirit and I am known as the Deku Tree. The children of the forest, the ancient Kokiiri, live here with me, and every Kokiiri has his or her own guardian force. However, there is one boy who does now have one guardian farie." There was a small, ample shiver showing the picture of the same boy in the dream, hence forth curled up on a small wooden bed with no cover except ones behind him. Seeing the shiver was of chills or just that of fright, we wouldn't know for quite some time, all we knew that the boy had no one with him, nothing to protect him. No force that the tree spoke of was with him, the place dusty from not having been cleaned in the longest time, and it didn't seem to bother him. Again the setting changed once more back to the tree's forest arena, where sparkles were all around, maybe the fireflies making their daily routines.


"Navi. Oh, Navi, where art thou? Come hither."

Springing from within the tree was the same small sparkle it was resided, Navi, floated over towards the tree, the veiled thing carrying wings. It was seen that the little dot was wearing a veil over it's entire body, but with two insect-type wings springing out of the blue barrier, used to fly, it seemed. Flying over towards the tree, the thing was silent; its composure kept the place that maybe this was the master of the domain. Keeping its silence was quite respectful, that made this tree seem even more and more like a god, or at least a spirit of the forest, either one holding the most respect.

"Oh, Navi the farie, listen to my words, the words of the Deku Tree. Dost thou sense it? The climate of evil is descending upon this realm and malevolent forces that is new mustering to attack out at the land of Hyrule. For so long the Kokiiri Forest, the source of life, has stayed as a barrier, blocking outsides and restraining the order of the world."

"Yes, Great Deku Tree, I do sense the power that dwells inside of this forest and outside in the great land of Hyrule." Judging from the voice technique it was shown that Navi, the farie, was a female of gender, now we know the barrier was just a cover-up, for those not supposed to see her? Scared of outsiders seeing its true form, then the rest of the sparkles around the area were maybe the same species of them, a fairie. The fairies were a very extraordinary race, but from this place they seemed to be down on the ladder, having such small bodies and a boss. Each other fairie kept its mouth shut, unless it was spoke too, but most of them were crowded around the Deku Trees, the stray ones.

"But before this tremendous power of evil my own is nothing aside weak. It seems the time has come for the boy without a farie to begin his journey, fly Navi, the boy whose destiny is to lead Hyrule into an age of gold. This lad can fulfil this so that the land will be in truth and justice to live onto greater days. Navi! Go now! Find the young hero and lead him to me, be this guide, for I only have to little time left. Fly out, Navi, fly, the fate of the forest, nay, the world depends on thee."

"Yes, Great Deku Tree, I will fulfill your request." The small farie took off with a spark of speed, sprinkles emitting from within the barrier and swirling around, and even though so fast, the little farie was still slower than most creatures at flying. That didn't mean it was too slow, after leading down the mountain carved corridor, past the plants and such a village came into view, and what one it was. Most of the houses, well the majority of them, all carved from wood and placed on the ground, there were bridges leading from some of the houses to higher ground where some of the Kokiiri lounged around or worked. Maneuvering through a small bridge, the young fairie bopped her head upon the wooden fence, giving a growl at the wonder of it, then going back out. Keeping the flying lower, she slipped through the small gate and kept her pace at a slower one, to avoid any more little accidents.

Sprinting in the air past the children, waving back to each other she passed, Navi continued on her journey past move of the houses and the delicate training center. This was where some of the children trained in the art of fighting or just to keep up in tiptop shape, although none of them ever really fought. Moving all the way to the end of the forest, she passed a small house resided inside of a tree, a tree house it was called, the only one in the whole forest. Every other place was on the ground, it was weird that one person would build a house here, or it could be he was an outsider, outcast by the rest. Maneuvering through the ladder at the top, the farie went up to the top of the house entering through the window looking for the young boy.

Indeed he was there, but this boy, not much older than ten, was asleep in the bed cover now pulled all the way across head so he was seeping through the cover into the bed like quicksand. The other children woke up at about six in the morning, did their morning chores, since there were no grown-ups in the village and kept up until late that night. Something was weird here, the boy looking like he had just gone to sleep a few hours ago, when everyone else was supposed to have been asleep he may have been up. Every other Kokiiri was up at this time, but the boy had abnormal sleep patterns, making her way up to him, she landed on top of the covers speaking.

"Hello, Link, wake up." There was no response so the now impatient farie once again tried to wake him up, and the fairie was known to be a little impatient, wanting her way. "Link, the Great Deku has summoned you, get up now, Link!" It seemed the boy wasn't responding to anything, and so lazy, so maybe she would have to take the direct approach and do something worthwhile. She took the strong approach by surrounding him, flying back and forth, brightening the barrier so it illuminated the entire room brighter than it had every been, then shouted. "Can Hyrule's destiny depend on such a lazy boy! Come on and get up!" Finally, she pulled the cover up off of his face, yanking it off hard, so that it flew across the room and fell upon the floor, making him shiver.

Small digits upon hands pulled the cover back in a bountiful manner before he sat up all the way, well propping up at the most, waking up to his fulfillment. With a long yawn the boy's eyes peered open, staring at what had possibly awoken him from his sleep, he wasn't supposed to be up for a while now. The boy was so young that he really didn't have many chores, except keeping his own house clean (which didn't work out most of the time.) Blonde tresses of cornstalk now covered his face and those long elven ears, before brushing them away and pushing self up producing a very long yawn. Well, another yawn produced through his lips, staring out at the roof, there just as he said that, he turned his attention towards the person who awoke him.

"Hmm? Who are you, Miss Farie-sama?" Very polite, he was and glanced at the little farie with every-crescent sky-blue hues, those eyes peering down at her, quite confused.

"Finally you awaken! I am Navi the Farie, and the Great Deku Tree has asked me to be your partner from now on. It is nice you meet you, but down to business, the Great Deku Tree has summoned you, so let us get going."

Those beautiful eyes swelled up in excitement as he leapt from the bed, shirtless, and in a pair of long green boxer related undergarments. He cried out in pure joy, wrapping his arms around the small farie, pressing her up against his bare chest, not very muscular. The boy was not scrawny or heavy, and giggling sweetly he fell upon the floor with her inside his palms, caressing the girl very much. Well, it was quite a surprise to him having a fairie and to the fairie whom was being touched in ways she had never been touched before. "I've gotten a farie? Yippee!" The boy had never had one of his own, so this was quite a surprise and a joy to receive one, now he would be excepted, quite a joy. Mido would just have to accept him!

"Whoa, slow down there, what is all the excitement about. Oh, yeah, you've never had a farie before, have you?" Of course that would have excited him and with the gentle touch from him as she was held, she soon returned to nice embrace. When cupped in his hands, she began to flutter and glow bright to glow inside of his hands, a bluish light at all. It all illuminated a warm between his fingers that only she could give with that aquamarine veil. Besides, she rather liked the attention he was very sweet, something that she had never been shown, or if she did it had been so long that she'd forgotten. Being with him seemed like it was going to be a lot more fun than she imagined; not so stuck up as some of the fairies she was used to being near.

After a few minutes, the boy pulled away from the bed, setting her down, and walked to his chest drawer's section of the tree house pulling out that green tunic, along with the hat. Next followed him sitting down and slipping on the tradition cloth-made brown Kokiiri boots, both part of the suit, and finally the belt made of leather with a golden buckle slipped on along the waist firmly held. On a side note, the tunic had a dress kilt falling down instead of the other shorts, worn by males, maybe it was a joke or the girls made the clothing and liked the way he looked. Smiling and straightening long cap that fell just past his shoulders, Link pulled a bag of rubies inside a large wallet and hung at his side. The tree house was only one ever, so not much there. Just some drawing equipment, a kitchenette, and a small bath tub. Gathering up an apple, he headed out nibbling upon it. The young lad walked over to the outside of the house taking a large deep breath of the Kokiiri fresh air.

It was a sweet and sincere scent indeed, with a flavor of that forest small, but not so much the nasty, hasty smell, something he was used to. Walking forward a few steps, the boy looked down towards the ground and what he saw made his heart skip a few beats. There she was the wise and beautiful Saria, the Kokiiri girl, wise beyond her age and with the looks of a child a little older than he is. With flowing turquoise locks flowing just past the shoulder area, her fashion looked a little manlier than his were, sad as it was. Clothes were the same colour as his, but not a tunic, it was more of a green sweater with shorts, aligned a belt with matching boots, all the same colour as the tunic.

The first thing the little girl did was look up with those deep mahogany hues and let out a loud giggle before calling out his name. It seemed the boy had a deep affectionate crush on her, but she didn't seem to mind at all, it was just she didn't feel the same way? It wasn't shown at all, but the important thing was those two were the best of friends, and that will come into effect a little later in this story. The girl's affections were hidden deep with in, maybe masked with a deep reflection she used upon people, to keep them from worrying? Saria looked up upon him once more, and, noticed the farie. He had a farie! She cried out in happiness.

"Yoo-hoo! Hi Link! Come on down and let me see your new friend!"

With the small farie perched upon his shoulder, she just watched how the boy handled himself, and it seemed he wasn't doing a great job. It seemed the two had some little bond, or just a first- worn crush or something in the matter, but it seemed to be one-sided since she wasn't the nervous one. She didn't mind, nah, this was his life after all, and fairies weren't supposed to invade in their partner's personal lives, it was just annoying. It wasn't like she liked the boy that way, they were partners and partners they would remained until the very end, or until they were done with whatever the Deku Tree wanted. So she looked back at Link urging him to hurry upon, they had to go see the Great Deku Tree; after all, it was rude to keep the master waiting.

Link turned around at the Deku bleached ladder scaling it all the way down, sliding it down in a few seconds instead of climbing down. Such a dangerous move was stupid, for he could of probably tripped on the ladder and broken a leg, rendering him useless for the Deku Tree. When he turned around Saria ran up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, giving him a tight hug, the boy melting in a figurative sense. Another giggle escaped turning towards her eyesight, very well seeing the farie that he had, and the excitement was rushed even more. Placing her hands into a clapping gesture, in a single bound with an excited little glee in her voice, the chiming sound beautifully sounding.

"Link, you finally have a farie! I am so excited for you, Link, now you can become a true Kokiiri, and hopefully Mido won't torture you anymore. Mm- hmm, you can finally be equal."

"I hope you are right, Saria, but I sadly doubt whatever I do will change his mind. Then again, you never know. Oh! I do have a farie now." Mido was the oldest of the Kokiiri, but the wisest, well maybe in his own little world he was the most mature, yet he seemed to favor right behind Link. Mido was the boss around here, or so he claimed, the most manipulative so he was awarded the chair thanks to the handiwork of everyone else. He was very immature and teased Link for one main reason, Saria, the only reason was that, except the fairie cracks every now and then. Yes, he craved attention from her, but was rewarded with nothing, since she teased the young Link and bossed the rest of them.

"So, why are you up so early. For you it is. I mean you are usually up near the middle of the day from now. Does this farie have anything to do with your sudden awaken?"

"Actually, yea, she came to me because I was summoned by the Great Deku Tree. Her name is Miss Navi and she is my official partner...she--" Navi, clearing her throat, cutting him off a little; she didn't need a speech for her arrival, she would announce herself, without the need for introductions. She had heard of Saria before, the wisest of the Kokiiri, and spoke in full intention, not holding back any of her feelings, whom she hurt caring whom she hurt.

"Yes, the Great Deku Tree has summoned Link, but we must be going now, Saria. It is a great matter that this boy has to take care of. You understand, right?"

"Well, sure I do, Miss Navi. Link, come see me when you are done, I'll be waiting her for you, so you had better go on and hold your meeting with the Great Deku Tree." The answer actually surprised the farie, it seemed that the rumors were true, she really was nice and wise, with not a dishonest bone in her body. Smiling, the farie perched deeper into Link's shoulder before the boy nodded. "Alright, I will you later, Saria. Come on, Miss Navi, let's go." With that the boy took off walking towards the Deku Tree's domain, his mind clear that he had his friend's blessing, so whatever happened he would do in good hands. Having confidence in himself was sort of hard, yet with her backing him up; he always seemed to have more the reason to get on.

He started off by passing his house and next to it was Saria's house, living next door was convenient, because she could go home and wait if she wanted too. Stepping past her house he came upon the twin's house, they were two girls that lived in the same house, sort of nice in Link's eyes. They were the only identical twins in the whole forest, Sati and Hati, but when he passed the house no one was there so moving along he did. Next up was the small stream, it was a little deeper than usual from the rainfall that came a few days ago, so walking along the sides until he reached the shop. The only place with a red roof, on top of the roof was someone, a little girl. It was Sati, the twin was sitting on the roof, why was one of the reasons, yet she was known to be the weirder of the twins, so it was expected.

"Hey, Link! Up here on the roof!" The older girl giggled, kicking her feet from where she sat, looking over at him with those eyes of blue, it wasn't that she liked him very much, the girls were just nicer. All of the children were older than him, of course, so they naturally thought of him as a little boy, which he was since most of them were hundreds of years older. Now her hair a darker shade of orange than his was, his being a more blonde and hers more the colour of the sun, so it was easy to distinguish them. Never the less, it was a bit longer, with it falling down to her shoulders. She wore a light green dress with the same dainty boots as Saria. Actually this girl was one of the nicer girls in the forest; all of the others didn't like him very much. Turning around towards her, Navi went up also circling her, turning a darker shade of blue than usual.

"You have a farie, wow. I am so excited for you. Hey, using the farie you can target people, like me up here and talk to them. Anyway, I heard the Great Deku Tree has summoned you. You better hurry up and miss Mido; he is guarding the post today and might not let you in. Go on now!"

"Oh, thanks Miss Sati, tell your sister that I said 'hi'." Saying his goodbye, the boy wondered over to the rocks and hopping across each of them, his thoughts peering from on his own destination. Talking fall away was a nice advantage, but he realized how was he able to hear her from so far away, shrugging it off. Must be that the fairies could carry sound waves or something, yea that must have been it, since she was about twenty feet in the air. The blocks were a lot bigger than he was; only being three was they were coloured an ash-like painting that Mido had specialized with the center have a small block in it. When the boy hopped across the third one and back on the ground a sparkle appeared from the sky while a large blue ruby appeared in his hands, eyes illuminating at the money. "Wha?"

"Oh, no one told you? That is a special trick to earn rubies, the blues ones are worth five and the greens are worth one each. If you are wondering, there are the red rubies, rare, but worth 20 rubies each, purples are worth 50 each and finally the ancient silver ones are worth 100 rubies each." Navi poured that information out from upon the hat, before coming back onto his shoulder, placing her down into it now, and being so informative. "Let's continue on, Link."

".Wow, thanks for the information, Miss Navi." Next, he hopped across a few large rocks, keeping his balance not to fall off as he kept going across the rocks as to not damping his boots. Missing the fun of wetting his boots, but there was no time to deal with that he was on a mission of his own now, keeping fun out of the way. Running across it later, he saw the large meadow opening, moving past the gates and moving down inside of the place, hands crossed at his chest. The huge meadow was just past the boy that guarded it and just his luck Mido had gotten there to take the post from Luki, another boy who disliked him, but would let him through if Mido wasn't there. Walking over towards Mido he placed his hands onto of his sides, speaking out now, trying to keep the confidence level at a high rate. "Mido, I don't want trouble, so just let me through."

The Kokiiri boss despised this boy for frankly that Link had all of Saria's attention spend on him, and none on Mido, broiling his blood. The older Mido was deeply in love with her and since those two always hung out together, he was always jealous of the friends. Well, the only thing he loved more than Saria was his ego, but Saria really despised Mido for what he had done to Link a long time ago. A grudge was held and never broken, even as much as he apologized to Saria, never even making an attempt to apologize to the victim. The second reason he didn't like Link was because he didn't have a farie. Every Kokiiri was assigned a farie at birth until something happened to him or her or the farie was killed in some horrible way. A farie of Navi's colour floated across Mido was quiet, it seemed no other faries talked much to other Kokiiri, aside Navi that is.

"It's Mr. Mido! Now, you expect me to let you through, you mangy mutt. I am not that stupid as the others are, now get out of here before I kick your scrawny little ass."

".You're not in charge of the forest, Mido."

".Shut up and leave." Replied the boss Kokiiri.

"I-I can't do that, Mido, the Great Deku Tree has summoned me now, and I have to be on my way to see him. Please, just this once, please won't you let me through." Link looked up at him: the freckled boy was just a bit larger than he, with the darker hair as Sati's was, except his was shorter than both of theirs. Clothes were almost as Link's aside the fact he wore shorts and the sleeves on his suit were a bit shorted than Links', and the cap was shorter on Mido, the boy having a bit more power too. Yes, the boy worked out here and at the training center so he would be considered one of the most powerful Kokiiri, no one could beat him, yet he wasn't buff. What Mido had was power, using that to assign fear into the other children, except that of Saria and now Link, whom thought he was an idiot.

"You expect me to believe that, you idiot, you don't even have a farie! Oh, well, it seems you have a farie, well that proves nothing! You are probably holding the stupid thing ransom so you will get something in return. Never have you lain eyes on the Great Deku Tree and never will you. I will make sure of that."

Stupid? That angered the little farie so she steamed up and raced towards his face, circling him ad loudly began to curse in her native tongue, showing the other farie backing away frightened a bit. Mido just swatted her away utterly missing, this was because the faries were not fast on flying speed but when it came to dodging abilities and evasion, they were the fastest in the Hyrulian World. Nothing compared to that, and a little Kokiiri's fist was not going to harm the girl, who continued to dab infront of it, cursing harsher in the language. Link just looked off to the side, not saying anything, nor understanding it, yet from the look upon the other fairy's face it wasn't nice.

"Come on, Mido, I need to see him. It is a matter of urgency, can't I do anything to get us through?"

He considered this for a long while before nodding his head once in tolerance, all right, maybe the boy needed to or would be killed by a Deku Baba later on. "Yes, I'll let you pass, but at least properly equip yourself with a sword and a shield. Get the hell out of here before I change my mind, now go on child."

"Thank you, Mido." Blood curdled saying those simple words to the Kokiiri boss this was because he did too despise Mido as much as the boy loathed him. It was a mutual feeling in both areas, the boy not having a grudge against the older boss at first, yet not liking him, but now he didn't like the boy at all. He was just too stuck up, granted the power by the Deku Tree, yet taking the power and using it to his own good, not what the tree had wanted. Turning around, Link walked back towards the stepping stones which he hopped around equivalently once before another ruby landed in his palms, making himself forty rubies at the spot this time. "Where should we get a shield, Miss Navi?"

When they were a good whiles away, the boy stared back at her, a confused look plastered on his face, holding back the giggles from the expressions the other fairie made. "Just what did you say?"

"You saw that look on her face, Link, what do you think?"

"Words Saria taught me never to say.the ones Mido uses sometimes?"

"Exactly I hate that boy, Link, you should stick up for yourself. Back to the mission, the shield would be in the shop for right about forty rubies. You have that many?"

"Yup, just enough."

"Alright, well the sword maybe somewhere, but I am just as confused as you. Maybe Saria knows something, she has been around longer than both of us."

Pressing the door open by pulling the knob forward, and turning it, he opened the door all the way before stepping inside. It was a very traditional little shop while they sold Deku nuts; sticks, arrows, and heart containers, but occasionally they had a new item for a limited time. There newest product was a Deku shield made of the finest deku wood and spliced with a red painting mark, an old runic of the old language, possibly meaning protection. Moving to the counter, he took out his ruby wallet, which could hold ninety-nine in all and pulled out forty rubies, placing them upon the counter. Eight blue rubies, he had, and that went out to forty rubies, exactly, he had no use for any other money, since the food was free here, so he did give the stuff up without regret. "Yes, I would like a Deku Shield, please."

A short little Kokiiri ran the shop, and the man nodded walking over to the displayed counters taking off the shield, only to be replaced another Kokiiri in record time. It seemed they didn't want to run out of those things, so the shield was back in its place, a new one that was, and the place ready for more business. When he was handed the shield, another item went with it, a black strap with two golden hooks, the thing looked like something out of an old story. He didn't quite know how it went, yet he could guess that it was so the shield could be taken out without the thing getting tangled. "This goes on the shield so you can strap it to your back, young man."

"Ah, well, thanks." Turning around from the counter, he strapped the shield to his back, walking over to the mirror and studying it fully, and it was very nice indeed, making the shield strap to his back for protection and easy access and better handling. Looking through the fitting mirror, the young boy grabbed the shield, practicing grabbing it quickly, and with in a few minutes he had it down. Leaping for joy, she boy spun around to see how it would look, practicing how to dodge things, loving the feel of it on, how it felt. Making him feel like a true warrior, the boy nodded to the man, who smiled at him, before turning back to his little fairie with a grin.

"How do I look, Miss Navi?" He didn't ask the little man, he was working with another customer.

"Link, you look just like a hero." The farie giggled landing back upon his shoulder, still watching quietly now, her mind wandering back to something more important. Where was a sword at when you needed it? This was going to be very hard, since she had never seen a sword in here, she heard of one from legends, yet that was just a legend. She turned towards him, and shook her head sadly before taking another deep breathe and spoke towards him staring at the handsome frame, shield upon his back, again. "Now, to Saria." Yes, maybe the older and wiser Saria would know, if anyone else knew they wouldn't tell, and maybe Mido knew; yet he wouldn't share the information.

Nodding in response, the two partners headed back over out of the shop and trailed back to the entrance of the twin's house, neither still there. Shrugging a shoulder at it he walked back the rest of the way, repeating the trail back to Saria's house, catching him another fairie on his way back. Well, it was nice to be here, the place of his own in the way, wandering towards his house to check for her, hoping she was there. Finally stopped at the house and saw the older girl was sitting upon his ladder now, looking down at some instrument inside of her palms. A flute it seemed to be, and more beautiful one at that, made of some beautiful deku wood as he gazed at it, eyes fixed upon it.

".Saria?" Gasping, her attention reformed from the Ocarina back up towards him, quickly placing it back into her bag and took off from the ladder, walking over towards him, hands clapped together. From the way she acted, the thing was a memento, or just so sacred that no one else could see it, sort of hurting the boy's feelings. He'd heard the flute whenever he had followed her into the Lost Woods, yet she always put it back down where it belonged before he got close enough to see it. Asking about it, she would just shrug a shoulder, telling him that it was hers, she didn't know how long she had had it, and the songs she played he loved. "How did it go? Oh, that shield makes you look so handsome, Link." Giggling, she looked down at him, just a gazing at the little guy with her own eyes fixed on him now, the boy shrugging a loose shoulder.

"Um, Mido wouldn't let me pass without a sword and a shield, so I bought a shield at the local shop, but a sword, I don't have any idea where it could be. Do you know, Saria?"

        Frowning at Mido's actions, she growled a little more before turning back at his questions and solemly shaking her head back and forth in disappointment. "I'm sorry, I just don't know either, but maybe the Know- it-all-Brothers know. All I can tell you is that the blade is over fifteen hundred years old, made by the Goddess Farore-sama with all her blessings towards the forest. It is made of pure silver and literally indestructible. Oh, also it can't be refined in any way. A jewel is placed in the middle that prevents outsides from using it, the jewel is red and the hit is made of gold and that's about it."

"Thanks for your help, Saria. I will be back as soon as I can with or without victory towards the Great Deku Tree, then I will tell you all about it." Smiling, he gave her a large hug, then looked aside flushing, twirling a foot in the dirt in nervousness, before turning back to her and showing a V for victory sign. That was when him and his guardian walked away from the house and looked around for the Know-it-all-Brothers, him detesting the walk. Well, just past his house was the training center and on top of the hill was the center was the Know-it- all-Brother's house. They were a set of triplets, all alike, and all of them were snobs, none of them were liked by anyone, aside Mido, who seemed to not appreciate them either. Thinking they were smarter than anybody else was, aside Mido...they are the second oldest, after all, comparing to everyone as gods. They also didn't like him, so he figured he would get no help from them, so turned his attention away.

" least try them, they maybe in a good mood."

"Your right, I need to try."

Yes, a he trailed up the hill, all the way, and stopped a few feet from a pretty large-size house, admiring the marksmanship. Him and Saria had made his house, some of the girls helping, yet none of the boys even contributing any lumber, nor an axe or any kind. Now Mido, the brothers and all the other boys made this one, and it certainly showed, the girls probably helping. The house was quite beautiful, made by the triplets themselves, and moving into the doorway, he knocked upon the deku-made door. Everything was made of Deku, since these woods were only Deku, there were other woods somewhere, he had heard of them from the stories, yet he could only imagine.

"Come in!" Three unsigned voices spoke at once, yea the Kokiiri's voices were all deep, the men anyway, his was the only guy's that was feminine.

"Okay, it's Link!"

"--Link?" The brothers were cut off with the doorway opening and Link walking inside moving towards the center of them, standing in the center. The three each had their own space, one was at the top of the circular house, and the other two were at the other two sides. The top was Liki, the left side was Miki, and the right side was Hiki, the rhyming names was sort of annoying, but there was nothing he could do about it. Link walked over towards Liki and spoke, calming his nervousness down and just speaking his mind, determined to get this sword. "Mr. Liki, I need some help finding the sword."

".Sword, the Kokiiri sword?" Of course, Mido was way ahead of Link; he had visited Link just a few minutes before and told them to not tell him where the sword was. The three didn't know, but they were not to guess either, they were just as frightened of Mido as the rest of them, not even considering the circumstances. If they all combined their powers, the group could have taken Mido down from his reign, yet the Kokiiri were never that smart, or at least some. Saria didn't care if Mido was in power, she was never really one of the power-hungry types, she was just happy with the way things were. She was the gentle soul who didn't care about anything like politics; she only cared for nature and a few people, mainly Link since she didn't get along with any of the girls.

"We don't." chimed Liki.

".Know where the sword." added Miki

".Is Link, and we don't care." finished Hiki

Navi inched up towards his ear and spoke quietly. "Why are they speaking together."

"Because they are triplets. They have a way that is co--"

"You have..." snorted Hiki

".A nice farie, there." nodded Miki

".Link, what's her name?" Questioned Liki

"Her name is Miss Navi, Know-it-all Brothers. So, you don't know the sword's location?" He thought they probably did, of course, but he knew they would never tell him, the boy's were to big of snobs to help him. It was useless, and he knew it, the futile attempt was pretty pointless, something he knew from the beginning, yet he did it all for her. The boy had just done it because he wanted to please Navi, the fairie was his first and probably his only fairie he would ever get. He wanted to please her to every extent there was in this world, it was like a weird bond had been established between them now. She made him feel quite excited, the only person to ever make him feel that way was Saria, and that was a good feelings to have.




He couldn't take this anymore, and nodding his goodbye, he hurried out of the house, slamming the door shut and turning back towards her. "Weird, huh?"

"Very, those three must practice that."

"Oh, Miss Navi!" He broke up in some giggles and patted her softly. "They can hear you!"

"Don't care, Link-. They are a-- bunch of snobs!" This last part she shouted, and was rewarded a loud scoff from three particular Kokiiris.

Shaking his head, Link turned towards the large hill and noticed he was only halfway up the hill, the place had seemed so large when he was younger. How time passed so quickly, his own eyes filling with the sweat dripping from his head, wiping it off easily, then turning back to climbing the hill. Wiping the sweat from his corn silken brow, he pushed the shield on his back, like a burden that was on his back seeming to become heavier. It was becoming heavier and heavier by this rate, he might need a break before they reached the top, but he wouldn't because he was not gonna be weak. Weaklings were what Mido thought he was, that wasn't what he was gonna do, he would prove that stuck-up jerk wrong, yes he would.

Walking up the hill to the top of it, he shook his head once more, before maneuvering back towards the center and resting his behind on a stump to think of where it could be? I mean somewhere in the Lost Woods or could it be somewhere else, like inside of the ground, buried in Farore's soil for all eternity? Or maybe a Skullkid had it; it had found the thing and decided that the blade was his, yet he doubted that because those creatures were nice to them. Not even knowing how to use a sword, the creatures would probably hit each other in the head or something, they weren't that smart either. Looking aside, he took his attention off of Navi, just closing his eyes and concentrating on thinking he was good at that, he would think of something.

Meanwhile, the farie, Navi had been quiet and quick to notice that in the center was a large stone covering something, like it had been placed there. First thing she did was fly away while he was thinking and slipping through a crack near the wall and what she found astounded her. It was a brand new landmass, the place was covered by a rock so that there was no where else to get through, except that small rock. It was giant with grass and other things streaming about, looking like it had been carved by hand, the girl flew to the back of the entrance seeing a treasure chest, wow, this was it! She zoomed back over to and through the crack landing on Link's shoulder, giggling a lot, hardly able to contain herself now. "I think I found it, Linky! I found the opening where it is. Behind that stone!"

"Wow! Really? Thanks, Miss Navi." Smiling a little, the boy went down towards the stone and after a few grunts, picked the thing up flinging it across the center into the grassland. Yep, the boy was pretty strong for his age, but he just was too kind-hearted to ever use that kind of force, wishing sometimes that he could pound Mido. Panting from the big warm-up, the boy got down on his hands and knees, seeing the small hole just his size and began to crawl through. It led all the way until he reached the end, which he pulled his head through, staring through and glancing at the new area, amazed. Sitting up and looking forward before a giant rock just missed him by a couple of inches. Gasping, he looked again after a few minutes until it passed the next time, he used tactics and ran behind it following it around until another path led up a small hill. Scaling that, he went forward until he saw a treasure chest. "You were right!"

"Yup, now let us go on and see what is in here so we may find the Deku Tree." She didn't know what the Great Deku Tree had planned, but whatever it was, it must have been special to choose a boy that had never seen him.

Stepping forward upon three smaller steps, he leaned forward pressing digits on top the rim of the chest and tanked it up as a small white glow emitted. Ha, she was right because sticking out of a sheath was the sword and in all its beauty, just as Saria had described, the glistening sword was all he needed. Pulling the strap, it came out easily enough and placing the sheath on his back, he pulled the sword out and began to play around with it. Being ambidextrous, he tried it in both of his hands, flicking the sword with each one, yet he found that the right hand was the best. It was easier than if he had been right-handed, because the other hand felt just as good, cursing how he could write with both hands.

The sword actually only took a few more slashes, but by then he got the hand of it, having used Deku sticks in swordplay for as long as he could remember. He let out a long giggle, re-slashing the air for more balance, and Saria was right that it was very lightweight, the blade wasn't heavy at all. Holding onto the hilt of the blade, he threw it into the air, catching it by the hilt once more, slashing the air once again, nodding to himself. Yes, it felt so good to do this and with that he did feel like a true warrior, one like in the stories he always read as a kid, feeling like them now. The blade of the Kokiiri was sheathed as he turned towards the farie, smiling lightly; strapping it to his back with that strap that came along.

"How do I look, now?"

"Hee, more handsome than ever!"

With that, the boy's cheeks crimsoned and he shrugged a shoulder shyly. "Nah, hee. Your just saying that."

Breaking off into a run, Link evaded the boulder and made his way out of the hole, quickly replacing the rock back on its foundation. The Kokiiri boy, Lonki, looked back up at Link scoffing a little bit; he was one of Mido's goons, so he would probably report that Link was here. Most of the boys didn't mess with him either, unless Mido was around, which they used all their power to seem cooler. None of the girls just did care, they would never hurt Link, and they always called Mido a jerk for his doings, how no one liked him. It was true, but didn't affect the boy; he would just shrug it off as being a little unpopular by the boys and continue to tease him.

"What are you doing here, punk?" Mido's little crony smiled a grin at him, the other two cronies of Mido's were guarding the entrances to the Lost Woods and the outside world the boy was basically dressed like Mido, aside his hair covered most of his face, shaggily. These three people would pick on Link even when Mido wasn't around; they were just that mean and loved the feelings of such power. Each was still frightened by the older boy, yet they loved to exert their power to each other and loved to let out that they were the ones who hurt Link. Some stupid game, the other boys or girls weren't picked on, it was so weird that Link wondered who Mido picked on before he was alive.

"Um, I was--" but Link was cut off by an angry farie at his side, preferably, Navi.

"None of your business! Link is on official business from the Deku Tree! So mind your business before you are reported!" That shook the little Kokiiri up and he nodded solemly at the farie and Link, but mostly Navi more than Link.

"Sure, Link, if it is for the Deku Tree, that's quite fine. Y-you can move along." With a small whimper, he went away as he scurried back to performing his training flips, keeping his distance from the spicy fairie.

Shocked, the young boy moved away from the pack, with a still mad farie, lowering his head a little until they were past the center and moving back down the hill. Heading past the rocks again, the sword ready for some action to show to Mido, the boy shrugged a small shoulder at the ground. It was embarrassing how she acted, yet he appreciated how she did it, she was sticking up for him just like Saria did, but in a weirder way. Meaner than ever, she made Saria seem like a nice girl when she wasn't mad, the Kokiiri could be vicious when she was mad. When they were about halfway to the Great Deku Tree, Link spoke up tenderly.

"Miss Navi, you didn't need to yell. I was just going to tell him I was looking for some rubies."

Clearing her throat, she lowered upon his now and spoke up now. "Link, you need to stand up for yourself more often, and stop being such a wimp. If whatever the Deku Tree wants it is most likely going to be very tough and you need to stop taking their orders and everything they say. If you don't, I don't think you will do very good, basically I want you to stick up for yourself."

"Yes, ma'am." Nodding clearly, he cupped her inside of his hands, giving her a gentle hug, before continuing down the path towards where the Great Deku Tree, and maybe she was right, he needed to stop being such a baby and learn to act grown up.


        Standing against the wall was Mido, his eyes open and ever since peering looking for the boy, not really expecting him to come back. He surely doubted that idiot would find the Kokiiri blade since no one else knew about it, aside him and he had never told anyone else. Just in case someone decided to start a rebellion or something, that is, he would be able to take care of the resistance with the sword. Looking ahead once more, he saw him and looked widely, his own eyes almost bulging, if they could they would have fallen out. No way, he didn't'? How could he! When he got closer up, Mido began to laugh out loud, doubting the sword was there, that it had been his own imagination.

"Ha! You may have a shield, but you need--" cutting himself off, he started forward in a gaping manner at what was attached at the boy's shoulders, or sheathed at his back was that sword, the Kokiiri, but how. He knew all about it, he had seen it before.

"T-the Kokiiri Blade? Where the hell did you find that!"

"It was under a r-"

"I know where it was! I-I errs! Just get out of my face! You may have a sword and a shield, but it takes real skill in battle to win anything for anyone, especially the Great Deku Tree. Go ahead and pass."

Letting out a squeal of joy, he passed by the frustrated Mido, but couldn't help but hear the mumbling Kokiiri and what he said was this: " How could this boy be in favor of the Deku Tree and the wise Saria? I just won't ever understand this world, where rejects become the fascination of all the land."

That was over and he maneuvered past the stricken Mido, he hadn't moved so Link had to slip past him, looking down the brown corridor. It looked Kokiiri-made, but it was carved from the earth as if someone took thousands of years using a spoon or something? Well, the place was very beautiful with very much peaceful with its lush green grass and the flowers sticking out of the ground. Staring the walk down the road, he smiled to his fairie once again before keeping his hand down on the hilt of the blade, ready to pull it out whenever the time was right. Hee, there was nothing to fear and nothing at all to be scared of, he was safe and sound and a sword seemed the least of his worries.


Twenty minutes into the walk was the quietest, nothing at all, it was almost sad that he had gotten the sword, there was no need to use it. That's when he heard it, and only a fourth the way from the ending meadow, his elven ears should have picked up the sound earlier. For some reason the sound he didn't pick up, cursing his luck later on that if he had heard it, none of this mess would have ever happened. Then there was a sound that made him jump from his seat, or would have, when he heard the sound, cringing for his ears to not bleed. Just staring over towards ahead of him and saw nothing and what it was like slow motion as he heard the screech again.


Spinning around in a fanciful motion, he saw what was a monster, but this thing was at least six feet tall, a plant and it looked carnivorous. The plant had a purple head, it swelled past relief, as purple lips stood open, making the sound a pair of razor sharp teeth shown along with the red tongue showing that it was hungry. No eyes were on it, showing it was blind and no nose, so he must have depended upon taste or maybe motion detecting? Just like a snake it probably could sense his heat whenever he did something, or just as he stood there, which freaked the boy out. Staring at the creature, that was a very weird creature at that, although he had never seen a monster in his entire life, the boy just froze.


Oh, that sound was louder and seemed even hungrier, and it must have just noticed him now because it turned towards him and screeched some unintelligible text. The sound was either in another language, the thing's own language, or it was some war cry that it gave before pouncing upon its food. Yes, he imagined that his life would be over, the courage he had just had, the confidence was gone in a matter of seconds disappeared forever. Crying out to no one in particular, wishing that this was just a dream he would wake up from in a sweaty bed, yes that was all he wished. He covered his hands over his head and fell to the ground, crying out loud...his life was over?

Not really, before he would die a small speckle slammed against the monster, knocking it back against the narrow corridor, knocking it out for a few seconds. Whirling back around, she wasn't through yet, because before it could come out again, the girl charged at the creature, knocking it across the face again. Well, that was enough for the creature, because the next time that she came, it slapped her away with the tentacle, crying out in fury. The creature recoiled and there its tentacles wrapped up around her, the speckle that was Navi, trying to save her partner now. She called out, with all her might, the tentacles beginning to crush her, not at all in a fast rate, but one that called for a slow and painful death.

"Link use your strength, you're inner power. Kill them!"

Them! What does she.? Oh no!

Turning around, another had sprouted up from the ground and had its eyes set upon the little guy, basically his next meal was targeted at Link. Pressing his body up against the wall, he reached for the sword, but yanked out the shield instead, cursing his bad luck for all the time. There was no time to fret when he heard her cry or pain and help, so he turned towards the enemies, facing them with the sword held by the little impressions inside of it. Staring down at the enemies, hurting his little friend, the boy couldn't help but cry in fury that someone was trying to hurt his friend. It was weird, but he felt empowered, most powerful than he could ever be, even without a shield he felt that he could do it.


Jumping back and performing a back flip, he slammed the protecting Deku inside of the mouth of the monster, making the tentacle drop its prey, the little farie. Crying out in fury, the thing began to shake around in all directions, the tentacles slammed with the shield this time, it loosening the grip. It launched her on the other side of the wall, safe from the battle scene, but receiving a little damage on the way down, letting her get away from the scene. Letting out a growl, it threw the shield aside, but the shield slid across the boy's leg, slicing it, giving him the worst splinter ever. Fuming out a cry, he turned around with a look of determination upon his mark. That was when the young hero drew his blade, thinking what Navi had meant by some inner power.

Trust yourself. Guide yourself, hero of time.... Use your power.

What? What was that? He turned and saw nothing, but the monsters, so he placed his sword in his hands turning around as the blade began to glow, wandering what the voice was. It turned a deep blue before developing to a light crimson, the lights seeming to scare him, causing him to gasp in terror of the power. A small power illuminated from it. What is that? Gaping upon it, he dropped the sword, but instead of it hitting the ground, the sword began to shimmer a pure yellow and ricocheted off of the forested walls, first slamming inside one of the Baba's heads. Moving backwards, it ricocheted once more and went through the other one's neck, killing them all as green juice sloshed across Link's entire body.

That wasn't the end of it, though, that was not the end of it by a long shot, he was far from finished with this battle, or the sword was. While he wiped off his clothes, another one appeared, but this one was looking different than the others were, not as vicious, or as dangerous. This one is pretty stiff. The thing teetered around with its' teeth bared up towards the air, and as he saw this and walked towards it, the blade a few feet from its neck. It just sat there! It just sat there! Quite a funny story, actually, because now he could take care of the monster with no fear of anything, gripping the blade of the dropped sword now. The way it just sat there and looked aside, or smelt aside. Pushing forward, he leapt into it and slammed the blade down the middle of this tyrant.

A gasping scream erupted from its now impaled body, it slumped in half and the goo slid all which way, except on his body. The thing stared off into space with its eyeless souls, gave one last growl and collapsed, seeming to collapse on the ground now. Grinning at the death of it, one that actually counted as the first thing he had destroyed, he felt good all inside, killing the thing. Nodding, he cleaned the sword off and sheathed onto of his back, wiping it on the grass so that not to get his shirt any more dirty than it had been. Well with the sword back in its place, the shield was picked back up and assigned into its own designated spot, hoping next time he pulled the right one out.

The actual scene of the sword took place in, what seemed like, and slow motion, but it was a smaller considerate amount of time. Taking less than two minutes, but it felt like an eternity to him with all the emotions that flowed through, all that he felt now. Covered in guts and dirt, he leapt forward and grabbed the small farie off of the ground, not caring about his clothes at this minute, only her. Moving her inside of his arms, he gently checked for any breathing and saw she was just unconscious, not having a fatal wound or any broken bones. Sighing, he lay upon the grass and kept her inside of his arms, now looking upon her, wondering if she was bleeding internally, it was possible. What if she was dying? What if? What if?

He let out a small cry as the tears began to stream down his cheeks and fall upon her, sprinkling her in a shower of water and salt. It was just couldn't contain himself, and he broke down, hugging on her harder than ever, but with that soft little touch of himself. He pushed upon her veil and it opened revealing a woman, the thing actually disappeared instead of falling off, meaning it was a ball of energy. She was more developed and looked nothing like the female Kokiiri, with

ong blue hair falling down her shoulders with such pale skin. Was this Navi without the veil? He shrugged his shoulder mentally, flushing all over, but nevertheless prayed to whoever was guiding the earth to protect her soul, his new partner.


Hmm? The farie wondered what was going on, it was quite blurry from her viewpoint. Now she felt a shower, but when he lips opened she could feel the salt and automatically knew what it was. Tears. Who could be-- and then it came back to her and she knew it was Link, she was the only one that he was with, those things didn't cry. Why was he crying? What had-- oh, those Babas, but why were they there? Awakening up from her sleep her veil automatically turned back on and, her eyes open, and caught some of the tear inside her mouth. Feelings those eyes open up, she blocked herself with her hands so that she couldn't get any in her eyes, getting it in the mouth instead again, fluttering up.

"Linky? Link, why're you crying?"

Oh and then he gasped and curled her up inside his arms, kissing her face and all together being friendly with her. S-she was alive, he cried louder and continued to kiss and smother her with affection, nuzzling her softer than he ever had, his eyes were watering once again. Oh, Goddess she was alive, she was alive now and there was nothing that could change it, he would make sure to always protect her. He shouldn't have acted like that before and to change that, he mentally vowed to never be a coward again, to protect his new partner.

"Navi! I thought you had died. Oh! What were those things? I was so scared and then they hurt us both," He pointed towards his leg and shrugged, before continuing. "You were so brave and I was such a coward, I am so happy you are around here, saving me and risking you life." He had given her no opportunity to speak up, or interrupt him.

Eh? Her cheeks turned a deep crimson as she thought about him weeping about her, on how someone could worry about her. Wow, little old me? Well, she smiled and pecked his cheek, before sitting back upon his nose, a nice warm spot that would prove to be good in the future. But, she heard what he said about the cut and spied upon it, looking over at it with those eyes cutting in concern, gasping a little bit. Wow, it was quite bloody and would infect if she didn't prove probable cause, it would infect itself and then he might die from it. Moving over towards his tunic, she gathered up some of it, tearing it along the hem, wrapping it around the wound before wetting it with saliva.

"Navi!" He pulled away, pulling the hem down as if he were a little schoolgirl with the older boys looking up her dress, and looking upon her, he felt a bit of pain, then the cloth of his tunic were wrapped around his cut.

"That's cut was some of my aura in it, it won't heal it, that happens naturally. The cloth if to prevent infection until the wound clots."

"Oh.thank you Navi."

"Your welcome, Linky."

A nickname, eh? Well, that was all right with him, and there he leaned against the left wall of the narrow corridor and spoke up with his voice spread out at her. "So, what are those things? I've never seen them before."

"That was something called a Deku Baba, but they haven't been in this forest for at least three hundred years. I wonder why they are back here? Hrm, I'll be sure to ask the Great Deku Tree."

"Should I be warned if any other little surprises are out there?"

"Hrm.Wolvos, maybe, but I doubt it. They haven't been around here for five hundred years. Deku shrubs are usually deep inside the lost woods, but they maybe around. That's about it, which are the only enemies around here. There was another, though."

"Another?" Inquired Link, she seemed to be flustered around this.

        "A Inu-warrior, I forgot the ancient name. They haven't been around for two-thousand years, or that's what the Great Deku Tree has told me."

"Inu, what is that?" Link inquired, looking over at her.

"It means dog, but it was more of a pig than anything."

"Alright, Navi, let's go."

Nodding, she pointed up ahead with a lack of concern hidden from that plated veil.

"Linky, we are almost there, but watch out for any other of those Baba or-- Oh! I almost forgot to go on and check where the Baba were, go on and look."

Gingerly, he bent down towards the graves of the dead plants, since they were only a few feet away from the victim's graves. Down was a stick, it was hard and he picked up two of them, the things hard and made of Deku Wood, the things that he had trained with from before. Picking up the stick, he hit it against the wall, nodding that when it didn't snap that it indeed was the Deku sticks he had always had. There was a little slot on the side where he stuck the stick, not inside of the side pack, but hanging off the side so that he could grab it easily. He giggled and slapped them down into his pack as he looked up at her now with amazement spread into his eyes, not knowing that. "Wow, those are from the Deku Babas?"

"Well, their offspring, but whatever the case, you can use those as tools, they are unbreakable and when burned it takes a long time for them to burn out or any other case."

Well, he grinned and scooped her up as he headed down towards the path where the tree was up ahead; it was seen in the distance, but a while away. That was basically an understatement because after three more Babas, three more sticks and of course about an hour and fifteen minutes later, the path opened up into some sort of boundary area. Not as close as he thought, the tree was there in the distance when he grabbed the last of the dead Baba's offspring, grabbing it and sticking it close. He gasped as the grass was a lush and more greatly than ever, the garden of the Deku Tree made the Kokiiri forest look like a wasteland. Looking aside, it was dark and he moved forward a little more, and the more closely he got that was the more darkly it got, and turning towards her.


"Yea, Linky?"

"Why do you keep it on?"

"Keep what?"

"The veil, Navi, the veil." Link inquired.

"Oh, so other people don't see me when I don't want them too, and you felt the warmth," she giggled.

"I saw you." Link whispered, shyly. "When you fell and that incident, and well, I saw you without your veil and thought you were very pretty."

"You saw me! " she gasped and repeated." You saw?"

"When you were unconscious. . I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault, but never mind that, let us continue we are almost there."

Nodding, the boy followed the farie for about twenty extra minutes before the path split and the narrow was no more, what was there seemed to be all that was around him. It opened up into a long and huge field, the size of the entire forest, it stretching back across the place, yet now there was nothing in here unlike the forest. All that was in the way was the tree, still in the distance, still so far away that he couldn't help but sigh that it seemed so far away now. The place was empty, nothing at all, it was so depressing at how a field could be all alone that he blew out a long sigh of breath. So despaired that the boy couldn't think of anything, focusing all his attention upon the tree, wondering if that was the one.

Here was a tree, but just not any other tree, the tree was about two- hundred and fifty feet tall and wider than that, he stared upward at the branches. That extended and blocked the sun was this some sort of a monster, it was like a giant eclipse, or a moon was blocking all of the sun. Letting her go, keeping so she could flutter into the air, resting the flying pace right by his own side, the boy looked over at her now. When she did flutter, he nodded towards himself, unsheathing his sword and ran towards the tree, crying out loud as he raced up towards the tree. When he was twenty-five feet from the tree, she screamed and zipped right infront of his face, her aura growing a deep blue.

"Link! Stop that!" A slap across the face, made him wince with pain and he looked aside, sadly and just sighed softly what had he done to make her did that, and it was awfully that bad?

"W-what did I do!"

"Linky, are you nuts!" Spoke Navi, very sternly and she stared up, "That is the Great Deku Tree, now show some respect!"

"I thought it was a monster, like before. I'm sorry. I-I'm sorry, Navi."

Turning towards the giant tree, his father and creator, he knelt down on one knee and bowed once, reimbursing for trying to attack it. Was it going to punish him for his disobedience, even though it was just an honest mistake and he was acting like the hero that was to be summoned? He didn't know, but he didn't want to be smacked around by one of those long branches, that wouldn't feel too good on the head. Then he stood up and turned back towards his newfound guardian, facing her with his hands lying limply at his sides, blowing a sigh out. As he did this, Navi just shook her head in an embarrassed manner, trying to apologize to her master at what happened was a mistake, never getting it out.

He automatically cupped her back inside of his hands, he had let her be when he saw the tree, but she was back inside those peach palms, securing her, yet giving her room to see through and breath. Was he being to forward and smothering her with love, well maybe that was the case, but it didn't seem to bother her in the least. Being lit up again, his palms began to glow the colour, making him flush and sigh along with the pleasure of the overbearing warmth. Yes, she was just that warm, not even paying heed if the master was watching him or not, he was being sort of rude this way, yes, he was. Clearing his throat some, the boy leaned forward into his palms, kissing the little fairie on the tip of the head, letting her go free now.

The Giant Guardian, Farore created that, when she made the forest of the land, he was watching them now with delight spread in the large face. He saw the young child and his companion and began to laugh the humorous scene it was he did not at all mind that the child tried to attack him. Wishing more children were this protective of his fairies, the tree continued to laugh, the laugh deep-throated and displaying he was a male. The laugh was very much like him--great and huge, and the boy shook around, stumbling for balance, causing the tree to laugh harder. The abrupt laughter stopped with a coughing fit that sounded off, but he stabilized it in a few seconds, clearing his large throat.

Finally, he composed himself speaking with great pleasure. "Yes, thou hath returned, Great Navi, is this the child without a farie? What is thou name, Child?"

His voice was huge, but he stared forward up at him and felt a bit confused at this, how a tree could talk, for one, he had always thought it was a large Kokiiri. Even though they always called him a tree, he thought that that was maybe some sort of names, like a title you called the leader of a forest. Now he wasn't a bit surprised to find out it was a tree, given the circumstances at all that had happened in the past hour or so, nothing surprised him. The speech was also kind of confusing, something he had read in an old book of plays, and the speech of the old land they called it. Thou?

The next five feet he walked, so the tree could see hear his tiny, feminine voice. "I am Link, Great Deku Tree, my name is Link."

"Ah, Link, such a phenomenal name. Yea, Link. I shall tell thee a story, one thy may or may not have heard before. Nevertheless, thou need to learn of the story of the Three Goddess: Din, Naryu, and Farore."

"T-They're not legends?"

"Oh, no." The Deku Tree chuckled, "they are as real as you and me, or were. The Kokiiri elders need to start teaching you younger ones more responsively."

Positioning himself evenly, Link lay down on his stomach, laying forward and stared forward at the giant tree, still holding Navi in his hands. Keeping the little fairie secure was one of his top priorities from this moment on, not letting anything stray him from protecting her. Yes the place they were sitting was a hill; he was on his stomach, yet somehow he held her with those arms extended forward to keep her secure. Navi didn't mind the attention, sitting on his fingers and staring forward for it was a legend she had heard before, yet seemed vital for the mission. He had mostly been doing it since the accident that almost seemed a million years ago, the thing was gone and now only happiness was there.

The Great Deku Tree cleared his throat, beginning the long tale of the Three Goddesses. "In the beginning there was only vast darkness and nothing existed except the three Goddesses: Din, the Goddess of Power. Secondly, Farore, the Goddess of Courage. Finally, Naryu the Goddess of Wisdom would complete all of them. All three of the Goddess' created the each and its resources.

"Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the earth. Naryu poured her wisdom onto the earth to give the spirit of law to the world. Farore's rich soul created all life forms that would uphold the law. These three great goddesses returned to the heavens, leaving behind the gold sacred Triforce. Since then, the Triforce has become the basis for Hyrule's providence, and where the Triforce stood become sacred land.

"But now something has befallen me. The man from the desert, in the black cape is after something of mine. A precious jewel, but I refused to give it to him and cursed my insides. Now, Link, will thou break the curse that has been set upon me? Please, but this is not a mission you have to take. I will take your decision whatever it maybe. I sense a power.a warrior's presence inside of you. Will you except this challenge?"

Wow, all the information poured inside of his mind about the legend, Goddess', and the man in the black desert, whomever it was. The man in the black desert that he talked about seemed so familiar, he didn't know why, but it was like he knew the man before, maybe in another life. Gasping at the realization that his master was poisoned, he looked down at the ground, realizing just how much was at stake here. It really was a bad situation to press on one little boy, there were others around here, yet the power of a warrior was inside of him. Smiling at the thought of that, the boy looked over at the tree with his thoughts focusing on just what he was to do, was he to help? He is poisoned? A curse of some kind. It all coursed through his mind, but he finally blurted out. "I-I don't know, can I think about this?"

"Please, hero, there is no time for you to think!"

But Navi was the one to awnser up, speaking calmly. "I shall accompany you, Link, and your journey through the peril, but where shall we go? To break the curse?"

Speaking up, the boy spoke out, grinning afterwards. "If Navi-- if she goes. I will go, she helped me and is a great guardian force for me."

"Ah, I was counting on Navi helping thee, Link, because you may have the spirit, but you are very young and lack the experience and fighting skills that you need for a true warrior. Now, are you ready for your destiny to begin?"

"Yes, Great Deku Tree."

With a start, the Great Deku Tree's mouth widened until it was about fifteen feet tall and long, the thing stretching far as it could, the wideness not moving. His mouth was already seven feet thick anyway, so it was long enough for him to slip in anyway, so thick and wide that he gasped. How it was possible for him to do that was beyond the boy, so far beyond that he sat there for a few seconds, realizing he hadn't spoke and looked onward. Before he could speak however, somehow the voice came out of the tree; it was his, yet he wasn't moving his lips at all, like a ventriloquist. Yet a voice, just as aloud, echoed from the hollow hole, the deepness remained in their, making Link tremble once more.

"Navi, guide Link through the perils of my mouth. Yes, now enter."

Gulping softly, he placed the shield in his left hand and putting the unsheathed sword into his right hand descended off the hill and towards the Tree's mouth. The long walk was a more torturous than ever, he didn't want to do this, he wanted to go back to Saria and tell her that he had seen the Deku Tree and show her the sword. No, but then he wouldn't have a beautiful tale to tell her about how he vanquished the evil in the tree, how he won against the power, and then she would love him. Yes, defeating the monster was the only way to get her attention; he already had it in one form, yet he didn't have it in what he wanted. Those selfish reasoning were enough for him to grab the hilt of his sword, clink it a little, before turning towards his fairie and hearing her voice chime.

"Ready, Linky-chan?"

"No, not really, but let's go, anyway" He walked the rest of the way, twenty feet, that led towards the place of evil, and evil indeed did seem to be there in its pure form. It stank of evil; the scent of decaying wood engulfed his nostrils when he lay five feet from the hole, making him sad because this was his master rotting. If he didn't do something the tree would die, and then he realized why he was chose; because there was no one else for the job. No one else brave enough, strong enough, nor with enough courage to do what he was about to do, and with that on his mind, he was ready. He turned towards Navi and smiled. Smiling back, Navi slid towards his side, fluttering around him and she was ready to protect her companion for whatever was to come, good or evil, what perils awaited them?

Chapter 1

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