The Biggest Sacrifice Part 5

The End of Time....and the World

By Husker Du

"Wow, that's one nasty bump he has on that head of his............although, he's gotten alot stronger, I could teach him some new magic..."

"Shut up, this is no laughing matter."

"Wha.....?" Chrono stirred as he came to conciousness, his head pounding from the lump that he took.

Chrono opened his eyes to see Spekkio, Gaspar, Marle and Robo looking over his limp body. Marle was crying aloud, and Robo was checking his supplies for more tonics, when Gaspar said, "No need for that, I'll handle this." Gaspar put his left hand over the lump on Chrono's head, and he felt a deep coolness enter his body. The lump disappeared, and he was able to see straight again. From his surroundings, he surmised they were at the End of Time.

"How did we get here?" stammered Chrono, then "Wait........LAVOS! He's back! We have to...."

Marle pushed him back down. "You need your'e rest, lay here."

Chrono, still in great pain, blacked out.


"The world as we know it is gone? What do you mean?!?!"

"My computations say that the world as we once knew as home does not exist anymore..."



Chrono finally awoke and noticed something furry laying next to him. He turned his head to see the great face of a white bear, which, he imagined, had to be Spekkio.

"How's the strong Chrono doing today?" roared Spekkio.

"Uhh....not feeling too good, but I think I can stand......."

"Good. Here, I'll help you up.."

Chrono stood up, and noticed that noone was there except for him and Spekkio. "Where's everyone at?"

"Follow me, and be brave, what you will see will .... well...... you will see." stated Spekkio. He and Chrono into a door being held open by Spekkio, and seen everyone gathered around a portal.

"My god...." cried Marle with a sob, "look at this......" Chrono looked into the portal along with everyone else, to see.......

The planet. The beautiful planet that they had called home for so many years. Blue skies, green fields, red clouds? Chrono wondered. He watched as he heard a shriek, a horrendous shriek that threatened to rip apart the fabric of the planet by itself. Then, he watched horrified as the creature they called Lavos emerged from the planet's core. It sat still for a minute, perhaps realizing where it was, then it happened. It started to move. Whenever it moved over land, it totally demolished anything in it's path. This was not Lavos, Chrono thought, as he watched it move towards Guardia Castle and his home village. "NOO!" came the scream, but it was too late, as the Castle, and the whole land mass, for that matter was destroyed. Burned, sunken, frozen, broken all at the same time. They watched in unexplained horror as it moved around the whole planet, taking all life with it, seeming to grow with every kill it did until there was no other life left on the planet except for a great few which the monster would enjoy hunting down and killing for sport. A great cry was heard from the planet itself, crying for all of the lives lost.....

"NOO! What has happened, Gaspar?? WHAT HAS HAPPENED??" asked Chrono and everyone else in unison.

"Well," Gaspar said, "let me explain. When you defeated Lavos, it seems there was another Lavos, maybe an older one, left. This one seems to have been here since the beginning of time itself, because it is so powerful. It seems that the sorcerer found a way to revive it with the royal blood of a king, which none of us knew could be done."

Marle lunged at the old man. " How could you not know?? Spekkio and you are gods! How could you not know!" She then fell to her knees crying at the last glowing remnants of their planet, which they called home. "I can almost hear the planet crying out in pain......" she whispered.

Suddenly Robo spoke up. "Truly a tragedy, but I would like to know something. According to my memory banks, could we not go and stop this somehow?"

Gaspar shook his head sadly, as the other members saw this sign and started to cry.

Finally, Chrono composed himself enough to talk. " the are we still alive if the monster killed the time before we were even born?"

"Truly amazing," Gaspar admitted, "that your companions and you are still here........I'd have to say that it was because of you being here, as all time stops here. But the only problem is, you can only go back to the planet before 600 a.d., or you will ceace to exist."

Marle sobbed, while Robo and Chrono comforted her, but they weren't in too much better shape. Behind them, watching all the while from the darkness, Spekkio appeared, and took in the view of the battered, lifeless earth.

"What a tragedy. Truly the greatest battle I've ever seen."

Marle whirled around, eyeing Spekkio with a stare that could have killed someone with just it's fierceness.

"Is THIS all you think of it?!?! A GREAT WAR?? MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE DEAD!" Marle fell to her knees sobbing once again, as did Chrono.

Spekkio was silent for a couple minutes, but then spoke with the gentleness only found in a small child.....

"No. As I said, a great tragedy, the worst for this planet. But, do not give up hope."

"Hope........." said Chrono, turning his tear stained face toward the war god. "Is there really any hope left? There's nothing we can do!"

"Ahh.....there you are wrong Chrono, there is ALWAYS something you can do."

Chrono's eyes stared at Spekkio as if he were the wisest being in the universe. "How, may I ask, do we have a chance??" Marle was still crying at this time, whispering about so many lives and people lost....

Spekkio looked out of the portal, to the stars, to one star that was burning so bright in the darkness.

" many lives wasted, so many born again. How can we stop this? Please, everyone get as much rest as they can for tonight, Gaspar and I will discuss this, and will let you all know in the morning."

Sadly, they all agreed, and left the room with the great portal, except for Marle, who asked to stay behind. Looking out to the deadened world, she sighed, and raised her head to look at the stars through the portal. 2 comets flew overhead, their tails of ice entangling, until they became one, then separated again in the sanctity of space.

"Hope..." she wondered. "Is there really hope?" She then left the room, unsteady on sad legs. When they were all back to the End of Time, Gaspar escorted Marle and Chrono to a small room, where they were to sleep the night. Chrono and Marle both cried themselves to sleep that night, as Robo listened in on the plan of Spekkio.


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