The Biggest Sacrifice Part 6

Spekkio's Plan

By Husker Du

"Why did you abandon us?" asked Chrono's mom, standing before him. "You left us to die, die to Lavos! We can never forgive you!"

No mother, we did all we could! We still have a chance, at least Spekkio said!

"Kingdoms ruined, lives can you live with yourself," asked the king of Guardia.

We were too late sire, we had no chance of saving you.....

"We were too late, we killed off so many people...." said Marle, as she approached. "We don't deserve to live...." She drew a huge raiper out of nowhere, and advanced on Chrono. "What are you doing Marle??"

"We don't deserve to live........"


"Chrono, please get up......." asked Robo, shaking Chrono steadily, but with the strength of a small child. "Please...."

Chrono opened his eyes to the End of Time, and Robo standing over him, looking worried.

"I'm ok Robo, just having the weight of 2 million deaths on your shoulders is not an easy thing to deal with......"

"Please come with me, we have much to discuss with Spekkio....."

Chrono remembered Spekkio's message about their being hope.....and went with Robo to the antechamber of the great place, where everyone was gathered around a small fire, eating, talking, still crying.

Everyone quieted down at the sight of Chrono, which made him feel uneasy. Marle rose and embraced Chrono, and he could tell her face was still wet with the tears of sadness from all that had happened....

"Did you cry yourself to sleep Marle?"

" sad....."

"Yes, I did too." sighed Chrono, as he sat down, running his fingers through Marle's hair. They all ate in silence, until a great rumbling of an opening door was heard, and Spekkio the Master of War came into the room with a smile.

"Hello there! I see you're all a bit stronger, which is good. We have some good news for you all, which I know you are dying to hear." At hearing the word 'dying', Marle buried her face in Chrono's chest, and he could feel tears welling up again inside of her.

"Hey, fella, very bad choice of words," Chrono warned.

"I get the point, very sorry Marle, no hurt intended."

Marle rose her face, brushed her hair aside, and said, "....I suppose. Please tell us about the plan."

Just then Gaspar appeared out of the same doorway that Spekkio had, along with a small glowing white rock, which caught everyone's eye.

"Ok everyone, please listen to what we are about to say, the fate of the world depends on it," stated Gaspar as he sat down.

"This rock, right here," he said, raising it high so everyone could see the glowing stone, "is a life crystal. This, my friends, is where life itself in the world comes from. In the beginning of time..."

"Beginning of time?" interrupted Marle. "I thought there was only an end to it....."

"Please let me continue," asked Gaspar.

"Now as I was saying, in the beginning of time, there were 3 types of crystals. There were these kind, the life crystals. In each of these were the energies of every living being and object alive, which later became each of us as we know ourselves today. There were the dark crystals, which represented the death each one of us would have to deal with one day. The last crystals were the blue ones, which represented all of our, hate, etc. Spekkio and I were thinking, and came up with a plan. If your group went to the beginning of time, and brought back the light and dark crystal that contained the spirit of Lavos, we could hurl it off of the edge of the End of Time, and there would be no way that Lavos could ever have landed in your lives and did this monstrosity."

They all let the plan sink in for a little while. Noone spoke up until finally Robo said, "It is a good plan, but I am not aware in my memory of a Beginning of Time portal."

"Well that's where we run into another problem," stated Gaspar. "This will be the real killer of this plan, if you decide to take it or not. Me and Spekkio can make a portal there, with our powers combined, but there is a deathly catch. 3 of you may go, 2 only come back."

"WHAT??" cried Chrono. "Why is that?"

"Well, this is why. When the first being appeared, what you could call the 'first god that created all', he only instructed his helpers to let 2 people at a time enter the chambers of the crystals. Me and Spekkio can get a portal inside of the chambers, which can hold 3, but only 2 come back for some reason."

"You act as if you have done this before," said Marle.

"Well, yes. We are not only the time keepers of all your planet, we are also the timekeepers of other planets which have had the same problems as yours, but none to THIS magnitude. Also, you people are special, we see in the future you inheriting the stars, and soaring out among them one day. But for now, we must worry about the future, or rather, the beginning. Do you accept this plan? For I see no other way....."

Chrono looked around to Marle and Robo. "Do we accept this? We must be prepared to know that one of us will never come back......"

"I will go," stated Robo, "I will try to save the planet."

"I will also, are lives are nothing compared to the many that were lost down there. To give my life for them would be an honor," said Marle as Chrono smiled at her.

"There, it's decided. You go tomorrow to the Beginning of Time. Please get some rest, everyone, and let tomorrow be both a sad and happy day for the lives of all." said Gaspar.

Then, Spekkio finally spoke up. "Wow, you are all so powerful. Would you all like me to show you all some more things you can do with your magic?" he said with a grin.


In the same room that they were in a night before, Chrono and Marle sat, talking.

"Wow, Spekkio really worked us, huh?" said Chrono.

"Yes, wow, my arms still hurt," cried Marle.

"Here, I'll help you out." Chrono started to massage Marle's shoulders, all the while talking to her.

"So what do you think about tomorrow?" asked Chrono.

"What about it?"

"Well, who do you think will have to stay behind?"

Marle turned to face Chrono, touching his face with her hand. "I don't want to lose you, not now."

"Same here, I ........ er......."


"Marle......I love you."

"So finally the truth comes out....." she sighed. "Chrono, I also love you, more than anything in the world."

Under the ever dark sky of nothingness above them, and a small fire, they shared their first, and probably their last kiss they would ever have together.


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