The Biggest Sacrifice Part 7

The Beginning of Time

By Husker Du

The next morning, everyone was assembled in the great room of pillars, the gateway of all portals. Chrono and Marle held hands the entire way, and Robo looked somewhat distraught....

"Something wrong Robo?" asked Chrono, checking his circuits on his back. Robo brushed him off, mumbling that he was fine. Chrono shrugged his shoulders in confusion and went back to Marle.

"Ok, good, everyone's here," said Gaspar in anticipation. "Are we all ready? As I said, this will NOT be an easy trip, but the fate of the world is depending on it."

"Please get this moving,'' stated Robo impatiently. Ignoring his comments, Chrono and Marle both stated, "Yes, we are ready."

Gaspar and Spekkio each held out an arm, and from the tips of their fingers came blue rays, which descended onto themselves, forming a blue portal in front of them.

"Good luck, travellers! May the gods be with you!" said Gaspar and Spekkio at once. Then, without haste, all 3, Chrono, Marle, and Robo, jumped throught the gate that held the planet's destiny.


"My god, is something wrong!?" cried out Marle, as she flew head over heels through the portal, right behind Chrono, but ahead of the impatient, strange acting Robo. "The portal is turning red!"

"No, nothing's wrong, its the transition to a time long forgotten," added Robo with somewhat of a calm voice. Something's wrong with Robo, thought Marle......he has never acted this strange before....


"My god Chrono, it's amazing......." said Marle, on the visual sights in front of them. "Simply beautiful....."

They had arrived in a giant chamber, the biggest any of them have ever seen. The walls were the purest white that was imaginable, and seemed to go on forever in every direction. The ceiling was fairly low for this big of a room, and it had very intricate designs on it. "Look, doesn't that look like a map?" she called to Chrono. "Yes, the ceiling looks like a giant map of our planet....."

The rest of the room caught the breath of every one of the travellers, including Robo. Every 2 feet, there was a little podium, and hovering above each one of them was either a blue, black, or white crystal, the same kind that Gaspar held up in the End of Time.

"Hey, this reminds me.......which crystal was the one that Gaspar held? What did it have inside of it?" asked Chrono.

"No idea," said Marle.

They jorneyed on, looking in each of the crystals, trying to find the one that contained the energy of the evil Lavos. Marle, with a sudden cry, yelled for Chrono to come and take a look at one of the blue crystals.

"Look!" she cried as they peered inside........


That girl I saw today at the fair was the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my life, or probably will ever see. I wonder if I have any type of chance on getting to know her?

That boy I crashed into today was really something. What was his name? Oh yes, Chrono.....strange, I felt completely safe with him, as if I've known him for years....


Chrono turned to Marle, with a loving look in his eyes. "Were you serious that day?"

"Yes, I was, as I was also when I told you I loved you last night......."

They were about ready to embrace when a robotic squeal of delight came from the back of the chamber. "I've found it!!!"


"Wow, this is really it?" Marle asked, holding up the black crystal up to the light emenating from the walls. She gasped as she saw the ugly form of the evil Lavos inside. She could amost hear from inside of the crystal it's awful shrieks.....

"Robo you hold this..." she motioned, giving the crystal to Robo. "No more death for me, at least not in that way."

"Very well," Robo called, "shall we head back to the portal?"

When they arrived back at the portal, they all looked at each other long and hard, thinking of all the trials and tribulations each one had to go through and deal with from the other person. Who would stay?

"I will," stated Chrono.

"NO!" cried Marle, almost in tears, "I will. You have such a long life ahead of you! Please let me stay........or we both stay, I can't live life without you! Robo can bring it back!"

As they fought over who would die, Robo calmly placed the crystal in the hands of Marle, and stepped back beside the portal.

"I will stay here, Marle."

"Robo!" they both exclaimed.

"Yes, I will stay. I'm so sorry I've been.....umm........grouchy? Is that what you call this? I only was this way because my circuits were unprepared to do such a thing as this..."

"Haha, yes!" laughed Marle with a tear in her eye. She embraced Robo, and so did Chrono. They stood there it seemed like forever, embracing eachother, enjoying the last moments together.

"Do not worry, my circuits are waterproof, fireproof, and bladeproof. The only thing I hate is.."

"MAGIC!" cried Chrono and Marle, with a smile.

"Ahh yes, a joke........... a good note to leave us on I suppose. Well, shouldn't you all be on your way?"

"Goodbye Robo, we will miss you forever!" said Chrono.

"Goodbye dear Chrono and Marle, and please, promise me if this works to visit Terra dome?"

"Why is that?" asked Marle.

"Just please do it. Off you go, and good luck!" Robo stated as he shoved both of them through the portal.

As it closed, Robo turned around only to look directly into the face of a black robed figure with a long nose and bony hands.

"Who would you be?" Robo warned, as he drew his gun arm.

"Ahhh......another of the travelers, eh? Well, we shall see about this!"

The sorcerer drew upon his darkest powers, and with a thrust of his arm, sent a bolt of Dark Matter into Robo's chest. The machine looked forward as it sagged to the ground, watching as the figure grabbed 2 black stones, and activated a portal. Robo's last message in it's memory banks before he shut down due to the injuries was:

If anyone receives this, please go to Terra dome in the future. Time.....


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