The Biggest Sacrifice Part 8

The Battle for the Crystals

By Husker Du

Both Chrono and Marle jumped out of the portal at the same time, surprising Spekkio so much he lost control of his form and changed into a hamster.

"Haha Spekkio! It's us and we have the crystal! Robo stayed behind...."

"Ahh, I see...." the hamster squeaked. "A brave warrior that Robo was.....please follow me warriors, we must show Gaspar this!" They all hurriedly made their way over to Gaspar, and explained the situation to him.

"Fine warrior, that Robo. I have no idea why he want's you to visit Terra dome though.." said Gaspar. "But for now, the fate of the world depends on this. Chrono, cast the crystal over the End of time, and free us ever of this cursed Lavos!"

Chrono took one look at the crystal, and said, very calmly, "You've caused so much suffering, well, now I cause you eternal sleep!"

Chrono raised his hand over his head to throw the crystal, when he felt very cold bony hands on his, prying the crystal from his hands with an extraordinary strength. Before he had time to react, the sorcerer had the crystal of Lavos and was standing a ways in front of them along with 2 other black crystals.

"YOU!" cried Gaspar. "I thought you had died so many years ago!"

"You know this sorcerer?" asked Chrono.

"Haha......if only you knew, but this is no time to discuss this," said the sorcerer.

"Now, it is time for me to replace this Lavos crystal, and kill off the heroes of the world!" he cried as he held up the 2 black crystals. Chrono could see from his position that the 2 black crystals were his and Marle's.

"Give them back or you shall die sorcerer! How would you like me to kill you the same way you killed the king?!" cried Chrono as he drew his Rainbow sword. Also, Marle started to chant for a spell of protection for everyone.

"HAHA! You actually think that can harm me? Do you think that feeble attempt at the barrier spell will work? I think NOT!" manically laughed the sorcerer, as he chanted a spell which flew out of his hands a second later. 3 huge, very strong fireballs, almost too strong, flew through Marle's barrier and smacked into her, knocking her over hard. As she caught her breath, and as the sorcerer laughed, Chrono was already casting a counter, Light Wave, a new spell that Spekkio taught him. Spekkio looked on from the background in delight as he chanted this, and watched as flames of white fire came forth from his hands, engulfing the sorcerer.

The sorcerer was winded from this attack, but raised up and laughed at Chrono. "Is that ALL you can manage??"

"The next attack will be the end of you, sorcerer!" cried Chrono, as he drew his sword, and ran towards the figure, but he failed to notice the dagger, the dark dagger used to kill the King of Guardia, beneath his robe, ready to strike....

"Cannot we help Chrono?" asked Spekkio.

"No, time must follow it's own course, we are not a part of his timeline," said Gaspar. "I only hope he survives this......"

Chrono ran towards the sorcerer, channeling all the anger he had, all the anger of the world being destroyed, all the anger of Robo being left behind, of everything he's ever felt anger at in his life, to his Rainbow Sword, which took on a reddish glow....

"Ahh....good my boy," stated Spekkio with a smile on his face.

Chrono swung his mighty Rainbow sword at the wizard, with all the channeled hate powering his body. At the same time, unaware by Chrono until the last second, the sorcerer drew the dark dagger out and tried to plunge it into Chrono's side, but failed, as the sword sliced neatly through the silken cloths of the sorcerer...........into nothing. The sorcerer was still standing there, laughing manically, then he took his dagger and plunged it as far as it would go into Chrono's stomach, and the sorcerer howled in delight. Soon, this 'boy' would die....

"Ahhgh....." Chrono murmured as he felt the sharp pain of a dagger inside of him. Reaching down, he drew the dagger out of him, only to find a bony fist crashing into the side of his face. Flying backwards, he landed 3 feet beside Gaspar, who stood there along with Spekkio, with a very concerned look on their faces at Chrono's wound.

Chrono laid down on the soft ground, his wound hurting more than it ever had. What was this, he thought, that the wizard had hit him with?

"HAHA! NOW YOU WILL DIE!" cried the wizard, as he lifted Chrono's own Rainbow blade over his head, ready to deliver the blow that will shatter his life forever.....

"UHG....." stammered the sorcerer, dropping the sword, and glancing around at what happened. Marle was at the other end of a spear, sent through the sorcerer's only weak point, his chest.

"AHG....this cannot....happen......" faltered the sorcerer, as he weakily wandererd around, before falling to the ground. But, he thought, not all was for naught, as the hero would die.....

"Chrono!" cried Marle, as she saw he wasn't moving. He was barely breathing, and very blue in the face. Gaspar and Spekkio also bent down to observe.

"Hmm........death dagger..." observed Spekkio.

"Can you help him????" cried Marle in despiration.

"Not really," said Spekkio in despair. "The death dagger works on a victim's system, trying to shut down everything it can. Sometimes the victim is strong enough to survive it, sometimes not......"

Meanwhile, the sorcerer, barely alive, grabbed the 3 crystals from the bag. Grabbing the Lavos crystal, he tossed it aside. Why need that, he said, when I can just destroy all the heroes at once?

"Ugh......Hey Gaspar, watc.......this!" he cried, as he hurled the 2 black crystals off of the End of time. Then, with a gasp, he died.

"Oh no....................those were.....wait......what color were those? White?" said Gaspar.

"No they were black," observed Marle. "The bad things in our lives........what is that going to do to me and Chrono??"

"Too early to tell," Gaspar said, as he grabbed the Lavos crystal and hurled it off the End of Time. A ghastly shriek was heard as it tumbled, tumbled.......

"Finally, it's gone, forever." Gaspar said triumphantly.


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