The Biggest Sacrifice Part 9

Chrono's Battle and the Black Crystals

By Husker Du

"Chrono.........I wish you were awake to see this......." cried Marle, looking out over the planet they called home, more blue and peaceful than she had ever known it. "I love this viewing port Gaspar!"

"Thank you, I built this myself, along with a little help from Spekkio........

"A LITTLE?? I'll have you know I built the whole........."

"Now now, what's important is the planet is finally back to normal." stated Marle.

"Well...............not exactly." Gaspar leaned over, holding his head. "Some things are not as you used to know them....."

"What?" asked Marle worriedly. "Go on, tell me...."

"Well.......first off, before the sorcerer died, he cast yours and Chrono's black stone off of the End of Time. What that means, is that everything that was supposed to happen bad to you two wont happen now, but that doesnt mean the books can't be rewritten and something else put in it's place. Also, since Lavos never existed, and you all never went on your journey to save the planet, alot of people don't know you anymore, and noone knows that you 2 are heroes."

"Hmm....." thought Marle. "That's not that bad.........although I kind of liked being a hero" she said with a smile.

"Wait now, I didnt say you CANT be a hero. If you'd like, I can always manipulate the time stream so that the people know all that you've done for them." said Gaspar with a gesture of grandness with his hands.

"Wait until we ask Chrono, if he ever gets up....." Marle turned to go back and check on Chrono yet again......maybe this time......


For the eighth time today, Marle went into the room that was holding the suffering Chrono, and she gently placed a wet towel on his burning forhead.

"If only you knew, Chrono. The planet is so beautiful now, I wish you would wake up so you could see it...." She noticed that he was shivering, so she got a blanket from Gaspar, laid it on top of him, and sat there along side of him for the rest of the day and night, hoping, praying that he might return....

"Chrono, I've always thought of you as a true friend, always, even from that first day I met you at the Millenium Fair. I knew that day that something special was going to happen, and boy did it ever. I do love you Chrono, you have to know that. I've sacrificed so much for you, and you've done the same. Please get well, Chrono, I miss you......." she said as she kissed his cheek and finally fell asleep for the night, her arm around Chrono's shivering shoulders.


"Marle, come quick! You have to see this!!!" came the voice of Gaspar through the doorway. Still not fully awake, she took a careful look at Chrono before she left. Good, she thought, he isn't shivering anymore as she ran into the main chamber.

"Look!" Gaspar cried, pointing to a spot on the planet until it was magnified until they could see what he was pointing at.

"Oh my, it's.....ROBO!" she cried out in joy. There was Robo, in 600 a.d., running inbetween some houses near Guardia castle, carrying pieces of wood. "If we never met him in our journies, would he know me?"

"Of course," Gaspar said, "It's the same Robo you left at the beginning of time, I suppose he repaired himself. Oh and that leads me to this point not worry about the hero status, I've fixed it. "

"Fixed it?"

"Let's just say, that all your friends you ever had, all your acquantinces, and so on, will all be back when you go back to the planet."

"HOW? Don't tell me this is going to affect the future or something....."

Gaspar let out a chuckle, the first time Marle ever heard him laugh at something. "Noo, Marle, it didn't change a thing. I can't change the timeline structure up here, only try to modify it. So, that's what I did, it was the least I could do for you. All your friends, all your acquantinces, are back as they were. I won't tell you how I did it, let's just say a little magic with the help of Spekkio here....

"Where's Spekkio at?"

"Oh dear............I think I stepped on him, he was an ant before...."

Spekkio suddenly appeared out of thin air. "I was a fly you fool, and as for the spell, I made that entire thing......"

"Uh oh," Marle laughed, "I'm not getting into this one."

Just then, a voice came from a far room in the corner....




"CHRONO??" yelled Marle, as she ran to the holding room of Chrono, where he was trying to sit up, still with eyes closed. Marle dropped to her knees, and put her arms around Chrono, supporting him as he sat up. Marle noticed Chrono finally opened his eyes, the first time since the brutal incident. They were tired and bloodshot, but still held the glow and caring that she knew only came from Chrono.

"I've missed you so much Chrono! Are you ok?" Marle got a cup of water from the supplies, and held it for him as he deeply drank.

"Uhhh..................I Did....we stop..Lavos?" Chrono gagged as the water stung his throat, but kept drinking.

Marle let out a splendid laugh. "YES! Our planet is back to normal! Lavos has been destroyed for good, never to return......" she continued as she told him all that had happened since he was knocked out.

"......and Gaspar made it so that everyone is back where we knew them. I think he somehow crossed timestreams......ohh, and ROBO! Gaspar showed me that he is alive and well in 600 a.d.!"

"Wow.....those gears....hold up well..heh." Chrono muttered. Marle laughed and threw her arms around Chrono once again.

"Can you stand? You could see the planet!"

Marle slowly helped Chrono to his feet, as he tried some uneasy first steps, and surely regained his composure. He then, with Marle's help, walked out of the room that he had been laying in for the past 8 days.

Gaspar, standing by the lamppost as usual, beamed at the sight of Chrono walking, and ran up to greet him.

"Chrono! My boy! How you holding up?"

"I'm holding....."

Gaspar laughed as they all walked to the viewing portal. Chrono took a long look at the planet, and started to cry with joyful dried tears.


Gaspar grinned, and shook his head. "Yes, it is. You did it, you saved the planet again. Why...........Spekkio! Look who is up and about!" Gaspar turned to greet Spekkio, who was in the form of a great lion.

"Chrono!" the lion roared in delight. He then transformed into a great human-like warrior, and roughly grabbed Chrono.

"Watch it. He's not healed yet."

"Nonsense!" cried Spekkio. "He will be fine! How are you great Chrono?"

"Eh......I'm ok.....owww...." Chrono winced as Spekkio's grip hardened on him.

"Whoops, sorry there!" Gaspar loosened his hold on Chrono. "You know, you've become very powerful, you could learn....."

"Enough with the magic Spekkio!" both Marle and Gaspar laughed.


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