The Ancient Tree Chapter 10


By jenyf86

The next day, nothing much happened. Crono and Tosha trained a bit in Fiona’ s forest, with Glenn this time.

Marle who was feeling better showed Celia and Kirin how a crossbow worked. Lucca created two devices for the twins to use in case they were hurt badly.

Lucca checked on her parents; they were already fully recovered.

The day after that, Glenn and Lucca went up to Denadaro Mts. in 602 A.D. Fortunately the water was now pure again. The two friends checked on most of the sick people and told everyone it was now okay to drink water. They also helped clean Dorino; a lot of funerals were held that day.

* * *

Marle stood in Crono’s backyard with Tosha, Celia and Kirin. Tosha was showing Celia how to manipulate a crossbow, while Marle was making Kirin learn.

“All right!” Marle exclaimed as Kirin hit the middle of the training board. Kirin was getting better and better.

“No, Celia,” Marle heard Tosha say in an exasperated tone. “You have to hold it with two hands. Maybe you should try something else.”

“She could use a gun,” Marle suggested. “Lucca could give her some tips on how to use them.”

“Yeah, that would be so cool!” Celia exclaimed.

“Okay, it really should be better for you,” Tosha said. “Well, Marle, I guess you’ll train with Kirin some more. I’m going to practice with my sword. Bye.”

Celia tried to do magic tricks while Marle trained Kirin.

“Hey, Marle, do you know magic?” Celia asked.

“Umm, well once, not too long ago, I used it.”

“Wow! Can you show me?”

“Well umm…” Marle looked around. She saw Crono standing near a tree. “When did you arrive?” she asked.

“Just now,” Crono replied. “Show her some real magic.”

“Okay. But it’s been a long time.”

Marle focused her energy on her Aura spell, directing it on Celia. Once the spell done, Celia stood there open-mouthed.

“This is great! I felt a wave of energy wash over me! Was it the spell you did?”

“Yes, I guess.” Marle turned to Crono. “It still works!” She jumped in the air. “Yes! We’ll kill Kinishi with our magic! We’ll do it! We have magic!”

“HAH! Unfortunately- for you that is- magic isn’t strong enough to kill me,” a voice coming from the shadows beyond Crono’s backyard said.

“Oh man,” Marle muttered. “He’s here.”

“That’s right, stupid Princess. I’m here. And I could kill you right now, you know. So, you’ve got a bigger group of people now. Interesting.”

“Help!!!” Celia and Kirin cried in unison.

“Shut up, fools!”

“Leave them alone, Kinishi!” Crono snapped, taking a step forward. “They’re only kids.”

“Maybe, but they want me dead, right? Well, dear enemies, it is time I leave you. For the time being. Mwahahahahahaha!”

After Kinishi had left, the twins cried a lot; they were scared.

“Come on girls, it’s okay now,” Marle consoled them. “If you don’t want to fight, you’re free to stay here.”

“No, we will fight.”

“Yeah, we’ll fight for our parents. We’ll destroy the demon that killed our parents!”

* * *

Lucca woke up the next morning on the floor of her bedroom.

“Must have fallen out of bed,” she grumbled, looking for her glasses.

While eating breakfast, Lucca read the newspaper. She noticed that the moon would soon be out of the sky for one night. And in her opinion, it was way too soon.

Right after finishing her breakfast, Lucca rushed to Crono’s house, Marle and the twins following her. She hadn’t told them the news; she wanted everyone to be reunited.

“The night without moon is approaching,” she announced once in Crono’s living room.

“So what?” Crono asked.

“Oh no!” Marle exclaimed.

“What?!” Tosha and his sisters demanded.

“So Kinishi will destroy the tree tomorrow! Tomorrow’s the night without moon! Tomorrow Kinishi will undo the spell on the tree! Tomorrow He will probably burn down the whole forest! Don’t you see, tomorrow he will probably take over the world!”


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