The Ancient Tree Chapter 4

The Spell

By jenyf86

The gang was at the dining table of Guardia castle, when the chancellor came in.

“Hello, Princess Nadia, Crono, and dear Lucca. I am here to announce that someone wants to make a speech tonight at Leene Square. She was very small and round, and said something about the speech being for her master. Something to do with the great tree. Well, people I wish to see you there. Now have a good afternoon.” The chancellor went out of the dining room.

“Uh oh, you don’t think the ‘master’ is Kinishi, huh?” asked Marle not wanting to know the answer.

“Yeah, I think it’s him,” Crono said.

“Why did you answer that! I didn’t want to hear it!”

“Come on Marle, I know you were thinking the same thing,” Crono replied.

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to hear it.”

“Now shut up you two!” yelled Lucca. “Did you pay attention to what the chancellor said? It has something to do with the tree. Do you know what that probably means?” she asked in a more quiet tone. “He may want to destroy the tree.”

“We can’t let him do that!” Marle exclaimed.

“We’ll go to the speech tonight and see if our suppositions are correct. If they are we’ll go to 602ad with Epoch and try to find something to help us. And we could talk Glenn into helping us,” Lucca said.

“Ok, we’ll go, then.”

* * *

“Master, what will I say at the speech?”

“Say what I told you to tell”

“What will you do while I speak, Master?”

“I’m going to find a way to… you know. Now don’t ask anymore questions, someone might hear us”

“Ok, Master, anyway I know everything will go as planed.”

“Good, now prepare for the speech.”

* * *

“…And so as you all know the tree mustn’t be cut. So for the final phrase, and I hope no one misses this, whoever even thinks about touching the tree will die by my Master’s hands. Oh yes, my Master wants all of you to know that his name is Kinishi, master of wood. He will rule.” At that the crowd became awfully silent. The little woman scurried away into the forest.

“Come on everyone, calm down please. Don’t be afraid. It’s just a madwoman who’s trying to scare you. But just to be sure stay away from the tree.” The chancellor tried to reassure everyone. “Princess may you come here for a moment?”

“What is it chancellor?” Marle came up with Crono and Lucca next to her.

“I think this is something for the three of you to solve.”

“Ok, but tell my father it’s for a good cause.”

“Good. You should all go home and rest, so you’ll be in good shape for tomorrow.”

Crono and Lucca started towards their houses and Marle went with the chancellor to the castle.

* * *

The next morning, Crono woke up early. He went down to breakfast, and then went to Lucca’s. Lucca was in her workshop and preparing Epoch. When she was finished, the two of them went to the castle. Marle was just leaving to get them. They all boarded the Epoch, and took off to 602ad.

They arrived at the castle and went off to the Cursed woods, where they left the Epoch outside. They went in and into the hole of Glenn’s home.

“Glenn, you have to help us!” exclaimed Crono as soon as they were on the ground. “Did you notice anything strange?”

“Hello my friends, and no I didn’t notice any strange happenings.”

“Wait, I’ll explain,” said Lucca. “In our time, a villain named Kinishi wants to destroy the oldest tree in Fiona’s forest and rule. Well probably anyway. We saw while passing that Robo had finished planting. Do you know if there is a special reason for a tree to be… protected…?”

“No I’m sorry Lucca, but probably the tree was the only one to have a spell on it because there was an interruption.”

“We don’t know for sure it’s a spell,” pointed out Crono.

“Let us go in the forest and maybe ask Fiona a few questions. Maybe there is a spell put on by her,” Glenn said.

“Ok, but we better go now. Kinishi might be here too. How I don’t know but…” Marle suggested.

So they went to Fiona’s forest, who had trees only a few inches high. At the same tree as the tree in 1002ad, Fiona stood pronouncing words that had a meaning.

“You the tree, tree O wise, you will be, O to rise, at the summit, of all trees, to be thousands, of years old, to take this spell, off your back, there will be, a big bell, that will ring, in the night, where the moon is not, and by evil only, can it be. In three hundred years, you will cast a spell, to the same words, on an other tree. You can only wish, that evil won ’t, destroy the tree, you are.”

Suddenly, just as Fiona finished the spell, a big ray of black light, coming out of a… hand, hit Fiona right in the heart. She screamed in pain and sunk slowly to the floor.

The gang rushed to help Fiona, but a movement on their left caught their attention. It was really foggy so they didn’t see much except the person, or rather thing that had shot the black beam. Dark blue cape and skeleton hands could only mean one thing: it was Kinishi.

Kinishi was holding something, and pressed a button on it. A Gate appeared.

“What! It’s the Gate Key, and he created a Gate! But that’s not possible since all Gates closed when we killed Lavos!” Lucca cried, frustrated for not knowing how it was possible. “And… oh no! He surely heard the spell, and remember Fiona’s spell also has the key to destroy the spell! And that means destroy the tree! Come on we have to go back to our time!”

“Wait!!!!! What about Fiona?” asked Glenn.

“You take care of her, we’ll come back when Kinishi is no more.” Crono responded.

Crono, Marle and Lucca quickly ran to the Epoch and took off to 1002ad.


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