The Ancient Tree Chapter 5

Don't Be Too Sure

By jenyf86

“Come, Quick!” Crono yelled as the three companions ran to the tree in the forest. It wasn’t night yet, but they found Kinishi preparing to break the spell.

“Hold it right there!” Marle commanded.

“Oh, it’s the pretty lady I captured. Now small feeble creature tell me how you got out?” Kinishi said, his voice cracking.

“In your dreams!!!!!”

“Hahahah! What do you want to do, kill me perhaps?”

“Yeah!! And we’ll see who has the last laugh!! We’ll kill you!!” Marle almost couldn’t control herself. She took out her crossbow, loaded it, and shot an arrow. It went straight in Kinishi’s shoulder, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He was concentrating on something, probably a spell.

Crono took the opportunity that he wasn’t looking to attack. He unsheathed his sword and ran towards Kinishi. But since none could see Kinishi’s face, Crono didn’t know he was looking. Kinishi was totally prepared, and he suspected that sort of attack. Out of nowhere, he drew a spear and Crono didn’t see this until it was too late and Kinishi had cut him across the chest. He fell down besides Marle, who was trying to cast an ice spell.

She hadn’t used her magic since the Lavos incident, so it took her longer than before, but eventually, two giant ice blocks came crashing down on Kinishi. Lucca had also prepared her most powerful fire spell and launched it right after Marle had finished her spell.

Crono was up and attacked by slashing his sword in Kinishi. Kinishi counterattacked with a shadow spell, Dark Matter, one spell that Magus (another ally) also had. But it didn’t affect them much since it was a spell from one of their allies. Marle and Lucca made an Antipode, Water and Fire spell, which affected greatly their enemy. Kinishi cast a dark beam on Marle and she fell unconscious.

Lucca threw some fire in the air and Crono caught it, crashed down on Kinishi. But Kinishi attacked with a dark beam on Crono, and he also fell unconscious. Lucca was the only one standing.

“Well, well, well, apparently you are the only survivor. Well you won’t be for long.” He raised his spear and fell down a sword in his chest.

“T-tanks Cro… Marle?”

“Crono is still unconscious. When I saw Kinishi was about to kill you, I picked it up and, well,…” she was interrupted by a moan.

“Ugh… Wha-what happened?” Crono looked up weakly.

“We did it, we killed Kinishi!” Marle exclaimed with joy. “Come on Crono, get up and let’s go see Glenn.”

The gang went to the Epoch and took off to 602ad. They went to Fiona’s house and entered. Fiona was on her bed lying still; she was really pale.

“How is she?” Crono asked. He hadn’t seen the tears in Glenn’s frog eyes. Glenn had been transformed into a frog but got used to living that way.

“She was… one of my friends… she didn’t merit this… she’s… gone…”

Everyone was silent in the room, except for the murmurs of Glenn.

“I know what it’s like to lose loved ones. I already experienced that.” He fell silent.

“I-I’m sorry Glenn… for what happened… But she’s avenged… we killed Kinishi…” Marle said softly.


No one spoke for a while. Fiona’s husband hadn’t been home, and he arrived just then. The heroes of time hadn’t thought about how they would tell Eric.

Eric saw his wife, and looked at the gang. “What happened? Did she get hurt?”

Glenn motioned for the others to leave. “I will tell him.” He turned to Eric. “You’re wife, has been… hurt very badly by Kinishi, who wants to have something from the year 1002. She… has been… killed.”

Eric just sat there staring at Glenn like he had just made a bad joke. “You’ re kidding, right. Come on, Fiona, I got it, wake up now.”

Fiona didn’t budge.

“I-it’s like I told you, Eric.”

“No, no, Fiona! You can’t leave me!!! Fiona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He began sobbing and couldn’t stop. He cried, till all the tears were out. He finally accepted that Fiona was gone, and said his final words to her. “I love you, Fiona. Rest in peace, you have been avenged.” With that he picked her up and carried her in the forest of small trees, and placed her next to his favorite spot at the center of the forest. He had gone alone and took a shovel with him. He dug a hole and placed Fiona’s body in it. “Rest in peace.”

* * *


“Yes, you are right on that point. I failed to kill them, but I will kill them.”

“Master, do you know they think you are dead?”

“Yes I knew that. And I also know that I will have to kill those brats before I can conquer the tree, and then the whole world of Guardia. I will conquer the whole universe! Mwahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!!!


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