The Ancient Tree Chapter 6

The Return

By jenyf86

It was a week after the incident with Kinishi, and the gang had given a speech to the people of Guardia about the importance for preserving nature. The speech had been so convincing that all villagers were now protecting all they could. The gang had also announced the defeat of Kinishi, and all the villagers had celebrated. Well, in fact, it was the day of the celebration.

“Thank you, thank you everyone for giving this celebration in the honor of Crono, Marle and Lucca’s victory over the tyrant Kinishi. We are all glad that that… thing is out of our lives forever. So now it is time to Party!” That was the little speech of the chancellor.

Crono, Marle and Lucca however, were only staying a few hours. They had other things to do. They went in the forest, at the spot where Fiona was buried. It wasn’t a big surprise for them to find that normally empty spot, decorated with flowers and sculptures. History had been changed, that was the reason. Fiona should have lived a happy life, taking care of her forest. But Kinishi had came and disturbed the calm in her life.

“I-I’m still sorry for what happened to her.” Lucca whispered. They had brought a bouquet of flowers, and Lucca put it down on the grave. With one last look, the gang left.

* * *

A month later, Crono was having supper at his house. He had wanted Lucca and Marle to come over, but only Lucca came; Marle had to do some work back at the castle. Crono and Lucca ate quickly talking about a new potion Lucca had created.

“It can cure a cold!” Lucca exclaimed. “I called it Anti-Cold.”

As they finished eating, Lucca put on her coat and headed for her house. Her parents were supposed to stay in Porre that night, to have some rest. When Lucca opened the front door, she immediately sensed something wasn’t right. She put down her bag and coat and went up to her room. But when her fingers touched something cold and stringy and when she looked down to see what it was, she couldn’t help herself from screaming.

On her desk was a ball of blood-covered muscles. Her hands trembling, Lucca took the muscles in her palm, opened the window, and threw it out. She quickly ran to the bathroom and washed her hands as best as she could. Returning to her room with wet paper towels, she moped the desk. Once she had finished, she looked out her window and took a deep breath.

Who in the world did this? Lucca thought. How did someone enter the house? And who? Why? Lucca suddenly sucked in her breath; she had seen something stir in the night. It was probably the same person that had entered her house. Taking out her gun from under the bed, Lucca went out the front door.

Searching the night, her gun in hand ready to fire, Lucca crept through the shadows. She turned her head towards the bridge, but what she saw almost made her faint. She gulped down a scream and ran in her house, shutting the door tightly behind her.

* * *

The next morning, his mother calling for him from downstairs waked Crono up. He dragged himself out of bed, dressed, and slowly went downstairs. His mother, who had called him at least ten times, was waiting for him at the base of the stairs.

“Crono, I’ve been calling you for a long time! Lucca’s here to see you. She’ s in the kitchen.”

“Hi,” Crono said, sitting down next to Lucca. “What’s up?”

“I have something important to tell you. But first, we have to get Marle; eat and we’ll go to the castle.”

“Can’t you tell me now?”

“No, you won’t have any more appetite after you hear what I have to say.”

“Okay, already! Now I’m too curious to eat!”

“Then let’s go to the castle.”

Crono followed Lucca to the door, and the two friends went to the castle together. Marle was just leaving as they arrived.

“Listen guys, this is serious, we have a big problem,” Lucca started when they were alone. “Yesterday night, after I arrived home from Crono’s house, I went upstairs to my room and found a ball of muscles on my desk.” Lucca paused while Marle made a face. “I washed up the mess, and then went to my window to think about who could have made that trick. I saw something moving outside, so I took my gun and went out; you’ll never guess who was there.” Lucca had paled while relating the events. “On the bridge, going away from my house was….” She interrupted herself “… Kinishi.”

“What?! That’s impossible, we killed him!” Marle cried. “Are you sure you saw right?”

“Well you know, deep blue robes and skeleton hands aren’t really in fashion now!” Lucca said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry,” Marle said shrinking back. Suddenly her eyes grew wide. Her mouth opened and closed, her finger pointing at something ahead.

Crono looked where she was pointing and saw what had terrified her. Kinishi was lurking in the forest, accompanied by the little round woman. The small woman appeared to be searching for something; when she saw the trio, she cried something to her master. When he too, turned, and the two of them started running in the direction of the gang, Crono, Marle and Lucca took off through the forest.


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