The Ancient Tree Chapter 7

The Chase

By jenyf86

“D-did we… escape?!” Marle asked puffing. It was a few minutes later and the gang had run strait back to the castle. Apparently, they had lost Kinishi.

“Yeah, we did. But don’t speak too loudly, he may be in the castle with us,” Crono whispered.

“Of course he isn’t in here with us, Crono!” Lucca cried. “We ran faster than him, and arrived here first.”

“If you want to put it that way, that’s your problem,” Crono said. Then, just loudly enough for Lucca to hear, he added: “But I’m sure he’s here.” He leaned against the wall and looked around. “Hey, why isn’t there any guards here?”

“Hey, yeah. That’s strange. Marle do you know the reason of this?” Lucca asked.

“No. Usually, if there is a meeting, my father always leaves some guards on duty. And the castle was full when I left.” Marle bit her lip. “Father?” she called out. “Are you there?” Her words only echoed down the empty hallway where the trio stood.

“Something’s wrong,” Lucca said slowly. “Something is awfully wrong.”

Suddenly, a dead guard dropped on the floor from the ceiling. Marle and Lucca both screamed, while Crono shrieked, jumping back. No one dared to speak. Marle, afraid that another guard would drop down at any moment, closed her eyes and lifted her head up to the ceiling. As she opened her eyes, they didn’t focus very well. When finally they adjusted, what Marle saw made her almost faint; she fell down on her knees, still staring up.

Crono noticed Marle and gently asked: “Are you okay?” Marle didn’t budge but mumbled something. “What did you say?” Crono asked her. This time Marle pointed to the ceiling. Crono looked up. “Oh man! Lucca! Look!”

Lucca looked up at her turn, and sank to the floor a hand covering her mouth. Hanging on the high ceiling were dozens of dead guards.

Kinishi appeared at the top of the stairs, and looked down at the gang. “Why hello, there. Ain’t this a coincidence. All four of us together and the three of you are in shock. It’s just perfect. Once finished, I’ll put you up there with the guards, and call the King. Won’t that be nice?”

Crono pulled his friends up to their feet and shouted at Kinishi, “You’ll never get us! Let’s meet again! Come on girls, RUN!”

The gang ran out the castle door and hid in the forest, their legs numb with fear. They heard Kinishi’s voice from the castle. “I’ll get the tree! Remember I want it! And I’ll have it! I want the world too. I always have what I want! Mwahahahahahaha!”


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