Chrono Trigger Dimensions Chapter 12

By Jerm

King Guardia sat on his throne in worry. His daughter was still missing, despite the fact that he had the best to go after her. Something was wrong and he could sense it very acutely. The sudden problems with the Mystics, the fact that The Marshal was slow. Everything seemed to be falling apart.

He slumped down into the chair and thought about what he would have to say to her when she came back, when Nadia returned. If she came back. The king tried to stay away from thoughts like that but found that he couldn't. Still, she had returned from all of her other escapades. It was just a matter of time until she returned from this.

It was only a matter of time when something happened to her...

The king angrily shoved the thoughts out of his mind, he didn't have time to worry. However, before he could regain his original speculations, the chancellor and captain of the guard both burst into the room. The chancellor looked very pale and even the captain seemed stunned.

The king stood up rigidly, "What is it this time?"

The duo stopped before his desk, giving a glance at each other. Finally, the chancellor spoke. "I don't know where this came from or why...but--"

"It came so suddenly, I just don't know what--" the captain cut in, his voice obviously strained, he being out of breath.

"Don't interrupt me!" the chancellor nudged him.

"It would help if you would tell me the news, first. Preferably one at a time." the king said impatiently, though he hated to hear bad news, "I don't have time for jabbering."

"There's an invasion in Truce from the Mystics, Your Majesty!" the captain said in a rush as the chancellor opened his mouth to speak.

The chancellor's mouth clicked shut, the news was already said.

The king stared at the two as if they were joking, then hit the desk and began pacing around it, "When did this start?" he finally asked.

"Considering the distance that the news travelled, I'd say that Truce was attacked about half an hour ago, Your Majesty." the chancellor said hesitantly.

"Why would the Mystics attack us?" the king asked.

The two messengers answered him with silence.

"Let's get to Truce quickly then." the king roared, grabbing the two men and carrying them out of the room.

Nadia, where are you? the king thought to himself, shutting the door, First my trial, and now this. Why are you never there when I could truly use your company?

* * * * *

"Sir, they've taken the harbour!" a soldier yelled over the din of battle.

The officer being yelled at turned to the voice. He quickly spotted the messenger and gave his orders, "Fall back into the town! Get the civilians out of the city and move them toward the castle! We'll use guerilla warfare until reinforcements arrive!"

The messenger saluted and ran to deliver the orders. The officer nodded briefly, then turned back to the carnage. It was cloes to nighttime and soon, if it wasn't for the fires, he wouldn't be able to see very much.

The opposition had to be Mystics. They weren't human and they looked monster-like. But if the Mystics had attacked wouldn't they be swarmed by imps? There was something strange about this, but the officer couldn't place his finger on it. They looked almost like...demons from his nightmares. Four legged with hideous red and black eyes. And sharp teeth and claws. He had never seen Mystics like this...

Suddenly, a cheer erupted from the south, breaking the commander out of his revery. He turned to see reinforcements coming, from Porre. Porre's a good ways away, they reacted fairly fast...He shook the though out of his head, merely thankful for the help.

"It's about damn time," the officer said turning back to the battle.

The harbour was a wreck; the ships that hadn't left fast enough were ablaze and the docks were also burning. Bodies were strewn about, some floating in the water. The wave of monsters had reached the city, where people were fleeing in mass hysteria. The soldiers formed a line to defend the people. That line was quickly torn apart by the frenzied creatures. However the sacrifice proved useful as the civilians fled to safety.

The reinforcements finally reached the battle and the tide of victory slowly and obviously changed. The monsters were pushed back, though they refused to retreat. However a phalanx of soldiers were waiting behind the mass. The Mystics were neatly boxed in and systematically crushed.

The officer walked away from where he had been surveying the battle and went towards the commander of the forces that had come to help.

"Just in time, it seems," he said extending his gauntleted hand toward the other.

The officer from Porre turned his head toward the officer. He slowly removed his helmet and held it at his hip with one hand. He nodded to the other officer.

Pret extended his free hand and shook it with the officer's.

* * * * *

"Well, I see what you mean," Crono said turning away from the view and back to the group, "It looks inassailable to me, too."

They were ducked behind a set of ration crates that had been stacked up against a perimeter fence surrounding a military base. Soldiers were patrolling the outer gates, ensuring no trespassers. The gates were part of the high barbwire fence that encircled the encampment. No trespassers indeed.

"So that's where Lavos came up when we defeated him?" Lucca asked Cid.

"I guess so. When the...calamity occurred, all the people who came to investigate only saw a large crater. They had suspected a meteor," Cid shuffled, finding a comfortable position to sit, then continued, "However, the government knew that there had been no meteors that night. Their satellites had detected no space debris of any kind entering and passing through our atmosphere.

"The government investigated the place. After a while, they changed their status and stated that it had indeed been a meteor. Days later, this military installation began to be constructed. People named the place 'Lavos Crater' based on a name leaked from the government. Project Lavos."

Crono made a half smile, "So the government still lies and hides things?"

Marle looked indignified, "Hey! Still? I can safely say my father has no 'cover-ups'."

"If he can't tell his own daughter, they must be grand indeed," Crono responded, with a full grin, almost laughing.

"Shhh! quiet!" Lucca whispered harshly, "You do know that they can hear us, don't you?"

Cid was staring at Marle with a startled expression, obviously not prepared to be in the presence of royalty. Marle noticed this, and shook her head, "Don't stare at me," Marle whispered to him, "So I forgot some of the details. It doesn't matter right now. I'll tell you later."

Cid looked away, facing the base again, "Whatever you say."

"So how do we get in there?" Crono asked Cid, who was still looking at the guards standing at the gate.

"Ummm...I'm still working on that."

"Great," Crono moaned.

"Don't you have any access or anything, Cid?" Lucca asked him.

"Not here. I helped build it. Nothing else. This is top secret, grade-A, government stuff."

"Darn," Marle said, leaning her head back against the crate she was leaning against.

Crono looked at Lucca, "Got a plan D?" he asked her.

She looked him in the eye, and shook her head. Then suddenly, began beaming at him with an overexaggerated smile, "As a matter of fact, I do."


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