Chrono Trigger Invasions Chapter 20

By Jerm

A gathering had formed in the small outpost in Denadoro. It was, as they all knew, an emergency meeting, and that had put all of them at edge.

Something was amiss. There was loud talking and speculating as more spectres were entering the room. Moments later, Storimae entered. The talking abruptly stopped.

Storimae walked to a small cleared area in front of the crowd, then turned and eyed those before him. Most of them were here, those who were late would just have to hope they got enough information.

"It has come to my attention, that the council and their bickering stalled our plans to take a world for ourselves. For months, when we could have been doing something, we were merely arguing.

"Now, because of this, something is about to beat us to this world. Something--we haven't determined what it is yet--has been devastating all of the times of this world, one after another. And unfortunately, this time is next."

No one spoke up, they were a well trained group. Or maybe they were simply stunned. Storimae finished his announcement, "We don't have much time at all, which is one of the reasons this will be a short speech. Evacuation of this hold will begin immediately. We're heading back home until we can think of a way to retake this planet. . . .That is all for now."

There was a moment of motionlessness and silence. Then, suddenly, the spectres were moving in a flurry to begin the evacuation. Storimae walked out of the room, he would have to prepare as well.

* * * * *

"What's this place?" Cid asked as they stepped into the building shadowed under Death Peak.

"A home of an old friend," Crono said, "We're resting here for the night, then we can start the mountain tomorrow."

"What old friend?" Cid pressed.

"Belthasar, but you don't know him," Marle answered.

"This. . .is the guru's home?" Schala asked, looking around with more awe.

Crono nodded, "Yeah. Belthasar's not here anymore, though."

"Oh," Schala nodded sadly.

"Where are we going to rest?" Marshall asked.

"Anywhere we like, I guess," Crono shrugged.

"Shouldn't be a problem for you," Cid said to Marshall, "I remeber you were always 'lounging anywhere.'"

Marshall glared at Cid, trying to figure out if that was another size joke.

"Okay, just lounge anywhere, then," Marle agreed, "Just make sure you get a good rest. Tomorrow is going to be very rough."

* * * * *


Cid heard the voice, though very faint. He began to think it was his imagination, when the voice came again, slightly louder, "Cid?"

He slowly stood up and looked around for the owner of the quiet voice. Around him, the others were still asleep. Strangely, the constant voice hadn't waken them.


Cid turned his head to try and find the direction the voice was coming from. It was starting to sound familiar. He was facing the door, now.


Cid walked to the door, stepping over the sleeping form of Marle in the process. Then he slowly reached out and pulled the door open. It was pitch black outside, the moon must have been hidden behind Death Peak. He stepped out, making sure to shut the door behind him. The cold wind might awaken the others.


"Where are you?" he called out, just as quietly as the voice.

"I'm nowhere, Cid," the voice answered.

It was then that he realized why the voice was so familiar. It was Lucca's voice. His head snapped around, looking in the darkness for the owner of the voice. No one was about.

Lucca continued, "I'm dead, Cid. You left me behind and now I'm stuck in Limbo, unable to die properly."

"But. . ." Cid tried to think of an answer, "That. . .It wasn't my doing. I was dragged back out of that world."

"Don't leave me here, Cid!" the voice was more urgent now, though not any closer.

"What do I do?"

"Save me, Cid," the voice said back.

"Save you from what? What's going on?" Cid asked, still looking for her.

"Save me from myself so that I may save you from yourself. . . . ."

"What?" Cid asked, not understanding.

The voice didn't return, it had gone. Only the blowing wind made any noise in response. What was going on? he thought to himself.

He then realized that he was extremely cold. Cid shivered and began to walk back inside of the dome. However, when he turned to face it, it was gone. He was standing in a barren snow-covered world.

Cid looked around in a panic, trying to figure out what was really going on. Something bright erupted from above him and he looked up at it, witnessing the moon coming out of the darkness.

However, it wasn't a golden moon that he had always seen. This moon was red. Cid stared at it in bewilderment.

The large rock was coming closer and becoming larger, as well. Cid could now make out the spiny ridges along the monster's shell. It was one of those Lavos things.

Then the meteor struck, and Cid watched as the debris caused by the blast came and overtook him. He didn't even think to yell.

* * * * *

Cid was now sitting wide awake, back in the small dome they were sleeping in. He was sweating, but he was alive. He had only been dreaming.

But had he been dreaming of Lucca?

His mind suddenly remembered the first half of the dream. There was something about that, some sort of message. But what was it?

For that, Cid had no answers as of yet.

* * * * *

"Where have you been?" Dalack demanded as Morlis returned to their small camp, about a mile away from the dome the group was sleeping in.

"I did a little spywork into the minds of the group. Would you believe they have almost forgotten about the spectres already?"

"You're not supposed to give yourself away like that," Dalack reprimanded his partner.

"I've found something very, very interesting," Morlis pressed, "The reason they have forgotten about us is that there is something else out there that's much more dangerous at the moment than we are."

"On that mountain?" Dalack asked.

"No," Morlis shook his head, "Up in the sky. Some of those stars aren't stars, they're some sort of aliens. Very interesting."

"What did you learn from these people's minds, then," Dalack asked intrigued.

"They have almost no hope in stopping this. Their only hope is if they can get to the top of the mountain before those things come down. And. . .Well, you'll have to come see for yourself," Morlis said.

"What? Now?" Dalack asked, surprised.

"Yes, while their still asleep and vulnerable."

Dalack grumbled, but stood, "This had better be good."

* * * * *

"They're all asleep," Dalack noted dryly.

"Then let's get closer," Morlis persisted, stepping forward into the room.

Dalack sighed and walked in as well, not shutting the door behind him; they would need a way out. A cold wind blew from outside, but it wasn't enough to cause a stir.

"Now what?"

"Pick one and touch his mind," Morlis said, "You'll find something very interesting."

Dalack chose the nearest one to him. It was a brown-haired boy, a pair of glasses lying by his inert form. He cautiously reached out and began to probe.

What came back was a jumble of images, fast and constant. Dalack drew back, starting to hiss sharply, but cut himself off before he could wake up the others.

"What was it?" Morlis asked.

"Which one did you search earlier?" Dalack asked.

"That one," Morlis pointed to Crono, then indicated Cid, "What's wrong with that one?"

"I'm not sure. His mind's almost scrambled at the moment."

"Touch him again," Morlis pressed.

"What? Are you trying to kill me?" Dalack accused.

"No, it won't kill you, you idiot," Morlis berated Dalack, "Try and get something out of it."

"You do it," Dalack said, stepping away from Cid and toward Crono, "I'll take my chances with someone who has a clear head."

Morlis glared at Dalack for a moment, then stepped toward Cid, reaching out. He looked at Cid for a second, wondering what this was about. Then he touched his mind.

The images showered Morlis as they had Dalack. However, Morlis was prepared and he was able to control them, to a degree. He viewed and critiqued each as they passed. Most were memories, however some thoughts from the boy's imagination filtered in as well, making it hard to tell fantasy from fact.

Morlis probed deeper and noticed a small pattern beginning to form. Most of these images contained a brown haired girl, whom also wore glasses. Morlis recognized her, she was the one who had defeated Nikades.

However, the person seemed to draw Morlis's memory from somewhere else. Another set of images flashed by, forcing Morlis to work on what was at hand. He viewed Cid's past, his memories and his dreams. A plan began to form in Morlis's head.

This could come in handy.

"Are you dead yet?" Dalack asked sarcastically, drawing away from the red head.

"On the contrary, I think I'm more alive than ever before. This boy may be the key to something big."

"What are you talking about this time?" Dalack whispered back.

"Meet me at the base of the mountain, and don't expect to see me there either."

"What are you up to, Morlis?" Dalack eyed his fellow spectre shrewdly.

"Storimae is giving us free reign in this project. I plan to do something that may very well make him regret that move. Now get out of here and meet me at the designated place."

"Designated place?" Dalack stopped himself from laughing, "As in 'at the base of the mountain?' That mountain base must be twenty miles around."

"Pick a spot, I'll meet you there. Trust me," Morlis was becoming annoyed.

"Very well," Dalack turned and left, not bothering to wonder what Morlis was up to.

Morlis turned back to Cid and remade contact with his mind.


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