Chrono Trigger: The Mistake Introduction

By Jerm

Yep, I've decided to plug in another CT fanfic. This one does not follow the storyline of CTD and CTI, and is completely original in a manner of speaking. This story will most definitely not be long, I'm guessing at around 7-10 chapters, maybe less. Now, when I finish with 500 chapters and look back at this, I can laugh at myself.

This CT fanfic follows the CT ending in which both Crono and Magus live, the epoch still exists, but Crono's mom didn't get lost in time. Simple enough, but it already proves that this isn't the same as CTD (the epoch survives).

I don't want to spoil the story (Yeah right. Like Nanaki said in his review of Dimensions. . . .Oops, gotta fix that someday), but i think a little warning will work. Just let me figure out how to word it without giving anything away. The problem with Dimensions, Invasions, and the original CT was that time loops were created constantly. Nothing became of these in CT, hence I decided that it would be safe to have a little artistic freedom with the stories (it would save me the trouble of creating cheezy plot devices to explain). However, events in the past always effect the future, no matter how small.

How many things were altered unnoticed during their adventure? How many events did they create that would inescapably be sent into a time loop?

Anyway, on to other things.

As far as new characters are concerned, I don't think I'll be adding any in this. Since I haven't even started the story as of now and I have a bad habit of creating as I go, I feel that that might change. However, I feel the story is too short to give time for this. Also, this isn't the kind of story with a living, breathing, (don't forget the insanely laughing) villian. I won't divulge info here, but I'm sure the story will explain itself.

The story will most likely veer away from the "action" style that existed in Dimensions and Invasions. It will concentrate almost solely on characters and their conversations. As I, and a few others, know, I have a problem with leaving action out of a story. It's hard to do. Emotion is something hard for me to manifest, since I show so little on my own accord, and writing it takes a lot out of me. I keep the entertainment centered elsewhere, so people can "glop" over my troubled parts. . . .Glob? Sorry, couldn't think of another word.

To other issues, this is not replacing Invasions. I'm going to work simultaneously on both. The plan is that this will take some of the strain and writer's block that is hitting me with Invasions. I've divided Invasions into two parts, and I just sent in the end of the first part yesterday (yesterday when I was typing this, not yesterday several weeks/months/years/millinia (Wow, talk about longevity) from now). Also, when this is done, I think I'll formulate a plot for another "short story." Staying on one story for close to a year is draining me and I need more imaginative freedom.

On a final note, an addition to my writing with this will be chapter titles. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the story, despite its "dark" plot and storyline.


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