Chrono Trigger Prophecies Epilogue

By Jerm

Janus slowly opened his eyes, grimacing through the dull pain that eminated throughout his body. No sooner had he made a move, however, he was suddenly held captive by a glittering red sword. The Masamune. He stared down at it in confusion as it pressed against his neck. A small realization was coming to him: they thought he was Magus.

He looked beyond the sword to see the stern face of Glenn glaring down at him. "Make no move, sorcerer," the frog stated coldly.

Behind Glenn, another figure stepped forward; he instantly recognized her as Lucca. She bent over him and started at him for several moments. Janus was about to ask what she was doing, but before he could she had turned away shaking her head, "I can't tell, the eyepatch isn't helping that much."

"...Patch?" Janus mumbled to himself, his hand coming up to feel his eye.

The sword pressed harder against him in response, "Make NO move, I say again," Glenn threatened.

"Don't worry about it, Glenn," Lucca said, "It's Janus."

"Are you sure?" this was a new voice, which Janus matched with the red-headed boy sitting in the corner.

Janus then realized that everybody was inside, he hadn't been able to see them however. Curséd patch...

"I can tell, Crono," Lucca replied in an annoyed tone, "If you had seen Magus's eyes yourself, you could tell. It was...a big difference."

Glenn grudgingly drew back his sword, allowing Janus a bit more freedom in his movements. Instantly, his hand rose up to grope his face. When it reached his eye, it met something. "What is this for?"

"It isn't permanent, don't worry about that," Lucca assured him, "I sort of had to poke you in the eye...uh...with a very sharp object."

Janus ignored the evasive tone in her explanation and sat up, leaning against the headboard, "What happened? The others were suddenly eliminated."

"The thing she jabbed in your eyes," Crono explained, "It was something that would take out personalities...or something like that, I can't remember how she said it."

"Then why am I still here?" Janus asked, not caring for an indepth explanation.

"That means you were the real one," Lucca stated, "The other was created after you."

"He said he was first; more like demanded that he was first."

"Magus was created from Ozzie, wasn't he?" Marle asked, "How could he think that?"

"Not Magus," Janus shook his head, "It was Vili."

Crono shook his head, "Oh yeah! You said something about there being three back at the cathedral, I guess we forgot."

"But this means Vili wasn't the first, he merely thought he was or something," Lucca added, "What could have created him?"

"The death of my father," Janus replied, "Or perhaps the degradation of my mother..."

Lucca spoke up, "Are you thirsty or anything? Hungry?"

Janus nodded, his hand straying back to the patch.

"I'd think so, considering you've been out for a week now."

Janus merely groaned and slid back into a lying position, "And we are at...?"

"Dorino," Marle said simply.

There was no more conversation after that. Lucca gave him some water and bread and he ate in silence. Then he fell back asleep.

* * * * *

"So where are you going to go this time?" Lucca asked.

Janus turned back from the doorway and looked back into the room. The eyepatch had been removed two days earlier, after he had stayed for an additional three. But he was ready to go again. He gave a small smile and responded, "Where else?"

"Do you really think you can find her this time?" Crono was surprised at his perseverence.

"I know I can this time," Janus turned back to the outside world.

"How so?" Crono pressed.

"Vili knew where she was...all this time he knew," Janus responded, "And now I have his memories. He hid it from me, used it against me..."

"Be careful this time, okay?" Marle stated, walking between Crono and Lucca.

"I'm always careful," Janus responded, "How else could I have survived all I've been through?"

Janus was about to leave, but Marle stopped him, "Wait, Janus."

He turned back to face her, "Yes?"

"Is there any way you could, uh, remove Glenn's curse? Magus caused it, but I was thinking that you'd be able to remove it."

Janus laughed at this, "Frog, has it occurred to you that the Masamune itself could destroy that spell? It could suck the very magic out of your body, like it does to everything else."

And with that, he was out the door, disappearing in an instant. In his wake, the four stared through the door, peering into the city outside.

"You didn't say good-bye to him, Glenn," Lucca noted.

"Though the soul is different, the body is the same," Glenn explained, "I shall wait and see if this 'new Magus' is an improvement."

"Even after telling you a cure?"

"Reparations are nice, but we shall see..."

There was a moment of silence afterwards, no response could be thought up. Finally, Crono spoke up, "Well, that was an interesting reunion, but next time let's settle on a simple party."

"And nobody invite Lavos next time, either," Lucca added with a small laugh.

Marle shut the door and they crowded back inside the small room in the inn. "Do you think he actually will find Schala this time?" Marle asked.

Crono shrugged from his spot in the corner, "He says he has a better idea of her location this time, maybe."

"Well, what do we do now?" Lucca finally stated.

Lucca sat down on the bed next to Marle, causing it to creak a bit. Glenn merely stood across from them.

"First thing," Crono replied, "We have to help Glenn fix up his home. It's not in ship-shape condition anymore."

"And afterwards...I guess we all go home," Marle added, "and wait another few years for another reunion."

"Or for another problem."

"I'm sure we're in the clear now," Marle corrected him.

"Only time will tell," Lucca replied.

"At least time's on our side," Crono responded, using a play on words.

"Yeah, there's that," Lucca acknowledged, "When do we start?"

"Start?" Marle didn't understand.

"Repairing Glenn's home? I don't want to sleep in an inn forever." Lucca jumped up from her seated position and towards the door.

The others, with nothing better to do, followed her.


Here ends "Chrono Trigger Prophecies"

Began: October 19th, 1998
Ended: June 26th, 1999

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