Chrono Trigger Prophecies

Synopsis of True Prophet

By Jerm

With Magus out of commission for the moment, Janus regains control. However, the others, fearing he is Magus, put him back into his slumber. He is trapped with Magus for the moment.

Outside, the group manage to negotiate with the king and are able to transport the body out of the castle for study. The agree to take him to the cathedral west of the castle. It is abandoned and far enough away from society to not cause damage if Magus were to get out of control. They take him there using the King's secret exit.

Inside the body, Janus and Magus square off once more, however the battle ends in a stalemate and Magus disappears. Janus begins to doubt his chances once more. But with Magus gone, he once more attempts to regain control. He succeeds and manages to tell the group a little of his perils, but before he can finish, Magus attacks once more. Magus wrenches control from him, but is put to sleep before he can use the power. Magus and Janus have a short battle, but Magus vanishes once more; as if he is merely weakening the other. Vili comes to Janus and explains that Magus is becoming weak. To Janus's surprise, Vili sides with him now and leads the way to Magus

Lucca has discovered what may be the problem with Janus and leaves for the future, where she can find a cure of sorts. In her wake, the others are forced to watch over Magus. However, they let their guard down and Magus awakes to surprise them. He quickly defeats them, stealing the Masamune. However, it was Vili, not Magus who defeated them. And Vili is hiding stuff from Magus, as he is from Janus. However, even Magus is beginning to doubt Vili's words.

Vili heads off to his castle, with a head start before the weakened group behind him. They go off course and meet up with a returning Lucca, explaining their mistake to her. Together, they chase after Magus, who is now at his castle. Vili hides the Masamune, then switches back with Magus. Magus will summon Lavos when the 'anniversary' occurs, Vili will send Janus 'after Magus'. They reach a point and Janus must 'wait' for Magus to appear.

Crono and the others finally reach Magus's castle, trying to think of a way to defeat him. As they enter, Vili gives Magus the go-ahead. He begins the spell. However, as he finishes it, the group find him and put him to sleep. He falls back into the mind to meet with Janus and Vili. There, Vili finally gives out his plans. He had been using the world through false prophecies, causing everybody's actions to culminate into a final plan that would grant him power. He then leaves to collect his dues, leaving Magus and Janus to finish their battle, long overdue.

Outside, Lavos escapes through the gate, they were too late to stop the spell. They battle him, but he is too much without the Masamune on their side. They are defeated once more. Lavos, basking in his victory, doesn't notice as Vili appears into the voide behind it.

He draws Lavos's attention, but as the monster turns to face him, he grabs the Masamune and throws it into the beast's 'eye'. The sword instantly begins to transfer energy from the helpless beast to Vili. Everything is going according to plans.

Janus refuses to fight Magus and trudges onward to find Vili. He knows that Vili would assume he fights Magus, and that was what he wasn't going to do. Magus follows him, trying to start the battle. Janus ignores him and chases after Vili. However, the third persona easily defeats him and he falls back to Magus. Vili, believing that Janus has destroyed Magus, forces all of his concentration into feeding from Lavos.

Janus taking that knowledge, manipulates Magus's mind with thoughts and questions, just as Magus had done to him long ago. Magus, in utter confusion, attacks the unaware Vili. He clamps the flow of energies, causing a buildup. Vili finally realizes what is going on and tries to stop him. But it's too late. The 'clamp' is released and the flow of power is too much, the body is knocked into a coma. Vili destroys Magus before he falls into the abyss, however.

In the aftermath, everything is back to normal. Lavos has been returned to his slumber and Magus is down. Lucca, stumbles to her feet and crawls to the body, to administer her 'cure'. Crono awakens, too, and watches as she injects nanomachines into Magus's mind, through the eye.

Vili is angry beyond words at Janus's attempts to ruin his plan. But before he can destroy the usurper, something goes wrong. The injection is destroying Vili, drawing him into an oblivion within one. As a last effort, he grasps onto Janus, pulling him with him. However, Janus manages to create something to stop his momentum. He watches as Vili loses his grip on Janus's arm and is sent flailing into the true nothingness. Vili is destroyed, and in the wake of his destruction, Janus wanders to a destination he doesn't know of.

It is over.


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