The Beginning Of The End Chapter 5


By John Donahue

"How can they be HERE?" asked Lucca to Marle and Crono. "They're not even from our world."

Edgar glanced at them, but said nothing. Turning to his Chancellor, he said merely, "Prepare to dive." Then, turning to the rest of them he said, "We've got to move. Setzer, the Falcon?"

"Ready to take off at your leisure, Edgar."

"All right then, off we go!"

The six ran out to the airship. Setzer gunned the motor...nothing happened.

"What the-?" he began, "I'll have to hot-wire it!"

"We've got no time!" shouted Edgar. "Just kick it!"

Setzer did, and the motor started with a bang. Within seconds they were off the ground, as Figaro castle sank into the sand.

"Okay, now what?" asked Setzer.

"Now, we get the others," Edgar said. "Setzer, set your course for Mobliz."

Twenty minutes later they arrived. Rushing into the still-ruined town, everything was quickly explained to Terra, who immediately agreed to help. She did, however, express her feelings on trying to fight an entire army of well-trained soldiers without the aid of magic.

"Hey, Terra, c'mon," said Sabin. "We fought the Empire army without much magic, we can take these guys."

"Maybe so, Sabin, but I don't think we can call the Empire army well-trained."

Sabin stroked his growing beard, "True, true, well whatever happens, happens. Let's go."

Edgar told Setzer to get them to Kohlingen, to find Locke and Celes.

When they got there, however, they found only Locke was coming, for a very good reason.

"Why didn't you tell us Celes was pregnant?" asked Edgar, stumped.

"Well, uh, I ah, didn't think...well, it'll take some time, but uh..." he began.

"Oh, never mind. We'll discuss this when we're not fighting for our lives. C'mon."


Tristain smiled. After all, It wasn't every day the leader of the Shadow Knights got a free ride on a palanquin. Even if it was being tied to the back of it. But that wasn't the only reason he was happy. When he had transported the Chaos Knights here, there were still about 10,000. Now there were only about 2500. It had been a good day. Good, but bloody. Just the way he liked it.


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