The Beginning Of The End Chapter 6

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy-Jig

By John Donahue

After having round up everyone on their old team, the gang decided that they would spend a little more time trying to find out where the Trio came from. Cid came in to help as well. Made to Lucca's specifications, Epoch was rebuilt, good as it ever was. Except perhaps, in one respect. It couldn't travel through this world's time. So they had to figure out a way to get them home without taking a trip to the future. Lucca, Cid, and Edgar worked constantly on it. And then one day...

"They're here!" Yelled Crono, after coming in from sentry duty. C'mon, we gotta get airborne! Set Epoch for launch, and get everyone else to the Falcon!" It was amazing how fast the kid's orders were carried out. Within minutes everyone was airborne.

"This is Setzer to Epoch, prepare to engage target."

"Remember, don't hit the palanquin, our friend's on it!"


The Falcon zoomed lower, and AutoCrossbow bolts poured out of the ship. Epoch set up for an attack run, and laser bolts smashed through enemy lines. As they pulled up, Lucca caught a glimpse of a black clothed figure running away from the fray. It was Tristain! Diving to pick him up, there was no need as he leaped on the wing. Lucca radioed the Falcon, asking them to drop the rope ladder. As they did, Tristain climbed up it. All of a sudden, a familiar speed gain occurred. This time, however, Epoch's left wing was behind the Falcon's tow cable. They both took off with a shot. Both ships went tumbling throughout reality, taking damage to the hulls every second.

As the plane-shift drew to a close, Epoch tumbled free of the Falcon, smashing into the ground. The airship stayed up, but was on a beeline for the White Omen! Thanks to Setzer's split second maneuvering, they only clipped it, taking off one of their propulsion fans. The ship dropped like a rock.


Dar glanced up just in time to see Epoch hurtle to the ground. With a cry, he ran towards it. He ran and ran and ran. He ran until he reached them. When he did, he wished he hadn't. Epoch was a complete mess. As he drew closer, three bodies stumbled towards him. With a shout of joy, he recognized the three. Crono, Marle, and Lucca were all safe and sound, except for a cut here or there. He embraced them joyously, but they were too weak to speak. He hurried them back to Guardia Castle.


The reunion was short and sweet, as they all had to go find Setzer and the others. But it was short for another reason also. Chaos chose that moment to show it's ugly mug again.

From Gates all over the world, they came, and destroyed anything they could find. Great cities were lit afire, and even the Mighty Guardia Castle was razed to the ground. Barely anyone had enough time to get to the White Omen, which still floated above the land.


Setzer looked at the pile of rubble that had once been the Falcon. Not much was left. After the crash, the entire thing had lit up like a match, and once the fire got to the balloon, well, poof. He started picking through the debris, looking for something important. He found it, or rather, them. Terra, Edgar, Sabin, Gogo, Strago, Relm, Celes, Locke, Umaro, Mog, Gau, Shadow, and Cyan, their bodies bruised, battered, burnt, broken, and completely lifeless. They hadn't had a chance. They had been beneath, and had died in the fall, if not the fire. Only by jumping off had Setzer made it. He put his face in his hands and began to cry. Then Chaos was upon him. The next thing he saw was blackness.


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