The Beginning Of The End Chapter 7

Total Chaos

By John Donahue

A hundredth of the world's population had made it to the White omen. Most of those had been Guardians as well. But Crono, Marle, Lucca, and the rest were in a state of perpetual sadness. Taban, Lara, Crono's mom, Dar's family, none of them had made it up. Marle's father had, and Crono was in a coma from an attack on the way up. Marle was on a rampage.

"We can't leave them the world!" she yelled at King Guardia. "We must fight!"

"My child," said the king, "Even if we had the manpower to, we have no weapons, and wouldn't last an hour."

"Fine, then, suit yourself. But I'm not going to sit here and watch them destroy my world." Marle stormed off, heading for the docking bay. Frog stopped her.

"I will not let thee pass, Marle."

"Get out of my way, Frog, or I'll force you out."

"Are thee positive in thy conclusion?"

"Yes, I'm sure! They killed Crono's mom, Lucca's parents, and they damn well near killed Crono! It's time to show those bastards what we're made of!"

"Them I will accompany thee."

"Me too!" said Ayla, always ready for a fight.

"I concur," remarked Robo.

"Don't forget me!" yelled Lucca.

Magus simply stood there, Schala by his side. Then they all faded out. They found themselves on the planet, save for Marle, who ended up in the Docking Bay, near Epoch. Climbing in, she took off.

Just then three cruisers, looking just like the one they fought last time, appeared, and started raining terror in the form of high explosives on the world. They didn't even see Marle. Mistake.

By the time they noticed her, two of them had been blown to pieces.


Crono woke up, feeling drowsy. He stumbled to the observation room, and looked out the window. Epoch was there; flying rapidly away as a huge ship blew up. It oriented on the last...and was tagged by a passing laser. The main computer was clipped, and Epoch started to drop.

Just then the comm came on, and Marle's voice came through. " Engines...failing. Only one thing left to do. I'm gonna take out that ship if I hafta go with it!" Epoch oriented on the bridge of the ship. Then it started to accelerate.


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