Chrono Trigger: Relationships Chapter 1

Crono's Sadness

By John Donahue

(Note: The following has NOTHING to do with ANY of my previous stories. So don't confuse them. Thanks. -JohnD.)

Crono looked out from his spot high on the Dorindino Mts. Lucca glanced up at him from far below. He's been up there for days... she thought. I wonder if he'll ever come down?

High above her, Crono cursed himself. How could I? I couldn't have failed. But I did. I failed her...I wasn't fast enough...I could have saved her...

Marle's death had hit Crono the hardest. Even the King was coping. But Crono? No. He had been on top of the mountain for six days, ever since Marle's death. Lucca had no idea how he survived. But she knew that she had to do something, before he died, too. She started up.


The king and most of the population kept a silent vigil over Marle's body, kept in the family tomb. Now what? He thought to himself. She was my last hope. My wife is gone, and now my only child? What will become of my Kingdom when I join them? I needed her...


"Crono, I-" Lucca began. Crono waved her off.

"Please, Lucca, just leave me be...please..."

"Crono, I can't. You'll kill yourself."

"No, I won't. But I wish I could. Time itself won't let me die. I've been here for six days, no food, and no water. By all scientific theories, I should be dead. But I'm not. Why? I don't know. And I don't care. I just want to join Marle. But TIME won't let me."

"Crono, I can't let you go on like this. Marle is dead; NOTHING can change that. Even Gaspar says she can't be brought back. Now come down from here!" She grabbed his shoulders and turned him to face her. "Please, Crono. Come down. Get on with your life. Leave the past behind. Please!"

Crono turned away from Lucca. He looked back. He took Lucca in his arms, and...threw her off.

"AIEEEEEE!" Lucca screamed as she plummeted towards the churning waves below

Crono looked down. He spat. He then turned around and started down.

!SPLASH! Lucca hit the water and went down, down, down...


Lucca regained consciousness, slowly. She dragged herself up and looked around. She was on the shore, maybe a day's hike back to Truce. She checked herself. She had everything, except her money and gun; they must have washed away...


"Hey, you can't go in there!" were the guards' final words before Crono disemboweled them. Striding confidently, he smashed his way into the Guardia Family Tomb, threw the king and everyone else aside, and looked down at Marle's body. Without a word, he picked it up and started to leave. A contingent of Soldiers stood in his way.

"Hold it right there!" the leader shouted.

Crono spoke not a word; he merely brought his hand up, slowly. As he did, a black dome surrounded the party of warriors. Moving his hand as if swatting a fly, the dome exploded, sending men flying everywhere. He started out, carrying Marle.

There was no mistaking what spell Crono had cast.

It was a Dark Bomb.


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