Chrono Trigger: Relationships Chapter 2

Separate Lives

By John Donahue

"Aw, c'mon, Glenn. We never have any fun any more."

Glenn sighed. "Okay," he began. "Tonight, you choose the activity."

The girl smiled. "Alright, Glenn. How much cash do you have on you?"

Glenn riffled through his pockets. "Not enough for more than an elegant meal, a few drinks, and a ferry ride to Cyrus' grave, Elina my dear."

Elina smiled. "That's just what I was thinking," she murmured as she swept into his arms and kissed him.


Meanwhile, back in the present...

"Somebody STOP him!" yelled Lucca as Crono ran out of the Tomb, still carrying Marle's body. When she saw no one else would, she ran after him.

Out of the palace he ran as fast as he could. Only one thing was in Crono's head. He had to get to the ruins...he had to get there before others got him. He reached the docks. No one was there; they all had been at Marle's vigil. He jumped into a ferry, and started her up. Within seconds, he was going for the Medinian Docks.

Lucca had no idea what Crono was thinking. But when she saw him commandeer a ferry, she knew he wasn't going to Porre. That leaves, oh NO, she thought. I gotta stop him! She ran home to start up Epoch.


Crono reached the Forest Ruins. Tears on his eyes, he set Marle's body inside. He reached under his tunic. There was the pendant, a sparkling red. Letting it fall on the outside of his tunic, he began to chant.


Glenn knelt by his old friend's grave, Elina by his side. She had been there when they had gotten the Hero Medal back from that amphibian. They both said a silent prayer for their friend's soul, then quietly walked out.

"Well, now, Love, what shall we do?" asked Elina as they walked the quiet streets of Charace.

"Now, Lady, you know that it's your night to-" Glenn began to say, before he was cut off from the woman grabbing him and throwing them both to the ground in a passionate embrace.

(I'll leave it at this, to avoid offending our more sensitive or less mature readers)


Lucca ran up, panting. She saw what was about to happen and screamed, "Crono, No!"

But it was too late. The power of the pendant had been activated. The blue triangular dome rose up, even though shots from Lucca's gun poured into it. When it sealed, Crono looked straight at Lucca. "I'm sorry," he mouthed, right before he fell to the ground.

Crono's eye's opened. Around him was blackness. Then-a beam of light. And in it, MARLE!

"Crono, Crono, why have you come here?" she asked.

"To be with you," he answered reaching out for her.

"Crono, I can't let you stay here. You have work in the land of the living. You must avenge me, Crono. You must!"

"Avenge you? You fell off the mountains, and it's my fault! I couldn't grab you fast enough!"

"No, Crono, I was pushed!"


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