Chrono Trigger: Relationships Chapter 3

The King's Wrath

By John Donahue

"I want Crono here, dead or alive!" roared the king after Crono disappeared with Marle.

"Um, your highness, I think I know where he is," began Lucca.

"Well then, SPEAK!"

Within minutes, a small group of sharp shooters and a large group of standard soldiers were assembled and sailing for Medinia.


Crono floated in darkness, dumbfounded. Marle had been pushed? He thought. By who? Why?

He had no time to dwell on this though. With a parting kiss and tears in her eyes, Marle chanted the pendant around Crono's neck began to glow white-hot. Crono felt a force pushing him backwards, away from Marle. Next he knew, he was flying outside the ruins, and some people were waiting for him...


The King watched as Crono landed on his face, in the dirt. But that wasn't what he was paying attention to. Marle was up and walking! As the girl lifted the pendant, the blue pyramid reappeared. As Marle shrank slowly downward, she could be heard saying, "Find him, find him, find him..." A moan from Crono shocked the King's brain back into action. "Grab him!" he yelled. Seconds later Crono was in handcuffs; the guards' pistols pointed straight at him.

The King smiled. His prey had been caught. "Put him in a cell back in the Palace. Let's see him get out THIS time.


That morning, a beaten, battered, bruised, and broken Crono was dragged down the streets of Truce, a collar around his neck and a leash on that collar. As he went past the jeering people, he whispered to one, almost inaudibly, the word "Phoenix." The man smiled. He knew what THAT meant.


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